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My first Cock

When I was 19 my friend Eddie who was 18 were inserparable, we ran everywhere together. Well one day we were out running around on a hot July day when we went into my basement to cool off well we both dozed off and when I woke up Eddies legs had separated and his cock and balls had fallen out. I was awe struck by the size of his cock for such a small boy. That I slowly got down between his legs for a better look. Calling his name quietly to make sure he was still asl**p. And getting closer to what I was wanting. Wanting to touch it. Calling his name one more time and no response I got right up close and was getting ready to stroke it when I looked up and noticed that I was looking him right in his eyes. He told me to suck it or he would tell all our friends that I was gay. That scared me so I took his cock that has now become hard into my mouth. Which was what I wanted to do anyway. And he slowly started to fuck my mouth and it felt so good that I began to moan and then he started to fill my mouth with his hot and sweet cum that I enjoyed greatly. But to my surprise when he was done wiped his cock across my lips and bolted out the door. So there I sat enjoying the taste of his cum but afraid he would tell my friends what I had done. And laughed at for being gay!!! But deep down hoping that I would get to do it again

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