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Slut Mother - The New Lesson

Fashion, Glamor, Older Slut and teenagers.
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I was lying in the bed watching TV when I saw my mother walking out of her room. Her hair was hanging loosely and she had a sheer robe covering her breasts and had a black dildo protruding from her ass.
She smiled at me when she noticed me looking at her. I smiled back.

"I was so thirsty!" she said taking a can of vegetable juice from the freezer.

"Sure mom," I said and thought about my mother with her young friend in the room.

The girl had come to our house with her mother a couple of days back. The woman was a friend of mom and wanted her daughter to learn the secrets of the world of fashion.

"The earlier she starts, the better," she told mom, "And I know nobody can help her as you can Liz."

Mom stared at her friend's daughter. She was just 18 and already 5'7".
She had big green eyes, little firm tits and long shapely legs and a tight
ass. I could feel mom's mouth getting dry as she ogled the girl.

"I'll try my best Sheila," mom said still looking at the young girl,
"but a lot depends upon your daughter. She'll have to work hard and
sometimes she might have to stay awake all night, talking to strange
people and making them feel comfortable."

"Do you think you can do that darling?" mom's question was directed at
the girl now.

"Yes Aunt Liz," the girl replied rather boldly.

"Why did you call me Aunt Liz sweetheart?" mom asked.

"My mother says that I should call you Aunt because now I'm going to
live with you and I should do what you want me to do," the girl said

"She's a very sweet c***d Sheila," Mom said, turning to her friend.

"I have prepared her for over an year before I brought her to you Liz.
She knows a little of everything but you have to bring out the Star in
her," Sheila said.

"She's a very nice c***d Liz," Shiela continued, "and she's very
obedient and innocent. You'll find her a pleasant company. I'm sure
you can be a mother to her and keep her away from trouble."

I could tell that mom loved her new pupil. She was beautiful, obedient
and YOUNG!

She agreed and Helen came to live with us.

The first night we watched a couple of Fashion Videos and mom kept on
fussing over beautiful Helen. I knew what she wanted and I could feel
her want!

I smiled thinking of how my mother had crept into my room last night
and begged me to fuck her asshole. As I did that, I could hear her
scream "Helen" over and over again as she came.

I shot my load in my mother's ass and then pushed her aside. She fell
down. I saw her putting a couple of fingers in her ass and scooping my
cum out and then licking them. Disgusted I looked away as my mother
kept on eating my cum from her ass, still moaning "Helen" all the

Next day Sheila brought Helen to our house.

"I'm going to be busy for next few months Liz," she said. "I have to
make some money before Judy comes back from Europe. I have an offer
from a Texas man to be his private secretary. My job involves taking
care of his and his guests' personal needs."

"You better be nice to Aunt Liz young lady," Sheila said to her
daughter and then turning to mom she said "If she disobeys you, don't
spare the rod Liz. She's my last hope and if she becomes a successful
model, I won't have to be a whore anymore".

"Don't worry Shiela," Mom said assuring her friend, "I'll teach her

I knew what my mom'd teach Helen. How to fuck girls with dildos, how
to suck cocks and how to get fucked by men! Oh! the world of fashion!

"Keep her away from guys Liz, I don't want her mind to wander while
she's learning and besides, she's too young to be fooling around. I'm
trusting my daughter's innocence to you Liz" Sheila said as if
imploring my mother to be Helen's "Hymen Guardian".

What she didn't know was that Helen was at greatest risk from mom. Her
virginity was as good as gone and above all, the sexual acts my mother
would make her commit will put the lowest of whores to shame.

"Sure thing Sheila. Don't worry about anything. When you come back,
Helen will know everything I do and she'll be a successful model for
an elite society all around the world".

I saw Sheila relax and she kissed her sweet c***d's forehead. "I'll be
back for you darling. Be good and learn everything. Make your mommy

"I'll Mom," the girl had tears in her eyes, "please come back soon.
I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too my baby." Shiela had wet eyes too.

Then she and my mother exchanged a quick kiss and Sheila walked out
not turning back as if she were afraid to look at her crying daughter.
Helen's training started almost immediately after Shiela walked out of
the door. Mom fussed over Helen giving her some new and sexy clothes
to wear and taking her for shower.

Helen was greatly embarrassed with sudden change in mom's behaviour.
She couldn't understand why her aunt was touching her so much and
trying to get her Naked in front of her.

