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I fucked my girlfriend in a hallway next to her pa

In my college days (a long time ago ... in the Bronx). My girlfriend Elise made me spend the evening with her parents, having dinner, and making small talk instead of humping in my car. She was about 5 foot 2 with big brown eyes and a face like Marie Osmond. Elise had suckable cone like tits and a really hot cunt with thick meaty lips. She was irresistible!! When it was time for me to go home she walked me to the hallyway which was just a door away from her parents living room. Her grandmothers apartment faced down the stairs to where we stood. As I kissed her goodnight as I slid my hands under her blouse and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes flashed, " We can't ... they'll hear!" Without missing a beat I backed her up onto the second step of the stairway. I removed my hands from her blouse and slid them up her skirt, along the back of her legs to her cute little ass. No panties! I smiled as she protested. I massaged her cheeks, her asshole and then her beautiful cunt. She was terrified her parents would find us. But Elise was also breathing harder, and getting delicious pussy juice all over my hands her thighs and her ass. As her protestations faded, I zipped open my fly and popped out my aching dick. She was so wet I slid right into her. Her parents watched TV as I pumped their supposedly virginal daughter just beyond their reach in the hallway. I was excited by the danger of being caught as Elise balanced herself on her toes squeezing me tight as she wispered, "Please ... please .. oh please ...". I clutched her ass and drove my dick in as far as I could. We heard a click upstairs, "My grandmother," she gasped. But my lust had overcome my fear! I kept pounding her luscious pussy as we both came. I pulled out her, f***ed my still oozing dick into my pants, zipped up and I left her there on the stairs, dizzy, panting, wet and dripping. I never felt so alive. By the way. That click was just her grandmother locking up for night. She never opened the door that evening. Whew!!! Those were the days!!!

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