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What I do best

I lick my lips and taste the gorgeous deep red lipstick applied so carefully; I glance at my image reflected in the minicab windows and gaze at the evening revellers as they make their way to the clubs and bars in London’s West End. I am amazed that here I am dressed as a complete slut in an off-the-shoulder asymmetric short pink dress, showing a yard of chocolate coloured, fully fashioned seamed stockinged legs, killer 5” heels and ankle chain. The transformation having occurred just a few hours before; this was in London’s East End at a dressing service that exists for only for us ‘special’ girls.

The minicab driver’s voice brings me back from thoughts; his voice heavy in its Pakistani accent:
“I sorry miss – the road in front of the club you wanted is blocked with road works – can’t get any closer!”

“No problem I can see Madam JoJos I’ll get out here.”

What on earth was I thinking? It was a good 500yds from where we had stopped; the streets thronged with people and the pavement rough and uneven. Mind you I was used to being out dressed as Angy both during the day and night - although not always dressed quite like this!

As if in a dream, I have paid the driver, confirmed a pick-up time of 2:30am and checked his mobile phone number by dialling it on my phone. I am out showing stocking top as I climb out as elegantly as I can but this is a short dress and even the best of girls would have had difficulty in hiding the fact that I was wearing stockings and suspenders. No matter I am out pulling my short white coat around me as I wave to the cab driver and set off towards the throngs in Soho.

Concentrating on my well practice girly walk: foot one in front of each other, rolling on the ball of my foot as I put the spindly 5” heels down first (avoiding the cracks in the pavement – I have fallen once before and apart from the damage you can do to yourself it draws even more attention to yourself!) Arms with palms turning outward - hips rotating in a feminine wiggle (not too much). Just a quick glance at my ankles with the chain glinting in the street lights and then the elegant feet with bl**d red toenails showing through the re-enf***ed hose.

I have now covered half the distance and feel great – occasional looks but I have no way of knowing what the look is for – as far as I am concerned the guys are looking at my legs and bum – the women well who knows? Oh God how I love this! The adrenaline keeps me walking although I am aware that my feet are beginning to hurt a bit.

All too soon I am at the steps and walk up past the men hanging around at front; smiling at them as I pass towards the doorman. He stands aside and I go up to the ‘T’ girl who sits in the booth just inside the door. “Hi hun!” – “Hiya” I reply. My wrist is ink stamped to show I do not have to pay since I have “made an effort to dress for the occasion. Tonight is Trannyshack and entrance is free for ‘us’ girls! Coat checked in and first drink bought I move pass the mix of gorgeous creatures, the not so gorgeous, the men and others who you may not be able to decide exactly what they are; towards the dance floor which is set down about 7 steps from the seating area. Just at the top of the steps I find a seat and take a welcome sip of the white wine spritzer as I take the weight of my heels for the first time in about 15mins.

I look around and see if there are any guys I would like to go and sit beside – it is early and there are only a few people in the club – no one particularly takes my fancy – there is plenty of time. The dance floor is empty – time for Angy to strut her stuff. The opening bars of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance, my drink is drained and I am down the steps and on to the centre of the stage- smiling at the DJ a gorgeous ‘T’ girl who I have spoken to a couple of times (despite being absolutely stunning she is not all up herself) – she smiles back and waves. Within a couple of minutes of me ‘strutting my stuff’ I am joined on the dance floor by a couple of young real girls one of who comes up to my ear and says, “I love your shoes babe! Where are they from?!” I turn my lips to her ear, “Kurt Geiger” and she nods, smiles and kisses me on the cheek then dances off to rejoin her friend.

For the next 30 mins or so I dance being joined at various times by guys, gays and lots of real girls. A very manly girl seems to be particularly interested in me but whilst I am tempted I really need a guy tonight.

I go back up the steps and go to the bar for a diet coke to refresh myself. I move over back to the seats raised around the dance floor and sit for a moment just taking in the atmosphere almost pinching myself since this is what I have always wanted to do since I can remember. After a rest I go back on the dance floor for another dance. A few more spritzers and I am truly getting in the mood.

During one of my breaks a guy, maybe 22-23 years old sits beside me. Boy is he cute or what? His hand rests on my leg and he rubs it gently sending a shiver up and down my spine.

“Hi gorgeous!” he whispers in my ear.

In my best practiced girly voice I reply a breathy, “Hello Babe – how you doin’?”

