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One Hot Night Ch. 06

Katie then hangs up the telephone. She finds herself getting quite bored. So she decides to call up Dean and ask him if he wants to come over so she’ll have someone to talk to. Katie grabs her address book and looks up Dean’s telephone number. She looks down at her watch and sees that it is 7:30 p.m. She figures that Dean is probably already home by now. Katie grabs her telephone and punches in Dean’s number. The telephone rings three times before she hears him pick up.

“Hello.” Dean says.

“Hey Dean. This is Katie.” Katie says.

“Hey Katie. What’s up? How are you feeling?” Dean says.

“Nothing much really. I’m feeling just fine. Thanks. I’m just bored.” Katie says.

“Yeah me too. Oh by the way, Kevin is in jail. He’s going to be there for a while.” Dean says.

“Well, he deserves it. I just called to ask you if you would like to come over and hang out with me.” Katie says.

“Yeah, sounds cool. I’ll be right over.” Dean says.

“Okay. I’ll see you when you get here. Bye.” Katie says.

“Bye.” Dean says.

Katie then hangs up the telephone. She gets up off the bed and walks over to her music collection. She picks out some music and plays it on her CD player.
Katie then walks over to her closet. She takes off what she’s got on now and puts on a simple white dress. She then goes into the living room and waits for Dean to show.

Dean hangs up his telephone and grabs his keys. He walks out to his front door and opens it. He then walks out and shuts it behind him. He then walks down the sidewalk and strides slowly to his car. Dean reaches his car and gets in. He then puts the car into reverse then drive. He pulls out of his parking lot and drives to Katie’s apartment. Dean gets on the freeway and turns on his radio, filling his car with music. He drives fast down the freeway and soon comes up onto the exit he needs.

Dean exits the freeway and drives down the side road. He turns left and goes to Katie’s apartment complex. He reaches the complex and pulls into her parking lot. He then finds her apartment and pulls in front of it. He puts his car into park and jumps out. He grabs his keys and puts them in his back pocket. He then walks up the stairs to her apartment. Dean reaches the apartment and knocks on the door. Katie hears someone knocking on her front door and she knows that it is Dean. She gets up out of the chair that she was sitting in and walks to the front door. Katie unlocks it and then opens it. She sees Dean standing there all relaxed.

“Hey Dean. Glad you’re here. Come in.” Katie says.

“Hey Katie. Thanks.” Dean says.

Dean then walks into Katie’s apartment and walks over to her couch. He sits down and makes himself comfortable. Katie closes the door and locks it. She likes to keep it locked for protection since it’s just her living here. Katie then walks over to the couch and sits down next to Dean. They start talking back and forth about different things. Katie then gets a cramp in her leg. She brings her leg and moves it forward. She makes a face because it really hurts.
Dean sits on the couch talking with Katie. He notices that she is making a face like she is in pain. He wonders what’s wrong.

“Are you okay, Katie? You’re making quite a pain face there.” Dean says.

“My leg hurts. I have a cramp in it.” Katie says.

“Well then let me rub it. I have great hands when it comes to relaxing muscles.” Dean says.

“Really. That’s cool. Okay.” Katie says.

Katie then lets her leg relax on the floor.

Dean gets down on the floor near Katie’s leg. He takes his hands and starts massaging her muscle. He works his hands slowly. Katie lets her leg relax fully under Dean’s touch. He really does have a nice touch. Dean rubs Katie’s leg more. He’s glad to see that she is relaxing. He knows that tension is the worst thing for pain. Dean then starts letting his hand run up her leg a little bit higher. He wants to make sure that he gets the whole muscle cramp and that he doesn’t miss any of it.

Katie gets so totally relaxed that she lets her legs spread apart. She doesn’t really think about the fact that Dean is rubbing her leg and that he could easily look up her dress. That he could see her pussy through her panties.
Dean keeps on rubbing Katie’s leg. He keeps his eyes focused on her leg. He soon realizes that Katie has let her legs fall open slightly. He knows that he could easily look up and see her panties. But that thought snaps out of his head quickly. They're friends and he could never do that. Even though she is quite sexy.

Katie lets her eyes look down towards Dean. She watches him as he massages her leg. She notices how handsome he is. With his sandy blond hair and stunning hazel eyes. But Katie suddenly pushes that kind of thought about him out of her mind. They're friends and she could never do that. Dean looks up and notices that Katie is looking at him. He catches her gaze and gets lost in her eyes for about a minute. He then remembers his girlfriend Linda and he looks down.
Katie catches Dean looking at her. She looks back at him. She gets lost in his eyes for a little bit. But then she remembers her boyfriend Jake and she looks away.

“Thanks Dean. My leg feels better now.” Katie says.

“Your welcome Katie. I’m glad.” Dean says.

Dean then gets up off the floor and gets back onto the couch. He sits down.
Katie lets her legs hang freely as she sits on the couch. She looks over at Dean. Dean catches Katie looking at him. He looks back over at her.

“Dean.” Katie says.

“Katie.” Dean says.

“What’s going on between us, Dean?” Katie says.

“I don’t know Katie.” Dean says.

“I have a boyfriend Dean. I shouldn’t be feeling this way.” Katie says.

“I know. I have a girlfriend Katie. What way is that?” Dean says.

“Suddenly attracted to you. Staring at you like this.” Katie says.

“Ah, that way. Would it make you feel better to know I’m sharing the same feeling as you are? I am suddenly attracted to you too.” Dean says.

“Oh Dean.” Katie says.

“Oh god Katie. Hearing you say my name like that. It’s driving me crazy. It’s making me want to take you.” Dean says.

Dean then moves on the couch. He moves closer to Katie so that they are sitting close to each other. He looks into her eyes.

“Dean, are you sure about this? About what we are going to do.” Katie says.

“Yes I am. I am totally sure. Are you?” Dean says.

“I am finding myself having only one answer to that question. And that answer is yes.” Katie says.

Dean then leans in and places his hand on Katie’s leg. He starts moving it upwards. He keeps his eyes on Katie’s the whole time. He can’t believe he’s about to make love to one of his friends. He knows that he probably shouldn’t do this and that it isn’t right. But then he looks at Katie’s breasts pushing up through her dress and that pushes all reason out of his head. Katie feels Dean’s hand on her leg moving upwards. It feels so nice. She knows that she probably shouldn’t do this. But at the moment, she’s not thinking with her brain. She’s letting her pussy think for her and it wants to get pleased by Dean.

Dean then leans in and kisses Katie on the lips. He kisses her softly at first. He’s not sure if she will kiss him back or slap him. He wants to wait to see what she will do before he kisses her again.Katie feels Dean kiss her. She kisses him back letting him know it’s okay and that she wants this. She lets the feeling on his lips on hers linger in her mind.

Dean feels Katie kiss him back. He realizes that she is okay with this which pleases him. Dean then leans in and kisses Katie again. He makes this kiss a little bit stronger than the last one. Dean moves his hand up Katie’s leg more. He knows that he is getting close to her pussy. He wants to know how many men have been there last night and tonight. Katie kisses Dean back and feels his hand move higher on her leg. She spread opens her legs with every feel of his touch. Dean then pulls his lips slightly away from Katie’s and looks into her eyes. He wants to read her eyes as she speaks. He just has to know how many men she has been with already.

“Tell me Katie. How many men have you had in a 48-hour period? How many men have rammed their cock in your pussy. I want to know how slutty you are.” Dean says.

