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You Just Never Know... ya know?

I was out on the road, On my way to Montreal at the end of my stint behind the wheel. I pulled into a roadside rest area, or lay-by... or in this case a 'pickle park', a cruising area for local and tranient gay and bi-men looking for a quick NSA hook-up. Hell, so was I.

I was all nice and clean from the shower I'd had an hour ago at a fuel stop, and I was ready for almost anything now. I waited for a bit and sure enough, a girl walked up beside my truck from out of the shadows, and asked me for a light for her cig. Her voice gave him/her away, and we chatted for a little while.

Shortly, we were in the sl**per of my Pete, single bed, 7feet of headroom in front of the single mattress. Her top was coming off, along with all my clothes. She was soon standing there in bra, panties garter and stockings. Pam, as she wanted to be called, gave a few tugs on my hardening cock, leaned into me and inhaled the thing, working on the bottomside with her talented tongue. I couldn't take too much more of this and asked her to let me return the favor, while my little one-eyed lap monster calmed down. She was fine with this, and peeled out of her bright red frilly panties, revealing a very cute little cocklette peaking out of a neatly trimmed, but full bush of pubic hair.
I opened my mouth, drooling a little, and stuck my nose in her sweetly scented hair. Her little dick, started it's wonderful change. I kept on sucking and licking, licking her balls from around her dick, her dick expanded to the point where I couldn't contain it and reach her nutsack with my tongue any more. I kept right on sucking until she stopped me. I backed away and stared at a COCK!
Mine isn't small. It's a nice and fat six inches that has never caused any complaint other than aching jaws... Hers was as fat as mine, but at least two inches longer. I reached into a storage niche and pulled out a couple of condoms and some lube asking her if she wanted to have a go at some butt loving.

She told me that she preferred to top, and I said 'Fine by me.'

I laid back on the bed and spread 'em, she bent and started sucking me again, while she was busy rubbering up. Then she changed position, and started rimming me... I've always said "you should lick it before you stick it." and this treatment was really getting me deeper into the mood. Pam eased a lubed finger into my hole, quickly followed by another, and then another. She looked up at me and said "My, you really do want this don't you?". 'You Have no idea.' I replied. "It's had been far too long since I'd had a cock up there, and almost an eternity since I had entertained one as nice and big as yours."

Pam took aim and bumped my bung with that nice big cockhead, and started to apply pressure, and slowly began that delicious invasion, expanding ever-so-slowly and smoothly into my ass. In one long slow smooth movement, she was balls deep, and I haven't felt that good in more than a decade. Then she started to move, and the feeling got even better. She leaned into me, rubbing her chest against mine, and leaned a bit further to kiss me. We maintained that lip lock, sharing air inhaled indirectly. I was breathing through my mouth and so was she, (this is something you have to try! air comes in through you partner's nose.) This combined with the tongue action, and the delightful feelings she was giving me, and I blew a load of cum all over our bellies, and during my orgasm, she started hers. Her first blast came with an almighty lurch of her already thrusting hips, causing her huge swollen cock to go deeper, and that was the only fleeting pain I felt during the whole time we were coupled.

We cuddled for a short time then peeled ourselves apart from our sticky tummies. I pulled a few wet-naps from the same niche that had provided her condom, and we took turns licking and wiping each other clean. She removed her condom so I could lick her deflating cock clean.

I enjoyed the show she made out of getting dressed, we exchanged phone numbers and promises, knowing that no calls would be made, and there wouldn't be a rematch. Then she climbed out of my truck and went back to hers.

I've never seen her truck or her since, but I will never forget those few stolen hours that we shared, and I love reliving those moments when I'm pulling another load of knuckle-babies out of my cock.

white truck, blue fenders... east coast USA... I'm out there somewhere...parked at the gas station of love, using the self-service pump.

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