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A Walk In The Park - II

A Walk In The Park - II

Sara let me lick her feet for several minutes. Then she said, "Enough."
Her tone was commanding and I stopped instantly. She snapped her fingers
and ordered me up onto my knees. I rolled onto my back and sat up. The I
eased myself up onto my knees. She told me the proper position was with my
ankles crossed and my knees spread as far apart as I could. I adjusted
my position instantly.
Then Sara stared down at me in silence for a long minute. "Hannah, are
you sure about this? I don't want you to do it if you aren't. And I don't
want it to interfere with our other arrangements." She gestured at the
garage to make sure I knew which arrangements she was referring to.
I thought about it for a moment, my eyes fixed on her small feet. Feet I
had just spent five minutes licking. Then I glanced up at her and said, "
Yes, I'm sure. I want this. Need it."
She nodded slowly. "Why? Explain it to me?"
"Okay, I'll try. Since Sarah was born I have been terrified of having sex
with Jim. He's fucked me exactly three times in 13 months. The last time
was almost four months ago. He hasn't come near me since. I thought I'd
never feel anything again. Then when you kissed me yesterday.... well, I
felt something. The old familiar tingle between my legs. And then today,
when I caught a glimpse of your bare tits I felt it again. But when that
ballgag rolled out of your bag.... Wow. I really felt it. It scares me.
I may be making a major mistake. But I want you here. I want you do use me
as you wish. Photograph me. Turn me into your sex slave. Anything you
want. And then maybe I can fuck Jim again. The way he wants. The way I
Sara grinned. Her whole face came alive. "Shall we sign two leases?"
And she laughed, reaching down to cup my tits and squeeze them gently. I
turned my face up for a kiss. "You don't need a lease on me," I
murmurred. "You own me. For as long as you want."
And so on that hot humid July morning I became Sara Louise Hunter's
personal sex slave. And landlady.
She took me down onto the lawn and put me on my knees. Then she gagged me
and put clips on my nipples and labia. And she photographed me while I
knelt there and whimpered from the pain in my tits and between my legs.
After a while she removed the gag and continued to photograph me while I
whimpered and begged for mercy. The more it hurt, the more I begged, the more
excited I became.
She went to change film and came back with a riding crop. I stared at her
and whispered, "Yes, oh please. Whip me. Hurt me."
She took my shoulders and eased me forward until my head and chest were on
the ground and my ass was elevated nicely for the whip. And she leaned
over and whipped me on the ass. Fifteen hard strokes while I sobbed and
begged for mercy. Mercy that I didn't really want and didn't get.
After fifteen hard strokes my ass was burning. She lifted me back to my
knees and kissed the tears streaming down my face. She went back to the deck
and returned wearing the panties with the attached dildo. She put me back
down in the same position and knelt behind me. I was very wet and the
dildo slid in easily. I took a deep breath and moaned with pleasure as she
fucked me hard. A few dozen strokes and I had a fantastic orgasm! She
continued to fuck me and I had another. And another. Then she withdrew and I
whimpered with disappointment. A few seconds later I felt her spread my
buttocks and press the head of the dildo against my anus.
I turned my head and tried to look back up at her. She pushed a little and
I moaned. "Do you want it? Have you ever been ass-fucked?"
"No, I've never been fucked there." I hesitated. Then I pushed back
against the dildo and she chuckled. And thrust her hips forward in one
strong, smooth stroke that drove the dildo into my virgin ass. I took a deep
breath and screamed with pleasure. "Oh! God! Yes! Fuck my ass hard. Please."

Sara grasped my hips and fucked me hard and deep. I moaned as she drove
the dildo in and out of my tight asshole. Then she reached around and
grabbed my tits. She found the clips and squeezed them hard. Pain shot through
my nipples. I bucked under her and screamed, this time in agony. "Oh
shit! Yes! Hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!" She she found my clit and rubbed it
with knowing fingers. I climaxed again, bucking under her and screaming
with pleasure/pain.
