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Fist time giving blow job

I'm bisexual and have always felt that there was something different about me. I've always had an affinity for both girls and guys although the latter really accelerated when I was in college. I found myself staring at cocks every opportunity I had and would even steal copies of my Aunt's Playgirl magazine to admire the well hung hunks on its pages. My roommate in college was Billy, a somewhat effeminate guy, but one who was a good friend nevertheless.

I came back to the dorm room early one day only to find Billy naked and sitting on his bed masturbating. He froze, dick in hand, with the look of a deer caught in the headlights! I walked up to him fascinated and more than a little turned on by the scene. Billy was ready to cry and thought I was going to hit him or something. I told him it was OK that all guys jacked off and that he should know that. He asked if I jacked off and I told him of course I did. I dropped my pants and pulled down my shorts revealing my nearly erect cock. Neither of our cocks would have made Playgirl – we were each only 5-6 inches but it was a sexy scene all the same. We jacked off together blowing our loads on our chests. It was very sexy and something that we'd repeat. Soon we were jacking off together on a regular basis and before long we were jacking each other off. Sometime we'd get into a 69 position and sometimes we'd simply take turns jacking each other off – great fun.

Jacking Billy off was one hell of a turn on for me. I loved lubing him up with his pre-cum and stroking his cock until he shot his load. One day I was stroking Billy's dick and Satan whispered in my ear to suck Billy's dick. It was an overwhelming feeling; something that I'd remotely thought about but until that moment wasn't ready to do – but the moment had arrived. I aggressively stroked Billy's dick and pulled it tight and when I did I started to lick the underside of his dick from the root to the sensitive nerves just under his throbbing cock head. At that instant I realized that I had just confirmed my bisexuality and there would be no going back. Just as Billy had somehow expected me to hit him when I caught him jacking off, I somehow expected he'd do the same as I started licking his dick – but he didn't! He just laid back and moaned as I licked his length over and over. I stroked him a little, drew him tight, and took his throbbing dick head into my mouth and began to suck. It was wonderful! So many sensations! The feel of his moving, his moaning with pleasure, and the salty taste of the pre-cum that oozed out of him. Then I moved from sucking his head to taking his length into my mouth and beginning the primal rhythm that I knew would lead him to blow his load. As I worked his shaft with my mouth I thought I was Linda Lovelace but was really only taking a little of his relatively small dick into my mouth. Realizing this I f***ed myself to take down more of him, even though he was much smaller than the gigantic cocks that Linda was swallowing at the time in porn flicks – I realized how skillful she was and fantasized about doing John Holmes huge cock with Linda. I snapped back to reality and concentrated on blowing Billy. His cock was stiffening and he was closed to cumming, then as I came up for air he gave me his first shot in my face... I took him in my mouth and sucked hard as he continued to shoot small spurts of load at a faster rate. He was done and laid there exhausted. I sucked him a bit more, taking his softening cock into my mouth. Yes, I swallow! I thought Billy was too tired to do much of anything but he got a burst of energy fueled by his own pent up desires and started to give me a blow job. I'd had my cock sucked by women but believe me none of them, before or since, delivered as good a blow job as Billy. It was mutually pleasurable for both of us and we continued to pleasure each other until we graduated. We went our separate ways after college but when Billy and I find ourselves in the same town we get together and you better believe we relive our days in the dorms at college!

I enjoy pleasing men and have a regular guy friend who is also bisexual. I also have a hetero friend who I really like and do him occasionally without any expectation of reciprocity. His wife doesn't like giving blow jobs, which, he, like all men, loves. I fill the void in his sex life and am happy to do so.

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