Katie looks up at Dean and knows that he wants to know. He is the first man to ever ask her that question and she is not afraid to answer it. She only hopes it will strive to make him want her more and not turn him off.

“I have had 5 men in two nights. You are my fifth lover. Tell me Dean. Does that turn you off?” Katie says.

“Oh by the contrary, it turns me on. There’s something that I want you to do. When I make love to you tonight, treat me as if I was your first lover. When I enter you, gasp in pleasure and hold on tight.” Dean says.

“Dean, you are like my first lover in a way. I’ve never had sex with a friend. You will be my first in that area.” Katie says.

Dean hears that and looks deep into Katie’s eyes. He can find no words to express how knowing that makes him feel. He just wants to show Katie a fun night and wants to be one of her lovers from now on.

“Dean, say something. I want to know how you feel about that.” Katie says.

“I feel honored and blessed to be the first friend to make love to you. I wish to be the only friend that gets to do that. Will you grant me that wish, darling?” Dean says.

“Oh yes Dean. I will. Make love to me Dean.” Katie says.

“Okay.” Dean says.

Dean then leans down and kisses Katie again. He kisses her harder this time around. Dean moves his hand up higher, reaching her upper thigh. He can feel the heat from Katie’s pussy on his hand. It makes him want to dive in and touch her. Dean then starts stroking Katie’s thigh. He loves how smooth it feels under his hand. The reality of what he is doing finally sinks in and he realizes that he has wanted this all along. This doesn’t feel wrong to him but feels completely right.

Katie feels Dean hand on her thigh and it makes her swoon with pleasure. The reality of what is happening sinks in with her too. She realizes that this feels right. It feels right to be here with Dean in her apartment getting ready to make love to him. Katie brings her hand up and runs it underneath Dean’s shirt. She wants to feel his skin just like he is feeling hers.
Dean feels Katie’s hand on his skin. It feels so warm and it sends thousands of pleasures down his spine. He starts thinking of where he wants to make love to this little hottie. He knows it’s going to happen and he really wants it too.

Katie lets her hand slide onto Dean’s back. She runs it back and forth slowly, feeling his muscles contract. She wants to get her clothes off and ride Dean until sunrise. Dean then decides he wants to make love to Katie in the bedroom. But first he wants to make it special. He has to get off the couch so he can.

“Katie, dear, there’s something I have to do.” Dean says.

Katie gets worried that Dean is thinking about leaving. That he has changed his mind about being with her. She doesn’t want him to run off. She wants him to stay and become one of her permanent lovers.

“What Dean. What do you have to do that is more important that being with me? Don’t you want me?” Katie says.

Dean just chuckles to himself. Dear sweet Katie has no idea that he’s planning a surprise for the both of them. He must tell her that he’s staying around. He has no intentions on leaving her side tonight.

“Katie, I am going to do some things for us. I won’t leave the apartment unless I have to go get an item. I’m not leaving you here alone. Ok?” Dean says.

Katie sighs a breath of relief. She lets her worrisome thoughts disappear.

“Okay Dean.” Katie says.

Dean then gets up off the couch and walks into the bathroom. He looks around for some scented bubble bath. He wants both of them to share an exotic bath together. Dean opens a cabinet door and finds some strawberry scented bubble bath. He grabs it and walks over to the bathtub. He then turns the water on and lets it fill up. He then opens the bottle and pours some of the bubble bath in the bathtub. Dean then turns the water off.

Katie hears Dean in the bathroom. She’s not sure what he is doing but she figures she will find out sooner or later. Katie lies back on the couch and lets herself relax completely. Her body is still sizzling from Dean’s touch.
Dean then walks out of the bathroom. He needs some rose petals so he can make a sensual walkway to their bath. He knows there’s only one place that he can get some and that’s outside the apartment. Dean walks through the living room and grabs the apartment key. He unlocks the door and then opens it. He puts the key down and walks outside.

Katie hears the door open and she wonders why Dean is going outside. She has no idea that he is going to pick some roses and then bring them inside to pick each petal off. She wants to get up and look but decides he’d probably want her to stay where she is. Dean sees some roses and he walks over to them. He reaches in and grabs his pocketknife. He then leans down and cuts four roses.
He puts his knife away and grabs the roses. He then walks back to the apartment.

Dean reaches the door and he walks in. Dean then walks to the bathroom with the roses in his hand. He knows that even if Katie sees them, she’ll have no idea what he is going to do with them. Dean shuts the door behind him with his one free hand. He then flips on the light so he can see what he is doing. Dean then lays the roses down on the counter. He opens the cabinet behind him and grabs a basket.

Dean brings the basket up and shuts the cabinet. He then lays it on the counter next to the roses. Slowly he starts to pull the rose petals off. Dean pulls some more rose petals off and puts them into his hand. He then bends down and starts laying them down on the floor. Dean lays some more roses on the floor. He puts them into a winding pattern. He then starts thinking about what he is going to do next after he gets these rose petals down. The image of what Katie must look like naked enters his mind. He finds that his cock goes from semi-hard to rock hard in minutes.

Dean gets up and goes to the counter. He grabs the rest of the roses and picks the petals off. He then throws the rest of what’s left of the roses away.
Dean then places then all down until he reaches the bathtub. He then puts the rest of rose petals around the tub, decorating it in a sensual fashion.
After Dean gets the roses put down, he decides that he needs some candles to help set the mood. He moves towards the counter and opens it up. He’s searching for some candles and he finds some. They are tucked away in the back and have never been opened.

Dean reaches in and grabs them. He then pulls them out so he could look at them. They are heart shaped and the flavor on the package says they smell like cherries. Dean opens the package and pulls the candles out. He then brings them to the bathtub. He lights each one and places all 12 of them around the tub.
Dean then stands back to admire his work. He likes the scene and he can hardly wait to see Katie nude. Dean then throws the package away. He shuts the cabinet doors and walks to the bathroom door. Dean then opens the door and walks into the living room.

Katie looks up to see Dean in the living room. She thinks that he is so handsome and she can hardly wait to get a taste of him. She has no idea that Dean has decorated the bathtub just for them. Dean hears some music coming from the far corner room. He decides that music would really help out with the mood. So he walks into Katie’s bedroom and finds the radio.

He searches through some CD’s until he finds the song “Let’s Get It On”. He also finds the song “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right”. He decides that the second song would be appropriate for their bathtub interlude.

Dean takes the CD and puts it into the CD player. The CD goes in and Dean pushes play. He turns the volume up really high. Dean then walks back into the living room and looks over at Katie. He wonders if she has any idea he’s near her or even looking at her. Katie hears the song “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right”. She realizes that Dean put the song on. She is not sure why, but she’ll find out why soon. Dean walks up slowly to Katie. He takes off his shirt and throws it on the floor behind her. He then pulls his shoes off. Dean then pulls off his pants and boxers.

“Katie, turn around if you want to see something hot.” Dean says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

Katie then sits up on the couch. She turns around, not sure of what she is going to see. Dean stands there nude waiting for Katie to look at him. He hopes that she think he looks handsome without his clothes on. Katie focuses her eyes. She looks straight at Dean and notices that he is nude. She almost falls off the couch. She stares at his body up and down. He is a true hunk.

“Oh Dean. You are such a hunk.” Katie says.

Dean gets a little taken back by that compliment. He just thought that she would say he was handsome. He’s never been called a hunk before.

“Come closer to me, handsome. Let me get my body wrapped around you. I want you Dean.” Katie says.

