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Happy new Year

She is looking out in her kingdom and thinks that she needs to find some male and female that will cum to her beaconing. She is HORNY as heck and needs to feel that explosion that is inside her at this time.
She has the knights go out and look for 5 males different styles and race. Ages to range from 21 to 49 so they go search for them. They cum back and she is pleased w the knights and tell them to go do one more search for a couple of woman that will not mind to have 5 guys and her. They go search the kingdom, in the meantime, the Queen gives each of the males outfit which are maid outfit for 3 and chaps for 2 MMMMMMMMMM she is thinking. They cum with two nice women, one is big boobs and the other little and they had kitty shave. She put an outfit of a maid on the little one and put the chaps on the big boob one. The Queen was pleased with her people. The show must begin.
So she had the maids clean her up, wash her, shave the kitty. One was washing the one hard nipples another on the other hard nipples, one actually two maids had to help get the kitty shaved, while they were doing the the 2 guys and 1 girl in chaps were dancing for her. MMMMMMMMMMM she is getting alittle excitied by all of this.
They got her all cleaned up and Dry her up. She then walks to the throne , tell them to manicure her, comb her hair, and lotion her up. OOOOO she is trying to not get too excited as her breast are being rubbed w the lotion. they put lotion that warms as it is being rubbed on her kitty, the woman in the chaps went done and started licking her clit, in circles,her clit is growing then two guys start rubbing her nipples with the warming lotions as her hipples get hard. She is trying not to be noticeable. They see her moving her hips, hearing her slightly moaning. Then all of them just start rubbing their cocks and kitties on her as they go up to her mouth she licks them, sucks the cocks.feeling them, tasting their juices, then she goes doggie style as one is putting his cock in her one of the woman go under and lick her clit, as one of the men are sucking her one titi another sucking her other tit. she then alternates w the other woman and male and starts sucking their cock and kitty. this is going one till they all start getting off and cum on her back tits, mouth, and they collaspe.
She is pleased with them and give them a seciton of the kingdom so they may cum to her as she beacons..

Happy NEw Years Day QueenDesira

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