After I calmed down, she removed everything and helped me to my feet. We
walked up to the pool and jumped in. We swam for an hour, enjoying the
feel of the cool water on our nude bodies. During the swim we stopped
frequently to kiss and fondle each other. She brought me off with her tongue and
taught me how to do her with mine. I loved the taste of her pussy and
couldn't get enough. And I licked her tightly puckered little anus and loved
By then it was almost 11:30 and I heard my cell phone ring. It was laying
on the table by the pool and I hopped out to answer. It was Jim. He wanted
to tell me that a problem had come up and he was flying to Chicago, in fact
was calling from the airport. Said he'd try to get a flight back late,
but expected he'd probably have to stay over. I told him I'd miss him and
had some news for him. He told me he'd miss me too. "I love you," he
whispered and then he had to go.
I turned back to the pool and Sara was sitting on the far side with a
concerned look on her face. I put the phone down and dove in, swimming
underwater to the far side. I came up in front of her and held the wall on either
side of her. I kissed her pretty knees and told her that Jim would be out
of town. She smiled and asked if I was happy about it or sad. "A
combination, I think. Happy that we can have more time, sad that he won't be
home tonight so I can show him what you've done for me. Turned me back on.
Literally. Thank you."
She grinned and ruffled my hair. "No problem. Any time." She pushed me
back gently with one foot and slipped into the water. We hugged, rubbing
our bodies together and I rested my chin on her shoulder. "Would you be
upset if I said I love you?"
She shook her head. "No, I wouldn't. Do you?"
I leaned back and stared into her eyes. "Yes, Sara Louise, I love you."
She kissed the tip of my nose. "Good, because I love you, too. Now how
about some lunch? I'm starving!"
I laughed and climbed out of the water, reaching back to help her. She
grabbed my hand and I lifted her out of the pool in one smooth motion. She's
only 5'3" and maybe 110 pounds and it was no strain to lift her. She was
surprised and impressed. I pointed at the garden. "I've been digging and
lifting and hauling for two years. I've developed some muscles."
We squeezed the water out of our hair and climbed the steps to the lower
deck. I went in through the basement door and grabbed two towels from the
pile I keep on a table just inside the door. I threw one to Sara and we
climbed up to the upper deck and dried off. I loved looking at her body and
told her so. She grinned and put her underpants down. "Okay, we'll stay
nude if you prefer."
We went inside and rummaged through the refrigerator, finally settling on
Tuna sandwiches with a salad. And lemonade. Sara made the salad while I
mixed the Tuna with lemon juice, chopped green pepper, chopped onions, and a
pinch of Basil. I made big sandwiches on Beefsteak Rye and Sara protested
that she'd never finish hers. But she devoured every crumb and looked
hopefully at the last quarter of my sandwich. I groaned in mock dismay and
pushed my plate across the table. She grinned happily and dug in.
As she was finishing up, I casually mentioned that my mother had been
bugging me to leave Sarah overnight sometime. Sara glanced up. "Really? Do
you want to....." Her voice trailed off. I nodded. I ran down and got the
cell phone and called mom. She was delighted when I asked if she could
keep Sarah overnight. I told her that Jim was out of town and I had a
girlfriend over and wanted to spend some time with her. Mom told me to enjoy
myself and got off the phone as soon as she could, before I changed my mind.
When I put the phone down Sara snapped her fingers and I dropped to my
knees in front of her. I kissed her right knee and waited to see what would
happen next. She leaned back and told me I could sit back on my heels. I
did so and then she lifted her feet and placed them on my thighs, just above
my knees. I took her left foot in both hands and lifted it so that I could
massage it. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as I worked on
her foot. When I finished the left one, I did the right one.
When I was done she opened her eyes and smiled lazily. "How can I whip
you after that? Maybe we should wax your pussy instead. Ok?"
I nodded. "But why are you asking me? I'm your slave."