“Oh Katie, I want you too. I have a special surprise for you. Strip off your clothes and come with me. I’ll be waiting for you at our special place.”

Dean then walks towards the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom, turns off the light, and waits for Katie to join him. Katie jumps up off the couch and strips her clothes off in a hurry. She then walks to where she saw Dean go which is the bathroom. Katie walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind her. She notices that it is dark but she can see some light ahead of her.

Dean sees Katie walking towards him. He stares at her nude body and is blown away by her beauty. He then gets into the bathtub and moves back so Katie can have some room. Katie moves closer into the bathroom. She reaches to where the tub is and notices that Dean has put some roses down. She also sees some candles and realizes that he has made this a sensual scene. It makes her want to be with him more.

“Come join me in the tub, beautiful. It’s quite lonesome in here without you.” Dean says.

Katie starts walking towards the bathtub. She reaches the tub and gets in. She then sits down and looks straight at Dean.

“Ah, this water feels so good.” Katie says.

“Oh yeah, it sure does. But I just bet you would feel better.” Dean says.

Dean then takes his hand and brings it towards Katie. He wants to pull her on top of him. Katie sees Dean’s hand extended towards her and she grabs on to it. She starts moving close to Dean. Dean pulls Katie his way and notices that she is moving towards him. He stares into her eyes and gets lost in them. Katie stands up and moves her body over Dean’s. She reaches down and feels for his legs. She finds them and sits down on his lap. Dean wants to get more comfortable so he moves forward in the tub. He then stretches his legs out.
Katie takes her legs and wraps them around Dean’s waist. She then takes her arms and wraps them around his back. The whole time she looks into his eyes.

“Katie.” Dean whispers.

“Dean.” Katie whispers.

“I’m going to kiss you. Stop me if you don’t want to continue.” Dean says.

Dean takes his arms and wraps them around Katie’s back. He then starts running his hands up and down her back. This is like a dream to him. Being in a bathtub with a beautiful woman. He would surely leave Linda for Katie if she asked him too. Katie brings her mouth close to Dean’s. She brings her hands up and runs them on his back. She knows that if she asked him to be her man, he would be. The same goes for her. If Dean asked her to be his woman, she would. She would surely leave Jake for him.

Dean moves his mouth in close to Katie’s. He’s ready to kiss her, to touch her body all over. He’s ready to bury his hard cock into her pussy, to seal this sensual act. Just then the telephone rings in Katie’s bedroom. Dean moves in and plants his mouth on Katie’s. He starts kissing her passionately. He lets his hands run from her back to her front. Dean then grabs onto Katie’s breasts.

Katie kisses Dean back. She feels his hands on her breasts, grabbing. His hands feel so good. Katie brings her hands from his back to his front. She then runs them down his chest. She finds his nipples and starts massaging them. Katie’s too busy with Dean to answer it so she lets the answering machine get it.

“Hey Katie. This is Jake. I just wanted to call you to say I miss you. Can I come over and spend some time with you? Call me back and let me know. I love you. Bye.”

The answering machine records the message and then saves it automatically.

Dean feels Katie’s hands on his nipples. He’s never had that done to him before. It feels really good. Dean brings his hands around and starts massaging Katie’s nipples. He knows that they probably are quite sensitive right now because she is aroused. Katie feels Dean’s hands on her nipples. She wants to get out of this bathtub and go to the bed. She wants him to make love to her right now. She is so horny and wants him so much.

Katie pulls her mouth away from Dean’s to tell him.

“Dean, oh Dean. Let’s go to the bedroom. Take me to the bed. Make love to me.” Katie says.

Dean hears that and he just has to respond.

“Gladly, Katie. I’m ready to make you my woman. Are you ready to become my woman?” Dean says.

“Yes Dean, I am.” Katie says.

Katie then gets up off Dean. She moves her hands and steps out of the tub. She then walks into the other half of the bathroom. Dean gets out of the tub next. He unplugs the tub and lets the water run out. He then blows out 10 of the candles. He grabs the other two. Dean then walks into the other part of the bathroom. He holds onto both of the candles. He then hands one to Katie and keeps the other one for himself. They will help light the way. Katie takes the candle and looks into Dean’s eyes. She can see the lust he has for her within.

“Let’s go to our bed, Katie.” Dean says.

“Yes, let’s.” Katie says.

Katie then turns around and opens the door with her free hand. She walks out of the bathroom into the living room. Dean walks out of the bathroom next. He shuts the door behind him and walks up to Katie. Katie then blows her candle out. She walks to the bedroom and sits her candle down on her table. She then goes over to the bed and lays down on it.

Dean walks into the bedroom next. He blows out his candle. He then sits it next to Katie’s. Dean then turns around and shuts the door behind them. He locks it and starts walking towards the bed. Katie watches Dean as he walks towards her. She decides she wants to give him a view of her goods. Katie takes her legs and opens them wide. She brings her hands down and spreads open her lips. Dean literally stops in his tracks when he sees what Katie is doing. He lets his eyes move downward and sees her pussy for the first time. He sees her clit exposed and smells her juices.

“Oh Katie. Your pussy is so juicy looking. You are so inciting. I am going to make this a time you’ll never forget.” Dean says.

“I am so glad that you like what you see before you Dean. It’s all for you. It’s for you to taste, to smell, to touch, and to fuck.” Katie says.

Dean then walks over and stops the CD. He pulls it out and puts the other CD in. The CD goes in and Dean pushes play.

The song “Let’s Get It On” fills the room.

Dean then walks fast to the bed. He starts mouthing the words to Katie. He then stands in front of their bed and does a little sexy dance for her. Katie watches as Dean dances for her. She lets go of her pussy lips and moves her hands away. She is so ready to get his cock inside of her. Katie lets her eyes move up and down Dean’s body taking in every handsome delicious inch.
Dean then stops dancing and moves over to the bed. He sits down and scoots close to Katie. He then brings his hand over and lays it on her leg.

Katie looks at Dean. She can feel his hand on her leg. She realizes that they are starting from where they left off on the couch. Katie then brings her hand and places it on Dean’s leg. She starts moving it upwards towards his cock. But she’s taking it slowly. Dean looks down and watches Katie’s hand as she moves it up his leg. He wants her to touch him everywhere, especially in the place that’s forbidden between friends.

However, they are not just friends anymore. They are lovers.

Dean lets his hand start to move up on Katie’s leg. He moves it from her lower thigh to her upper thigh. He wants to get as close as possible to her pussy without actually touching it just yet. Katie feels Dean’s hand moving closer to her pussy. She wants him to touch her, to feel the burning desire inside. But she knows they are taking it slowly. For all they have done so far is kiss, take a bath together, and stroke each other’s legs. Dean then moves his hand up higher. He can feel the heat from her pussy again. Only this time her pussy is uncovered and is much hotter.

Katie brings her hand up higher. She brings it up towards Dean’s cock. She figures since she’s this close, she might as well go ahead and take a feel.
Katie brings her hand up higher and lets it brush against Dean’s cock. She then reaches down and grabs it slightly, letting go quickly. Dean closes his eyes when he feels Katie’s hand on his cock. Just the quick brush of her hand has him sweating with a burning up lust fever for her. He just wants to throw her down and fuck her.

Katie sees the reaction on Dean’s face and she knows she just gave him some good pleasure. Katie then moves her hand and lies down on the bed. She rests her head against the pillows. Katie then gets an idea. She wonders if Dean would mind if she were to film their making love encounter. She would keep the tape just for herself and would give him a copy.

