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The Group

It hadn’t been as difficult as I imagined to get the whole group together, naked, in the hot tub. The key was what would happen next. After the fiasco nearly a month ago when Dave sprang on my husband that he’d like to have an affair with me, things have been rather, shall we say, difficult? Dave feels betrayed by Randy, feeling that just because Randy had an affair with Sharon, that Dave and I should be able to get together at our convenience for some good conversation and fucking whenever we want. Randy feels betrayed by Dave, his best friend, that he would even suggest such a thing. Now Randy looks on every little act or statement by anybody in light of this. He is never more than a foot from me if he can manage it. Then, there is me.
I thought I was a good girl, but apparently I am not. I am semi-happily married to Randy, but I recently discovered he was having an affair with Sharon, one of my best friends. Of course, I can’t complain too much. For reasons unknown to me, I haven’t had a real interest in my husband sexually for some considerable time. At some core level, I know that I was culpable, as well as he and Sharon, but knowing that doesn’t alter how I feel. Randy really pisses me off. On the one hand he had an affair of God knows for how long with Sharon. On the other, when the shoe is on the other foot, he freaks out. I will admit that I find Dave attractive, and I think that given what Randy did that he should just get out of the way and let me have my fun.
I realized the whole situation is far more complex than just “fun.” There is Randy and me, and Dave and his wife, Rhonda, Then there are Thea and Sharon. Dave and Rhonda have an open marriage. It’s an idea that has interested me for a number of years. I’m not certain why. After all, I am rather asexual with my husband. Perhaps my thought is that if his sexual needs were satisfied elsewhere, then that tension between us would be gone. If I let go, maybe smoke a little weed, I think I feel an attraction between my husband, Randy, and our friend Thea. Also, he clearly has an attraction to the earthiness of Sharon, given that I just discovered their affair. Funny thing, is, I am OK with it. In fact, the incident gets me wet, thinking about it.
Be all that as it may, I thought it might be fun to invite everyone over for what I hoped would be a night of healing. . I was surprised when everyone wanted to come. First, Sharon had been a bit uppity and distant, doing the “high dudgeon” impression that she did so well. Thea seemed to be bouncing off the walls. Dave and Rhonda came over, too. I do not understand Rhonda. She seems not to mind at all that Dave wants to fuck me. God help me, but I dream of his cock in my pussy. If another woman felt the way I feel about Randy, I can tell you, I would feel threatened. Randy is totally freaked knowing I want to fuck Dave, but I know that in his heart of hearts, he would like to fuck both Sharon and Thea. If I can pull that off, I can do as I please. I have noticed that the thought of all this is exciting. I think of Dave fucking me while Randy watches and watching him fuck both Sharon and Thea. My objective is to bring that to pass.
After Randy cooked his burgers and we all had a lot to drink, I suggested hot tubbing. Because I had a particular goal in mind, I poured the drinks and passed out the weed. The drinks were strong, and the pipe never became very empty. Everyone was fairly well buzzed because of booze or weed, or both, so there was no resistance, not even from Randy, when I suggested we jump into the hot tub. The only problem was that Dave and Rhonda and Thea had not brought bathing suits. Oh, we’d all gone hot tubbing naked before, but that was before the Big Fiasco. So, I decided I would just take the lead.
“Sorry I didn’t make it clear that this was for hot tubbing,” I said, looking at everyone. I crossed my arms and lifted my T-shirt over my head. I had thought long and hard about wearing a bra, but decided not to wear one would give the game away before I was ready. “Let me make everyone feel comfortable. If you forgot your suit, join me,” I said. I unhooked my bra, and I felt my small breasts come free in the night air. I felt everyone’s eyes on me, but particularly Dave’s. That he could see me naked was exciting. I unfastened my Suzannes, then hooked my thumbs in the side belt loops and pulled down. My Suzannes slid off me with my panties. I was completely naked. “If you’re not comfortable being naked, then please feel entirely free to wear your swimsuit,” I said rather piously, knowing exactly how to reach this group. “I’m getting in.”