"Good point." She leaned forward and slapped me lightly. "Get you ass
going and get dressed. We'll go buy a waxing kit. Wear a short skirt, a
little top, and sandals. Nothing else. Now go."
I nodded and jumped to my feet. I ran upstairs and dried my hair with the
blowdryer. Sara followed lesiurely and used it when I was done. Then I
pulled out some things and showed them to her. She chose the denim skirt I'd
worn the day before and a little blue cotton top. I slipped them on and
she nodded in approval. We did our makeup and then she went downstairs and
picked her clothes up from the deck. I watched her dress with mixed
feelings. God, I loved seeing her nude.
On the way to a d**gstore in her van she brought up the subject of the
lease on the garage. "Will you have to get Jim's agreement?"
She was stroking my left thigh, my skirt pushed high, and I was finding it
hard to concentrate. "No, the house is in my name." I glanced at her and
grinned slyly. "He did it for business reasons. So nobody could come after
it if they sued the partners and won. Besides, most of the money we have
in the house came from my inheritance."
We pulled into the parking lot at the d**gstore and I looked around
quickly to see if there were any familiar cars. She noticed and said, "Don't
worry, I'll behave. The last thing I want to do is embarass you or endanger
your marriage."
I sighed with relief and whispered, "Thank you. I love you so much!"
Once inside the d**gstore we hurried to the cosmetic counter and spoke to
the teenaged girl working there. She showed us where the waxing kits were
shelved, but most of them were the kind with the pre-waxed strips, suitable
for doing your legs, but not for your bikini area. At least that what Sara
said. The girl nodded. "Yes, you need the hot wax kit. And then you need
some cheesecloth. We have a couple under the counter. They don't sell too
well these days." She found them and we took both. Then we found a
package of cheesecloth over near the car polish.
We made a couple of more stops while we were out. A hardware store, where
we got a lot of attention, and a wholesaler that carried all kinds of
supplies for hair salons. Sara bought some scissiors and a set of electric
hair clippers. I didn't need to ask what she needed them for, but I was in for
a surprise. Once back at the house, out on the back deck, she had me
strip and sit on one of the kitchen stools she brought out. Then she told me
she was going to give me a haircut before waxing my pubic area. I looked
over my shoulder and she laughed. "Don't look so skeptical. I trained as
a hairdresser before I quit and went to school to learn photography. I'm
going to cut your hair short, much shorter than it is now."
I turned and gazed out over the garden and she went to work. She cut my
hair very short, no longer than 2" anywhere, and used the clipper to clean
the hair off the back of my neck. When she was done I went inside and
stood in front of the mirror. I was astonished at how great my hair looked
that short. She had me washe my hair in the kitchen sink when I returned.
Then Sara was rummaged through the refrigerator until she found what she was
looking for, a lemon, and cut it in half. Then she had me sit in the sun
and she squeezed lemon juice in my wet hair. She told me that it would give
me sexy blonde streaks in my light brown hair.
She had me sit in one of the chairs from the patio set, with my feet up on
the railing and spread wide. Then she had me scoot forward until my butt
was on the edge of the chair. This allowed her to crouch in front of me and
clip the hair on my pubic mound while the sun worked on my hair. Later,
she had me stretch out on my back while she carefully placed strips of
cheesecloth over my pubic mound and carefully ladled warm melted wax onto them.
"Don't move," she warned, "I don't want to burn you."
I stayed very quiet. She rubbed my belly gently while the wax dried.
Then she grabbed the end of one of the strips of cloth and said, "You may
scream." Then she ripped it off. I did scream. She ripped the other strip off
before I had a chance to think. After a quick check she told me it would
take two more to do the job. At least two. Actually it took four. And
then she rubbed in a liberal amount of Jergen's lotion to soothe my skin. I
was as smooth and as bare as when I'd been when I was 11. I went inside and
looked in the mirror. "So very sexy," I thought. I hoped Jim felt the
same when he saw me.
Sara came in while I was staring at myself in the mirror. "What do you
think," she asked? There was a slight note of uncertainty in her voice.