“Dean, baby, can I ask you a question?” Katie says.

“Sure. What it is?” Dean says.

“Well I was wondering if you would mind if I were to film this encounter between us. I would only make one copy of the tape. It would be for you to have to remember tonight. If you’re uncomfortable, I’ll completely understand.” Katie says.

“Katie, I would love to be filmed while I made love to you. Roll the camera, baby.” Dean says.

“Well Dean you’ll have to push the button for the camera.” Katie says.

“Okay. Where is it?” Dean says.

“On the wall.” Katie says.

Dean then gets up and finds the camera. He turns it on and it starts filming from that moment on. Dean then walks back to the bed. He gets on the bed and lies down next to Katie. He then brings his hand up and starts stroking her body slowly.

“Oh Dean. Your hand feels so incredibly good.” Katie says.

Dean smiles and continues with his hand. He moves it around her neck and then down towards her chest. He wants to avoid her breasts and pussy because he wants to make Katie steaming hot before he touches her most prized possessions.
Katie lays back in pleasure as she feels Dean’s hand running on her body. She has never felt so good before. Dean moves his hand down her chest and then brings it down to her hips. He traces the outline of her hips softly. He then brings his hand close to her pussy.

Dean takes his hand and traces the very outline of her hot little lovebox. He wants to dive in with his mouth and lick her until he can lick no more. The smell of her juices are truly intoxicating. Katie lifts her head slightly so she can watch Dean. She watches as he traces the outline of her pussy. She wants him to pull her lips apart and go to work. The burning desire she feels in there is almost too much to bear.

“Dean, please lick me with your tongue. Please help release this pleasure prison I’m in right now. I need to feel you there.” Katie pleads.

Dean hears Katie. He wants to help her out so much. But he also wants to build up her passion to the breaking point.

“Oh don’t worry Katie. I will. But first I want to make you hotter than you are right now. I want to make you steaming hot. So hot that if I was to pour some water on you, it would sizzle.” Dean says.

“Dean, I’m afraid I’m already at that point. I’m so hot for you now that it’s burning inside. Take a feel for yourself and you’ll find out.” Katie says.

“Oh darling. I’m sure you are about to burst with lust for me. But I want to build it up as high as it can go.” Dean says.

Dean then traces Katie’s pussy one more time before moving his hand. He realizes that if he plans on continuing with his hand exploration, he better stroke elsewhere. Dean then moves his hand down her leg, tracing her inner leg.
Katie lays her head back down on the pillow. She lets her entire body relax. She knows that Dean will get around to licking her and then making love to her. She just has to be patient. Dean traces his hand down Katie’s leg the rest of the way. He then comes to her foot. He brings his hand up and traces each one of her toes. He plans on kissing every inch of her body that he has touched after he gets done with his hand exploration.

Dean moves his hand from one foot to the other. He does the same thing to it. Dean then moves his hand up Katie’s other leg. He traces the whole leg, even the inner thigh. Dean then approaches her pussy again. This time he has a different view of it. It looks so tasty and is calling to him.

Dean lets his eyes focus on Katie’s pussy. He closes his eyes and fantasizes of how warm it must be. He can hardly wait to find out. Dean then moves his hand pass Katie’s pussy and runs it back up towards her neck. He traces her chest, then her neck. He looks down at her as he comes close to her lips. She is so beautiful to him.

Dean then brings his hand up to Katie’s mouth. He traces her lips with his fingers. He then moves his hand away and kisses her. Katie feels Dean’s hand touching her body. It’s making her so hot. Katie then feel Dean’s hand move away. She wonders what’s happening when suddenly she feels his lips on hers. She feels him kiss her and she kisses back.

Dean feels Katie kiss him back. Now it is the time for him to do his mouth exploration. He’s going to kiss every inch of her body except for her pussy and breasts. Dean moves his lips from Katie’s. He then moves down and kisses her neck. He then kisses her chest.

“Oh Dean, baby. Your lips feel so good.” Katie says.

Dean then kisses his way down from her chest to her hips. He kisses her hips and then comes to her pussy. He stops and pulls away. He wants to make this kiss very special. Dean figures out in his head how he wants to do this.
Dean moves down and places his lips on the outside of Katie’s pussy. He then kisses the whole way around, feeling her hips jump up with excitement. Dean then extends his tongue out and licks the whole way around.

“Oh my god, Dean!” Katie cries out.

Katie can’t believe what Dean is doing to her. She never before has had the outside of her pussy licked. It feels really good. Dean hears Katie call out his name. He loves hearing his name said by her. It sounds so breathy and so sexy. Dean traces her pussy once more with his tongue. Dean then moves his mouth downwards. He kisses Katie’s legs both outer and inner. He then kisses them all the way down to her ankles. Dean then keeps on kissing Katie. He kisses her ankles and then moves to her feet. He pulls his mouth away slightly. There’s something that he wants to do but Katie has to ask for it.

Katie looks down and sees Dean near her feet. There’s something that she’s never had done before and that had her toes sucked. She’s heard about it but that’s about it. She then decides she wants Dean to do it.

“Suck on my toes, Dean.” Katie says.

Dean hears Katie ask for it. He knows he can’t deny her any kind of pleasure. So Dean moves forward with his head. He brings his mouth down to her toes and sucks them into his mouth.

“Oh yes Dean. Mmm, just like that.” Katie says.

Dean sucks on her toes a little bit more. He then moves his mouth and brings it over to her other foot. He does the same thing to it that he just did a while ago. Dean then moves his mouth out of Katie’s foot. He kisses his way back up her other leg. Doing all of this has made him hot. He doesn’t know if he can stand it if Katie decides to repay the favor. He might just cum all over her.
Dean kisses Katie’s leg and then her hips. He then kisses her chest and her neck. Before he knows it, he’s up near her mouth again. Katie turns her head and looks over at Dean. She decides in 5 seconds that she wants to repay the favor. She wants to touch and kiss Dean’s body now.

“Lay down baby. It’s my turn.” Katie says.

Dean groans softly. He just prays he doesn’t cum before he’s supposed to. He wants to cum inside of her not all over her. Dean then moves and lies down on the bed. He’s not sure what to do with his arms so he places them behind his head. Katie then moves. She goes over and stops the CD. She then changes it over to the song “Naughty Girl”. Katie puts the CD in the player and pushes close. She then pushes play and the song fills the room. Katie then walks over to the bed. She gets on the bed and sits on it. She goes up to Dean’s mouth. She brings her hand forward and traces his lips. She then moves down and traces his neck. Katie then reaches over and traces Dean’s ears. She feels him shudder when she touches him there.

Dean feels Katie’s hand tracing his ears. She has no idea that his ears are extremely sensitive. He didn’t even know himself until now. Katie moves her hand down from his ears to his chest. He runs little circles through his chest hair. She then brings her hand over and traces it along his nipples.

“Oh yeah Katie. You are so my naughty girl.” Dean says.

“Yes that I am. You are my naughty boy.” Katie says.

“Oh yeah. I’m the nastiest naughtiest baddest boy just for you baby.” Dean says.

Katie then moves her hand down. She traces it down his chest and comes close to his hard cock. She sees it standing up for her and she wants to suck it so badly. Katie decides though that she is going to wait. She figures that it is only fair since he hasn’t licked her pussy yet. Dean feels Katie’s hand near his cock. He wants her to suck it deep into her throat and prove to him that she is a slut.

“Suck my cock, you slut.” Dean says.

