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Vancouver has long been considered “Hollywood North”, and having lived here for a decade I’d seen my share of celebrities and outdoor movie shoots. One day while taking a walk I realized I was heading straight for a movie location; the trucks and trailers are a dead give away. As I stepped past a trailer I noticed the name “Jennifer A” printed in felt onto a piece of tape fastened to the door. At first I thought nothing of it, but as I continued I began to wonder if it could possibly be Jennifer Aniston’s trailer. Now I began to get curious, as I have lusted after her beautiful body, pretty face, and perky attitude for years. The best reason to watch “Friends”, I always thought (though the show annoyed me). I decided just to hang around for a while; there were already a few curious bystanders and I was sure I wouldn’t stand out. After fifteen minutes, however, my hope began to fade and I began to walk on, towards home. As I rounded a corner and was a short distance from the film shoot, I heard footsteps behind me, approaching me at a jogging pace. The jogger came right up beside me and began walking at my speed. It all happened so fast, and I was so startled, that it took me about ten or fifteen seconds to realize that I should reply to Jennifer’s greeting of “Hello.”
“H-h-hi there,” I said nervously, then “you’re Jennifer Aniston.” As if she didn’t know who she was.
“Well, I’m glad someone knows who I am!” she said, laughing a little nervously. “I don’t usually do things like this. I saw you by my trailer, and you seemed different than most of my fans. You didn’t look desperate or star-struck or anything. You just looked like a really cool person, and I thought ‘maybe here’s a fan I can actually relate to and have a decent conversation with.’ So, sorry to surprise you and put you on the spot, but would you like to go for a drink or something?”

I made the clear choice. We went to a nearby pub and had a couple of beers. The conversation was excellent and I was surprised by how much we had in common. At this point, after some drinks, it was becoming obvious that there was a physical attraction between us, and tiring of the constant barrage of autograph requests, she asked me if I lived around here. I replied that I did.

Having Jennifer Aniston in my humble abode was very intimidating. However, she said that she loved how cozy and funky it was, and that she felt very much at ease in my place. This calmed my nerves. I offered her tea, which she accepted. When it was ready, I brought it to her. She asked me to sit down on the couch beside her. I did so hesitantly, and she moved closer to me as I was settling in.
“Jen, I don’t really feel right about this. There’s obviously an attraction here, but you’re married. To a guy that could beat the snot out of me.”
In a quiet voice, she said, “Well, here’s the thing. Brad and I have an understanding about this stuff. We realized a while ago that either of us can have practically anyone we want, so why should we limit ourselves? Besides, it’s been proven that Hollywood marriages only last when each person is allowed his or her indiscretions. There’s just way too much temptation in this field not to give in once in a while. If you don’t believe me we can phone Brad right now.” This was music to my ears. We didn’t phone her husband. I figured that if she was lying, then she really must want me, and if she were telling the truth no harm would be done. It made sense at the time. However, I slowly realized that I was now faced with a much more intimidating prospect indeed: making love to Jennifer Aniston.

I became very nervous when she started things off by kissing my face and neck while seated beside each other. I think she was trying to calm me down by doing this. Eventually she made her way to my lips, and I kept my eyes open for a few seconds to fully accept that, yes, I was sitting in my house making out with Jennifer Aniston. She had her arm across my body and her hand on my far shoulder. She moved away from my lips and quickly pulled off my shirt. With that obstruction gone she kissed my chest and neck. I was still feeling nervous which I’m certain she sensed. I wasn’t completely into it just yet. “Gerry,” she said, “I can tell you’re nervous. I want you to know that I don’t do this very often - only when I see someone I really like. I have a great instinct for it, and I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t really want this. Especially after talking with you. Think of me as a friend who just happens to want to have sex with you.”

I gulped as quietly as I could. She certainly had a way with calming me down. I began to respond to her advances more f***efully. I gave her a long, hard kiss on the lips, which loosened me up even more after her enthusiastic response to it.