I looked over at her and said, "I think it's great! I love the way I
look. But you sounded tentative when you asked? Is that any way to question
your slave?"
Sara sighed. "You may be my slave and I may beat your ass from time to
time, but I care about you. I want you to be happy. In fact, your happiness
is the most important thing to me." I was impressed by her obvious
sincerity and I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. She ran
her hand through my hair and I sighed with pleasure. Then I reached and took
her hand in mine and kissed it. "Sara, I'll be your slave for as long as
you want me. It's amazing, but in only two days you've become one of the
most important people in my life."
Then she cuffed me on the shoulder and told me to go take a shower. We
were going out to dinner and then dancing. I glanced at her in alarm and she
grinned. "Don't worry, I'm taking you to this quiet little lesbian club
across the river."
I showered and shaved my legs. Then Sara showered and we took turns
drying each other's hair. Mine took about 2 minutes. Hers maybe 3. Then we
chose our outfits for the evening. She had to run out to the garage and get
some clothes out of her van. She wore a little green dress almost the
same shade as her eyes. Black patterned stockings - thigh highs, black heels.
A jade necklace and matching earrings. She looked stunning when she was
I agonized and finally chose a little black sleeveless dress. I was going
to wear black stockings, but Sara insisted that I wear white thigh highs.
A sexy pair of thong-style panties in white silk and a pair of black pumps
completed my outfit. Jewelery was limited to a single strand of artifical
pearls and matching earrings.
I called my mom and talked to her for a while, then `talked' to Sarah. I
told mom to call me on the cell phone if she needed me and she told me
that she'd raised c***dren herself and hadn't forgotten how it went. I took
the hint and told her I'd call in the morning.
The restaurant where we ate was one of the best in the city. Very hard to
get reservations, but Sara knew someone and we were welcomed warmly.
Dinner was superb and the wine was perfect. I had a filet and Sara had prime
rib. We chatted and giggled like a couple of college girls. Then, about
halfway through dinner, she leaned over and said, "I want you to go to the
ladies room. Remove your panties and then walk back her holding them in
your left hand. Then sit down and hand them across the table to me. Don't
attempt to hide them, but don't call attention to yourself either." I
hesitated and she told me I would take 5 strokes on my bare ass in the parking
lot as punishment. I got to my feet and carefully placed my napkin on my
chair. I walked to the ladies room and went into the end stall. I lifted my
skirt and pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. Then I used the
toilet. I took my time washing my hands. Then, holding my panties so they
dangled from my left hand, I walked back to the table. My face was buring
and I was sure that everyone was looking at me. Sara told me later that
only one couple appeared to notice. I resumed my seat and handed my panties
across to Sara. It was the most humiliating, and most exciting thing I'd
ever done.
Later, when we left, she opened her purse and took out a little leather
quirt. She made me bend over between the van and the next car and lift my
dress above my waist. Then she gave me 5 hard strokes across my buttocks.
I bit my lip to keep from screaming as she whipped me. When she was done
she rubbed my buttocks for a moment and then allowed me to straighten up and
slide my dress down. I was crying, tears running down my cheeks, and she
lifted herself on her toes and kissed me. Then we got into the van and
left. She had me lift my dress so that my bare buttocks were in contact with
the leather seat. "Sit that way from now on when we're alone."
She took me to the `Evergreen' a quiet lesbian bar across the river. It
wasn't busy that night and I was thankful for that later on. We sat in a
booth in the back of the room, Sara facing the front of the bar, and ordered
drinks. White wine for me, seltzer with a twist of lemon for her. "I
have to drive," she said by way of explanation. The barmaid was cute, a slim
blonde who looked like a college girl.
After she took our order, Sara excused herself and went up to talk to the
bartender, a tough-looking woman in her late thirties or early forties.
After some back-and-forth, Sara pushed a couple of bills across the bar and
the bartender nodded agreement. I asked Sara what that was all about and
she said, "Five in the parking lot later. You need to learn some manners."