“Oh don’t worry baby. I will but only after you service me.” Katie says.

Dean realizes that he can’t wait anymore. He has to have her right now. The lust is built up to high to wait. Dean brings his arms up and grabs Katie. He lifts her up and lays her down on the bed. He then rolls his body over.
Katie gets quite surprised when she finds herself on the bed in a laying down position again. She realizes that Dean must have picked her up and laid her here. She looks over at him and sees the lust shining in his eyes. Katie feels the lust shine in her eyes back at him. She opens her legs wide to allow him to crawl between them and lay on top of her.

“Dean, come lay your body on top of mine. Cover me up fully.” Katie says.

Dean doesn’t say anything. He just sits up and moves over to Katie. He then lays his entire body down on top of hers. He makes sure that his cock is rubbing against Katie’s pussy. Dean then leans down and kisses Katie. He f***es her mouth open with his tongue and shoves his tongue in. The lust has gotten him feeling like such a naughty bad boy. Since Katie called him hers, he sure in the hell going to act like it.

Katie feels Dean french kiss her. She has noticed that he went from being gentle to being bad. She really likes it. Katie kisses Dean back, shoving her tongue into his mouth. Katie then reaches around with her hand and finds Dean’s ass. She grabs onto his ass and squeezes hard. Dean then pulls his mouth away from Katie’s. He feels Katie’s hand on his ass squeezing. He knows that she will want to hold her grip on it when she feels what he is about to do.

“Oh Katie. Your hand feels so good on my ass.” Dean says.

Dean then reaches down and grabs Katie’s legs. He wraps them around his waist one at a time. He then thrusts his cock into her pussy. He finds that she is very wet. Katie squeezes Dean’s ass some more. Suddenly she feels his cock go into her pussy. It feels so good to her to have something filling her up. But it feels even better to have her best friend/lover’s cock in her.

“Oh yes Dean!” Katie cries out.

Dean starts thrusting his cock hard into Katie’s pussy. He knows that he hasn’t licked her yet and he intends to make her cum. He just wants to fuck her for a while to see how it feels. And right now it feels fucking incredibly fantastic. Definitely the tightest pussy he’s ever been in before. Dean really enjoys how wet she is. He finds himself never wanting to leave this pussy ever. He finds himself wanting to be with Katie all the time just so he can fuck her.

“Oh Dean, shove your cock deeper into me baby.” Katie cries out.

“Oh yeah. I’m going do that right now baby. I’m going to go so deep that you won’t believe it.” Dean says.

Dean then brings his cock out leaving just the head in her pussy. He then thrusts forward hard letting his cock slide deep into her pussy.

“Oh my god.” they both cry out in unison.

Katie lifts her legs. She brings them up towards the ceiling. Katie then starts fucking Dean’s cock with her pussy.

“Oh yeah Katie. Fuck my cock with your pussy. That feels so good baby.” Dean says.

Dean fucks Katie’s pussy for a little bit more. Then he realizes that he needs to make his girl cum. So he pulls his cock out slowly. Katie feels Dean pull his cock out. She is not really sure why and she doesn’t really want him to leave her pussy. Dean then moves off Katie’s body. He gets on his knees and gets his face in between her legs. Dean then moves forward getting closer to Katie’s pussy.

Katie looks down and sees Dean’s face in between her legs. She realizes that he is going to eat her out and she feels her pussy swell with major excitement.
Dean licks his lips ready to taste her. He then brings his hands forward and pulls her outer lips apart. He is greeted with a swollen clit and a bunch of juices. He just wants to lick them all up until there are no more.

Dean then extends his tongue out and runs it along Katie’s clit. He has never really done this before. He’s actually only did it once and it wasn’t that good. But he has a feeling that this experience with Katie will be good.
Katie looks down and watches Dean. She brings her hands down and runs them through his hair. She wants him to lick her pussy hard and fast. She has no idea that this is only his second time to do this. Dean moves his mouth away quickly because he feels that Katie has the right to know.

“Katie baby, there’s something I need to tell you. Yours is the second pussy I’ve ever licked. The first one I did that too wasn’t very good. I’ve tasted your pussy already and I find it to be sweet. I do want to lick you. I just don’t want to do it wrong and disappoint you.” Dean says.

Katie hears what Dean says. She had no idea. She feels the need to respond.

“Dean, it’s okay. I don’t mind. Just take your time. You can never disappoint me, love. Whether you lick me slow or fast it doesn’t really matter. All that matters that is that you please me there. I promise I won’t criticize.” Katie says.

“Yes Katie, I know. But I also know that you have had some men before me here in this pussy tonight. I know you have been licked before now. I just want to live up to your expectations.” Dean says.

“Oh Dean, my sweet Dean. I don’t have any expectations. I just want to enjoy my pussy with your tongue and lick me to your heart’s content. No matter how you do it, I will enjoy it.” Katie says.

Dean hears what Katie says. He is so glad to know that she doesn’t care about things not being perfect. He just hopes he can lick her to at least one orgasm. Hopefully he’ll give her multiple orgasms. Dean brings his head back down and extends his tongue out more. He then runs it along Katie’s clit. He gets a good taste of her and he wants more. He hungers for more. Dean then licks her clit more.

“Oh Dean. That feels so good. Your hot tongue feels so good licking my wet pussy.” Katie says.

Katie closes her eyes and lets herself get lost in Dean. He’s licking her pussy so good right now that she feels like she is in heaven. Dean really enjoys the taste of Katie. Her pussy tastes like a sweet fine wine or candy. He could just spend the rest of his life doing this to her. Dean stiffens his tongue out and licks Katie’s clit with hard strokes. He figures she might like it.

“Oh fuck Dean. I love that. Lick me like that more.” Katie says.

Dean hears Katie and he knows for sure now that she loves it. He finds himself loving it too. Dean licks Katie’s pussy more with even harder strokes. He wants to make her cum all over his tongue.

“Oh yeah Dean. Mmmm oh yeah.” Katie says.

Katie thrusts her pussy against Dean’s tongue lustfully. She wants to cum soon. She needs to cum soon. Dean feels Katie thrust her pussy against his tongue. He loves how it feels. Having her fuck his tongue. He wants to lick her pussy elsewhere. Dean moves his mouth away from her clit. He then pushes her legs further apart and sticks his tongue inside of her sweetness. Dean then starts fucking her pussy with his eager tongue.

“Fuck Dean. Oh yes baby. That’s right. Fuck my pussy with that tongue. Make me scream. Make me shake. Make me cum all over you.” Katie says.

Dean holds onto Katie’s legs tightly as he shoves his tongue into her pussy more. He finds he really likes fucking her sweet little pussy with his tongue.
He moves one of his hands and brings it to her ass. He finds another hole he wants to lick and tongue fuck. But first he wants to make her cum. Katie has never felt her pussy being eaten out so good before. Dean must be like the greatest pussy eater in the entire world. She has to keep him around whenever she needs to be licked.

Katie then feels Dean run his hand around her ass. She jumps up slightly because it feels real good. She wants him to fuck her there. She knows he’ll be able to stay hard. Dean licks Katie’s pussy harder. He’s ready for her to cum so he can fuck her some more. His cock is so rock hard right now that he could hurt someone with it. It aches to be in her pussy. Katie feels her orgasm come on as Dean licks her pussy. She wants him to concentrate on her clit so she can come hard.

“Oh Dean baby please lick my clit. Lick it hard. Lick it fast. Make me cum. I’m so close.” Katie says.