I slid into the water, which was already warm, if not hot. I found a jet and let the water pummel me. I watched them all wrestle with their decision as to what to do. I was only slightly surprised when the second person to strip down to her skin was Rhonda. “I’m joining Suzanne,” announced Rhonda, stepping out of her Suzannes skirt and her white, cotton granny panties. After what I had learned about them and their ‘open marriage’, nothing would surprise me any more, not even grannie panties on someone hot enough to lend her husband to another woman.
I waited, letting the moment mature. Following Rhonda was Dave. I watched him strip, and when he exposed his cock, I wanted to suck it. This was odd because I rarely performed fellatio on Randy, considering it somewhat eccentric. I knew that I would need patience, so I looked away from Dave and let him and Rhonda settle in the hot tub. I wondered who would be next. Would it be Randy, Sharon or Thea? Each one seemed to signal a different result. Not surprisingly it was Sharon. She wore a bandeau top with nothing on underneath. Funny how I, with my very small breasts, wore a bra, while Sharon, who fell out of hers, did not. It took her only the slightest moment before she was naked and in the hot tub. I noticed that her pubic hair seemed flat and sparse. I hadn’t ever noticed how another woman looked naked. I remembered Rhonda, but only the juxtaposition of Sharon next to Rhonda had made me notice her at all. That left only my husband and Thea, both of whom were looking nervous.
“There’s only one answer to this,” I said from the safety of the hot tub. “Randy needs to take off Thea’s clothes and Thea needs to take off Randy’s!”
“Yes!” said Dave and Rhonda and Sharon, almost as one voice.; “Randy first!” they all said. I agreed. “Randy, take something of Thea’s off.” I saw Thea;s eyes boring into Randy’s. Whether anybody besides I knew it, Randy and Thea were far more involved than Randy and Sharon. That seemed odd to me because I felt fairly certain that Randy and Thea both had been tRhondaful in our little game of “TRhonda or Dare”. They admitted to having had sex, but I believed them when they said guilt and other reactions had made them experience it not as pleasurable at all and that they quit after a couple of strokes. The poor dears. Strangely, the thought made me think of Randy’s cock in my ass and Dave’s in my pussy, with me masturbating my clitoris. The thought made me far more sexually excited than I should have been.
Thea was wearing a blouse that buttoned up the front. I was amused to see that Randy thought he should start with that. His fingers fumbled with the buttons, and after considerable awkwardness and giggling, he managed to undo the first button.
“Well, ferchrisake,” I said, “Why don’t you just slip down her shorts? The rest of her outfit is far too complex for someone as blitzed as you,” I said to Randy.
“OK, damn!” Randy said. He hooked his fingers into the elastic band of Thea’s shorts and pulled. They came down around her knees along with her panties. She giggled, but my eyes were drawn to her nakedness, to the flesh inside. I was surprised at how I reacted. On the one hand, the idea of my husband pulling off Thea’s shorts, leaving her naked was very hot. On the other hand, the idea that she might want to fuck my husband made me want to rip out her eyeballs.
“Hey!” Thea protested, “He took off both my shorts and my panties! That’s one garment too many.“ I smiled to myself. This was turning out well. The idea of my husband fucking any or all of the other women in the group was a very hot one. Thea’s shirt ended at her hipline. I’d always been a bit envious of the sparseness of her pubic hair and how fine it was.
“Now Thea should take off something of Randy’s.” Thea removed his shirt, and I noticed her hands caressed his nipples as it came off. “Now alternate like that until both of you are naked.” I watched as Randy removed Thea’s top, leaving her completely naked. She had small breasts, but they had nipples that just looked sensitive. I had a strange feeling. I wanted to touch her nipples and maybe even lick one. The thought was disturbing. Was I a dyke? I certainly was experiencing a sexual revolution of sorts. Strangely, the thought that I might be gay or maybe bisexual wasn’t quite as disturbing as it had been just a moment ago. Thea removed Randy’s shorts. His cock stood out in his underwear. Her patch of black hair was finer than Sharon’s but still sparser than mine. Randy had gotten me d***k one night and we shaved mine, but it was too prickly, so I let it grow out. I wondered what Dave would think were I bare.
