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Uncle James' Whore

this story contains BDSM and references to i****t - you have been warned!

The Detention Centre hadn’t been too bad I suppose. I soon learnt to tell them what I they wanted to hear. I become skilled at crying convincingly, making my eyes wide and sorrowful, yes of course I was sorry, and wanted to make amends for the things I had done. Yes I understand how badly I had disappointed my mother blar blar fucking blar. Like I gave a shit about her?

I attended all my social work evaluations and eventually they said I was ‘reformed’ enough to go home. How many times did they need to remind me that now I’d turned eighteen I would be admitted to a women’s prison should I get in trouble again? Six months in that damn place and I was dying to get out and have some fun. Pussy was ok, but nothing beat a good hard cock and I intended to get me some. They even staffed the place with all female guards. Some of them had proved useful after they got what they wanted from me, but I was never destined to be a dyke. This cunt of mine liked cock far too much. Waving goodbye to the other girls I headed off for my last meeting with the Governor, prior to my release.

Knocking politely on the door I waited to be called in like a model inmate. I could hear a man’s voice and the Governor laughing like a little girl, stupid bitch.

Eventually the call came, and composing myself into the reformed young lady they wanted to see I walked in. Scanning the room I expected to see my Mother sitting there, looking hopefully at me. The little mouse of a woman who would be pleading with me to be a good girl and follow her rules. Yeah, like she’d ever be able to tell me what to do again. That had stopped years ago.

Instead, seated in the visitor’s chair was a man I sort of recognised. I’m sure I’d seen him somewhere before but couldn’t quite place him.

“Come in and take a seat Jude”. Mrs Wilson motioned to the empty chair beside her visitor, who had obviously lit some flame in her; I swear the old cow was blushing.

Sitting down carefully I arranged my skirt well over my knees, hands clasped together on my lap and smiling sweetly. “Thank you Ma’am”

Her monotone voice droned on about the vast improvements in my behaviour, how I was obviously ready to start a fresh, stifling a yawn I hardly took a word in until I caught her saying,

“ So that is why you won’t be returning home Jude”

“What? I mean pardon Ma’am?” Keeping the initial edge out of my voice I stared at her in disbelief. Was this some kind of joke?

“As I said Jude, your mother feels that she simply cannot cope anymore and that a change of environment will give you the new opportunities you need to continue in your personal development”

She smiled at me, that stupid inane grin! I had the urge to wipe it off her face with a firm slap.

“So where the f..I mean, where am I going Ma’am?” Biting my tongue I could feel my temper rising. Turning I stared at the man in the chair who seemed barely to register my presence.

“Your mother has handed over her bail responsibility to her b*****r, your uncle. Despite being 18 now you have to be released to a responsible adult to fulfil your probation requirements, as you know. So, he is here to take you home Jude dear. It’s time to start your new life, and if I may say so, you are a very lucky girl ” She smiled at him as she spoke, her words seemed to say she wished she was going home with him instead of me.

With barely another word he rose from the chair and offered his hand to Mrs Wilson. She took it quickly and when he covered hers with his, holding firmly as they said their good byes, she looked like she was about to orgasm on the spot.

He turned and walked towards the door with barely a backward glance in my direction.

“Come Jude, we have a long journey a head of us” His voice was friendly enough but something in his tone brooked no argument.

Following behind him like a fool I stifled my questions. Yeah ok, I’d go with dear Uncle James and then, once home the fun could begin. Most towns had a ‘bad crowd’ and I intended to find the nearest one to my new home as quickly as I could. This girl needed a drink and a fuck and one town was as good as any other.

Walking out through the heavy doors I heard them slam behind me and the fresh cool air embraced my body. Smiling triumphantly to myself I followed my new host. I had fooled the whole damn lot of them. Jeez I was good!

Walking across the car park we approached a large dark saloon car, the windows blackened out, the bodywork shining in the sunlight. Whistling through my teeth I laughed,

“Nice motor. Can I drive?”

Ignoring my question he opened the passenger door and waited as I climbed

in. I handed him my bag of belongings as I did, “better put them in the boot chauffer” I said. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad deal after all.

I waited as he walked around the car. The interior was as spotless as the outside. The leather seats and subtle upholstery screamed money. So Uncle James was loaded I thought, seems like allowance day will be fun.