"Come darling," Mom purred, "You must be tired. I have fixed a nice
hot bath for my lovely lady."

Helen was aghast when mom suggested she take off her clothes with mom

"But Aunt Liz, I can do that in the bathroom," Helen wailed.

"Nonsense," mom insisted, "you must not be shy of your body. It's your
most important asset and you should be proud of that."

"Yes Aunt Liz but I should have SOME privacy. How can I get naked in
front you, my aunt and as mom said, you're my mother now."

"That makes it easier," Mom continued trying to convince Helen, "If
you think of me as your mother than you should not be ashamed at all.
Come now, I don't have all day".

I could see Mom's impatience and wondered how long Helen would resist
the inevitable.

"Alright aunty," Helen said crying, "but if my mother were here, she'd
never let me go through this."

"You think taking off your clothes in front of your mentor is so bad?"
mom said angrily, "Here, let me show you something."

"Dave," I heard mom calling me, "Dave, could you come inside?"

"Yes mom." I entered the room to find Helen and mom standing in the
middle of the room facing each other. Mom was wearing a red top
highlighting her braless tits and nipples and little shorts that
covered less than half of her fleshy white hips.

She turned around and said "Dave could you take off my top, it's a
little too tight around my breasts."

"Sure mom," I said grinning and lifted the top over her shoulders and
off freeing her big pendulous breasts as the young girl watched

"And now help me put this bra on," Mom said casually.

I held and lifted her tits as she tied a tight red bra around her
boobs. This left young Helen with gaping mouth and a flushed face.

"Thanks a lot darling," Mom said rubbing her mammoth tits on my chest
and planted a wet kiss that left a big red mark of her lipstick on my

"Anytime Mom," I grinned and left.

"As you saw, nudity is not a problem in this house Helen and if you
want to live here, you'll have to live by rules. Me and my son are
very good friends, open about many things and he doesn't mind seeing
me naked. Now take off your clothes or I may have to use the rod."

"Yes aunt Liz," visibly shaken Helen mumbled and started stripping.

First the top came off revealing a very conservative white bra
covering her small breasts. Next her skirt went down and she was
wearing white panties, almost shorts that covered her ass and upper
thighs completely.

Mom laughed aloud. "Your mother was planning to make you a nun or
something Helen? Even my grandma wore better clothes than that!
Anyway, strip now." Helen unhooked her bra and then slipped her
panties off and stood there looking at floor. Mom looked at her for a
few seconds and then asked her to go to the bathroom.

Mom changed into a sheer white robe with no bra, her big tits flopping
around obscenely and her shaved cunt clearly visible. She had put on
heavy makeup with deep red lipstick and heavy mascara. She fixed her
"Lovely Pupil" a nice breakfast before the two of them sat down to
watch some fashion videos. On screen in front of us a young lady
walked down the ramp wearing a sheer top and smallest panties
possible. I could see Helen blush but mom encouraged her to notice the
girl's breasts.

"She's almost your age Helen," Mom said, "and not even half as
beautiful as you are but she's famous. Do you want to be like her?"
Her hand was brushing the shying girl's hair.

"Yes aunt Liz," the girl replied.

"Good girl," Mom cooed and bent forward to kissed the girl. Her right
tit escaped the robe and big black nipple brushed the girl's chin.

"I hope you're not afraid of tits baby, you'll be seeing a lots of
those," Mom said.

"I have seen mommy's breasts." Helen offered the information she
shouldn't have.

"Really," mom acted surprised, "and what were they like."

Now Helen was really blushing. She didn't want to speak more of her
mother's breasts but this dirty old woman in front of her, her mentor
and her guardian was coaxing her to do just that. It seemed like mom
had cast her spell on the poor innocent c***d. She divulged more
information than needed, telling mom how her mother slept with many
men and a few women.

"Once they did it on the couch and it created a lot of mess. I had to
clean everything after the men left." Helen was opening up.

I just hoped the little girl would maintain her dignity and not fall
for my mom's evil ways.

"That's nice," mom laughed, "I know your mother was a whore but she
never told me she let men fuck her in front of her darling daughter. I
think I'll have to talk to the bitch. But let's get back to work now.
Let me show you some recent videos of my show. All dresses were
designed by me" mom said rather proudly.