Randy still had on his undershorts. “Get that man naked!” I ordered. Thea hooked her fingers over his shorts and pulled them off, She had to squat down and didn’t keep her legs together, My eyes were drawn to Thea’s pussy. I wondered if her pussy felt different from mine to Randy’s cock. Randy was about half hard, and I was amused at his embarrassment. What I would really like to do is play with his cock until it was completely hard. He got into the water. I arranged everyone without anyone knowing it. Rhonda was placed on the bench in the corner. Dave was next to her, and I sat down on the bench next to Dave. There was only room for 3 on the bench unless someone wanted one of the jets blasting on his or her back. That was OK for a few minutes, but not for long. I placed Randy across from me, then Sharon and Thea opposite Dave and Rhonda respectively. I refilled my wine glass from the box that we’d bought outside.
I was ready to raise my little question. The rush of adrenaline coursed through me, and my heart was beating hard. I hoped this went off better than Dave’s botched attempt a couple of weeks ago. “So, we have all been in a strange place these last two weeks. How to resolve this?” I knew I was putting Randy on the spot, but he was the stumbling block. He’d had his fun with Sharon, now he was all bent out of shape over me spending some time with Dave. Of course he saw it differently, and he did have a point. He had protected my feelings by keeping their affair secret, but I wish he had not.
He told all in the aftermath of Dave’s aborted night of getting our little group honest, including the night that he and Sharon first had sex. We’d had her over for dinner, then got into the hot tub, where I think we all drank too much. I was pretty d***k and left them alone to go to bed. I was so sl**py! Of course Randy claimed that he’d gotten the message pretty clearly. A woman doesn’t leave her d***k husband naked in the presence of a highly sexual woman such as Sharon and not expect something to happen. I didn’t know. Well, maybe I did feel some sexual energy that night, and maybe I didn’t care, but I don’t recall anything other than I was falling asl**p.
I wish he’d told me the next morning. Life would have been simpler, now. They wouldn’t have needed to feel guilty at all. Now I wouldn’t be faced with my dilemma of what to do. He claims that having to see it in front of his nose is a lot different from having it go on in secret. He may have a point, but it’s still not fair. He also says that the problem for him in our marriage is that I built walls to keep him distant. That just isn’t true, although I concede it could feel that way to him. I think I could take the time I see Dave out of the time I need to spend by myself. Randy can be a little overwhelming at times.
“I guess we’re pretty much at the same place we have been,” Randy replied. “I will be completely honest, Suzanne. I’’m not trying to control you when I say that the thought of you, as you put it, ‘spending time with Dave,’ is just really threatening. I don’t see any point in re-hashing whether I should or should not feel threatened. The fact is, I just do, and I have spent way too long trying to control my feelings. My life is a prison sometimes with bars made of should and walls of ought. ”
“OK, we accept that as a fact. Where do we go from there?” asked Dave.
“I want to ask everyone straight up, and by this I mean Sharon, Rhonda and Thea. What if we decided we were all one f****y, as it were, and within this group anyone could have sex with anyone else if they want?
“I’m fine,” Rhonda said. “I may or may not want to play, but Dave certainly can.”
“This is tricky,” said Sharon. “Randy and I gave up our affair because the guilt was just too much. I spent the last two weeks looking at myself. I feel awful about betraying you, Suzanne. I also know that at the moment, Randy would not continue our relationship for obvious reasons.”
She was going astray, bringing up issues I didn’t want brought up. I needed to get her back on track. “Randy, this isn’t designed to pressure you. I am just asking in a hypothetical sense what the facts are. If we decided yes, would you participate, Sharon?
She thought for a moment, looking from me to Randy at her side. “OK, if everything were OK with everybody, I would.” An emotion flickered across Randy’s face. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, be he wouldn’t hold my eyes.
“Thea? What about you?”
“I don’t know that I would. I am still uncomfortable with Randy being married.”
“Even though I would say it’s OK?”
“Yes. I can’t entirely explain it. For one, he would still be your man. I could never really count on him to be a part of a relationship on anything approaching my terms. It would be just for fucking, I guess, and I may like Randy too much for just that. It’s the same way with Dave.”
