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Mother in Law 2

After my experience with my mother in law wanking me off while I was layed up due to an accident I have had many vivid dreams of what else we could get up to.

The day after she helped me fill the sample pot my mum in law was back to clean up the house and generally look after me while my wife was at work, I was still bed ridden due to casts on both my legs and generally beaten up. As she came into my room with coffee she sat on the edge of my bed and asked if I had recovered from yesterdays embarrasement when she helped me produce a sperm sample for my doctor, I blushed and said I found it difficult not to do for myself when I wanted too, she laughed and told me to make the most of been looked after. As we talked I caught a glimpse of the top of her thighs and I was sure I saw whisps of hair, my mind raced questioning if she was wearing anything under her short skirt, I shifted in my bed to get a better view up her skirt and was rewarded with a full on view of her pussy mound, she obviously knew what I was doing and she slowly opened her legs and as she placed on leg under the other she made no effort to cover her modesty. I looked up and as my eyes met hers I saw a glint and a smile spread on her face, she continued talking to me and as if I wasn't there she stroked her thigh right up to her pussy.

I was struggling to concentrate on what was been talked about and was aware of my cock hardening under the sheets, I noticed her nipples and as each second passed they became more obvious, I looked up at her face and saw that her eyes were watching the tent forming under my sheets by my cock. She saw me watching her and she quickly averted her eyes and stood up.

She left the room and came back shortly carrying a basin of water, I looked up at her and she explained that she was going to wash me in the bed, I must have looked confused because she told me to lay back and relax. She put the basin down beside the bed and pulled back the sheets covering me, I still had a massive bulge in my shorts and she seemingly ignored that as she started to pull off my shorts without saying anything. I looked up at her as she lathered a sponge and started to wash my chest and arms, it felt amazing, her touch was soft and very gentle as she cleaned my body. She used one hand to shift my cock out of the way as she washed my pubes and gently cupped my balls as she washed each in turn, by now I was fit to explode and my cock was pulsing against her touch.

She lathered her hands and took hold of my rigid cock explaining that it was necessary to clean everywhere, I certainly didn't object and just grunted as she pulled back on my cock exposing the head, she smiled and asked if I needed to cum, as I started to apologise she slowly started to slide her hand up and down my shaft and gently squeezed my balls with her free hand, I noticed that her skirt had risen up and her pussy was now fully in the open, I reached out and slid my hand between her soft thighs slowly working my way to her mound, as I touched her cunt she opened her legs still wider and my fingers easily slid between her pussy lips. She started panting as I finger fucked her fanny, deliberatly rubbing her growing clit at each stroke, her hand gripped my cock harder now and she lowered her head towards it I felt a shudder course through me as her mouth closed around my glans and she sank lower until the head of my cock slipped into her throat.

I furiously fingered her pussy as she bobbed her mouth up and down my cock shaft, I could feel her fanny muscles grip my fingers as she approached her orgasm, this tipped me over the edge and I exploded streams of hot cum deep into her throat as she ground her pussy hard against my hand until her knees buckled with her orgasm. Her head fell against my tummy as she came down from her high and my cock slipped out of her mouth still dripping cum onto her face.

As we recovered she stroked my balls and kissed my cock head telling me she just had the most intense orgasm ever. I lifted her head up and kissed her on the lips promising her she could have as many with me as she wanted any time she wanted. She gently slapped my arm and told me that she was going to finish cleaning me before the doctor arrived. I am definately going to fuck her, I really want to feel those pussy muscles grip my cock the same way they did my fingers, I whispered to her that I wanted to slip my cock into her pussy and feel her cum mix with mine deep inside her, she smiled and said wait and see what tomorrow brings.

I cant wait.

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