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Sex on the side of the road

so... one day years ago walking down the street on the way to drop my gf at the time at home i notice a little hint of lust in her eyes towards me but i say nothing about it. not even even a couple minutes after i notice that look in her eye and knowing what was on her mind she leans in a kisses my sweet spot (which I'm not telling you where it is) by surprise and stop and say you know we cant do it at my place or yours right now so don't start something we cant finish, of course this doesn't stop her because before i could finish she goes in and makes her move again this time also taking my hand and putting it under her skirt between her legs which is very warm and really wet even through her soft cotton panties. this catches me off guard and now has me breathing very heavy and deep, trying to figure out the same time where to go and through her down and give this horny lil kitty what she wants. knowing there's nowhere to go i remembered not much traffic comes down this street so with that said i take her over by this old shut down church off to the side if the front of the building not too but still in plain view of the road. she loved to be on top and she knew how to ride my dick like she was trying to break it off which was perfect she wearing a skirt, forget the kissing because all i want now is to feel her from the inside. i lay on my back in the grass grabbing thighs and pulling her down where she grinds back on forth on dick for few seconds making me want her even more i cant stand it so pull my dick out pull her panties to the side and before i can start pounding away at that pussy i need to gently work my hard long fat dick into that ever so tight pussy so i hurt her before i get the chance to beat it up! little by little, first i work the head in, then the first few inches of my shaft, then six inches, then the whole is in and hold her down and hold me inside her deep, she shutters and betters her lip and mutters "oh daddy!" the she rocks her hips back and forth grinding her pelvic into mine slowly at first then she starts to speed up after she forgets we are out on the side of the road, then shes she riding like there's no tomorrow, back and forth side to side, all around, popping and twerking like shes dancing with my dick in her. the she goes to grinding hard onto me breathing deep, hers eyes roll back into head, she grips my shirt and chest tight..... she shutters again and shakes, looses control and starts to fall leaning back i catch her and i pull her back to me and lay her down on me, i put one hand behind her head the on her ass, i pick my hips up just bit to raise her up a lil bit then i start pounding on the pussy fast and hard and she shakes, shutters, and stutters. after a couple minutes i tops not paying attention either if cars are driving by. i know we got to finish quick so i put on her back and thrust deep fast and hard she calls out oh yea daddy, daddy, oh daddy make dick grow bigger and throb harder while in her its become so intense, a car passes by slows down and honks ans cheers with that i grabbed her hips tight with both hand and i came hard inside her and just froze and unloaded all of it in her i just laid there deep in her not being able to move, either of us could for a few minutes.

then we get it together, straighten up, kissed and i walked her home. we both just smiled the whole home me more so then her as i watched her have after shock orgasms she called on the way home it was so good to just stop and have a hot fuck like that, every one should have one.

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