“What if he weren’t married? You know divorce is one option for us.”
“Yes, I know. I know it would be amicable and because you both want something different out of marriage. Still, I’d be sharing him with Sharon and maybe you, too. I think that might raise my jealousy quotient too high, but I could be wrong.”
“So you are looking for a monogamous relationship?”
She thought for a moment then said, “You know, I don’t know. My luck with them hasn’t been very good. I think that is what I might eventually opt for, though. OK, I might go along on a trial, but everyone is clear that if it doesn’t work out for me, I am out.”
“Dave, what about you?”
“This is a little difficult for me, too. Of course you know what I think of you, Suzanne. I’ve found you attractive for a long time, but I can’t see myself doing it with you if Randy is against it. I would hate to see you two divorce over me.”
“Don’t flatter yourself. It wouldn’t over you.”
“All right, I understand that. If Randy were OK, with it, or if you were single and making your own choices, I would go along. Thank you, Rhonda.”
“There’s only one problem I can think of,” said Sharon. “There are more women than men.”
“What if some of the girls are bi-curious?” asked Thea. “Nothing says this all has to be exclusively boy girl, does it?”
I hadn’t thought of that. The thought of another woman first disgusted and frightened me, but underneath that was another layer entirely. I was curious, I had to admit. “Nothing at all,” I said.
I wondered what would happen if I tipped over the apple cart and the direction of our group actually followed what had been going on subliminally. Would I try something with one of the other women? I realized that upsetting the apple cart was exactly what I wanted to do. No matter what happened, if I had sex with Dave, nothing would ever be the same again, and that was exactly what was needed. I felt a sense of my own power. I had spent so many years on the sidelines letting other people make the decisions, following along. Now I was making the choices. I knew what I really wanted, and that was both Randy and Dave. I knew of course that I could never have Dave and that Rhonda would one day jerk him back. So, if I took the step and Randy felt too threatened, I could end up alone. Would that really be a bad thing? Randy and I like different things, now. He’s into music and activities that I really don’t have an interest in. But, if he were single, would I really lose him? I’d only lose him if he found someone else that he wanted to be monogamous with, and given his affairs, that doesn’t seem likely in the near future, at least. Thea could be a threat for that. There was more between those two than they admitted.
“OK, here is what I have decided” I said, knowing this was my moment to fish or cut bait. I looked right at Randy, grabbing his eyes. “I love you Randy, but our marriage has gone bad, somewhere. It’s not a marriage of equals anymore. I understand how threatened you are by all this, and I want to be clear that I still love you, but I think that I have to confront this situation. I’m going to spend some time with Dave, not out of anger, but because I need to regain myself. Randy, you won’t really know what you feel until you confront reality. I am willing to risk you leaving me because it’s too uncomfortable for you. But, not doing this has consequences, too. If I don’t do this, I will just be too resentful, and the end of that road is a bitter divorce, I think.”
Randy’s face fell. “I guess that’s clear enough,” he said, the bitterness dripping from his lips.
I felt the pangs of guilt steal the moment away from me. “Randy, please don’t be bitter. There isn’t a choice here that doesn’t involve pain for us. Would you have our relationship dissolve in bitterness because I can’t stop being resentful?”
“We can go to counseling and see if we can fix it,” he said. “I’d be willing to change a lot of things.”
“Then you would feel resentful. It would feel like I was holding a gun to your head with the threat of Dave.” He nodded in agreement. He knew I was right. Then I had an inspiration. “I’m not going to make you imagine what happens when Dave and I go somewhere together. Because everyone here is good with us being an open group, even Randy, if he’s single, I am going to make love to Dave right this moment.”
“What?” Randy said.
Sharon and Thea looked at each other. “Wow, our own sex show,” Sharon said.
“Starring Suzanne the Wallflower,” Thea added.
