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Just a fool for stockings!

I am just a typical pervert with my collection of fetishes. The biggest one being my attraction to stockings and thigh highs. I get an instant hard on and start to seep precum at just a glance of girls in stockings. Black and lacy are the best but all colors are fine. Even just a girl wearing black/shear hose will catch my attention in public. I love to fuck the wife when she wears them. I love to rub them as I am thrusting her and I really love to rub my face all up and down them...GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Ladies! No matter what your shape, your age, no matter what...if you put on a pair of stockings or thigh highs you will be gorgeous-sexy. I have to admit that a lot of the TV boys here on xhamster look really sexy with their dicks and stockings.

One last entry, if you like to tease and show off, please send me photos of yourself in stockings. Make me beg you for more! And if the photo has you in thigh highs and a short skirt, flashing panties...I'll cum!

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