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Babysitting. 05

My mom was sitting with her eyes wide open and seemed to be in an animated state. Between last night having sex with Christy, and now watching her sweet daughter being fucked with two other girls; let’s face it I was in shock as well as mom.

“Christy,” mom finally said, “You know, Leslee and I are very private people. I think that Leslee likes you very much, as I do; but you showing us this video while we’re both here is, well, embarrassing; don’t you think?” The funny thing was that mom didn’t say anything about my bald pussy, not even when she saw me in the tub masturbating.

“Oh, my sweet Shari, I didn’t mean to embarrass either of you, We’re like f****y now, and to tell you the truth, I don’t think that there is anything to be embarrassed about. I love you both dearly, but what I’m trying to bring out in the open is that both of you, as well as me, are healthy, normal women. And that sex is not something that you have to be ashamed about; it’s so pleasurable even if it’s by yourself, or with someone that you like. In fact, Shari, I’m going to push this issue further, I want Lez to be very successful as a model, and I want her to feel very comfortable with her body, as well as you should be, and to enjoy casual sex with someone that she likes, as well as her regular lover, or even with us..” With us? She was making a definite statement about our sexual relationship.

Christy took the video of me being fucked and sucked, out of the player, and then put in another tape. As soon as it came on, mom made a loud gasp. “Oh, my god, Christy, how can you do this to us. Leslee, I think that we should leave right now.”

The video started when Christy was removing mom’s clothes last nigh and then sat her on the vibrating chair. I watched mom as she had an orgasm that blew her mind, I could see all angles of her and her expressions on the wall mirrors. Then laid her down, completely naked, on her bed. Christy then also took all her clothes of and immediately started making love to mom. I have to admit, it was very graphic but it was totally turning me on. Mom seemed to be frozen in her chair, but she was watching the scene on the screen as if she was reliving it. I felt as if I was in the room with them last night and couldn’t believe how erotic their love making was; mom was very definitely responding to all the loving that Christy was giving her; mom was really enjoying the pleasure that she was receiving.

As the movie was still playing, Christy said “Shari, watching this video now is getting me as aroused as I was last night. You’ve got a fantastic body, and I’ll tell you; You’re as hot as any younger girl that I’ve ever had sex with. You and Lez are definitely both beautiful, but also are great sexually; your hubby must get up smiling every morning, then waiting to come home from work so that he can have more sex with you; am I right, Shari? Does your man wear you down? I doubt it.”

“My husband isn’t that way, Christy; in fact he thinks that sex is greatly overrated and he doesn’t care to have sex because he works hard and is too tired.”

The film was at the point where Christy and mom were in a sixty-nine position in their sides. Mom hadn’t said a word after she realized that Christy was going to be firm about us staying and watching the video together; other than answering Christy’s question about my dad always wanting sex. I think that in reality it was mom asking him for sex… My panties were soaked, and from the _expression on mom’s face, I could tell that she was the same way, the embarrassment of us watching it together was now over with. Something else, I had never seen my mom totally naked before and was in shock as to how well her body looked; hardly a flaw or any wrinkles, fat, and even her large breasts didn’t sag like I used to think. I’m not sure how mom kept her body in such great shape.

When it ended, we were all very quiet, and it was obvious that all three of us had been aroused by watching the two videos.’.

Then Christy spoke. “Shari, Lez, I don’t know about the two of you, but I thought those video’s were so damn hot. Also Lez, did you see how beautiful and content Shari looked after she had a few orgasms; both of you, I love you so much, your beauty, your sexuality. Right now I’m extremely horny, and I can tell just by looking at the both of you, that you’re in the same condition as I am, very wet. Now we can all go separately and masturbate to out hearts content, but wouldn’t it be more pleasurable if we break down the barriers and really enjoy ourselves as sexual individuals. Come, let’s get into the spa.”

She got up and took off her housecoat and was naked underneath; standing there in all her beauty, I looked at mom, she seemed to be hesitant. Then Christy said, “Shari, think of how beautiful it was last night; how beautiful you looked in the video.” Mom looked as if she wanted to do it, but was still a little hesitant because of me.

“Mom, let’s face it, there isn’t anything that we can hide between us as far as sex goes. You saw me having sex with two other girls,; you caught me masturbating in the tub this morning, I saw how much you enjoyed sex with Christy last night. Okay, let’s just enjoy ourselves, plus I think that we both love each other and Christy as well. I really think that she has changed our lives for the better; don‘t you think?” Then I took off my clothes.

