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Cum to my Beckoning.

Queen is out looking again for her people to make her cum hard again. So she decides to out herself, this is fun she thinks to herself. MMMM so many to look at. Lets see, ooo ill pick u cum here young man, yes u. He does and he is an average male, he said i have a older friend that is hot in my eyes he says, would u like to see, Sure says the Queen, the male whistles and the older friend cums out and he is dark and a specieman for the eyes, oooo she is feeling the heat in her body. Then a young woman cum up and says ooo may i join this, the Queen says as long as u know u will b taking care of me, she said oooo yes plz Queen.
So the Queen holds her hands upand says cum my little flock lets go and see what we can do? They get in the Castle, the Queen has asked them to take her gown off , get the tub rady, so they do. OOO she likes it hot and its steaming. She tells the young male to cum and wash her hard nipples, they older friend she says to him to wash her kitty, the young woman she says r u ready i would like u to wash me hair. OOO AAAA she is getting in to this. and she is kicking back and letting them do as they want to her and the young male is washing her as he does his cock is getting hard and he want to suckly her boobs like a baby so she lets him, she MOANs , they older friend is washing her kitty asn his cock is getting hard she says go ahead u can lick me clit. The girl is washing all of this and the Queen tell her to go to the young male and suck his cock. She is happy and the Queen fells her kitty, she is dripping so the Queen puts her finger in her kitty and circles arnd inside as she feels the girls is getting her fingers wet so the Queen pulls out and tastes it. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that was yummy sweet and MMMMMMMMMMMMMM...
Now the men are getting hot and horny as the girl is sucking the young males cock and the queen is finger the girl the older friend is ravishling the Queen so the Queen tell him to face his cock to her hands and she is stroking his cock.
The Queen then tell each of them to help her out of the tub and dry her off with their tongues. They do, She then goes to her chamber and tells them to use these handcuffs and hook her up to each pole, they do, they then know what the Queen is wanting so they ravish her and cum on her till she is wet and they are wet and Hot cum is everywhere. They undo her Lick they cum off of her, clean her cup, gets dress.
She tells them i will have u back be prepared when i beckon for u.
They bow down to her and say Yes your Majesty.

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