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Womanly experience 3 - NYE

It's not a secret that I have a fetish for pads. By my 22th birthday my father gave up on punishing me for menstruation simulation so I "had" my period each month. I still have the menstruation calendar I use to track my periods so I know when will the next come. And buying tampons and pads also helps keeping my sex change more real and believable.

It was spring and I just passed 22 years that winter so I was really enthusiastic about my newly earned freedom (at least in this). It was Friday and my girl friends and I planned on going out. It was also my period time and I just ran out of both pads and tampons so it was time to buy some. A friend of my, let's call her Ann, went with me to the store. I have chosen some of the largest pads and tampons and even she knew that I have huge flow she was a bit shocked. I faked shame and said I hate it but I have no choice. The truth was completely different, but she didn't need to know that.

At home I shaved my privates and had a shower. The mere idea of menstruation turned me on but I did not masturbate at that time. My father was at home and he often took a look in the bathroom. He was just waiting for another excuse to punish me and not let me out or even did something worse.

When it was time to dress I gave myself a light cherry enema to simulate the flow. I kept it in me while it got deeper in me and then pushed in the tampon. I've put a pad in my panties. The spring is hot over here so I wore a short white skirt, knee-high football socks, sneakers, and a sporty t-shirt. I decided no bra today, probably because I was horny all day. I stuffed extra pads and tampons in my bag and went out.

The night started great and we were in a club. Some guys approached us a few times but we were not interested so they gave up. I went to the bathroom once to check my tampon and was just in time. It was just about to leak! I changed it and on the way out of the toilet one of the guys who were hitting on us bumped into me. It was only minutes later that I realized my bag was stolen! It was probably the bastard who bumped in me.

There wasn't much in the bag, another tampon, a pad, and some change (my father never gave me much money, at most for 3 drinks). I was angry but I had no other choice than going home. The girls wanted to stay so I decided to go alone. My home was not that far anyway, around an hour of walking through a dense traffic area so there was no danger for a young girl like me.

The wind came suddenly and the air got chilly very quick. It rain started pouring in 5 minutes. The weather is quite chaotic over here and such changes are normal, and me being a silly girl didn't think about it. I had no other choice that to hide in a closed shop entrance where the rain couldn't reach me. I knew getting wet will enrage my father and he'll punish me for that.

I waited for the rain to stop on the cold air with my nipples popping out on the t-shirt. The street went quickly empty with a very rare care that slowly drove by. Everyone was having fun somewhere inside and I was outside in the cold, barely clothed, and my tampon just started leaking. I was hoping the pad will be able to soak it up as I used quite a lot of liquid, and that's why I brought so much extras, but it was all gone and I was in trouble. The thought of the tampons, pads, and my hard nipples got me horny. At least I wore panties and the huge erection was not visible under the skirt. I couldn't prevent myself from an occasional rub on my penis.

Suddenly an old car stopped with 3 guys in it. They lowered the window and asked me if I need transportation. I knew they could only bring me trouble and the rain was slowly stopping so I told them I'm waiting for my father to pick me up. They hesitated a bit but then finally drove away. By this time I could feel how wet my pad was and I was sure my panties will be wet soon, too.

As the rain stopped I continued my walk home. I was still halfway when I had to check what is going on in my panties. I walked into a park and hid in some bushes. When I lowered my panties I saw they are completely soaked in cherry juice. There was no way to wash that and I didn't want to ruin my skirt so I decided to throw them away and flush out the remaining liquid.

So I left them there and squat down trying to push out the remaining "bl**d". When I managed to finally do that I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Still in the squating position I grabbed my hard nipple with my left hand and started stroking my penis with the right. The orgasm was an explosion and I was sure somebody did hear me. Luckily nobody came around. I spent a few more minutes there and licked the cum of my fingers.

When my penis was limp enough I started walking home again. It was then that I realized that this might have been a stupid idea because, I was sure, it was possible to see that I have no panties and there is something hanging between my legs. I was trying not to think about that because I started getting horny again. In my nature I am a bit of a flasher and nudist but I never did that.

I walked faster but I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head so when I turned into my street I had a huge boner that lifted the skirt up revealing too much. My nipples were hard again and I just hoped nobody will see me walking around like that. I basically ran into our front yard and when I tried to open the door I saw that the true problems will start only now.

My keys were in the bag and I'll have to wake my father up to let me in. And if he sees my like this there will be a lot of problems for me. I rang the bell. Did it again. After a few minutes the light on the porch turned on and my father opened the door. Luckily, my boner was gone but it was still cold outside and my nipples were hard. He silently looked at me and dragged me in by the hand.

I tried to explain that somebody stole my bag together with the keys but that didn't bother him much. He led me into the living room and demanded that I take of my T-shirt. He wanted to know why were I not wearing a bra. Even though he was against my sex change it was not decent to walk around like that. I, naturally, had no explanation. At least not a reasonable one.

Strip naked, he said, and I knew there will be a lot more trouble. As I removed the skirt it was obvious that I had no panties on, either. This completely freaked him out and I knew there was a lot of pain coming my way. He sent me to fetch the thermometer so he could measure my temperature to see if I'm maybe ill and did these stupid things.

That of course had to be done rectally, and he held me tight while I tried to wiggle out. If there's something I hate that is rectal temperature. And he knew that. Then came the spanking. Awfully long and hard. In the end he took his belt and continued with that because his hands already hurt. I cried like it was raining outside only an hour ago. My butt was one huge explosion of pain. But deep in me I was getting hornier and hornier because I love spanking.

When he was finally over I was grounded for a month. He sent me to my room to kneel in the corner. As I did my cock grew again and I could barely resist the urge to touch it. My bottom was purple and I my father told me that now I have a real reason for not wearing panties for a few days, or not trying to sit down.

When he was finally gone to sl**p I got into my bed. Lying on the back was not an option so I laid on my stomach. When I heard him snoring I looked for my dildo and got in doggiestyle position. I knew he will not wake up till the morning so I was safe.

Got some lube on the dildo and slowly pushed it in for all it's length. This instantly got me an erection so I bit the pillow and stroked my penis with one hand while I used the dildo with the other. Each time I touched my bottom the pain pushed me closer to an orgasm. Near the end I let my penis and played with my nipples while I continued to push and pull the dildo.

Nearing the end I couldn't really lower my bottom on the bed but I still turned to my back and held my ass high up. I removed the dildo and continued with stroking my dick. The orgasm again came suddenly and I came all over my belly, tits, and some on my face. I couldn't go to the toilet to wash that off so I cleaned it with my fingers and licked it again.

Then I went to sl**p with my burning bottom hating my father who thought that he was punishing me, but was actually making me do these things to myself...

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