He slid into the drivers seat and the car purred into action. Leaving the gates of the detention centre we headed down the open road. Smooth and almost silent the car seemed to fly. I turned to really look at him for the first time. Nothing like my mother, he had dark hair, cut well. It was hard to see his eyes as he drove but his profile was strong and there was a tiny tremor of excitement as I watched him. Quite hot for an older guy I thought.

“So where are we going then, Uncle James? You live in some big fancy house I suppose, unless you just hired this car to impress Wilson and the Social Services?”

His eyes didn’t even flicker in response to my question, the bastard was ignoring me! Shouting now I waved my hand in front of his face,

“Hello! Hell-looow!”

Again no response. “Oh great, I ditch one fucking dumb relative and inherit another. Mother you gave me some great gene pool.”

The hours ticked by and his eyes didn’t stray from the road. No radio, no responses, absolutely nothing. I began to doze as it got dark, the rhythm of the car and the sheer boredom lulling me to sl**p. Laying myself against the door, head resting on the window I had no idea where we were, unfamiliar town names drifted by on road signs as the miles clocked up. Although I hated to admit it, I was a bit un-nerved by him and also somewhere deep down I was achingly sad that my mother had just handed me over. She’d never even mentioned having a b*****r and here I was in the middle of who knows where, stuck in a car with him. Well, fuck it, I could do without her, I didn’t need anyone. Blaming the tears on the air conditioning I closed my eyes tightly and tried to empty my mind of her, thinking instead of that first cold beer sliding down my throat.

I guess I must have fallen asl**p because the next thing I knew he had opened the car door and I had fallen hard on to the pathway. Shaken and woken so harshly I was disorientated at first,

“What the fuck? That hurt you bastard, couldn’t you have woken me first?”

I rubbed at my skinned elbow as I struggled to get up, barely clearing my fingers away from the bodywork before he slammed the car door shut. Silently he walked away towards the imposing front door of my new home. Taking in my surroundings all I could see was a large house, there were subtle lights showing through the downstairs windows and I guessed that he, I mean we, must have servants, cool! Looking around, we were at the end of a long driveway, and although it was dark there wasn’t another light anywhere. I stumbled after him and a small shiver ran down my spine, where exactly where we?

“Where the hell do you live? It’s like some comic book mansion man! All you need now are the pack of Dobermans and a butler that looks like Lurch and I’ll know I’m on some fucking film set”

I was aware that I was rambling a little but this was really getting to me now. He hadn’t spoken one word since we left the office and now I was in the middle of nowhere. Part of me longed to go back to the familiarity of the centre. At least I knew where I was there.

I followed him into the hallway and kicked the door shut behind me.

Taking in the surrounds I was quite impressed. This guy obviously had money. I followed him into a large room that looked to be a study. The house was clearly a man’s domain, comfortable but lacking in the frills or extras a woman would bring. Lots of stone floors, leather furniture and walls flanked with row after row of books met my eye as I looked around. There was a big fire burning in the hearth and some heavy stringed classical music playing quietly in the background. Even though I didn’t recognise the melody it was comforting to have some sound at last. I had CDs in my bag; I’d soon fill this echoey tomb with some real music.

“Sit down”

Just like that, no words for hours and then a command like I was his damn dog. However battles needed to be picked carefully and I hadn’t quite sussed this man out yet. Taking a seat I let my skirt raise around my thighs and slowly crossed my legs. Sitting well back in the huge leather chair I watching him watching me. This man would be amazing at poker; his damn face gave nothing away. His voice was deep and even as he began,

“I understand that this must be a shock Jude, but your mother felt your wild ways needed to be brought into line. She was well aware that your so-called reform wouldn’t last once you were out in the community. Therefore, to ensure you didn’t repeat the mistakes she had made at your age you are now to live here with me”

“Hang on a minute” I interrupted him, “Are you saying that my mother got into trouble when she was young? That’s bullshit! What did she do, forget to put money in the church collection plate?”

I laughed at the idea she had ever strayed from the straight and narrow, but he continued as if he hadn’t heard a word I had said.

“I have prepared a room for you. It would be inappropriate for you to live in the main house, so you will have a self-contained area downstairs. You will come upstairs only when I specifically request your presence. I have high standards of behaviour c***d, which will be clearly explained to you. If you do not meet my expectations you will be punished. Quite simple, even for you to comprehend. There are no second chances in my home and you will learn quickly that I am a man of my word. Come, let me show you your new room”

Was this guy for real? He spoke like some corny horror film. Still a basement flat sounded cool. I could come and go as I pleased unless I was summoned, yeah right, he might have a long wait for me to appear. I followed him out of the study down the hall and through a door that lead down a flight of stairs. I’d have to get a lock on the inside of the door I thought, wouldn’t want him walking in on me as I entertained a guest. At the bottom of the stairs we entered a fairly bare storage area with shelves of tools, and old sealed cardboard boxes, that covered parts the floor, not exactly what I had in mind.