Everyone looked at me. “Randy, I hope you won’t be bitter and storm off because you didn’t get your way. I hope you will give your feelings a chance to mature. And, I accept that you will do what you have to do for yourself. I’m doing that right now.” I captured his eyes with my own. He glared at me, but I kept firm, neither smiling nor glaring and giving what I thought was a neutral but friendly look. “I just want to know that you understand what I am saying.” He nodded, saying nothing. He let my eyes go. “I think there are a couple of ladies there who would play with you. Perhaps they both would. To be honest, the thought of watching you with Thea and Sharon makes me hot!”
“You!” I ordered Dave, “On the edge of the hot tub!” I suddenly was struck by the idea that I might hurt Rhonda. “If that is OK with you,” I said to Rhonda.
“Oh, yes, that is fine,” I heard Rhonda agree. “I already said so.”
I snapped my fingers, pointing to the edge of the hot tub. Randy nodded, at least agreeing not to storm off. Dave didn’t hesitate and sat his butt down on the edge. I saw his already stiffening cock, and the thought of it in my mouth made me very excited. I didn’t care at all what Randy thought at this moment. I grasped Dave’s cock with my right hand and lowered my mouth. I opened my lips ever so slightly and let his cock slip between my opening lips. I felt the head of his penis slowly penetrate my mouth. He wasn’t entirely hard, so I could take his entire cock into my mouth. I sucked on it, making slurping noises. I wanted the whole thing, wet and slippery. I wanted it in my mouth. I hardly ever sucked Randy’s cock, but this was different. I had Dave in my mouth and Randy watching, I am sure. For all I knew, he was fucking Thea or Sharon. I realized not only did I not care, but I wanted to watch if he was.
For a brief moment I wondered what he would do, but then I became absorbed in sucking Dave’s cock. It slowly stiffened in my mouth. I stroked it with my hand clasped around the shaft and licked the tip with my tongue. He was squirming and moaning. I wondered if I would keep sucking and stroking until he came. I just might. It felt powerful to be in charge of Dave’s orgasm and to make it happen on my terms. I might just suck him until he came. Would I let him come in my mouth? Not with his hand, but the thought of masturbating him and as he came wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and sucking hard was making my pussy tingle.
I looked up and saw Rhonda had climbed onto the edge of the hot tub and was playing with herself as she watched Dave and me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sharon was on one side of Randy and Thea on the other. They d****d his arms across their shoulders and each placed one of his hands on her breast. His fingers rubbed their nipples as he watched me with Dave’s cock. I couldn’t tell what he was feeling, but I knew this was more right than forcing him to imagine.
I was now stroking Dave’s cock really hard, trying to decide whether to let him fuck me or to suck him and stroke him until he came. I had the tip of his cock in my mouth sucking as hard as I could. He was moaning and thrusting his hips.
“Looks like she wants to make him cum,” Sharon said. “Right in her mouth.”
“Did she ever suck your cock like that?” Thea asked Randy.
“Once. She’d been reading Fear of Flying.”
He was right. I turned my head while continuing to stroke Dave’s cock. “I’ll definitely take care of you, buddy boy, husband or not,” I said. With my other hand I began playing with my clitoris. I couldn’t believe I was being so bold. Suzanne the Wallflower Thea had called me. That had been right, but it was no more. I felt powerful. I also admit there was a little revenge in me for Sharon.
“So, how are you with watching your wife suck your best friend’s cock?” I heard Thea ask.
“I’m not sure she’s still my wife.”
“You’re going for divorce?”
“Maybe. I won’t decide tonight.”
I saw that Sharon’s hand seemed to be under the water where Randy’s cock was. I could imagine her stroking it. I wanted to fuck Dave, and I was going to, right here in front of everyone. I stopped playing with his cock and got out of the hot tub. Everyone was watching me. I moved as lasciviously as I could, then spread out one of the towels and lay on it. I very slowly spread my legs wide and slid my hands along the insides of my thighs. When I reached my pussy, I began sliding my fingertip along my labia and clit. “Come fuck me, Dave Boy,” I said, already masturbating myself. Dave didn’t need to be told twice. He was kneeling, watching me play with my pussy. That was hot, and I spread my legs even wider. He slipped his cock into me. I was really wet, and he slipped in very easily. He was very excited and began fucking me hard. He wasn’t quite as big as Randy, but he could almost hit bottom. Everyone was watching me. I opened myself as widely as I could, welcoming Dave’s cock. I came almost immediately. The wave passed over me, and I felt my pussy spasm as Dave’s cock probed me.