She was wearing a fairly tight white t-shirt and jeans. As we continued exploring each other’s mouths, tongues darting and teeth biting, I pulled her shirt off over her head. Underneath she was wearing a black lacy bra with front clasps. I slowly stroked her left breast through her bra as I moved my lips to her cheeks, then down her jaw and finally to her neck. When I approached her ear she let out a tiny gasp: the guaranteed soft spot for many women. I nibbled on her lobe and got my other hand onto her breasts. After several minutes of kissing and groping she backed away. Staring me straight in the eyes, her tousled hair dangling to the sides, ever so slowly she undid the two front hooks of her bra. She sat for a second to allow me the pleasure of gazing at her amazing globes. I suspected that she had implants, but if so they were slight and simply allowed her perfect breasts to sit more firmly on her chest. I couldn’t help but stare at them with anticipation, her eyes still on mine. I reached up a hand to touch one gently. I glided my hand from the bottom, around the side and down to her nipple, which was beginning to harden. She grabbed my other hand and placed it on her other breast, then joined me, her hands upon mine, in caressing her bosom. She let out a small sigh and said, “Mmmmm… my breasts are really sensitive. This feels soooo good.” I moved my mouth down her neck, and licked her down the middle of her breasts. Nuzzling the under side of her left breast, I began licking and kissing it. “Ohhhh, how did you know this would feel good?” she asked, but I didn’t answer. Continuing to massage her breasts, I slid my tongue slowly down her stomach, pausing to explore her belly button. Pulling me up with her hands, she said, “Why don’t we take this into your bedroom?”

We entered my bedroom and kissed for a short time. While kissing, Jennifer started rubbing my cock through my jeans, eventually undoing the belt and button. She opened my zipper and felt her way to my hard member, a very easy target at this point. “You know,” she said, “I have a feeling this will fit very well inside my pussy.” I simply moaned in response. Sliding my pants and underwear down, she lowered herself toward my cock. Here I was watching Jennifer Aniston go down on me. During the amazing blow job she gave, she said, “Don’t come yet, I want your first one to be inside me.” I grunted an “OK” and focused on how not to blow my load in her mouth. She stopped just in time, at which I laid her down on my bed and slowly pulled her pants off. Leaving her panties on, I kissed up her leg, starting with her toes. She sighed when I reached her inner thighs, and put her hand on my head. I approached her damp panties and nuzzled her vagina with my nose and mouth. Her other hand was already reaching for the waistband, so I pulled her panties off quickly. I licked, kissed and tugged at her clit with my mouth, then stuck a finger in her pussy. She was very wet and started bucking her hips a little, encouraging me.

“I need you in me now!” she gasped, and I responded in kind. Thrusting my stiff cock inside her, slowly, we both let out sighs of relief and pleasure. I started off very slowly, thrusting in and out and trying to feel as much of her pussy as I could. I found a sweet spot she responded very well to, keeping my penis near the top of her vagina. After several minutes of slow fucking and staring into each other’s eyes, she said, “Would you like to fuck me from behind? I love doing it doggy-style.” I was in heaven. “Of course,” I replied, and I came out of her, reluctantly. She put her head on the pillow and flipped her body over, putting her ass high in the air as an invitation and wiggling it a little. We both giggled as she spread her legs to give me access to her. I paused for a moment, putting my cock between her ass cheeks and rubbing. She then grabbed my penis with her hand and guided me inside her pussy. Starting slowly again, we picked up steam and got faster and faster. By now the bed was shaking and the walls were vibrating. She grunted and yelped louder and louder as we both came closer and closer. “Wait for me!” she cried desperately, then in a few minutes “oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! Come now, come with me now!!” I groaned and grunted and did as she requested, filling her pussy with my semen. After another minute of slow thrusting and coming down, we both collapsed, my penis still inside her. Eventually I pulled out, and we sp

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