“So where’s my pad then? This looks more like a place you’d let the fucking dog sl**p.”

I kicked at one of the boxes on the floor, disappointed and fed up with this whole scene now.

“Can we just get on with this please? I’m tired and I’m hungry. You’ve made your point. Just show me my bedroom and then lets eat ok?”

As I turned to go back upstairs I noticed he had pushed aside some furniture and was unlocking a door I hadn’t even seen. It swung open and he held the door for me to enter. Stomping over I pushed past him,

“This better be good!” I announced petulantly.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the gloom and even then I wasn’t sure what I was seeing was real. There was a big open planned room ahead of me. In one corner there was a toilet and sink, no partition, just sitting there. There was something that looked like a dentist chair, but with damn stirrups at the end. What the hell was this, some kind of sick joke?

Wandering around my mouth got dry as I took in more and more detail, manacles on the floor and walls, something that looked like a huge work bench with various vices and leather straps lying under it. Mirrored walls reflected the horror back at me from all angles. Holy shit, this guy was insane. Standing in the corner of the room was a large alcove with velvet curtains covering the entrance. Shaking I opened them up, half expecting some dead body to be entombed behind it. I stood rooted to the spot as my eyes took in the contents. Arranged on the various hooks and shelves where things I’d only ever seen in cheap porn movies. Whips, paddles, clamps, dildos and more frightening than any of that were the highly polished knives arranged in size order like some trophy cabinet. Then below that, was a doctor’s bag, open and laid out to show hypodermics, tubing and various other objects I didn’t even recognise.

“You sick sick bastard! What the fuck is this place, your very own torture chamber?”

Turning around I faced him, my heart in my mouth as fear made my legs weak. Summoning all my strength I made a run for the door. I had to get out, call the Police, anything but be down here with this psycho. Running blindly towards the open door and my only chance of freedom I didn’t even see the blow coming. First thing I knew, his fist drove into my stomach and I hit the floor, doubled over and completely winded. Holding myself as I struggled to breathe he began to walk around me and I swear I heard him laugh as I tried in vain to get up.

“Yes slut, how astute of you, that’s exactly what this place is. Do you like your new home?”

“There’s no fucking way I am staying here you sick bastard!”

My voice was breathy and painful as I tried to make myself sound brave. Before I could say anymore his foot made contact with my back and my body screamed in pain. The agony in my k**ney area nearly made me black out.

“What an ungrateful little bitch you are, and such a foul mouth on one so young. Still, no matter you will learn. And from now, let me make it clear, you are to address me as Master James at all times. Do you understand?”

Struggling up onto all fours I began to try and crawl towards the doorway. Each movement was slow and painful, but I was getting there. Kneeling up my hand grabbed at the door handle, thank god I’d done it. Fighting to get to my feet I turned the handle and pulled.

His hands slammed into the back of my head, driving my face into the woodwork. The last thing I remember was a searing pain as I blacked out.

Master’s thoughts

Such a pity she concussed so easily, I was enjoying her fear, so very exciting. It had been many years since I had broken the spirit of a bitch as fiery as this one. It always made it more satisfying when they weren’t naturally submissive; I loved the battle it took them to obey until it eventually it became second nature. Yes, this brat would be fun to break and then build up again into the slave I wanted her to be.

Lifting her limp body to the middle of the room I laid her down, and quickly began to strip her. She won’t be needing these scraps of cheap material anymore. The manacles had already been left in position and I strapped the wide leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles. She actually looked quite appealing spread eagled like that, I may just find the next few hours more enjoyable than I initially thought. Taking a seat I waited for her to recover. Her upper lip was swelling pleasantly and the bruising above her right eye would colour up nicely soon enough.

As expected, within a few moments she began to regain consciousness, groaning as she was reminded of the pain in her ribs. Laughing to myself I thought, her pain threshold would soon have to improve.

