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Womanly experience 4 - first fully naked punishmen

In high school I wore schoolgirl and similar skirts every single day. On my legs I always had either tights, knee- or thigh-high socks, or nothing (when it was hot). I almost never were thongs to school because I couldn't risk for someone to find out that I'm on hormone therapy.

My father was buying me all the clothes so I had to be careful with them because he needed the slightest excuse to punish me. The boys were going crazy for me but I never allowed them to touch me. On the last year of high school I did allow some breast touching but that was all. One day one of the buys couldn't bear me being untouchable so he got violent. I pushed him away and her returned the push and I fell on the concrete.

I fell and ripped my completely new striped black and white thigh-high socks. I was hoping my father won't be at home when I get there. I had no luck and was not able to hid it. He was not even interested in what happened and just ordered me to the kitchen. I had to bend over the table and he raised my skirt and lowered my knickers to my knees.

He went out of the kitchen and shortly came back with a large paddle. I will get no new clothes for two months, he told me and started paddling me. The first few hits I took manly, without a sound. The next few started hurting. A lot.

Even though my father thought that I don't love this punishment (because I did some faking and tears really came from the pain) I actually enjoyed it. Around the tenth hit my nipples were already hard and I felt them through the tiny bra on the hard surface of the table. I was hoping that I will not get an erection.

I did not. By the 20th hit the pain was unbearable. I was begging him in tears to stop. My nipples that slipped out of the bra and were brushing against the table and my t-shirt were sore. My bottom was a huge area of pain and I could barely see from the tears.

When he was finally done he ordered me to stand up and take my clothes off. Bear in mind this was before the "nude at home at all times" order so I was trying to hide my naked body from him. Until this point he would normally only spank me and see my naked bottom but this time it was going further.

As I didn't want to take my clothes off he started ripping them. As I tried not to allow him he would hit me with his hand on my bottom. Finally he threatened he will cane me if I don't take everything off. I cried as I was undressing, trying to hide my tits still in development and cock. I remained only in my socks when he said that's enough. He sent me into the corner and went out.

After a few minutes he was back and had something hidden behind his back. I had to climb on the table and get into diaper position - lying on my back with legs high up in the air. He said I will get punished even harder if I lower my legs at any point.

First he started his classic talk about how he hates me turning into a woman. That is for sissies. Women are sluts (he obviously had no good opinion on them - I blame my mother for that) and deserve the worst. He hopes that through this punishment I will get back to normalcy.

What followed I didn't expect. It was a really long time since he last did this. The first hit with the nettle on my freshly paddled ass was like salt on a wound. I screamed and he hit me even harder. And again. And again. And some hits went higher and reached my penis. I didn't dare to lower my legs but at one moment I couldn't bear the pain anymore so I've put my hands on my bottom to protect it.

That was a terrible mistake. He stopped hitting me so I lowered my legs and tried to hide my penis and tits from his look. He calmly ordered to place both my hands next to my body and down. I was crying and trembling as I did. "You didn't listen to me," he said "and now I'll punish you harder."

The next hit with the nettle came on my boobs. He delivered around 20 hits before my boobs were full of blisters and in burning pain. My nipples were hard as stone from the pain. He finally ordered me into my room where I was grounded and were not allowed to come out until dinner.

I cried for some time until the pain went a bit away. I touched my bottom and felt the hit marks and blisters from the nettle. My tits were also full of them. But they were slowly disappearing. When the pain was finally bearable I remembered that we planned a slumber party with a couple of my friends (and more on this in a later story). Two girls who were my best friends and the only ones who knew about my transformation were helping me in my sex change and we often had slumber parties.

I realized I'll not be able to go today. I will miss the breast fondlings, the various lingerie we try on, talk about boys and sex. And suddenly I got an erection. Thinking about sex always turns me on, and where there is a bit of pain involved that was a bomb for me.

With one hand I started stroking my cock while I moved the other around my aching body parts. A tiny bit of pain here. A tiny bit of pain there. Suddenly I wished someone could lightly spank me as I am masturbating. I took out my vibrator I got from my girl friends and pushed it into my ass. Without lube. It was exactly the pain that I needed to set me off.

The cum exploded on my stomach only a few seconds after that and a second wave cam a second after and reach as high as my tits. I was in ecstasy and u*********sly started rubbing the cum over my body. Some I rubbed onto my still aching bottom, some on my boobs, and the rest on my stomach. I licked some of my hands and fingers and took the vibrator out of my ass.

Then I went to sl**p like that. Naked and covered in my own cum. By looking at the circumstances I even turned out quite good. I needed a boyfriend (or a girlfriend? ;)) so much. I needed to release my sexual energy...

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