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Prose of a naughty threesome mfm

Wanton Desire...
Unbridled lust
how can it feel this wrong.

two men,
one woman.

She is in control,
She is guiding us
We are helpless to enjoy her demands.

We are commanded to submit to her needs
she takes us both into her hands.
Our cocks must do battle for her amusement...

She strikes our heads together,
slapping our cocks together in a female frenzy,
She laughs at our embrassment...

And obvious delight...
Now she knows where are naughty spots are,
as our groans begin to overtake our fear.

She rewards us with a kiss and a lick,
She gently guides our cocks to kiss each other.

We feel her wet tongue darting between us,
making us wet...ter
She marvels at our throbbing cocks...

gently rubbing them together,
in her hands,
two naughty cocks.

I like it,
you like it,
she likes it.

And now she wants more...
She commands me to touch your balls,
She commands you to touch mine.

We don't hesitate,
Our hardened shafts and our fingers comply.
We lightly graze each others shaven balls...

We know the test-tickle is the best feeling.
We don't even notice that she is fingering herself at our sight.
Our cocks throb against each other before her gaze.

Our fingers thrilled to touch,
our cocks grind together to the beat...
I must feel our balls touch.

Holy molely this is too much...
Pleasures of the flesh...
Pre-Cum appears from both of us.

"Yes!" She cries,
and just as excitedly,
She grabs our cocks again.

She squeezes our shafts just right,
and wickedly rubs our pre-cum juice
in each others sacred cummy spots.

The intimacy of this slow grinding,
the sounds of pleasure from the both of us
deep voices groaning something primitive

My cummy spot is now coated with your pre-cum,
and yours with mine,
she spanks our heads together to get our attention...

"Now You! Suck his cock with me!"
My knees turn weak,
I do as she speaks.

Your cock is before me,
and her,
she holds your shaft and head before my lips

She rubs your head against my lips,
my lips part,
and then I suck it.

And I forget for a moment,
that I needed to share...
Our lips and tongues

glide over your shaft,
and we take turns
she and I

sucking your head,
licking your balls,
over and over all over,

Your head,
Your Shaft,
Your balls...

Her lips...
and mine embrace
up and down your shaft

My fingers are under your balls drawing tickles of figure eights,
and in her cunt...
and our mouths are full with your cock.

She smiles at you,
and give you the nod,
then you both go down on me.

You both kiss and lick my balls together,
In unison,
you both lick the outsides,

rolling your tongues around the base of my shaft,
I can't see who licked up
and who licked down.

Someone licked right under my balls,
Someone sucked my head
Somewhere in the middle you both switched places.

Again and again.
I felt the lips and tongues lash
my naughty cock, my naked balls.

She knows I'm about to spurt,
I'm about to explode,
This ecstasy is too much...

You both pause,
and my throbbing subsides
"Naughty Cock!" she says...

"Don't you cum yet!"
She demands obedience.
She commands you to fuck her.

She commands me to lick her.
And You.
I lick you both.

As she commands.
I play with your balls
as I lick her clit,

my tongue slipped

I couldn't help it.
This is raw unbridled lust,
I lick you both as you both enter motionless bliss...

I dart my tongue and lips around
her lady lips and your cock
I lick and kiss you both...

So much pleasure to give,
so much I wish to do
to the both of you.

as I pull the soft velvet skin of your balls
you begin to slowly thrust...
in and out...

I lick your cummy spot
each time it appears,
I flick her clit too,

and it disappears again,
between my fingers,
and my mouth swallows her clit,

I extend my tongue down,
so I can feel my tongue slip
inside again.

She gushes,
She arches,
I don't stop.

She tells us how naughty we are,
making her squirt
all over us.

She tells me to lie down on my back,
and she mounts me on top,
and tells you to lick us next.

I feel a wet kiss on my balls
I feel a tongue up and down my shaft
I feel a tongue slide between us...all around us.

