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Meeting my FB

To m FB you know who you are...xx

You come up to mine just as we had arranged, I’m ready and waiting for you. I have on my crutch less tights that you bought for me, a purple bra and panties, a short black skirt and a red shirt that strains against my very large bust and of course my fuck me shoes.
I open the door and you pull me in for a very deep passionate kiss, we break apart and I walk into the sitting room wiggling my ass at you. I go into the kitchen and make coffee, bending over every now and again so that you can see my ass as my skirt rides up slightly.
You are sitting on the large sofa expecting me to sit beside you, your phone rings and you apologise and say you have to answer, I sit on the small sofa and whilst you are on the phone I slowly open my legs. You have a perfect view of my purple panties which are clinging to my very wet cunt (I call it that because I know you like it), I undo a button on my shirt and my tits nearly pop out, you start to squirm on the sofa cutting your call short.
You come over to me and lean over, kissing me deep and hard, your hand finds my cunt and you start to stroke it. I stroke the front of your jeans feeling you getting hard, (I know it’s not very big but I also know what you can do with it). You pull me up and run your hands all over my body. You guide me into the bedroom and lay me on the bed.
I’m very wet by now and really need to cum, I feel you fingering my cunt then my panties come off, I feel your tongue gently lapping up my juices as your fingers continue their assault on my cunt. I can feel my orgasm building up and I start to moan louder and louder begging you to make me cum, you give one last thrust with your fingers as your tongue and teeth take hole of my clit, I squirt my juices out and you lap them up. I’m shaking and moaning how good that was.
We stay like that for a few minutes until you have licked me clean. I sit up and you stand in front of me, I undo your jeans and you pull of your shirt, I get you naked and you stand there before me your cock just begging to be sucked. I gently lick it up and down, then suck it into my mouth, I use my teeth gently to nibble the tip then take you all the way down, you gasp in pleasure and hold me head to stop yourself from falling as your legs are weak. I lick suck and nibble you for ages just stopping short of making you cum.
You pull yourself away pull me up and remove my shirt and bra, but leave on my skirt, you say it looks really hot. Your fingers find my cunt again and you start fingering me just the way I like it, the juices start to run out of me and I hear you opening up my drawer getting out my big vibrator, you turn it on and start running it up and down my cunt lips, you rammed it into me and I came so hard squirting the juices up, you were leaning over and managed to catch some in your mouth, I feel your other hand go under my round ass and start to finger my little hole, I love it when you do this and to make it easier I flipped over so that you had really good access to my ass. You easily pushed 1 finger then 2 fingers into my asshole using the juices that had come out of my cunt; I took the vibrator and started to fuck myself with it.
You fucked my ass hard and fast and I could feel myself building up to yet another orgasm, I yelled at you not to stop and came hard again. You then pulled yourself up and shoved your cock in my ass; I loved the feeling of your cock in there pounding away at me. You pulled out after about 5 minutes and another 2 or 3 orgasms from me, I sunk down on your cock and sucked and licked it clean. I dribbled spit down your shaft till it was wet around your ass and then slowly worked a finger in your virgin hole, all the while I was sucking and nibbling you cock. Without warning I pulled me finger out and straddled you, I wanted to feel your cock in my cunt before you came. I rode you and had another orgasm, then slid off you and resumed my position sucking you and fingering your ass.
I felt your balls start to tighten (I knew my finger in your ass was hitting a “spot”) your cock got harder and I swear longer and then you started to cum, jerking your cock in my mouth, I kept still then started to swallow, I could barely keep up with your cum there was so much of it. I stayed like that for a few minutes just gently sucking until I was sure there was no more cum and I had cleaned you completely.
You told me that was absolutely fabulous and that you had never had that done to you before, I said one good CUM deserves another and we both laughed.
We held each other then for a while and got up and showered together.
I can’t wait for the next time we meet. xx

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