I stared down at my hands and nodded. "Yes, Sara, I'll try."
Our drinks were served and Sara toasted our relationship. Then she called
the barmaid over and handed her some change for the jukebox. After the
girl left, Sara leaned across and said, "As soon as the music starts I want
you to get up and dance. Kick your shoes off first. Then get up and dance
on top of that table over there." She pointed to a large round table in
the middle of the room.
I looked at her in shock, but that wasn't all. "Take your dress off too.
You're going to dance in your thigh highs."
"Sara, please....."
She shook her head. "Ten in the parking lot."
I stared at her, tears in my eyes. "Yes, Sara, I'll do as you say."
The music stared and I gave her a last appealing glance. She lifted her
chin and said, "Dance slave." I kicked off my shoes and stood up,
unzipping my dress as I slipped out of the booth. Then I stooped, grabbed the hem,
and pulled it off over my head in one smooth motion. I walked to the
table, climbed up using a chair as a step, and started dancing. My mind was
whirling - here I was, a respectable married woman, dancing nude in a lez
bar. Well, almost nude. But having the white thigh highs on somehow made it
more humiliating than if I'd been totally nude.
The music seemed to go on and on. After each number I glanced over at Sara
with a silent appeal. Each time she smiled and waved me on. I danced and
danced, finally losing myself in the music. Sweat rolled off me and
several women gathered around, clapping with the music and making appreciative
comments. There was an occasional whistle too. Sara kept me dancing for
what seemed like hours, but actually it was only 45 minutes.
When the music finally stopped I was stunned. I glanced at Sara and she
nodded permission for me to get down. The blonde barmaid met me with a
towel as I stepped down from the chair. She smiled and said, "You were
fantastic!" She looked me over as I dried my shoulders and arms and whispered, "
You've got a great body! I wish my breasts were as nice!" I smiled and
thanked her, then made my way back to the booth. I stood there, drying
myself off, while Sara sipped her seltzer and watched quietly.
I realized I couldn't put my dress back on or I'd ruin it. Sara went out
to the van and returned with a large t-shirt she used as a nightdress. I
slipped it on and then sat an removed my stockings. The women in the bar
clapped as we walked to the door. I blushed and nodded. We went outside. I
was carrying my dress, shoes, and stockings. We walked to the van and
Sara opened the door. I put everything inside on the back seat. Then she
took out her little quirt. "Take the t-shirt off and stand with your hands
clasped behind your neck."
I obeyed instantly. I was standing there, staring across the parking lot,
when the blonde barmaid appeared. She had a slim sheath of bills in her
hand. Her eyes widened when she saw me standing there nude. Sara asked her
what she wanted. She explained that some of the women had given her money
to give me. A tip. Sara told her that she could keep it. She nodded. "
Thank you. What are you doing to her?" Sara told her that I was being
punished for not obeying as I should. The girl nodded and asked if she could
watch. Sara glanced at her and asked, "Would you like to punish her?" The
girl's eyes widened and she nodded. I moaned, "Please, Sara, no...."
Sara glanced at me. "Twenty." I bit my lip and remained silent.
Sara handed the girl the quirt and told her to give me twenty strokes,
hard strokes, between my upper thighs and my shoulder blades. The girl took
the quirt and laid it on with a heavy hand. After two, Sara held up her hand
to stop her. "Gag?" I nodded and she gagged me with a strip of duct
tape she ripped off a roll she kept in the van. Then the girl whipped me hard
while I screamed into the gag. After it was over, Sara ripped the duct tape
off and snapped her fingers. I dropped to my knees, sobbing, and thanked
the girl for whipping me. She smiled and whispered, "I loved doing it. I'
d love to do it again." Sara took her elbow and walked her a short
distance away. They chatted for a moment and Sara wrote something down. Her
name and phone number I found out later. Then Sara returned and allowed me
to crawl into the front seat and crouch on the floor. I wasn't allowed to
put on any clothes.

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