Why did I wait so long to feel this?
It is so naughty,
so naughty.

Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.

So much pleasure,
too receive.
My balls tingle with every touch.

Then I feel something different,
something soft and hard is slapping my balls,
drawing figure eights around my nuts.

Your rubbing your cock on my balls.
Your nuts are slapping against mine.
I feel your cock slide against mine...

We feel you slide against my cock and against her hole,
she moans in delight,
I see the desire take over her eyes,

as she takes us both into her hole
our cocks slide against each other

in her wet slippery cunt
we feel her soft embrace
as I feel the slick slide of your cock over mine

We thrust and fuck like the a****ls we are,
little pieces of lusty flesh slide all against each other,

No shame can be felt,
No guilt can be given,
No fear in this moment.

She screams in delight,
"I've got two cocks in my pussy!"
We groan in delightful unison whence she commands,

"I want your naughty cocks to spank your nuts together while you fuck me harder"
I feel the soft velvet of your balls as they touch me...
I rise my body to feel all of it.

I am not ashamed to feel your precum where I wanted to feel it,
on the front of my shaft just below my head,
can you feel mine?

Our cock heads tingle together from the slicked slide
gently, our cocks and balls pleasure each other
our skin betrays us into reveling this forbidden moment

She delights in our pleasure
she knows how badly we wanted to do this
too fuck her, too fuck against each other

The rhythmic slap of your balls against mine
the gentle kiss slide of our cocks
I am driven beyond the edge of no return

She yell's out again,
we thrust lustily deeper into her with every single word.

We don't want to cum yet...
but we both know we will
the slickening is cumming

That electrical throb of your cock against mine,
the kiss of your precummycock against mine
the tightening of our balls we must pause...

We throb against each other as we gratefully feel our balls
loosen and slide against each other...
She has squirted her cum...

she shudders and we feel
her cum wash over us
Our cocks are thrusting harder now against each other...

Her fluid becomes a fire
I can feel the the heat
I lust for the feeling,

the skin our cocks and balls
this sin of pleasure
Oh God, this slickness.

She demands that we cum
inside her

on each other.
I thrust against you,
you thrust against me.

This two headed snake,
this cadeusa of lust,
She demands that we cum,

on each other.
Our helmut heads locked against each other
in a cummy battle.

I know your weakness,
I know where your trigger is,
I feel the slide of my cock against yours

I reach for your nuts with my fingers
and you reach for mine,
we swell in her pussy,

And I finally feel
you explode just below my head...

Just as she yells one more time,
"I've got two cocks in my pussy!"
There is so much cum.

This cummy battle
of two cocks
and a pussy,

I feel your cum wash over my head,
I feel it slide on my shaft
your cum is on my cock,

as I feel your fingers tickle my balls,
and our balls tickle each other,
I feel your cum explode again and again,

My cock is covered in your cum inside her cunt.
I feel so very naughty,
I feel so cummy.

This is want I wanted,
This is what I wanted to feel,
This is what will make me cummmmmmm...

I explode into the both of you,
all over your cock
all over in her pussy.

I can feel all our fluids
drown us in ecstasy
as they begin the crawl slowly past my balls.

fantasies almost all fulfilled
this slick tether of cum
pulling us all together

as we embrace each other
into this liquid pool
of the edge of heaven.

We can't stop this motion now
we writhe all together
our cum has become one.

Her sweet cunt is the vessel
our cocks embrace and kiss each other
our tether of cum

will not let us go,
the slide of your cock against mine,
the soft velvet tickle of your balls becomes wetter and wetter

our cum is too much for her cunt too hold,
I feel the sticky slide of your balls wash over mine
we barely hear her screams as she squirts again

all over our cocks
we feel her cunt juice and our cum
wash over us

drifting us away
from the world we once knew
towards pleasured shores of wanton desire,

two men,
one woman,

drifting towards more explosions
of ecstasy, abandon and unbridled lust
inside her.

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