Dean then quickly moves his tongue out of Katie’s fuckhole. He brings his tongue up to Katie’s clit and starts licking fast wanting to taste her come.

“Oh yeah Dean. That’s it baby. Oh yes, I’m getting so close. Oh my god, it’s happening. Lick it all up baby. Don’t waste a drop.” Katie screams out.

Dean licks Katie’s clit harder and faster. He can feel her shaking and he grabs onto her hips. He holds them down while he licks. He doesn’t want her to move an inch. Katie feels her orgasm approach and then push it’s way over the edge. The way that Dean is licking her is causing her to have small mini orgasms inside of her big one. She just knows that when they are done that she’s going to have trouble walking. Dean licks Katie’s clit hungrily tasting her sweet female come as it pours out. He licks with long powerful strokes. He can feel her clit shaking and throbbing. He swears he can feel Katie have a multi-orgasmic time right here on the bed.

Katie lets out a long line of pleasurable screams during her multi orgasms. She never thought she could feel this way before. She still wants to have her nipples licked and sucked on to see if she can come again that way.Katie then stops coming. She looks down at Dean.

“Baby, come up here. I want you to suck on my big tits and see if you can make me cum again.” Katie says.

“Okay Katie. I would love to. I love to see you come.” Dean says.

Dean then moves from in between Katie’s legs. He stands up and walks over to Katie. He then gets back down on his knees. He leans over and starts licking Katie’s nipples feeling how hard they are. Dean licks Katie’s nipples with long strokes. Just like he licked her pussy. He really wants to see if he can make his lover come again for him before he fucks her hard.

“Oh yes baby. Lick my nipples just like that. Oh god Dean you always know how to please me.” Katie says.

Dean then stops licking and starts sucking. He sucks on Katie’s nipple hard loving how it feels in his mouth. He wishes he could get some milk to squirt out. He would really love to taste some of her own special mix of milk.
Katie brings her hand down and runs it through Dean’s hair. She is so glad that he is her lover tonight. She feels like he can make things happen to her that no other man can. Not even her boyfriend Jake.

Katie starts feeling a new sensation come over her. It’s like one she’s never felt before. It’s a warm sensation like she is coming but she knows it’s not that. Suddenly she realizes it’s coming from her breasts.

Dean grabs onto Katie’s tit and sucks her nipple harder. He doesn’t know that at this very second Katie is having a new feeling come over her as he sucks away. He doesn’t know he’s about to be greeted with a stream of warm milk.
Katie feels this sensation building quicker every second. Suddenly she feels something very warm come out of her nipple. She feels it squirt into Dean’s mouth.

Dean keeps on sucking when suddenly he tastes something warm in his mouth. He realizes it is milk. This makes him really excited because he just realized he can make Katie lactate. Dean pulls his mouth away quickly so he can say something to her.

“Mmm baby. Your milk tastes so good in my mouth. I’m going to suck it down till there’s no more.” Dean says.

Dean then goes back to sucking on Katie’s nipple. The harder he sucks the more milk he is greeted with. Katie is the only girl that he knows that can do this.
Just this alone makes him want to stay with her and never leave. Katie can’t believe this is happening. She never thought she could lactate without being pregnant. But she’s finding out now she was wrong. It just took the right lover to make her milk squirt out.

Dean keeps on sucking on Katie’s nipple. This by far has been one of the hottest nights he’s ever experienced. He doesn’t want it to ever end.
Dean then moves his mouth off her nipple. He moves his mouth over and latches on to the other one. He starts sucking her nipple, tasting the milk that is squirting out. He doesn’t want any other man to have this treat. But he knows he doesn’t have to worry since he is the only one that can do this to her.

Katie feels her pussy burn with hot desire as Dean licks her nipples. She finds that having milk squirt out of them is a huge turn on for her. She knows that she’s going to come soon. Katie then feels an extremely big orgasm come on. It is so powerful that she has to grip onto the bed. Her orgasm sends ten thousand waves of pleasure all over her.

“Dean, oh Dean I’m coming. Oh yes! Keep on sucking my tits baby. Taste all of my milky sweetness. Then come fuck me. Fuck me hard in the pussy and then fuck me even harder in the ass.” Katie says.

Dean sucks on Katie’s tit harder. He decides he wants to suck them both at the same time. So he quickly moves his mouth off her tit. He then grabs both of her breasts and brings the nipples close together. He then sucks both of them into his mouth.

“Oh Dean! Oh yes baby!” Katie cries out.

Katie is really enjoying the feeling of having her tits sucked as she cums. She reaches down with one of her hands and starts rubbing her clit. She wants to feel herself come on her hand. Dean sucks Katie’s nipples harder and harder. He swallows all of the milk that is squirting out as he feels her come. He looks down and sees Katie rubbing her clit. That makes him so much hotter.
Katie feels her clit throb under her fingers. She finds herself rubbing as hard as she can while all the while she sceams out Dean’s name.

“Oh Dean! You’re making me come so good baby. I can hardly wait to have you fuck me.” Katie says.

Dean hears Katie and that just makes him suck faster. He sucks all of the milk down that he can. Katie then starts coming down off her orgasm. She slows down her rubbing and lets the feelings run through her. Dean slows down his sucking when he feels Katie’s orgasm start to subside. He doesn’t want to stop until she tells him too. Katie feels her orgasm go away. She pulls her hand away and brings it up to her mouth. She then opens her mouth and sticks her fingers in, licking off the juices. Katie then pulls her hand out.

“Dean fuck me now please baby. I need you to fuck me.” Katie says.

Dean pulls his mouth away from Katie’s breasts. He stands up and moves down her body. He then gets on top of her. He brings his cock forward and shoves it in.
Dean then starts fucking Katie hard. He pounds Katie’s pussy hard and fast. He loves how her pussy feels on his cock. How warm and smooth it feels when he slides in.

“Dean, fuck me harder.” Katie says.

“How hard do you want me to fuck you baby?” Dean says.

“Really fucking hard baby. So hard that my pussy can’t help but cling to your cock. Fuck me harder than any man has every fucked me tonight.” Katie says.

“Oh god Katie. You are such a slut. I love fucking you and making you more of one.” Dean says.

Dean then really starts to thrust his cock hard into Katie’s pussy. He uses all of his energy to fuck her. But he doesn’t want this to be the only hole he fucks tonight. He wants some of that ass. Katie reaches up and lightly squeezes her breasts as Dean fucks her. She doesn’t want to squeeze to hard because she doesn’t want any milk to come flying out. Dean fucks Katie’s pussy a little bit more. He then stops.

“Turn over baby. I want to fuck that ass.” Dean says.

Katie gets excited thinking about Dean fucking in her the ass. She wastes no time sitting up on the bed. She then gets on her hand and knees. Dean comes up behind her. He pushes her legs apart f***efully and moves in between them. He then brings his finger up and finds her asshole. He starts running his finger around it. Katie grabs onto her tits harder as she feels Dean play with her ass. She wants to feel his cock in her ass stretching her to the limit.
Dean then brings his finger in closer. He pulls apart her asscheeks with one hand. He then takes his other hand and starts pushing his finger in. He can’t help but watch as Katie’s ass opens up and takes it in.

“Oh god yes Dean. Finger my ass baby. Get it ready for that big cock.” Katie says.

