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My sons friend

Being 36 and divorced wasnt much fun. Even though I kept my shape I didnt go out much. I was being messed around by a few fellas so I suppose my confidence took a knock too.

One friday night I had got all dressed up up ready to go out on a date with an old friend. I thought he might be after a bit of extra and didnt mind the attention. I started a bottle of wine and jumped into the bath. I hadnt had it for so long and played with myself to orgasm in the bath thinking about the night ahead. I got out and blow dryed my hair and decided what to wear. I put on my champange coloured silky bra, suspender belt and panties. As I finished my third glass of wine I then slid on my flesh stockings and silky short yellow dress. As I then applied my make up i heard my sixteen year old son come in downstairs. He shouted up that he brought an old friend back but that he was going out again soon. I put on my high heels and went downstairs.

Just then I had a phonecall from my so called date who was cancelling, so I told him never again. I was devasted and went to the kitchen for more wine. On my arrival I couldnt believe that my sons friend Andrew was now a good looking strapping lad. He must be six foot too with good looks too. I sat on the worktop flashing my legs a little no intentionaly at first. He couldnt take his eyes off them and kept trying to glimpse further up. I then realised that there was no wine and Andrew offered to get some more. My son had plans and was going out so I told Andrew to get two bottles. He flashed me a smile as he and my son went off.

Twenty minutes later he arrived back. I poured two large glasses and felt his eyes burning into me from behind. We sat in the lounge with him on one chair and me the other. I let my dress ride higher and kept crossing my legs as we drank more and more. Inevitabley the chat turned to recent sex conquests and that she was 33. She told him he was the biggest she had seen. I was starting to get turned on by all this nad could see he was too. As went to the kitchen I could see the huge bulge in his jeans. I made point of bending over at every opportunuity. I then lead him back to the settee. I put my leg over his and he ran his hand up my thigh and over the stockings. My pussy was moist aching for him. He slid my panties to the side and entered two fingers into me. We then started to kiss passionately. I undid his jeans and pulled out a huge 8 inch cock. I couldnt believe my eyes in its circumised glory. I then lead him upstairs. I stold him to strip me completely which he did. I then sat atride him and took him slowly in me. He was huge and I quivered to my first orgasm. I then let him take control as he pounded into me faster and faster. He must have pounded me for a full 20 mins then finally thrust and grunted as he came in me as I orgamsd again. I was shaking with delight........I promised him not to tell but can i trust him??

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