“I’m fine -get you a drink?” – “White wine spritzer please hunny.” I know I have ‘pulled’

He brings the drink back and after some small talk during which he tells me his name is Rick -he starts to nibble my ear rubbing his hand up and down my leg touching the tops of my stockings.

After a few tentative kisses on the lips he suggests a dance. I agree and I strut behind him holding his hand as he makes his way through the assembled people waiting for a drink or watching the dancing. The DJ smiles as we pass and winks at me and I grin back at her! Down onto the dance floor we go and join others who are enjoying the particularly good choice of music which is played at Trannyshack. A slow track gives me a chance to rub my crotch into his and I feel that thrill of a man aroused by sluttiness! He suggests I suck his cock and I agree.

Back up the steps, through the throng who all probably know what we are about to do. We make our way to the side and out and into the men’s toilet. Immediately he pulls me into the empty cubicle. He closes and locks the door and at once my arms wrap around him and he and I indulge in some French kissing whilst he pulls my dress up from behind; caressing my stocking tops and bottom. Within minutes I crouch down and undo his fly buttons on his jeans. His member is straining in his underpants and my long nailed hand reaches in through the slit in his pants to clasp his cock and pull it through. I get that whiff of man prick and my lips contact the end of the engorging penis. My tongue finds the slot in the tip and I waggle: there is a gentle moan from him as his weapon grows and straightens. My tongue has pushed his foreskin back and I am slavering over the length; he holds my head and my hands rest on his buttocks pulling him gently towards my mouth. In and out it goes getting further and further in with each thrust. I push my tongue down and I gag a little as he pulls me on to his member. I splutter and pull back slavering over the tip and we try again. A couple of more attempts and he pushes it down my throat. I pull back retching slightly but this puts some more spittle on the tip and with the next thrust I am able to move my mouth up the shaft so that my nose touches his pubic hair. I rub my nose around and he groans – “God Angy- Wow!” He then fucks my throat making a chocky-chocky sound sliding it all the way down and back. My long nails tickle his balls and he grunts like a pig looking for truffles. This pleasure lasts for about 5 mins but then he pulls out and tells me to ‘stand up, turn around and bend over slut!” I did not intend to go the whole hog tonight with someone I don’t know but the spritzers and the taste of that prick have weakened my resolve. “In my bag - some condoms and KY Jelly!” I tell him. He gets my bag and pulls out the KY but says, “No babe I am having you bareback you slut!”

I am in a quandary because I don’t normally do bareback but he is so cute and I am so turned on – ‘what the hell!’ His finger is in me before I have even given it a second thought. He puts the tube of KY against my hole and I feel him push my thong to one side; then the cool slippy liquid spread around my little puckered rosebud. Now two of his fingers are in and I am writhing in sexual abandon. He pushes on my neck and my face nearly hits the cistern of the WC. His cock is at my entrance big and urgent- a couple of tentative thrusts – some more KY and then I feel his cockhead parting the hole open. He pushes hard and I squeal in both pain and ecstasy as the full length of 9” of rampant man goes into my man pussy. My God! It feels like I am being skewered on a steel pole. Nothing I could do would have stopped him at this stage- not that I wanted him to stop. I was shuddering with the thrusts - pushing my arse towards him to get him in as deep as I could. He had one hand on my head and the other on my leg stroking my stockings – I look down and see my high heeled encased feet either side of the pan with me going up on my toes with each thrust my ankle chain glinting and glistening. This pleasure last for about another 5 mins then his pace quickens and I know he is about to cum. I don’t want it inside my arse but on my face and I shout- ‘In my mouth and on my face babe!’ He pulls out and I quickly turn around and crouch down – his hand goes to my forehead and pushes my head back whilst he wanks his cock. I open my mouth and he puts it in and I suck like a thing possessed – true arse-to-mouth. I remember thinking it tastes great; not at all like I would have expected. His back arches and he pulls his cock out. I open wide and drop my tongue right out – splat! Spunk hits my upper lip and right eye. Splat! That went into my mouth and over my chin. Sploosh! Cheek and eye that time. Little spurts in my mouth and now he is rubbing it around over my face. I show him the gloop in my mouth and swallow like the good little whore I am. It feels thick and like an oyster in my mouth. He sighs –“bl**dy hell that was good! – Well done babe!”

I reach for some toilet paper to wipe of the dribbles of cum but he says, “No! – leave it!” so I do and he helps me pull down my dress collect the KY and my bag and takes me out past the guys at the urinals. They all grin and make rude comments but I don’t care I have just done what I was born to do!

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