“I just came,” I said. “Keep fucking me, and I will cum again.” Dave moaned and thrust as deep into me as he could get. Very soon I was on the brink again. I could tell Dave was getting close. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I ordered. “I want to feel you cum in me!” That was more than Dave could take, and he began cumming immediately. I felt spasm after spasm, and I came again myself, big time. I felt Randy’s eyes watching, and Sharon and Thea, of course.
“Wow, that was a big climax!” said Sharon, her voice filtering from afar into my haze of lust.
“Yes, and did you notice that Rhonda came when they did?” Thea added. Rhonda had collapsed onto the grass. One hand was holding Dave’s hand as he continued to keep his cock buried in me. “Can you make us cum like that, Big Boy?” she asked Randy.
“If you’ll relax and not think about dumb stuff, I will make you cum.” I realized I really wanted to watch Randy fuck Sharon or Thea.
“He’s the man to do it,” Sharon said. Dave rolled onto the grass, moaning. I wasn’t ready to lose his cock in me. That was one thing about Randy. He liked to stay, and I liked that.
“I have an idea,” Sharon said. “Let Randy and me do you. He and I have had some interesting times, but apparently the one time you and he did it wasn’t all that good.”
“If I ignored you throwing up, the time the three of us got d***k in the hot tub was pretty good.” What was she talking about? “Oops! My bad,” said Thea. “Nobody knew. Now they do.”
That confirmed my suspicions. Once when I was visiting my parents, Randy had Dave and Rhonda, Thea and Sharon over. After Dave and Rhonda left, there were rumors that some interesting shenanigans went on, but nobody would confirm it. Oh, I guess had someone asked point blank, they would not have lied about it, but somehow nobody did. I’d heard about it from Dave, but I didn’t think to ask Randy point blank. Besides, Dave mentioned it to me after his fiasco, so it really didn’t matter then.
“After you and Rhonda left, Thea and I seduced poor Randy.”
“Yes, we f***ed him to fuck us. I will admit that I had one of my more intense orgasms when he was fucking me in the hot tub and you discovered his cock was inside me,” Thea said to Sharon.
I was watching Randy. He looked distinctly uncomfortable. Well, good. He deserved it. “OK, Dave and I put on our show. It’s your turn,” I said.
Sharon took charge. No surprise there. She took Randy and Thea’s hands and led them out of the hot tub toward Dave and me. She spread another towel and then placed Thea on her knees. Meanwhile, Dave’s cock had slid out of me. I placed myself where I could play with it. It was wet and slippery with my juices and his semen. I watched as Sharon guided Randy’s lips toward Thea’s left nipple. Randy began licking it, and watching him was very interesting. Thea has what is called “puffies.” Instead of being flat, the areola is raised giving the nipple a “puffy” appearance. Randy was licking Thea’s left nipple. His tongue rolled all over Thea’s nipple, leaving it wet. She thrust her breasts forward and moaned. Her nipples seemed to be very sensitive, and I wondered what it would be like to be sucking Thea’s sensitive nipples and feel her respond. Sharon surprised me by going after the other nipple. This made Thea very hot. She cradled each of their heads to her breasts and hissed with pleasure as they worked over her breasts. I saw Rhonda was masturbating again. Sharon took Randy’s hand and placed it between Thea’s legs. He slid his finger into Thea’s vagina, finding her G-spot and making her squirm. Sharon rubbed Thea’s clit with her finger. I realized I was watching Thea’s pussy, seeing her swollen clit and the wetness between her lips. I was wishing she were shaved so I could see more clearly. Thea was riding their fingers with her arms around Randy’s and Sharon’s shoulders. “Oh, God!” Thea cried, “I need to be fucked!”
I turned to Dave. “I want to see this. How soon before you think she’ll cum?”
“I think she’ll cum pretty quickly.”
“Have you and Thea fucked?”
“Cum first, then I will let Randy fuck you,” Sharon said. “Just go ahead and cum.”
