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Laura my first big girl

I had met Laura through a friend of mine and to be honest I was not attracted to her at all. She was about 5.1 and 270 lbs blonde hair and green eyes and found out later she had 42DD tits.From day 1 she had been hitting on me and I kept refusing her advances because I was dating a girl at the time. Well a mont hor so went by and I had broken up with my girlfriend and Laura had found out. Well one saturday night Laura had invited me over and hinted that her parents were out of town for the week and asked if I was interested in spending the night. I had refused the offer on the grounds that I was tired and such but in reality as I explained I was not interested in her. Well as the evening grew on I had scored a couple bottles of vodka and worked up a good buzz and a good hardon that would not go away. Since I had no other prospects and did not want to go home and rub it out myself figured what the hell any port in the storm and gave a Laura a call and asked if the offer was still good. I freely admit I was a pig and only went over just because I wanted to fuck and she was only just a quick booty call. I went over to her place were we sat on the couch watching TV and having a drink or so for about an hour before she leaned over and started to kiss me. at that point I came alive and we had made out for about half hour or so with me nibbling on her ears tongue and neck while running my hands all over her big eager body feeling every inch of her through her clothes. After a half hour or so she had excused herself and went into the washroom and came out a few minutes later wearing nothing but her hair in a ponytail and a smile. She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom and we stood at the foot of her bed kissing while she worked my shirt off and started on my pants.after she had worked my pants and underwear off she laid me down on the bed and slowly started to lick my dick. she ran her tongue up and down the shaft and flicked over the head until she had me so teased I could stand no more and than she took me into her mouth and her lips felt like soft warm clouds working thier way down my shaft and back up to the headshe kept up a nice steady rythm that she never broke not even when I spilled my seed into her mouth she kept slowly sucking me until she got every last drop down her throat. She than looked up at me and asked how I liked it.I told her to lie down an dI would show her what I thought of it. ( I figured one good turn deserves another besides how bad can it be?) As I crawled in between her legs and pushed my face closer to her womanhood I detected a faint whiff of perfume and it just drove me wild. I slowly pulled her lips apart and ran my tongue up and down her dripping leaking slit and slowly worked my tongue into her tasting every bit of her hot pussy and would occasionally stop just to suck on her hot hard clit until I felt her shudder and clamped her fat legs around my ears and squeezed me into her as I tonguefucked her to orgasm. Afterwards we had kissed a bit and when we got worked up again she got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her. I got behind her and postioned my cock against her outer lips and slowly pushed my way into her. I must admit she was tighter than I was expecting for a big girl. and her cunt was so smooth hot and wet it felt like i was fucking a silk tube. I than grabbed ahold of her ponytail and just started to pound away on her until I felt my cum boil out of my cock into her hot waiting hole.After that I collapsed on her and just held her for a few minutes. We ended up fucking a couple more times that night. The next morning I woke up and when I saw her she was looking a bit bummed out and I had asked her what was wrong. She than admitted she tricked me and only used me for sex and she had no interest in me in any other way. Boy did I feel used Not lol. So it worked out for the 2 of us and whenever we were both in the mood and in between lovers we would hook up and have some fun. Because of her I am now hooked on BBW's.
True Story, Michael

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