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Crossdressers first time

i first started to wear tights when i was 18,i was shocked when i first realised i loved tight panties and sheer tights. i was staying with my friends mother who was 65 at the time,she wore the sexiest lingerie i had ever seen,especially on a woman that age,but i felt drawn to the sheer stockings. the next day i was taking a bath when i noticed them on the wash basket,i had an urge to wear them,i was very shocked by this desire but had to!i slipped them on taking care not to rip them,they were hold ups and as soon as they were on my cock stood to attention like never before. to my horror my friends mum came into the bathroom at that moment saw me there in her sheer stockings said nothing and walked out. i was panicking now, so i quickly pulled my jeans up and went next door,all she said was there was a bar in town for that thing. i quickly left and headed for the shops. on the way i stopped for a pee at a toilet. where i was living then was brighton and i never realised what happened in toilets. there was an older guy about 70 at a urinal,i stood at one then i noticed he had a massive cock which was hard. when i saw this my cock went very stiff, he saw this and must of also saw my stocking tops which i was still wearing!! what happened next shocked and excited me, he put his arm around my neck and pushed me on my knees, i done this without question, now before that day i thought i was straight, but i swallowed his cock and more shocking he held my head there so i took his load. after he gave me his number and i saw him twice a week, he bought me clothes and i became his crossdressing slut for about a year!now i croosdress all the time, when i can.

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