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My First Adult Bookstore

I am very new to this swinging world, and I would like to share my very first time in an adult bookstore.

Sinclair and I went to a little hole in the wall on Chef Mentuer. The cashier wanted to charge us $20 but Sinclair pointed out how hot I am and got that cut in half.

I have never been in one of those places. First we went to the theatre and watched a porno. I got turned on by watching and Sinclair started playing with my pussy. I didn't mind having my legs spread wide and everyone watching my man make me cum while we watched the movie.

After that Sinclair introduced me to glory holes. I sucked my man's dick while big black cocks were coming into the holes. I was nervous but I sucked on them (black men are so big!!!!) while Sinclair fingered me. He wanted to fuck me but I got some stage fright, and we left when I said I had enough.

Next time I will suck dick through that hole while my Master fucks my nasty lil hole.

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