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Ann The Farmers Wife Our Last Time

Ann the Farmers Wife hay time day five
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Our last time together

I arrived at Ann’s farm before one and she was in the kitchen waiting for me, she was wearing a summer dress. Ann said
“We have nearly five hours together, I hope I am wearing you favourite underwear”
“If it is pink it is”
“It is, let’s go up stairs,” she said
I slid my hand up her dress going up the stairs and felt her leg, Ann stopped and turned around and asked if I could not wait. I said
She sat down on a step and her dress rode up above her knee. I slid my hand up her leg, brushed across her crotch, and kissed her. We got back up and went up the stairs to the bedroom.
I pulled the dress over her head and she removed my shirt. Ann stood there in her pink bra and pink panty girdle and looked very sexy. She went down on her knees and slid my shorts and boxers over my cock before sliding her mouth around it.
I was feeling her nipples through her lacy bra as she slipped my boxers down over my feet. She stood back up, it was my turn now and I went down on my knees kissing inside her leg before slipping my hand inside her crotch, touching her fanny and undoing the hooks and eyes.
I lifted the flap, stuck my mouth over her hairy fanny, and pushed my tongue between her lips, I then pushed Ann on to the bed and she lifted her legs up and parted them. I ran my tongue up each leg from her knee, stopping and kissing the tops of her legs before slowly moving over each lip.
I sucked on each lip and ran my tongue up and down her slit and twice around her clitoris, entering her a little more each time as I went around.
I could hear Ann moaning and I got up.
Ann said, “Don’t stop”
I said, “I’m coming on the bed with you”
I laid down with my face at Ann’s fanny, Ann then rolled over on top of me, her long, pink swollen lips getting nearer to my tongue and she now had something to suck on. Ann’s fanny was getting wetter by the minute with my tongue exploring her insides. I could feel her licking my balls and cock before sliding her mouth over it.
Ann was nipping her fanny over my tongue then Ann started moaning while sucking my cock. Warm juice filled her insides before running out down my tongue and in to my mouth. I stuck my mouth tight over her fanny and sucked as hard as I could.
Ann now had good sliding rhythm on my cock which was about to explode. I darted my tongue in to her fanny as she slid down my cock. I came shooting my cum in her mouth. I could feel her sucking and licking my cock dry.
When she had stopped licking me she rolled off me, lifting her wet dripping fanny over my face and we lay back on the bed and started long sloppy tongue kisses. Ann still had her bra on and as we kissed, my hands moved over her full lacy bra playing with her big tits. Ann sat up and took her bra off realising her tits in to my mouth; I could spend all day sucking her tits and her hard nipples. We laid there in bed touching each others body’s as this was our last day alone.
Ann took hold of my hardening cock and moved so she was kneeling over my legs, she tucked her crotch flaps back inside her girdle. Ann climbed on top of me guiding my cock in to her wet fanny. She took all my cock inside her with one slow push then lifting back off me until my tip was just about out of her.
I could see her floppy outer lips hanging down out of her hairy bush and her fanny lips all swollen and pink sucking around my cock as she slid up and down.
I took hold of each tit in my hands and felt the weight of them swinging. Ann came off my cock and said, “Make love to me from behind”
She got on to all fours and lowered her head in to the pillow, her tits were resting on the bed. I got up on to my knees behind and saw her tight girdle around her bum, her pink, swollen lips parted sticking out of her hairy bush.
I want down on her with my tongue darting in and out making Ann wet and moaning softly. I got hold of my cock rubbing it the full length of her slit before entered it slowly in to her, pushing in all the way up to my balls and back out till my tip was showing. I did this slow pace for some time before I stopped.
Ann had to push back on to me and she took control for sliding on my cock, she got faster and I started to push long deep thrusts in to her. Her fanny squelching with noise as she shouted
“Go on faster”
That was it for me hearing that, I shot my cum in to her. Ann panting now as her fanny began to fart just before she climaxed and nipping her lips around my cock.
We stopped like this joined together for a couple of minutes before I pulled my soft cock out of her, Ann’s fanny was open which was letting our juice run out down her leg, I rubbed her lips up and down with my cock and smeared our cum over her hairy fanny.
We lay back down together on the bed in each other’s arms, we must have dropped off to sl**p, as it was four o clock when I woke Ann up by feeling her sticky bushy fanny. Ann looked up and said
“Come on one last time we have to try the seat like in the magazine”
Ann had a stool at her dressing table. I sat on the narrow part of it with my cock sticking out. Ann grabbed my cock, walked on to me, and lowered her fanny down on to it. Ann was using her legs to lift herself to slide up and down on my cock and I could feel her tits squashed in to me.
Ann was getting faster riding me and was starting too sweet with her breathing getting faster, her fanny was so wet every time she came down on my cock a loud squelching sound was made.
Ann said “quick on to the bed”
She lay down on the bed with her legs wide apart in a V. I climbed on top of her and my cock found her moist hole and slid straight in to her. She gasped as my ball slapped against her, I stuck my foot between the mattress and bed end so I had something to push against and slid my arms under Ann’s arms to hold her shoulders.
I was thrusting hard in to Ann and pulling her down on to my cock as well, our mouths locked together. Ann lifted her legs and wrapped them over my legs like a knot. Our mouths had parted but our tongue was fighting with each other’s and we were both sweating by now.
Ann was panting between her shouting
“Go on fuck me hard”
She was lifting her fanny off the bed meeting me on my thrust in to her then her body tensed up. Ann let go of her orgasm with warm sticky juice on my cock. I kept on thrusting in to her and I could feel her fanny farting, small ones at first that got louder. Ann’s fanny was squelching, farting and spraying with every thrust, her legs were nipping tight around my legs and her body lifting off the bed to meet mine.
She was shouting again
“I’m coming , I coming again”
We both exploded together looking in to each other eyes, our body tight together and our juice squeezing past my cock as I squelched in to her. I lay there on top of Ann pumping the last of my cum in to her wet hole as Ann nipped her fanny and milked my cock dry. Ann untied her legs off mine and I rolled off her. Ann said
“ I feel so stiff and wet”
I ran my hand over Ann‘s fanny all her hair was wet and a trickle of our cum was running out of her part opened fanny lips and on to the bed. Ann got up, pulled the top sheet off the bed, and wiped her self with it. Ann said, “ just as well I was changing the bed sheets for my husband coming home”
After she dried herself, she stripped the bed and I give her a hand with the new sheets. Ann was reaching over the bed when I saw this lovely fanny sticking out of her panty girdle, I just had to touch it. Ann was standing on the floor with her arms stretched right across the bed, I took hold of her waist from behind and my semi hard cock found it’s way straight in to her love hole.
Ann said, “We do not have the time”
I said, “I do not have the strength but I would like to fuck you like that sometime”
“I would as well,” Ann said
Ann went for a shower and I finished the bed before she went to the hospital and I went home, that was the hay finished for that year.

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