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The Dropped Key

As I am checking into the hotel, I notice you sitting in the lobby.

You look up and our eyes meet.

We then exchange a friendly smile. Before anything else can happen, it’s my turn to be helped at the front desk.

I check in and throw a glance your way as I head to the elevator.

Someone comes out of the elevator and bumps into me causing me to drop the envelope with my keys in it.

I quickly grab my envelope so I don't miss the elevator and just manage to make it in before the doors close.

Either by design or accident, I don't pick up one of the keys that slid under a chair when the envelope was dropped.

From where you are sitting, you could see it clearly and wondered why I didn't pick it up.

You see me get into the elevator, and so you go over to get the key for me. When you get to where I was standing, you understand why I didn't see the key.

From that angle, I would have to almost lie on my belly to see it.

So, you go around to the side of the chair and retrieve the key. You start to head to the front desk to return it. Instead, you decide to return it personally.

You had overheard my room number. Not because you were listening, but because of the number. Room 369.

The naughty part of your mind loves the number 69 and in that same part of your mind the 3 stood for 3-some.

So, you get in the elevator and press 3. But when you get to the third floor you hesitate. You then decide to go to your room and call me.

You get to your room and decide again just to simply return it, as you knew I was probably trying to get settled in and a phone call might be annoying.

So, you go back to my room.

You then hesitate outside the door. You start to knock a couple of times. You keep wondering why you are so nervous about something so simple.

Besides, you are normally a very confident guy.

You decide to listen for a second.

You press your ear to the door and hear water running. You listen for a moment and hear the water stop. You then hear the splashing/sloshing sound of someone getting in the water.

A very naughty idea emerges and you realize the idea has been there for some time now.

It is the source of your nervousness. You had been battling in the back of your mind between your good side and naughty side.

Apparently, your naughty side is winning.

You put the key in the door and open it. You slip into the room, closing the door with almost no sound.

You can hear the splashing from the bathroom just around the corner from the entrance. You slowly peek around the corner.

There I am, sitting in the bath with my eyes closed and headphones on.

You stare at my breasts and want to touch them. But you aren’t sure what to do.

I begin washing myself.

As you watch me, your cock begins to stir. My washing becomes more of a caress and to your delight, I start playing with my breasts.

Your hand is rubbing your cock through your pants before I even realize it you even doing it.

My other hand slides down my belly and disappears under the water.

You can tell by my reaction when it finds what it is looking for.

As you watch me masturbate, you pull your cock out and begin to stroke it as well. You see me getting hotter and hotter.

You close your eyes for a moment and let your imagination have its way with me.

I finally open my eyes to look around the room for something to use to "play" with and I see you. My first impulse is shock. But then I see what you are doing and it turns me on.

Aha, something to "play" with.

"Well, are you just gonna stand there or are you going to hand me a towel?" I say teasingly.

I can't suppress a giggle at your shocked reaction.

You regain your composure as you see that I am still caressing myself, though slower.

I look very sexy to you.

You grab a towel (that was well within your reach) and hand it to me.

I stand up and reach for it.

"There really isn't much room in that tub. You know how hotels are." I explain.

You stand there staring as I dry myself.

"Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to take your clothes of for me? I have a use for that thing. I say.

I then gesture towards your cock.

It gives me a little thrill to be so bold about it.

I notice that the height of the counter is just right for some fun. I have a sudden desire for you to take me on the counter.

I sit the towel down on the counter and turn to sit on it. A surprising desire hits you.

I realize that you are very turned on as am I. I want you to fuck me badly.

But I want you to last a little while inside me.

I have you sit down first.

You comply with a mixture of puzzled excitement and anticipation.

I decide to boldly tell you exactly why I am doing this.

"I want you to take me on this counter, but I want you to last a little while. So, I am going to make sure you have a release first. That way, when you recover we can have sex for longer." I say.

I begin to stroke your cock. I spend a little time just enjoying how it feels in my hands then how it feels against my forearm. I want to feel it against me.

So I press it against my belly rubbing it back and forth. I then slide my body along it. Sliding it under my breasts, then finally between them.

I grab my breasts fondling and massaging them. I stroke your cock with them at the same time. I then look up to see how much you are enjoying it.

The look on your face gets me wetter.

I get really into it and am surprised by how good it feels. I realize I can't stay in that half-squatted position for too long though.

Therefore, I grab the trashcan and turn it upside down putting a hand towel over it.

Ah, perfect height.

I stroke you with my hand again and massage your balls. I then lick the underside like a lollipop. My tongue flicks the underside of the head before I take the head into my warm wet mouth.

You gasp in delight, then sigh.

I am surprised to see how much you are enjoying it. I lick, suck and nibble on it. I then start licking your balls.

I stroke your cock as I suck a ball into my mouth and roll it around with my tongue .I then do the same to the other ball before licking the shaft again.

Without realizing it, I am fondling myself too. I fondle my breasts a little before sliding my hand down between my legs.

I am so wet.

I can tell you are getting close. I ask you to warn me before you cum. I continue to stroke and suck your cock.

Your breathing becomes heavier and faster.

"Ok, here it comes.” You say.

I hear you although I could already tell by how it started pulsating in my mouth. I stroke you vigorously until you finally explode.

I hand you a towel so you can clean up.

My cunt is throbbing with wanting and is soaking wet now.

Ordinarily, I would have you return the favor and lick me. But I would rather feel your cock right now.

I make sure that you are cleaned off good and that there is no more cum leaking. I then start to suck your cock again.

You are surprised beyond words. You just sit back and enjoy it.

It doesn't take long for you to start to become hard in my mouth.

I begin to feel it swelling in my mouth. This sends my hand back down between my legs again. I keep at it until you are good and hard.

I then have you stand up and I sit down.

I spread my legs wide for you and tell you to stick it in.

You bring your hand forward guiding your cock to my pussy.

I use both hands to spread my lips wide for you. I am so wet that it doesn't take much effort to work it in.

We look into each other's eyes and smile. It feels so good.

You slowly start to rock your hips. Sliding it in and out. You kiss my neck as you feel how warm I am inside.

My wetness makes it slide smoothly. The pace starts to quicken as our breath changes pace as well.

You fondle my breasts as I can't resist sliding my hand down between my legs to feel us both.

I move my hand so I can look down. I can see everything very clearly. I watch you slide in and out of me. I feel my muscles begin to tighten.

A warm tingly feeling begins to swell from deep within me, and I have my first orgasm.

Just a small one that doesn't satisfy, but instead it intensifies my desire.

I press one hand to my breasts as I fondle my clit with the other. I am mad with passion now. My whole body is alive and energized. It feels so good.

You start pumping faster and harder in response.

I feel myself getting closer. I can feel my pussy clamping down on your cock allowing me to feel its hardness more sharply.

I am almost there and you are at a fever pitch with your own impending orgasm.

Suddenly wave after wave crashes over me as my body convulses with each orgasm.

Your orgasm hits you just as suddenly making you convulse with me.

Finally, you are holding me tight.

We bask in the warm atmosphere of the afterglow gently caressing each other as we hold each other tight with our hearts content.

As the high fades a little I realize that you are still rock hard. To my amazement, I am wanting more.

I look into your eyes seeing the desire and passion still there in me as well. I have a sudden desire to please you and another inspiration hits you.

"That was nice. Now that you have done what I want to do, now its my turn to do whatever you want to do." I say.

And so you do.

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