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Mommy makes me feel good - Part 2

Mommy takes me by her hand and leads me upstairs into her bedroom. She kindly asks me to lay down on her bed and make myself comfortable. I have no idea what is going to happen, I`m very excited and my little heart goes faster and faster.

She remains standing in front of the bed and looks down to me, right in my wide opened eyes. She turns around and begins to tear down her panties, very slowly. Let`s them fall on the floor and steps out of them. She`s waiting a few seconds so I can have a firm look at her a little chubby but nice ass.

Then she turns around again. What a wonderful sight, she is so beautiful. Her lovely face, her nice big boobs, her stomach, between her desirable legs her well shaved pussy.
First time ever I see my mother fully naked. I`m so excited, breathing faster, my hands get sweated and something between my legs begins to grow constantly.

„Do you like what you see“ she asks. I can`t say anything, just nodding my head. Mommy smiles and comes to join me on the bed. She lays down very close to me, wraps her arms around my body. At this moment I feel like heaven. Mom takes my head and presses it tightly to her warm and soft breasts. „You may caress them, my little sweetheart“ she says. I look in her face and put my shaking hands on her boobies. Stroke them slowly, give each of them kisses and with my tongue I lick over them a little bit. The nipples are big and hard. I touch them with a fingertip. Then I kiss them, play around them with the tip of my tongue. I put my lips on one of the nipples and open my mouth, start sucking it very soft and carefully, just like a baby. I hear my mommy groaning quietly.

One of her hands slides down my body until it reaches my already half erected cock. Mommy holds it tight and makes it growing by stroking her hand up and down. She takes my head with her other hand and kisses me on the mouth. Not just short. No, she presses her lips on mine and kisses me real long. I feel her tongue coming out and finding it`s way through my lips into my mouth. What a feeling! I`ve never been kissed like that before. My first French kiss!

She releases me and sits up. „Your mommy will show you something very nice now, darling. You don`t have to be afraid, just relax“. I look at her with wondering eyes. She kneels above my legs, leans forward, kisses my face, my neck, the chest and my stomach. She smiles at my all grown up cock. She kisses it`s swallen head and licks it slowly. Oh my god what is she doing, I thought to myself. Then I see how my cock begins to disappear between her warm and soft lips. Mommy sucked my complete cock. I feel her tongue playing around it, she moves her mouth up and down. First slowly, then faster. It seems, she really enjoys that. And I also do!

My cock gets harder and harder. Inside of me I have this feeling that I had earlier in the kitchen just before I was squirting my sperm. I know it won`t take much longer until...
But at that moment mom stops sucking my cock and releases it out of her mouth. „Mommy felt that you were just about squirting, but she doesn`t want you to. Not yet“, she says.

My mother lifts her body and brings her hot pussy in position right above my straight up standing cock. She gets down carefully and lets her little sons cock slide into her wet pussy. What a sight and what an unbelievable feeling. She remains sitting without moving for a moment, strokes my chest and kisses it. Then she starts to swing her pelvis. I feel her pussy sucking my cock. Mom lifts her body, releases my cock half way and gets down again. She`s doing it again and again. Mother is riding my cock! Faster and faster she gets, her tits swing up and down in front of my eyes. I`m sweated all over, my heartbeat is speeding. Oh my god, I think. Here it starts again, sperm is getting ready to...

„Mom... mommy“ I scream. „Mooommy, I can´t hold it any longer. I feel I`m just about to squirt!!!“
But it seems, my mother doesn`t care. She keeps going, moving even faster.
„Oh my little son“, she says breathless, „don`t worry! Just let it go! That is what your mommy wants, she has been missing this for so long.“ I can see tears in her beautiful eyes.

At that moment my cock ejects and a heavy load of sperm shoots deep into my mothers soaking wet pussy. „Mommy, mommy,... I`m cumming. I`m... aaahhhh... ooohh... I`m squirting!!!“
One load after the other shoots out. I feel hot pussy juice squeezing out of mom`s pussy rinsing down my legs. Mom has closed her eyes and screems „Oh yes, yes my son! Give it to me. Shoot it all into mommy. Let me have all your hot cum inside off me.“ She squeezes her breasts with her hands, her wet body is shaking,...

Finally my balls are emptied and my cock begins to get soft inside of my mom. She leans forward, so that her tits get pressed on my chest. She kisses me all over my face and then on my mouth. She leans back and releases my cock from her pussy juice and cum dripping pussy. She gets off and lays down beside me.

Did this really happen? I just got fucked by my own mother.

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