We were standing naked in front of mom, she looked at us and then said. “You won’t feel bad about me; that I’m not a good mom? Another thing, sweetheart, I really think that, well your pubic hair, I think that it looks very sexy down there. Maybe someday I‘ll do the same thing.” Mom was getting into it.

“Shari, my sweet, I had planned on shaving you the first chance we get.” Mom smiled.

I pulled her up, took off her clothes. Remember, up until now mom or myself always covered up when in the presence of the other. When I pulled down her panties, they were soaked. I put them to my mouth, as she said that for years she had done it to my panties, and then I handed her panties to Christy; she sucked mom’s panty crotch dry. I’m not sure if possibly we were moving too fast for mom, but I knew I was ready for all of it.

Christy took us out to the spa, and excused herself for a minute. While she was gone I gave mom a nice tight hug and said, “Mom, I love you so very, very much.”

Christy came back out to the spa with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. “Shari, Lez, I know that you shouldn’t be drinking, Lez, and I hope that you don’t until you’re of legal age, but I want to celebrate your graduation, but even more, I want to drink to my new found friendship with my beautiful neighbor and her beautiful daughter. May we enjoy each others friendship and much pleasure.” We clinked the glasses and started drinking. I felt great, and from the _expression on mom’s face, I’m sure she did as well.

As we sat in the spa, feeling the delicious touch of the water jets, Cathy said. “Girls, next week I’m having a party with some of my closest friends in the modeling business. Not close like the three of us, but close in sharing pleasure with one another. Shari, I want you to invite that lady, I call her church lady because she looks so rigid, but Lez tells me her name is Cathy, and that you attend bible classes together and that she is pretty much stuck on herself.” Mom started to say something, but Christy immediately cut her off. “Lez, I want you to invite Jill, Nicole and most importantly your closet lesbian, Pam. I’ll make all the arrangements. Don’t worry about my baby, I found a local grandmother that will care for him at her home. As far as your graduation party, will next Thursday interfere with any of your plans, Lez?”

“Thursday will be great; in fact perfect because I’ll be with the girls Monday and Tuesday for our final party and it will be a good time to invite those girls, and I’m positive they will accept, especially after I tell them that you‘re a famous model and that you’re going to help me get started in a modeling career; I‘ll also mention that your agent will be here.”

“Shari, what about your woman friend, Cathy, are you going to have any problem talking her into coming to our little party?”

Mom hesitated and then I said, “Mom, if you invite her and tell her that Christy is a top super model, she will come. Christy, first of all, I swear that Cathy has a crush on mom; I can tell just the way she watches mom’s every move. Secondly, she is a snob and would love to tell all those other women that she visited a top, well known, model liker you.”

“Just like Pam has a crush on you, Lez.; I bet she really wished that it was her fingering your cunt instead of Jill. Great, now that we got all that settled, let’s have a little more champagne so we can finish the bottle and start enjoying ourselves, do you agree my sexy ladies?”

Mom was a little reluctant to respond to Christy’s probing hands and fingers; she would start getting with it, but then she would look at me, and I’m sure that she felt guilty about getting aroused with me there. Then Christy turned to me and gave me a nice French kiss and started running her hands all over my body. Christy’s hands felt as if they were charged with electricity and every part of my body was tingling; mom or no mom, I wasn’t going to be able to hold myself back from showing my increasing arousal.

“Shari, I want you to stand in my favorite spot to get the full impact of the jets.” Mom was still being very quiet, even though she saw me getting worked up from Christy’s manipulations to my body, as well as the deep kiss; but I knew soon it would be too much for her to resist after all the foreplay between the three of us.

There was a little alcove in the spa and it was just for one purpose, and mom was going to soon become aware of it. “Now, Shari, put your feet in those indentations and hold on to this bar; beautiful. In her position, mom‘s legs were spread wide apart and she had to lean over slightly to hold on to the bar..

Where mom was standing, because she stepped down to get her feet in the proper footing, the water was up to her shoulders. Christy went to the side and turned on a valve and suddenly powerful pulsating streams were pounding and teasing her clit and asshole. Then another pair of jets were rotating in such a manner that you could see them massaging mom’s breasts. Mom was visibly getting turned on; without a doubt.

Christy leaned over and gave me another tongue kiss as she pulled on my nipples. Mom watched us and she started moaning, the jets were doing her good..

“Oohh, Christy, please turn off the jets. Ooh my god, please, I mean Ooooh pleasse. I can’t let my princess watch me like this. Oohh god, I can’t stop it. Oh my god, I’m cumming.” We watched mom go through several orgasms and then she pleaded with Christy to help her out. Her body kept shaking as she went through several more orgasms.

