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A true confession ... of a woman's desire to

Ok this is the first time I have ever admitted this to anyone, let alone ask for advice on how to achieve it. I am a grown woman and since I was 18 I have wanted to fuck my dad. He has always been so suave, handsome, and sexy. He and I have never really gotten along through out my yrs. growing up. I have a wonderful step father who stood in and did a real man job at raising me. But there is something abt my real dad that makes me twinge in my pussy. I want to have some good old fucking sex with him without caring abt him being my dad. I want to feel him inside of me...I have heard other women say how large my dad is and that to excites me as well. I want to ride him and splash his cock with the many years of waiting I have done. I want him to eat my pussy and stick his nice thick tong in it...I want him to finger me and tease me make me hunger for him even more then ever before. I want to feel his huge cock ramming in and out of my tight wet pussy. I want him to tell me my pussy is now his forever! I want him so fucking bad I can taste him...i want to fuck him for hours! But I do not know how to go about this, what if he does not understand my passion for him? What if he is offended and turned off by my desires? How can I find out if he is willing to fuck me... without coming out and saying I want to fuck you? How can I let him know I desire him without being humiliated if does not feel the same? Someone please help me I am going insane b/c I want to fuck him that bad!

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