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Neighbour sunbathing

This is a true story from when I was 16, We had a married couple in their 30's that lived next door. I had always thought that the woman was quite nice but I did'nt know how nice until one hot summer day. I was in the garden and it was really hot, in our garden we had waneylap fencing, so it had holes and gaps here and there.

Anyway I caught a glimpse through the fence and saw her sunbathing in a black and white spotted bikini. I could see her breasts nearly popping out of it and could'nt believe how big they looked. Then I could'nt believe my luck when she sat up and undid her bikini top. As she took it off they just flopped down showing her large nipples. They were bigger than I could ever have imagined, she had an amazing body.

She then lay on her back and they still looked big, I was so turned on by it, i watched as the sun was warming her body and hoped she may even take her bottoms off but that never happened. She then got up and as she did so her large breasts flopped down again and she put some lotion on, rubbing it into her skin, her nipples stiffened up. She lay back down and as she lay on her front her breasts drooped down onto the towel, they looked even bigger.

I dont know if she knew I was watching, maybe she enjoyed it knowing how I was getting a stiff cock watching her, her husband was'nt there.

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