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Once You Go Black...

"Look Mrs. Miller, I need a $2400 cashiers check on my desk by Friday or I will have a company come and repo the BMW next week" and she hung up the phone. What am I going to do? I can not come up with that kind of money. We just made a payment on my husbands Duramax and I have to make a mortgage payment. We have no money coming in. My husband is a contractor and has not had any work in a month. I am a big time realtor-high sales partner in my firm. I need this Beemer for my image. I cant sell high end homes from a Focus. I have to figure out a way to keep this car. I havent sold a home in over several months.
I am a good looking woman, 45 years old, been married to my husband for 10 years. I have red hair but dye it blonde, have implants to make boobs "D" cup. I am 5'2 and weigh about 120lbs. I am in good shape and guys flirt with me. I went to an Ivy Leauge College So I should be able to figure out a way to keep this car. But I could not and the day came and the door bell rang. I looked out to see a nice tow truck out front. Great!! I opened the door to see a very large black man standing there. He explained to me that he was here to pick up the car. I told him that I would do anything to keep this car, and I mean anything. The man was about 6'7, he was huge and I would say in his fifties. There was another black man with him, he was just as big but younger, early 40's. they both looked at each other and smiled. The man said "do you mean anything?"
I said "anything" and let the two men in. The man said his name is John and the younger guy is named Steve. I told them my name, Darci, and asked if they wanted anything to drink. They said no and for me to get undressed. I was a little shocked and looked at them. John said to take off my clothes if I wanted to keep the car. I removed my clothes and John dropped his pants revealing a semi hard very large cock. Steve said that he could not wait to get into my white pussy, John commented that he had never seen a red snatch but he liked it. John said I needed to suck his dick which I did. I could smell his sweat as I took his monster cock in my mouth. Steve started to play with my snatch, I was dripping wet.
Now I must ad that I been around the block a time or two. I know how to fuck and I know how to please a man. One of my college degree's is in fucking, I studied it alot. I knew I could make both of these men's head swim and make it so they will never forget this little fuck session. I worked John's pole with my mouth, and Steve gor my pussy good and reved up. John then wanted to fuck me so I laid back and spread my legs as he mounted me and pushed his monster cock into me. It was the biggest cock to ever be in my pussy. He started his assault on my cunt pounding it hard and deep. I orgasimed hard and a minute later he flooded my insides with his hot sauce. He pulled his limp wanker from my cooch and Steve jumped in there and banged away and soon dumped his nut sauce in me also. I cleaned both men and they left. John said the car was mine as long as he could get in my pussy whenever he wanted. I told him "honey! you can put your monster cock in this pussy anytime you want!" I sat on the bed and played with jizz leaking out of my cooch smearing into my bush.
Three days later John called and wanted me to meet him at a club. I got there and he was with three other guys and they were trying to hook up with these three well to do white women. John thought I could help them score, and he wanted some more of my fine snatch. The women were pretty well d***k and were ready for action from someone other than their husbands. I talked to them and got the men over there and soon we were heading back to the hotel. The guys fucked the ever living shit out of those women, and me too for that matter. I had so much jizz pumped into me I thought it would start leaking from my nose. It was great to watch these big black cocks pump in and out of their high class cunts, black man semen leaking out. I got in a sixty nine with one of the women and we ate the jizz out of each others snatch.
I have serviced John and Steve several times since then and I am hoping for another night out. So far I think I am going to enjoy making my car payment with my pussy, it is better than using any of my other credit cards. And I do love fucking black men over white ones!

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