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New boyfriend and first sex with him

Turns out the guy I sucked in the faculty (college) toilet actually suspected I was a trans and that turns him on. And not only he's into trans he also told me he loves BDSM. I don't have to tell you how great this is, but let's start at the beginning.

The other day after the "toilet incident" I met the guy again. I had white leg warmers, a schoolgirl skirt (I wear these as much as I can), a black tank-top, and a gray hoodie. I heard a voice behind me telling me how beautiful I am today. As I turned around he kissed me. Deep. And with his tongue. My heart raced and I instantly felt an erection starting and my nipples went hard.

I pushed him away and told him that we need to talk. I led him to an area where we wouldn't get too many people around us and told him I might not be something he expected. I knew this was risky but I was completely lost in his eyes. He told me he was hoping for that I wasn't and gave me a nasty wink.

I did not know what to do for a moment and he kissed me again. I returned the kiss and the next thing I knew we were in his car driving to a lone place (now remember I knew the guy for some time before this as he was my good friend). It was the middle of the day so we drove almost an hour to a remote location high on the mountain above our town.

On the way there I kissed him several times as he was driving and I grabbed his huge cock through his pants. I froze when he put his hand under my skirt. I closed my eyes and wished this to turn out well. He slowly moved his finger over my hard penis and then he grabbed it. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. He was looking at the road ahead but turned to me for a moment and gave me a broad smile. I immediately fell in love with this smile.

I gently removed his hand and said that he should watch the road. A few times I adjusted my skirt exposing a bit more of skin which clearly turned him on even more.

When we finally arrived to a place where we were quite sure nobody will see us (it was a patch of a forest very close to a ridge where people rarely go) we started kissing. It took only moments for me to lose my hoodie. I wore no bra that day and his hands were all over my top. I couldn't wait anymore when he slid his hand under and squeezed my nipple between his fingers so I pushed him back in the car seat and unzipped his pants.

I lowered them a bit together with his boxers and his huge erect dick laid in front of me. I slowly stroked it a few times and then put my lips around it. I moved my head up and down and enjoyed his silkiness. He has a really huge cock so I could barely get a bit over half and not to gag on it.

After some time I kissed him again and he gently removed my panties. When I'm not turned on my penis is very small (due to hormones) but when erect it is sized well above average. My penis was smaller than his and that felt great for me. He moved his finger around a bit and then started stroking my cock.

I moved down to suck his cock again while he played with mine. As I sucked his cock he gave me his fingers to lick them and then pushed them gently into my anus. He was massaging me for a moment and then he fingered me harder and faster. I thought I will explode in an orgasm and wished to have his cum all over my face. But that didn't happen yet.

He pushed in two fingers and I enjoyed the great feeling. He said he loves how perfectly shaved I was (and I did prepare for a long time the day before) and I was very glad for that. I gave him a nasty smile and he hit me on my bottom once. I said him to do that again and again and he asked me if I want him to spank me.

I can't explain you the smile that exploded on my face as he set me over his knees and spanked me. He didn't do it as my father with the intent to punish me, but in a most erotic way with a lot of stroking and some anal play.

When my bottom was quite red he lift me up and pushed his penis into my mouth. I sucked his huge penis for a few minutes and then he led me out of the car. I laid on the car on my back and spread my legs and he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

He went slowly for me to accustom and gradually sped up. I never had such a huge cock in me and I almost screamed with joy. He went a bit harder before the end which was also a turn-on for me and as he filled my ass with cum I came at the same time on my belly and skirt.

He pushed a few more times before he got his penis out of me. I laid for a moment there and then cleaned myself up. After that we were lying on each other in the car kissing and stroking for a long time.

We talked about each other and found out we both love BDSM a lot. We were very happy and agreed that I will go to his place over the weekend so he can show me what he has and maybe do something else, too...

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