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Wild halloween


First sorry everyone it’s been a several month since I been here was busy with my life.
Anyway Halloween comes once a year and we all wear custom and I know personally lots of guys like to wear female custom.
I am cross-dress and love Halloween, this Halloween was wild first ever wild Halloween party I ever been too.
It was black party nothing but black guys and very few white guys but lots of white, Asian and black shemale was their and soon I walk in lots of black guys was all over few of them took me in ally make give them blowjob. One group of 4 guys that’s was very wild I had dance with them few times that night and then they took me to their apartment. Once I got their we were waiting for other 2 black show up and when they got their party was about to begin one of black guy was flirting with me he gave me his hand and took me to his bedroom make me sit in edge of bed when he undone his pants I pull his cock out start sucking he was hard in no time I thought I could be done with him sooner then I think but when I was sucking his cock his buddies walk in and pull their pants down one was huge I think 12inches or bigger but very thick barely fit throw my mouth lips one of them start licking my asshole getting wet spit and finger fuck me until I suck their cock get them hard 12inches he was first one got behind me when he shove 12inches I couldn’t stop yelling other 3 blacks was trying to shove their cock in my mouth but I couldn’t soon he push entire 12inches inside me my knees got weak and I collapse in bed face down with bed sheet in my mouth screaming he got very rough and hard after few mins later he pull me up and lay down I was on top of him other black come with his cock on my face I slowly move on 12inches cock up and down and sucking one cock other black guy lift my both legs up in air place them on his shoulder and shove his cock with 12inches cock already in with cock in my mouth I moan so loud with tear eyes they both move their hips very fast fucking me harder several mins later cock pull out other guy jump on bed and shove his cock with 12inche wish I knew their name I was getting fuck almost hour and half until they cum all over my face but 12inche was done with me he told his friends to leave and throw towel at me told me clean my face with cum all over when I did I got off the bed shaking my knees he came close to me told me get on my knees face bed when I did he push my head to edge of bed g**** both my hands place them on my butts told me spread my ass cheeks for him I knew at that time I’m not going home soon its going to be long night when he shove his cock in my ass again very hard my eyes all watery tears falling on his bed sheet I look back told him very nice way please go gently he reply baby don’t worry u in great hands first several mins he was very gently moving slowly fucking me and then all the sudden I felt he pulling his cock almost out and shove back in hard start fucking me very very hard and I scream holding his bed sheet in my hands I sure felt different pain like someone splitting me when he was about to cum he scream king baby king baby start cuming inside my ass he lay their on my back still was shooting his cum with his cock in my ass Imy head was down in bed sheet cover with my tears I couldn’t move he whisper in my ear baby so sorry but u so fucking tight I couldn’t hold it anymore and look it bright side someone has to open u im glade it was me and he got up slowly with cock out of my ass dripping in cum and I slowly turn still on my knees see him walking to his bathroom I slowly got up still shaking my hands and legs I couldn’t believe I reach to my asshole nothing but cum all over and very sore i slowly reach for my customer put it on and almost collapse in his bedroom when I was putting my custom on lost my weight and then I hear baby u need ride I told him no but if I could call cap and u can pay him please [actually I didn’t want him to know where I stay or not thinking to have one more sex ] but he was nice he did pay for cap and I got home but still think it was fun Halloween wild night

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Hope everyone else had great Halloween

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