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Womanly experience 5 - self bondage

I was around 18 or 19. Still in high school. My father went out of the town for thee weekend and I found an interesting blog on the Internet about a self-bondage girl. I knew that I had to try this while I had a chance.

It was summer so I prepared everything I needed and left it in the tool-shed in our yard. I buried two pairs of keys on different sides of the yard - one is to the inside of the house and the other for some handcuffs.

Then I got all naked and went out into the yard, locked the door behind me, and threw the key in trough the small bathroom window. I then ran into the shed and started preparing for my bondage session.

The shed wasn't really small and there was plenty of place in it with various usable hooks and stuff. It had no windows and some light came in trough the cracks between the boards. I decided to go slow.

I first took a piece of rope and did a nice shibari bound around my chest and in between my legs. I used the same rope to bound my penis and testicles. At that time my tits were still a bit small so binding them was not an option but I had a piece of robe above and below them that squeezed them a bit and put two wooden clothespins on my nipples.

Then I put a board on two tables so the thin side was facing upwards and to a height only an inch higher than my thighs. Then I threw a piece of rope over a hook in the roof and tied it to time-release handcuffs. I found a pair of panties I came in twice a few days back and put them in my mouth as a gag and taped my mouth over with ducktape.

I finally stood on a small stool and over the board. I slowly sit on it to so it pushed on my ass and penis. I put the lock to 15 minutes and slid my hands into the handcuffs and pushed away the stool.

I was suddenly half hanging half supported by the board under me. I could barely reach the ground and only with one toe at a time - basically no support at all. The board was pressing hard against my scrotum and anus while my hands were stretched high above me in the time-release locked handcuffs.

I slowly started to feel the pain between my legs. It was quite uncomfortable. My hands high stretched a bit my tits which started to ache due to the clothespins on them. After a few minutes I started feeling the taste of cum in my mouth and that turned me on a bit. This in turn caused an erection which got me into more pain. My cock was bound and there was not much place for it to expand. I felt the throbbing of it and tried to wiggle a bit to ease the pain.

This caused more pain on my anus since the board and my hands slowly started to ache from the pain, too. I couldn't see how much time remained so I tried to clean my mind. It didn't help and I tried to wiggle even more. My mouth was full of taste of cum, my hands tied high above me in pain, my nipples two spots of huge pain with the clothespins on them, my bound penis just about to explode from pain, and my anus and scrotum sore from the plank I was sitting on.

The lock finally released. First I got off the board and released my bound cock and then removed the clothespins from my nipples. I wanted to scream from the pain and to wank at the same time. I couldn't scream due to the gag and somehow suppressed the urge to masturbate. I left the gag on and untied the remained of the rope. It was time for take two now.

First I have put true nipple clamps on my nipples and an elastic cock ring on my penis. I wanted it to squeeze but still not too much. Then I connected a chain to the nipple clamps that was also connected to the cock ring. This way I couldn't get all straight because it would pull of the clamps.

Then I took a piece of rope and tied it around my balls, tight but not too much, and left it hanging there for the moment. Next was to tie one end of the anal-beads to a hook in the wall. It was a long line of them and they were quite large. Then I got on all fours and tied the ends of the scrotum-rope to my toes. This way I couldn't stand up without ripping off my balls. I crawled slowly backwards and pushed all analbeads into my ass. Then I took the handcuffs for which I burried the keys and locked my hands behind my back.

My face was on the floor with my ass high up in which I had a bunch of anal beads. My nipples were clamped and the clamps were connected to the cock-ring so I couldn't straighten my back all the way. My balls were also tied and connected to my toes so I could barely crawl and in very small steps and my hands were cuffed behind my back to make it even harder. It was time to stay put and enjoy.

I believe I stood there for like 15 or 20 minutes. I was wondering how much nipple pain can I take. Then suddenly I heard rolling thunders far away. I decided I can't risk too much so I wiggled around a bit to see how hard would it be to get the anal beads out. This also pulled my nipples a bit for more pain and the anal movements caused an erection.

I slowly started crawling forward with my face on the ground. This resulted in a very slow and steady pull on the beads. One bead was out. And then the second. It took me more than 5 minutes for this and my penis was unbelievably hard due to the cock ring. The third and fourth beads got out and I was close to an orgasm even though it was only a third of the line.

For the next ball I tried to move even slower and when I finally popped out my body trembled from the huge orgasm I had. I suddenly straightened too much and one of the nipple clamps got of which caused an explosion of pain and even more joy. The explosion of cum almost reached my face.

The thunder was now really close so I tried to get them out faster. My cock didn't went all limp due to the cock ring. When I got another few beads out my body was trembling from a second orgasm and again I sprayed a lot of cum on the floor. I straightened again so the second nipple clamp got of and my eyes got wet from the pain.

I was in a bit different position now and as I moved slowly forward I dragged my sore nipples on the floor. I was hoping for a third orgasm but the final bead got out while my penis was still getting hard. I rolled to my back and laid there for a few minutes with my arms under me and my legs in the air. A bit of remaining cum got on my stomach.

It got quite dark and started raining outside so I decided to wait for now. I tried to get my hands into the front but I couldn't and that only resulted in pain for my balls as I pulled them quite hard a few times. I turned around and slowly crawled to one of the spots where I came. I rubbed my tits in to the cum while I licked the cum from the other spot.

This got me hard but I couldn't do much about it. I laid there for some time while my cock was about to explode. I had to get rid of that cock ring soon! The night was slowly starting outside as the rain continued to pour with quite a lot of lightning and thunders. It was also pretty cold so I couldn't wait any longer.

I slowly crawled forward and bumped the door with my head. I slowly opened it and saw the yard was a sea of mud and pools. I didn't had much choice so I continued my crawl to the spot where I buried my handcuff keys. The process was slow and when I finally reached the spot my face and tits were all mud. My nipples hard from the cold as I trembled in the dark and rain.

I got on my back and started digging through the earth with my hands. This was quite ineffective so I had to finish it with my face and nose. When I finally reached the keys (they were not deep). I struggled with the lock. It was agony and when I finally managed to unlock it I first took of the gag and screamed with joy.

I untied my balls and legs and finally stretched. I couldn't get the cock ring off while in erection so I ran to dig out the key to my home. For a moment I stood in the pouring rain and washed off the mud of my body. Then I went into the tub and masturbated. All what happened that day was really turning on so I came over my stomach. While my cock was getting limp I washed myself and finally took of the cock ring.

When I got out of the tub I saw what a mess I did in the house entering so dirty. I needed to get punishment for that, too, so I looked for my father's cane. I stood next to the table where I left a pair of panties. I caned myself with one hand while I masturbated with the other. After twelve hard hits that left quite a few hard marks I came onto the panties. I've put a butt-plug into my ass and wore the panties filled with cum.

While wearing only those dirty panties and nothing else I cleaned the mess I did. The lights were on and anyone from the outside could see me. When I was done I licked the cum off the panties and took out the buttplug. To add a bit more humiliation to it all I wore diapers and went to sl**p like that.

(second day coming soon!)

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