Hearing Katie say that drives Dean wild. He pushes his finger in all the way. He then takes another finger and pushes it in next to the other one. He literally cums right there on the spot as he watches Katie’s ass take his fingers in. Katie feels Dean’s fingers inside of her ass. They feel so good. She loves being touched like this. It makes her feel so kinky and bad. She starts moving her ass up and down on his fingers, fucking herself with them.

“Oh yeah baby. Use that sweet ass on my fingers. Ride them like you are riding my cock. I’m going to push them deeper into you.” Dean says.

Dean then pushes his fingers deep into Katie’s ass. He pushes them as deep as he can get them to go. He can feel her ass muscles stretch around them as he fingers her sweet ass. Katie starts riding Dean’s fingers hard. She closes her eyes and fantasizes that it is his cock inside of her. She wants that so badly that she doesn’t know if she can wait anymore.

Dean feels his cock get harder every second that he pumps his fingers in and out of Katie’s ass. He’s ready to fuck her there. Dean pulls his fingers out and stares at the beautiful gaping hole that has formed with Katie’s asshole.
Dean then moves off the bed quickly. He searches all the drawers until he finds two items. One is some anal lube and the other is a pair of handcuffs. He wants to add a little bit of kink to this sex. Dean then grabs the items and brings them to the bed. He goes up towards Katie’s head and grabs onto her arms. He then puts them onto the headboard where he locks her wrists up in the handcuffs.

Once he has her wrists secured he moves back towards her ass. He then gets in between her spread legs. He wants to see how wet she has become.

Katie finds her excitement growing as she feels Dean handcuff her to the bed. She too likes this kind of kink. It makes the juices drip from her pussy.
Dean reaches under Katie and finds her pussy. He then shoves his fingers hard into her pussy. He can feel that she is very wet and that excites him.
Dean pulls his hand out and brings it to his mouth. He sticks his fingers into his mouth and he licks the juices off. Dean then takes his hand out of his mouth. He grabs the lube and opens it up. He then pours some of the lube onto Katie’s ass. He puts the lube down. He then takes his hand and massages the lube into her ass. Katie feels something cold go onto her ass. She realizes that it is lube. She then feels Dean’s hand massaging it in. The feeling of his hand alone makes her cum.

“Dean, please fuck me now baby. Ram that cock into my ass!” Katie says.

Dean keeps on massaging. He feels Katie cum and that just fuels his fire. He takes his hand and lubes up his cock. He then moves his hand and lines up his cock with her ass.

“Ready to get this sweet little tight ass of yours fucked, bitch?” Dean says.

“Yes!” Katie says.

“Here I come baby. Coming to fuck you.” Dean says.

Dean then slides his cock into’s Katie’s ass. He moans loudly as it slides in deep.

“Oh yeah baby. That ass feels so good.” Dean says.

Dean then slides his cock in more. He wants it to go deep. Dean starts pumping Katie’s ass. He reaches underneath her and grabs her tits. He starts squeezing them hard. Katie feels an extreme amount of pleasure as Dean fucks her. His cock feels so good in her ass. She pulls against her restraints as she thrusts her ass against Dean’s cock. Dean hears Katie pulls against her restraints. Doing that makes her a very naughty girl to him and naughty girls have to get punished. Dean brings his hand up and slaps Katie’s ass. He then starts pumping his cock harder into her. He doesn’t care if he hurts her. She’s the best fuck he’s ever had.

“Tell me you like this. Tell me you love having your tight ass stuffed with my big cock. Tell me bitch or I’m going to take it out.” Dean says.

“I fucking love this baby. I love having that big cock in my tight little ass. I want you to fuck me hard. So hard that you practically rip me open.” Katie says.

“Oh god your such a little slut. Sluts like you deserve to get fucked hard and that’s actually what I’m going to do.” Dean says.

Dean then really starts pounding Katie’s ass hard. He grabs onto her hips and grinds his whole cock into her. He feels himself getting ready to cum.
Dean pumps harder and harder. He wants to cum all right. But he decides he wants to cum on her. Katie pulls against her restraints more as Dean fucks her extremely hard. She feels her orgasm coming on.

“I’m getting close to coming baby.” Dean says.

“Me too baby.” Katie says.

Dean then pumps his cock as hard as he can. He feels his come rise from his balls to his cock ready to shoot. Katie feels her orgasm come on faster as Dean fucks her even harder now. She grinds her clit against the bed, which causes stimulation. She then comes hard.

“Oh god baby. I’m coming. Yes oh yes!” Katie screams out.

Dean feels Katie come and he knows it’s time to pull out so he can cover her body with his come. Dean lets go of Katie’s hips and pulls his cock out.
Dean then gets off the bed. He goes up and undoes Katie’s cuffs quickly. He turns her over and starts stroking his cock hard. He wants to cum all over her face and tits.

Katie feels Dean pull his cock out of her. She then feels him turn her over onto her back. She lays there not really sure what to expect. Dean strokes his cock harder and faster. He can feel the cum running faster to the head of his cock. He looks at Katie while he does it.

“Look at me Katie. Look at me while I spray my manly cum all over your face and tits. Are you ready for that baby?” Dean says.

Katie looks up at Dean and sees him stroking his big cock. She gets really excited thinking about being covered in his cum. She sits up and pushes her body towards him.

“Cover me baby. I’m ready. Splash that cum all over me.” Katie says.

“Okay baby. Here it comes. Oh god yes Katie!” Dean says.

Dean pumps harder and faster. Suddenly his cum shoots out in a big stream. It lands all over Katie’s face and her tits.

“Ahh baby! So fucking good to be coming on you.” Dean says.

Katie squeals happily when she feels Dean’s come shoot all over her. Some of it lands in her mouth and she swallows it down. The rest hits her face and her tits. She looks down to see the cum drip off her body. Dean shoots two more long streams of cum. He then feels his cock go limp in his hands. He lets go of his cock and looks at Katie. The sight of her covered in his cum is so hot.

Katie then brings her hands up. She brings her hands to her tits and she starts rubbing his cum into her skin, giving herself a cum bath. She loves everything about Dean’s cum. The way it smells, the way it tastes. Dean stands back and watches Katie. He finds what she is doing right now so very hot. He knows that they will probably have to take a shower together to get the smell off.
But right now he wants to revel in this moment. The moment that he fucked one of his best friends. Katie finishes rubbing the cum in. She then pulls her hand away. She summons Dean over to the bed.

“Come hold me baby. I want to feel your strong arms around me.” Katie says.

Dean wastes no time walking over to Katie. He gets on the bed with her. He then helps push her forward so he can sit against the headboard and she can sit in between his legs. Katie feels Dean push her forward slightly on the bed. She scoots up some. This has been one of the hottest nights that she has encountered in quite a few hours now. Dean gets in behind Katie and sits against the headboard. He then reaches up and places his hands on Katie’s slender hips. He pulls her softly back towards him.

Katie feels Dean pull her back towards him. She helps out by pushing her way back by scooting her ass on the bed. Dean feels Katie push her way towards him. He lets go of her hips and lets her guide herself against him. Katie pushes her body all the way back towards Dean. She uses his legs to guide her. She knows that when she feels his cock she has reached her destination.

Katie feels Dean’s cock as she pushes back a little bit further. She then stops and rests her head against his strong shoulder. She takes a deep breath and smiles. Dean takes his arms and wraps them around Katie’s body. He then moves his head down and brings his nose to her hair. He inhales and catches a faint smell of her shampoo. It smells really good like honey.