As the screen came to life, Helen was shocked to see a young girl with
a leash in her hand. The girl was wearing tight leather shorts with a
thick black dildo jutting from her crotch. Her bra was leather too and
she had thigh high boots and long leather gloves to complete the dom
effect. At the other end of the leash was my mother on her knees with
a dog collar around her neck.

"I call it 'Making of a Bitch'," mom told Helen, "Watch carefully."

The girl walked to the very end of the ramp, holding her thick cock,
showing its girth to the people before she went back and thrust it at
my mom's face. Mom took it eagerly in her mouth and salivated it

The girl withdrew and came to the edge again showing off her wet
dildo. She went back and kicked my mother's wide hips, who groaned in
ecstasy and opened her asshole with her hands. The girl squatted a
little and inserted her thick black cock into my mother's anus. The
dildo slipped in easily and soon she was fucking mom on the stage.
After a couple of thrusts, my mother reached between her legs to
finger her pussy, something her mistress did not want. She kicked
mom's ass again and withdrew the dildo leaving my mother and the
audience wanting more. Her black dagger was now covered with mom's
dung and looked rather nasty, but the girl looked unconcerned. She was
emotionless, like a Goddess with a job at hand. She walked to the
front again so that people could see her and her big, black dildo now
covered with my mother's shit.

One more round and she turned to face my mother and thrust her hips
forward again.

Mom took the filthy dildo in her mouth and sucked it clean, the girl
pulled it out to examine it and noticed some more brown stains.
Angrily, she grabbed mom's hair and thrust it back into her mouth. Mom
licked and sucked the dildo with more intensity, eating her brownie,
trying to get it clean. The girl waited for a couple of minutes and
pulled it out to examine it.

It was gleaming like a polished piece of art. Satisfied with mom's
job, the girl showed her cock to the crowd. There was a moment's
silence and suddenly the hall erupted with applause. A bitch had been
shown its right place. She was buttfucked and made to eat her own

"How low can you get?" people asked.

Many men were openly masturbating. A few submissive women had lifted
their expensive dresses exposing their hips to servant girls and other
tough looking women around. A few men were bent over too. The show was
an instant success.

I was sure Helen would freak out, but she watched mesmerised as mom
moved her hand on her thigh. She got up to pick something and I could
see mom was ready for her ass fuck. She was shaking her hips more than
needed and thrusting them into the girl's face.

The next model on the screen was my mother with a young, 18-19 year
old boy. She was dressed up as a housewife and the boy was supposed to
be returning from school. Mom and the boy danced on the stage and then
he ducked inside her gown as she rubbed her hips all over his face.

"The theme here is Easy Access," Mom explained to Helen.

"The young boy is supposed to be my son, my son's friend or any other
boy on the street and if he wants me, a middle aged housewife, he can
just get inside my gown! I'm easily available to those cute studs who
never get tired of middle aged pussy. It's a dream of many women you

The last scene had Mom dressed up as a bride. She had same slutty
makeup on and looked more of a ho' than a bride. The bridegroom was a
thin old man and after mock wedding on the stage, he pulled out his
little cock, rubbed it a few times on mom's hands and came! Mom lifted
her hand to show the audience her cum covered hand and her
disappointment and then wiped it on the man's face.

She looked around and two tall dark men walked down the ramp. They
threw her over a table, lifted her bridal gown exposing her big ass
and started fucking her. After a couple of minutes the man came in my
mother's ass and stepped aside. The other one fucked her cunt and just
before he was about to come, he pulled his cock out and sprayed his
cum all over my mother's ass.

My seemingly happy mother now walked around the ramp, her dress still
held around her waist, displaying her cum covered hips and thrusting
it towards the crowd for closer looks. She then walked back with her
two studs, leaving her hubby on the stage.

"The idea here is that a woman deserves the best of everything. If my
hubby has a little dick, I can take two studs," Mom continued her

Helen looked quite excited now and mom was almost at the edge.

"Common baby, lets get you started with some of the stuff," Mom said
pulling Helen into her room. I walked in with them and although I
could see Helen didn't really approve my presence, mom was not
protesting. Hell, the bitch mother of mine found it hard to cum
without me watching or fucking her.

Helen was made to strip yet again and put on a sexy red latex outfit
which had red pants, top and thigh high boots with 5 inches heel. The
entire dress fitted the little girl like a glove and a foot long,
nasty dildo jutted forth from between her legs.