Christy slowly turned off the valve so that the jets just wouldn’t be as powerful; then she moved over and gave mom another big wet kiss. Mom was still shaking as Christy helped her out of the alcove and then she sat mom down on the bench in the spa, I could tell that mom’s legs weren’t too stable. Christy hugged her, caressed her excited body and gave some gentle kisses just as any good lover would do. Mom calmed down; she looked as beautiful as a new bride after being sexually satisfied.

I didn’t hesitate for a second. After watching my mom, in spite of herself, cumming so hard, over and over, I couldn’t wait to cum any longer. I went over into the alcove and as I stood in place, Christy gave me a sensual kiss. Shari, come here and give Lez a nice, sexy kiss before she joins your experience in a fantastic, mechanical orgasm.”

Mom hesitated just slightly, but after those fantastic orgasms, she was now getting into it. She leaned over and kissed, not as sexy as Christy’s, but then Christy said, “Oh, Shari, I said kiss her, not just a little peck on the mouth; now open your mouth and I want to see your tongue probe into Lez’s mouth.”

Mom did, and I reciprocated, like a couple of lovers. Then the jets came on. The jet was hitting just the right spot, not directly on my sensitive clit, but just to the side of it. The jet was pounding on my sensitive asshole with just enough velocity so it felt as if someone was massaging my sphincter muscle (asshole) and it felt fantastic. But the jets that were rotating on my breasts were awesome; as I closed my eyes I could have sworn that someone was vigorously massaging them. No wonder mom couldn’t stop from cumming.

“Oh god, mom, Christy, the sensations are, like awesome. Please don’t let them stop. Oh shit, I feel like cumming and cumming, Oh yea, yes , yes, I’m cumming. Oh mom, Christy, I love both of you so much, Oh fuck, I’m cumming again.” The feeling was so overwhelming that I could have cum all day with those jets pounding on my sensitive, erogenous parts on my body./ Who needs a man.

“Well girls, I’m glad that you enjoyed yourselves today, but now I have to take care of junior. But remember, next Thursday, party; don’t disappoint me. If not before, I’ll see you then.”

Me and mom went home, both of us somewhat content, sexually, and also tired from the night before; mom with Christy and me with the girls.

Mom looked at me and said, “Sweetheart, do you feel alright about what we have just experienced over at Christy’s, as well as, you know, watching the video’s of us having sex. I mean I don’t want anything to jeopardize our wonderful feelings for one another.”

“Mom, I love you more than ever. I mean I feel so close to you now; it’s hard to explain but I really feel so, so warm with you, knowing your feelings. Mom, I’m tired and want to take a nap and I’m sure that you are as well. Would it be okay with you if I took a nap with you, like when I was just a little girl?’

“Oh god, princess, it’s so strange, I mean I was going to ask you the very same thing. Let’s take off our clothes and get into bed and just hug each other until we fall asl**p.” And that’s exactly what we did. For three hours we slept with our hands holding each others, rubbing our bodies together and just feeling wonderful. But we didn’t have sex. However we became very close; mom now treated me like an adult young lady and I knew that before long we would have intimacies like two wonderful people loving one another; with our strong libidos I knew that it would be good and it would be often.

The next few days were busy ones for me; meeting and planning and having parties with some of my girlfriends, as well as a couple of boys that I really liked. Jill and Nicole were always close to me and on occasions we would go to the bathroom together and watch and help each other masturbate. It seemed like we were innocent k**s that jut found out about the great pleasure of cumming. On one occasion when Nicole and Jill were involved doing something else, after about three beers I let Tony come into the bathroom with me and I let him watch me masturbate; he couldn’t take much of it and then he pulled his cock out and told me that he wanted to fuck me. I didn’t really want to tease him so I agreed to let him finger fuck me and I would give him a hand job; when he shot his load it went all over the wall, watching him cum excited me so much that I came immediately.

Meantime I think that mom became addicted to Christy, sexually; she was over her place almost all of the time. I mean I wasn’t jealous about them hanging out and having sex without me because I could see that mom was now much happier than before and that I soon would be spending a lot of time with them. Also I was looking forward to the party that Christy was going to have with other models as well as her agent. Also she wanted me to invite Jill and Nicole, as well as Pam. Speaking of Pam, I couldn’t do anything without her spying on me, even when I went to the bathroom with Tony, I know that she is obsessed or has a crush on me. I can hardly wait till Christy has her get together.

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