Using the remote control I began to raise the manacles around her wrists secured on their iron spreading bar. Such a labour saving device, it means I can control the entire room with the flick of a switch. The confusing on the little sluts face was quite comical as she realised her body was moving. Arms stretched upwards she soon felt the need to scramble to her feet as the bar continued its path. Not an achievable task when her ankles are spread at shoulder width. I watched in amusement as she was dragged upright, her toes barely able to make contact with the floor, her slim body swinging as she fought to find her balance.

Standing I began to inspect my property. Her torso was lean, but not underweight, just the way I liked them. Nice full breasts with light brown areola hosting firm nipple tips. Flicking them hard with my fingers I watched as they hardened. The humiliation on her face was comical, as she looked down and saw them responding against her will.

“We will have to get you some rings for those slut, but maybe not this evening. How would you like that?”

Her eyes burned back at me, as she screamed, “Get me down you fucking a****l!”

I was surprised at her spirit. The fear was clear on her face but this pretence at bravery was quite commendable.

“Ah well, no matter really. I will do them when I choose”

Raising my arm I delivered a back handed slap to her face, watching as her head ricocheted violently.

“That was a gentle reminder for you, the only one you will get. You are to address me as Master James. For your own good slut, do not forget again”

Wandering around her body, I continued inspecting her. The flesh, spotless and clear of blemishes pleased me greatly. My work would have a clean canvas to be displayed on. She obviously took care of herself, muscle tone was evident and her cunt was cleanly shaven. Perhaps she wouldn’t be such a disappointment after all.

Standing behind my new toy I grasped her by the chin, forcing her to focus on the mirrored wall ahead of her. My mouth, only inches from her ear, I began the explanation of my rules as my fingers delved between her legs.

“This body belongs to Me whore. Your mind is Mine, as is the soul contained within it. You only have life at all because I allow it. Take nothing for granted slut, everything you have and everything you are is Mine.”

My fingers probed the cunt as I spoke, three digits inside, up to the second knuckle and deeper. Finger fucking her as my words sunk in I wasn’t surprised in the least as she began to moisten. Watching her face in the mirror I saw her discomfort as she felt the arousal I was causing with this simple stimulation. Responding despite herself.

“I can, if I choose, bring pleasure to the body I own, however I can also bring much pain and discomfort. Is that understood whore?”

Swallowing hard I saw her struggle to regain some composure, but her sassy mouth over came her good sense,

“Yes I get it!”

Taking my nails, pinching and twisting her erect clit as hard as possible I ask her again, “Oh dear, a slow learner! I said is that understood?”

Squirming delightfully against my grip, gasping at the sudden pain after such pleasure she stumbled across the words I expected. “Ooowwwww..Ye..Yes Master James!”

Instantly releasing my grip I slide my fingers back inside her. “That’s much better whore. Now, l think its time I put my mark upon this body. It looks so plain and uninteresting at present”

Withdrawing my fingers I hear a sigh of frustration leave her lips before she could control it, such a needy little bitch. Walking over to the alcove I select a ball gag for her, a nice large red ball with leather straps to secure around her head, she will look so pretty. I like to concentrate as I work and I’m sure this untrained slut would have difficulty in keeping quiet, so tonight I will be generous and assist her.

As I approach she begins with the expected protests, sometimes these bitches can be so tiresome. As she begins to beg in earnest I push the ball into her open mouth, watching with interest as her jaw is stretched just beyond her comfort zone, making the swollen lip split pleasingly. Strapping the buckle tightly behind her head I am greeted by an almost instant change in her breathing. The panic is rising in my previously brave little toy and I smirk as she begins to inhale hard through her nose. She is attempting to say something and I for a moment play along,

“Sorry whore, did you say something?”

“Ppplllllleeeee…Mmmmassstttt” Her eyes wide now I can’t help but wonder how she will feel in a minute, when her fears become reality?

Walking over to the shelves again I see her eyes follow me in the mirror, her body twisting as she tries one last time in vain to free herself. Selecting a long fine cane from the display I walk back to her, swishing the rod through the air and enjoying the whistling sound it makes. Whenever I select this tool I recall its use when I went to school. I knew first hand exactly how much just one swipe could sting.

Looking at her now the struggles had increased considerably, not even a small pretence of bravery left on her insolent face.

