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The Teacher and Me

Funniest and hottest story of my life right here:

Growing up in a small, redneck community, I wasn't going to come out of the closet anytime soon. I had to find an outlet for my sexual desires, even if just for a single night. I resorted to Craig's List the day I turned 18.

So there I was on, flirting around, trying to get an idea of who I should give my anal virginity to. The majority of those who responded to my post were older men. I was kinda appalled at first. Yet I couldn't resist playing around with the idea of pleasing a man who is two or three times older than me; the more I thought about it the more I realized just how hot it would be.

Still indecisive about choosing a stranger from the 100+ responses I received, I decided to look at what some of the old men were posting. I settled on one who had a nice little cabin "in the middle of the woods" who was (so his post said) 51. We conversed via e-mail a little bit and I found out that he was a teacher; A teacher I suspected that I knew...

"So what school you teach at?" I asked him.

"I teach at so-and-so High School." He replied.

"That's so funny! I'm a student at so-and-so High School. What subject do you teach?"

It was a long wait before I heard back. Finally, he told me that he could not reveal his identity until I told him mine. I knew exactly who it was because he types like he talks. Since he stubbornly refused to admit who I thought he was, I made it equally as tough for him to figure out who I was. Because the school was so small, he eventually narrowed it down to about five possible students. At this point, I admitted my identity...

...But the old bastard didn't keep his promise! To this, he acclaims that he feared losing his job; I guess I can understand that. I knew damn well who it was but I still needed to hear it from his face. He was my favorite teacher and I had him for two classes. I'd shoot a teasing glance at him whenever I got the chance. It was pretty fun relationship even before we ever had sex, I must admit.

The day finally came--I sat alone at one of his tables while the rest of the school was at a mandatory assembly (I never much liked following the rules). He approached and revealed that he was my online penpal. All I did was smile and say, "I knew it."

The paranoid old man still refused to start anything sexual until I graduated later that year. Ever heard the Tom Petty song "The Waiting?" It really is the hardest part! As much as I wanted him to be my first, I settled on men of near-equal age to bide the time.

The day of graduation arrived at last. Although I couldn't attend because I'm a disciplinary basketcase, my teacher picked me up afterward and gave me the best graduation party I could hope for. He took me, for my first time, to the Midtowne Spa (a hangout place-thing for gay males). OMG. Best. Day. Ever. At first I didn't realize why I got so much attention there. Then it dawned on me that I was probably the only person who wasn't over 40-years-old there that day. I was being eaten out and fingered from behind; I had big, hard cocks probing my mouth from the front... Mmmmm... I'm getting a boner just thinking about it...

Anyways, that's how my teacher and I finally hooked up. I must say that he's still my favorite old man to play with. He gets pretty hard for a man who's nearly 60!

If you've read thus far, I do hope you've enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed writing it. And it's a 100% true story, in case you weren't thinking that it was...

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