“Oh, God, I am going to cum!” Thea cried. Randy’s finger clearly was on her G-spot, and Sharon was rubbing her clit for all it was worth. A flush appeared on Thea’s chest. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she cried, then thrust her hips forward violently two, three, then four and five times. “Omigod!” she cried, falling backward.
“Now, eat her pussy, Randy,” Sharon ordered. As I watched, Sharon spread Thea’s lips and Randy’s tongue began licking her all over. I was fascinated, and strangely I could imagine myself doing the licking. Randy was all over her, first licking her clit, then her labia and the opening to her vagina. Thea was all excited, again. Later, we all began to call this the cum zone. It’s a place where a woman gets when each orgasm doesn’t bring her down, and it takes relatively little for her to have one after the other. That was where Thea was. I watched as Randy’s lips and tongue made her cum, a shuddering orgasm that caused her to scream. But Randy didn’t quit licking. Sharon spread her apart even wider. “There, lick her right there,” she said, touching Thea’s clit. “Suck it, and when she cums again, then fuck her!”
Apparently hearing that sent Thea over the edge again. “Huhnnnnh!” she cried as she came. While she was cumming, Sharon grabbed Randy’s cock and guided him toward Thea’s pussy. He thrust himself into her, and I heard the wetness. I was stroking Dave’s now soft cock and began squeezing and playing with it while I watched my still husband fuck Thea silly. Her legs were splayed, and she had her hands on the small of his back driving him into her. Her pussy made greedy slurping sounds. I didn’t think Randy would last long, and he didn’t He cried out and drove himself as deeply into Thea as he could. I think she came two or three times, and then he was cumming and so was she. Then, both of them collapsed.
“Oh, God, that was hot!” Randy said. Indeed it was. I wondered about Sharon. She had to be hot, but I didn’t think Randy would be in any shape to fuck her for awhile.
“Straddle my face,” he ordered Sharon, who did. He loved to perform oral sex from that position. He said it made a woman’s clit hang down where he could really lick it, and lick Sharon’s he did. Thea took his quickly softening cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking it while Randy licked Sharon’s pussy. He thrust his tongue into her vagina, licked and sucked her clit and brought her to two or three orgasms. Each time she came, he announced. “Now I am going to keep licking your pussy. No way will I let you get down.” This drove Sharon crazy. Thea started sucking on Randy’s now soft cock. I was surprised that after about 5 minutes I could see Randy was hard again. Thea guided him into Sharon’s pussy. Dave was starting to get hard again. As Randy entered Sharon, Thea began rubbing Sharon’s clit. Randy was fucking her for all he was worth, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he tried again to cum. I watched fascinated as her pussy swallowed his cock. Sharon was screaming as he pounded into her. Her large breasts were bouncing everywhere. Then, Dave was hard again. I got on my hands and knees inviting him to fuck me doggy style.
He got behind me and we both watched Randy fuck Sharon while Thea rubbed her clit. I felt his cock at my opening, and then he slid in. “Yesssss!” I hissed. “All the way in. Fuck me.” I pushed back against him, feeling him on my G-spot.
I don’t know how many climaxes Sharon had, but it was several. I was staring at Randy’s cock pounding in and out of Sharon. I loved watching. I must be a voyeur. I loved seeing him fucking Thea and now Sharon. I felt like I wanted to feel his cock sliding in and out of Sharon and to bring her to orgasm with my fingers or even my lips. Oh, that was a hot thought; Randy fucking Sharon while I licked her, but before I could even touch, Randy just collapsed. I don’t know if he came or not, but he was completely worn out. His breath, and Sharon’s was coming in gasps. Sharon wrapped her arms around Randy and Thea both. “Omigod!” she gasped. “That was fucking incredible!”
Indeed, it was. Dave was fucking me from behind, and now I was in the cum zone. I came three or four times, each time more powerful than the time before. Finally, I could fuck no more.
I don’t know what will happen. I suspect Randy and I won’t make it as a couple, but the status quo is forever dead. Whatever happens next will be new territory. The same old patterns are broken, never to be resurrected. That is a good thing, I think.

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