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Speaking of Cougar....

I went to a local bar for a drink recently and had an interesting experience. While talking to the bartender I noticed this elderly lady at the end of the bar sipping and watching folks. Thinking nothing of it I continue you talking with the bartender. Soon a lady sat next to her and started talking. I happened to over hear their conversation and it was about "who would they do" ! in the bar. Now the one lady who sat down to talk was older as well but, extremely "hot". She had my vote !! But the other lady exclaimed " I don't want anybody OVER 49 ! And she was looking at me. Now grandma was at least 80. So my buddies were like "Hey man she is checking you out" No horny as I am ...I would rather leave it in a tissue than on grandma's chin ! So any way she gets up walks by me and gives me a pinch ! Wow, I said and smiled at granny. The bartender later told me that when she does that to someone she wants them to follow her to the bathroom for a good old fashion "let me pull my teeth out" blow job ! Needless to say , I couldn't complie to grand ma's wishes. Now her friend (60'ish) in a New York minute !!

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