“Right, let us begin. I intend to enjoy marking you slut, watching your skin respond to my touch and punishing you for your behaviour today. I do not appreciate your foul mouth, nor your detrimental comments about my f****y. I do not know how long this will take or when I will choose to stop, but I do know that I will enjoy every minute of it”

As I finish the last syllable I raise the cane and swish it down hard on her white, virginal buttocks. The sound alone is enough to make her scream behind the gag. Contact is quick and efficient and a pleasing red welt appears almost instantly, horizontal against the mound of her ass cheeks, straight and precise, just as I knew it would. This is such a satisfying task.

Time and time again I raise the crop and bring it down, each time finding a new area of skin to colour. My eyes meet hers each time and the tears and drool that drips from her face please me. This slut will soon learn, and I will enjoy every lesson it takes until she does.

The soft area at the back of her knees is particularly responsive and I enjoy the sight as she hangs from her wrist restraints, legs buckled. Soon her back is criss-crossed from shoulder to ankle with scarlet ridges of swollen flesh that I know will be burning into my little fuck toy.

Moving until I am again by her side my hands begin to rub the sensitive flesh. Rough circular movements break the tender skin and I enjoy moistening the brat’s flesh with droplets of her own bl**d. Her whimpers really are quite pitiful from behind the gag, head lolling to one side and eyes glazed with pain.

“Having fun yet slut, because I know I am?”

Taking the tip of the cane I stroke it down her cheek. Following the line of her neck and down to her breast. I enjoy the way she summands the energy to try and pull back, I do love a cunt with some stamina. Shaking her head from side to side I feel the panic rising in her again, muffled pleas filling the air but stifled completely by the gag.

“Sorry my pet, Master cannot hear you. I can only presume you are asking for more of the same”

And so my delicious task begins again, swiping and scaring into the beautiful white breasts, exposed to my cane by her raised arms. Not an inch of flesh can be hidden as I work across each breast, playing special attention to her upturned hard nipples. They just seem to be begging for my attention and how can I possibly disappoint?

Absorbed in my task I don’t recall when the noise stopped, or when she stopped squirming and jerking. Eventually, looking up I see she is hanging limply, her mind closed off to concentrate on the agony coursing through her body. Head hung down she is motionless, numb now and I know she must be in shock.

I stand directly in front of her and hold her chin with my left hand. I want her to focus on my face, to learn her free will is gone, that she belongs to me now.

“Look at me whore, look at Your Master when he speaks to you.”

I drag my fingers across the drool dripping from her chin and use this to moisten her dry cunt. My right hand begins to explore between her swollen pussy lips again, toying with her clit. My fingers are expert at this and within seconds I feel her hood retract and the tiny hard clit respond to its Master. This slut is going to be very satisfying to use when her training is complete.

Her huge brown eyes struggle to focus on me as she feels small tremors of pleasure beginning to invade her brain. Her look of incomprehension is quite amusing to me. I know exactly what she is thinking, how can he be exciting me so easily when my flesh is dripping bl**d from the pain he inflicted?

“Feels good doesn’t it whore? At least your cunt has learnt who it belongs to quickly enough.”

My fingers continue their work swiftly and efficiently, loving the look on her face as she struggles to keep some composure, still fighting the internal mental battle to resist. I adore the inner turmoil she is experiencing and I can feel my own body getting excited by it. I want this whore, I need to fuck her, to own her completely, but I have one more task to perform before she has that honour.

My fingers are wet with her juices and she begins to squirm against my touch, she is so close, I can sense it. Her breath hard against the gag, stifling the tiny moans of pleasure, throaty, sexy little sounds of a sub slut’s arousal.

My face only inches from hers, eyes locked together I ask,

“You want to cum don’t you whore? You want to cum like a dirty little slut on your Master’s fingers? I can feel it, I know you, and I OWN you. You want that orgasm don’t you slave? I know you crave your Master’s touch to cum”

Unsurprisingly she came at my words, the intensity and f***e of it showing clearly on her face. Eyes rolling as her cervix pushed down against my probing fingers. I liked a whore that came as hard as she did. Pity she was still gagged really, I would have liked to hear those a****listic noises, that moment when there can be no pretence, when the primeval instincts to cum absorbs you. Still, if I choose, there will be plenty of opportunities to hear that in our time ahead.

