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The Lesbian's Girlfriend

100% true stories from me as you can tell from my other stories. Well here is goes....

This is a story of sweet revenge. Back in high school there was this one girl i had a super crush on. I tried dating her for like a year and it never worked out. She kept on rejecting me time after time. I finally found out that she was gay and was dating this other lesbian girl at my school. I was pissed because she led me on like she wanted to actually date me sometimes. So I ended up asking around and getting her girlfriend's phone number. I started texting her and after using some reverse psychology and telling her that she couldnt handle my dick, she fell for it and told me to come over one day. I came to her house and went upstairs to her room. She closed the door and told me to drop my pants so she could see my dick and see if it was really as big as i said it was. I dropped my pants and pulled out my dick. Her mouth kind of dropped and she said "yeah it is big". Then next thing i knew she was rubbing my dick. She pulled me into the closet and and pulled her panties down and bent over. I tried to stick it in but we were at a weird angle from stepping on shoes, clothes, etc. I pulled her out the closet and took her shirt off and let her big fall right out. I layed her on the floor and lifted one leg up on my shoulder and I fucked her silly. The condom i had on broke so i pulled out and cummed across her stomach and tits. After that we had a couple of more hook ups at her house. Funny thing is that the girl i was chasing back in high school? She is now currently my fiancee. She still doesnt know that I fucked her lesbian girlfriend back in high school.

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