I could see mom's hand shaking with excitement as she applied makeup
on Helen's face. Her cunt was runny and her ass was quivering with

I knew what mom wanted, a thick dildo up her ass while she sucks my
cock. In a few minutes she'd be begging for it.

Poor Helen played along, still believing that she was learning to be a
great model. She'd be a model alright, but for a few rich and
perverted folks around the world.

"We'll start with what we saw," Mom said, her voice betraying her

"You'll be my mistress. You must walk like a goddess, you must treat
me like your slave, your bitch. I'm no longer your aunt or mother, I'm
a whore and you have to prove it. Show no respect Helen or you'll

That was all Helen needed for encouragement. She stroked her long red
dildo and thrust it into mom's mouth. Mom took it eagerly and began

Helen giggled when she saw her aunt sucking her young cock. She pushed
it deeper into her mouth. Then she pulled it out.

"Put it back into my mouth. I need more," Mom commanded.

Frightened Helen thrust it back into her face.

"Bitch," Mom shouted, "I'm your slave, you should not listen to me.
You're supposed to be my mistress you dumb slut."

"Seems like I'll have to open your asshole with this dildo so that
you'll remember it."

Mom got up and pulled her leather cock around her waist and proceeded
to mount Helen. The young girl finally realized that she had made a
mistake, that my mother was a submissive whore who liked being treated
like a bitch slave, that her mistake would cause her sphincter to
expand abnormally.

I saw mom pushing Helen on the bed and forcing her on all fours. She
slid a finger up young girl's ass and moved it around. When she pulled
it out, there were dark brown stains, Helen's shit covering mom's
finger. She looked at it and then sucked her finger savoring the taste
of young girl's goo.

That was the last straw. I could not watch a young, helpless girl
being ****d by my dirty old hag. I had to save the k**. She was too
young to be ****d by an over sexed, middle aged whore and besides I
was in love with her.

As mom pointed the dildo around her waist at the girl's anus and
pushed forward, I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. This surprised
her and she turned around angrily. I slapped her face and she fell on
the bed besides Helen. Terrified Helen crawled to the edge and looked
at mom sprawled on the bed, her tits hanging out of her robe and her
cunt wide open.

"Don't be afraid" I tried to calm her down, "It's alright. I won't let
her hurt you. I think this whore needs to be taught a lesson."

"But she's your mother," Helen muttered, shocked at what I had said
and done.

"Make no mistake Helen," I said, "My mother is a whore. She likes
getting fucked. She likes getting cocks up her ass and cunt while I
slap her face or rub it in my cum."

"But she's your mother," Helen said again as if she was unable to
think any further.

I laughed out aloud. "Let me show you little girl," I positioned
myself behind my mother and grabbed her wide hips. I lifted her ass up
in the air and looked at her gaping rectum.

"My mother has fucked more men then you'd have seen in your whole life
dear," I said, pushing my hand in my mother's anus.

"Can't you tell? Just look at her face Helen," I said now, fisting
mom's asshole.

"Does she look like a mother? She's a whore my c***d, a ten dollar
whore and I'm her son and guess what? I LOVE IT!!"

I pulled my hand out leaving mom's asshole obscenely open and guided
my cock up her cunt. With one thrust I was in to the hilt. Mom sighed
with contentment and I groaned in pleasure.

"You fuck your mom?" Helen was delirious as mom and I played bitch and
his master.

"You let your son fuck your ass," Helen continued as if in a dream.

"You bad girl," she cooed to my mom. "You very, very bad girl."

I looked at her as she guided her dildo in mom's mouth.

"Getting fucked by your son, eating your own shit! You need to be
punished," she slapped Mother's face even before I could tell her to
do so. Then she grabbed her hair and f***ed the dildo deeper. I
watched in amazement. A few seconds later Helen leaned forward and
kissed my lips. She giggled stupidly and then turned around. I worked
my cock in and out of mom's large cunt watching Helen pulling her
pants down and squatting on mom's face. She stayed there for a few
moments and then I saw her shit hole expanding. A thick, brown turd
eased out of her anus and landed over mom's face. I closed my eyes as
I felt my cum rising in my shaft, ready to fill mom's cunt as she took
a bite of her young lover's fresh produce.

Next few months are going to be fun. Yes, they are going to be lot of

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