Withdrawing my hand I wipe her juices back across her breasts, as if I am cleaning away something distasteful to me. Raising my voice I bellow at her,

“Who gave you permission to cum whore? Who said your filthy cunt had earned that honour? Did you Master say you could? No! No I didn’t did I? You decided that you could, without my permission. I try and give you pleasure and you take more than you have earned. You disappoint me slut! You fucking worthless piece of shit”

My barrage of questions and my tone are terrifying her now and it pleases me no end. Without the gag I know she would be whimpering excuses, without the manacles I know she would be on her knees begging forgiveness, and I love the fact she fell so easily into my trap. I knew she would cum, we both knew it as soon as I touched her, but she has to learn that every pleasure must be earned and permission sought for it.

Standing back I raise my arm and swing that cane as hard as I can between her open thighs, the humming whistle of the strike met by a delicious wet sound as it makes contact with her throbbing clit. Sinking in between her swollen pussy lips I know it will be agonising for her, and that delights me even more. My cock begins to swell and beg for its own release, it can smell her punished sex and longs for it.

Over and over the cane makes contact as she screams against the gag. I am delighted that she can make so much noise despite the restraint and the sounds only spur me on. Slashing and striking this new fuck toy I feel myself losing control. I want her to feel the pain, I need her to take it, and I want her body to scream for me to stop.

“That’s it whore, scream, beg, let me hear you tell your Master that you are sorry. Let me see you bleed in penance!”

Soon the cane dripped her pussy bl**d as I withdrew it, flicking small droplets down her thighs as I drew it back for another attack. Staring at her agony wrecked face I throw the rod to one side, I had to have her, NOW.

Grabbing the remote from my pocket I lower my well punished little slut quickly to the floor, spread-eagled before me. She folds, collapses as the pressure is relieved from her arms and her head bangs into the floor as the tension drops her down. Leaving her secured I strip off my clothes, moving fast and urgently, casting them to one side, breathing heavily and never taking my eyes from the sacrificial offering laid before me.

Naked now, cock swollen thicker and harder than I ever thought possible I lower myself onto her, hands fumbling with the buckle of her gag, throwing it across the room as I free that soft, petulant, smart assed mouth. The mouth that would eventually utter the words I wanted to hear naturally to me.

My cock probed between her batter pussy lip, wanting in, wanting to own her completely. Guiding myself, I raise my hips and then, hold for a second, before I drive down hard and precise.

“Ohhhh, yes! Can you feel your Master inside you slut? Can you feel His cock taking you, OWNING you? Fucking the cunt that is HIS!”

Pumping into her damaged body relentless I needed to have her, to possess her, to fill her with my essence, to make her MINE. I have no regard for her pain, for her feelings, I just need release, taking my pleasure from her agony.

Each deep thrust is met with a small breathless sound as she exhales. Mingling feelings of pain and pleasure as she accepts the fucking, slowly beginning to respond, hips rising and falling. Finally giving in to the cravings I have awoken in her.

“Do you want my cum slut? Does my little bitch want to feel her Master’s spunk filling HIS cunt? Tell me!”

Her voice is like music to me as she tries to reply. Husky and strained from her earlier screams it was barely audible as she whispers,

“Yes…please…please cum inside me….Master James!”

Those last words, that was all I needed. Roaring like a wounded a****l I plunge deep into her tortured cunt and began to fill her with my seed. My balls contracting over and over as I thrust into her, almost driving her across the floor with the f***e of our coupling. I can feel my legs tense as they push my hips forward, until her body takes all of me. Held together like one entity.

Eventually I collapse onto her limp body, feeling her struggle to breathe but taking my weight without complaint. She looks completely dazed and exhausted and I know that today had been a revelation for her. God this slut is so damn sexy. Lifting myself up, once I have my breath back, I began to unbuckle her wrists from their leather restraints, rubbing at the bruised flesh, massaging back the bl**d flow.

I repeat this with her ankles and then stand back to reflect on her prone body. The flesh now streaked with welts and bl**d, her face puffy and swollen from her earlier encounter with my fist, clearly marked now as my property to anyone who looked.

Under normal circumstances I would have left her to crawl away unaided, but somehow feeling quite generous I scoop up her limp body into my arms. Walking to the far corner of the room there was a large cage, fitted and well prepared for my new pet. A bowl of water and a litter tray set in one corner and a blanket laid out in the other. I walk her inside and lay her very carefully down on the cover. She instinctively curls up, foetal, c***dlike in her new bed. An overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and pleasure course through me as I look down on my sweet pet. The future bode well for us.

Stepping out and clicking the padlock shut I pull down the black velvet cage cover, she will sl**p well tonight.

Walking back towards the main door I silently bid my daughter goodnight, her Father is very happy she has returned to him.

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