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Found Sex Tapes

I had found some of my moms sex videos she had recorded while swinging with other guys. One was labelled at the hotel she I placed it into the video player and hit play.

Up came my mom naked and on her knees waiting in a doggy position, then a big cock guy walked past the camera and got behind her slowly pushing his big cock in her pussy, she slowly started rocking back and fourth pushing his cock deeper in her clit with each stroke, slowly she did it, her eyes were closed tight as she began picking up the pace, the guy then placed his hands on moms hips and started pushing his cock in and out her faster, as mom started moaning, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhh, she was looking into the camera still groaning, she then slowed down as the guy pulled out his big dick, my slut mom then turned around and began sucking his wet dick in her mouth wasting no time and started taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, she was sucking him as well as playing with his filled balls, he was playing with her hair moving it out of her face as mom carried on sucking his big cock deep down her throat, she often free her mouth then wank him with her right hand fast as she played with his balls with her left hand, she often looked towards the home video camera and smile with a devilish grin, she carried on sucking him until he pulled out her mouth and shot a load down my moms tits and body, there was quite a lot as well as it dripped down my moms body slowly, then she again got on all fours and was looking straight into the camera this time as her stud got behind her and again slipped it in her pussy, her face looked exhausted she looked tired as this guy again began pounding at her pussy, he held my moms waist and drove his cock hard and deep making her face cringe as the delight in her face was there looking into the camera, her tits were swaying back and forwards going out of control, he started slapping my moms ass while still pounding her cheating pussy, mom was sighing, Ohhh fuck yes baby, fuck yeah fuck me harder harder, ohhhh oohhhhhh yyeeesss, she grabbed hold of the bed sheets as she was getting fucked that good, the guy then grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head back viciously, he then started cupping her tits and playing with her nipples, mom smiled in joy, he then grabbed hold of her hair again and slipped a hand down towards her clit and started playing as he still was pounding at her, oohhhhhh, oohhhhhh ohhhhhhh mom was crying out, she was getting a really good fucking. He upped his pace and really started banging her as the bed got louder and 4 minutes later he erupted deep in my moms pussy, she lay spread out on the bed as the guy grabbed the camera and zoomed in to my moms pussy as her cream pie began leaking out her wet red sore pussy, her fingers started playing with the cum as she massaged it around her clit lips. He moved the camera away as mom looked dead into the camera and smiled he then pressed stopped, I was so turned on I wanked three times seeing mom getting fucked by a big cock

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