Katie lets her legs stretch out in front of her. She is so glad that Dean is just not only one of her friends but is also her lover now. She had no idea that he could ever be this hot. As many times as Katie has seen him before, she never thought he could be this way. Secretly she wishes she had found out about this earlier into their relationship. She could have been having some hot sex with him all along.

Dean holds Katie tighter in his arms. He can’t believe he didn’t know before about how sexy and hot she was. All those times that they spent together alone when they were just talking and hanging out. He could have been screwing her the whole time. Guess back then it’d never crossed his mind. But now that he knows how she is, he’s never going to miss out on an opportunity to fuck her.
Katie then stretches her whole body out. She feels so content right now. She knows that she needs a shower.

Dean feels Katie stretch out her body. He stretches his whole body out too. He knows that he needs to get a shower. Katie then gets an idea. She figures that since both her and Dean need a shower that they should just go ahead and shower together. Katie then turns her body around so that she is facing Dean. She looks into his eyes.

“Baby, let’s get that shower together.” Katie says.

Dean looks at Katie. Without even having to mention anything about a shower, she knew exactly what he was thinking about. He just smiles and finds himself totally amazed by her.

“Okay baby. Sounds like a great idea to me.” Dean says.

Dean then moves his arms from around Katie. He brings them to the side. He then waits for Katie to move. Katie feels Dean move his arms. She scoots her body away from his and gets up off the bed. She then stands by the bed. Dean feels and sees Katie move. He then gets up off the bed himself. He walks over to Katie and takes her hand.

Katie feels Dean take her hand and she grabs onto his back. Together they walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. Dean reaches the bathroom first. He flips on the light and walks into the bathroom. He lets go of Katie’s hand so he can get the water going. Katie walks fully into the rest of the bathroom. She turns around and shuts the door behind her.

Dean walks over to the bathtub. He turns on the water to the shower. The water starts flowing out of the shower head. Dean then reaches down and adjusts it to a warm but comfortable temperature. Katie hears Dean turn on the shower. She then hears him adjust the water. She walks into the part of the bathroom that he is in. She then stands behind him. Dean stands back up and turns around. He sees Katie standing there and it makes him jump slightly. He was just about to call her name and he didn’t realize she was standing behind him. He almost bumped into her and he’s afraid that would have hurt her. He doesn’t ever want to hurt her.

“God, you startled me a little bit Katie. I almost ran into you.” Dean says.

“I’m sorry Dean. I just wanted to be close to you.” Katie says.

“It’s ok Katie. I’m not upset.” Dean says.

“Well, I’m glad to know that.” Katie says.

“Come on. Let’s get in this shower baby.” Dean says.

“Okay.” Katie says.

Katie then walks around Dean. She gets into the shower. She looks over at Dean and waits for him to join her. Dean then gets into the shower. He steps in behind Katie and slips his strong arms around her. He hugs her from behind.
Katie squeals loudly when she feels Dean hug her. She finds that she is having a really great time with him. Katie then reaches up and grabs the soap. She gets under the water and gets her body wet. She then starts soaping her body down.

Dean watches Katie as she soaps up her body. He really think that she is so beautiful. He waits his turn patiently to borrow the soap. But first he figures he could help Katie out by soaping up her back. Katie finishes soaping up the front part of her body. She hopes that Dean will want to help her out by soaping her back. She doesn’t know he’s already thinking about it.

“Katie darling hand me that soap and I’ll get the back of your body.” Dean says.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Katie says.

Katie then hands the soap over to Dean. She stands there waiting to feel his hands on her. Dean takes the soap and soaps up Katie’s back first. He then moves his way down and soaps up her ass. Dean then soaps up his body quickly. He gets the front of his body done in no time. He realizes he can’t reach his back so he decides to ask Katie to help him out.

“Baby, could you please soap up my back?” Dean says.

“Sure baby.” Katie says.

Dean then hands the soap back over to Katie. He turns around and waits for Katie to get to his back. Katie turns around and takes the soap firmly into her hand. She then soaps up Dean’s back. She then gets his ass. She makes sure she does a good job. Dean closes his eyes as he feels Katie’s hands on his body. Even though she is just soaping up his body, it still feels good anyway to have her touching him. Katie gets done soaping up Dean’s body. She then takes the soap and lays it down on the side of the bathtub. She then slowly backs up towards the water so she can get the soap off her back. Dean feels Katie move her hands. He turns around and notices that she is going towards the water.

“Do you want me to help you?” Dean asks.

Katie looks at Dean and nods her head yes. She realizes that it’s harder to get the soap off this way than she thought it would be.

“Okay, move forward some so I can get behind you.” Dean says.

Katie moves forward some in the shower. She waits for Dean to get in behind her.
Dean walks over to Katie. He goes and gets in behind her. He then reaches over and grabs a washcloth out of the cabinet. Dean takes the washcloth and turns around slightly so he can get it wet. Once he gets it wet, he turns his body back around to face Katie’s back. Dean then opens the washcloth and starts washing the soap off. He washes her body gently, taking his time.

Katie feels herself melt on the inside as she feels Dean’s hands on her body. Even though it’s through the washcloth, it still feels good. Dean gets Katie’s back clean. He then moves down to her ass. He washes the soap off. He then moves back up and hands the washcloth over to Katie.

“Here babe. Your turn.” Dean says.

“Okay. Turn around.” Katie says.

Dean turns around and waits for Katie to wash the back of his body.

“Okay I’m ready.” Dean says.

Katie turns around and places the washcloth onto Dean’s back. She starts washing the soap off. She washes his back off carefully. Then she washes his ass off carefully. Katie is done with Dean’s back quickly. She checks to make sure she got all the soap off. When she sees that she did, she moves her hands and turns around. She then puts the washcloth up to dry. Katie then reaches down and turns the water off.

Dean hears Katie turn the water off. He steps out of the bathtub and walks into the other half of the bathroom. He then waits for Katie. Katie gets out of the bathtub next. She steps out and walks into the part of the bathroom where Dean is. Dean looks over and sees Katie standing next to him. He can’t help but stare at her body. He’ll never be able to get over how hot she is.

“Wow, that was a nice shower.” Katie says.

“Yeah, it was. Especially since I shared it with you.” Dean says.

“Aww Dean. You’re too sweet.” Katie says.

“Thanks baby. Well, I’m going to go get dressed now.” Dean says.

“Okay. I’ll join you in a few minutes.” Katie says.

Dean then walks out of the bathroom. He walks to the bedroom and grabs his clothes. He then puts them on. Katie watches Dean leave the bathroom. She then turns the lights off and walks out of the bathroom. She walks to the bedroom and notices that Dean is getting dressed. Katie then grabs her clothes and does the same.

Dean finishes getting dressed. He then looks over and watches Katie get dressed. He is so glad that he took the chance tonight and made love to her. He doesn’t regret one single second of it. Katie finishes getting dressed. She can feel Dean’s eyes on her and that makes her smile. She loves it when he looks at her. Dean then walks up to Katie. He stands right in front of her.

“Did you have fun with me Katie?” Dean asks.

“Yes Dean I did. Did you have fun with me?” Katie says.

“Oh god Katie. I had a hot blast with you baby!” Dean says.

“I’m glad baby.” Katie says.

Dean reaches out with his hands and takes Katie’s hands in his. He wants to hold them tightly before he makes this next statement.

“Katie I want to be one of you lovers from now on. I need you and I want you.” Dean says.

Katie feels Dean grab her hands and hold them. She squeezes his hands back slightly and gets ready to speak.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Dean. I need you and I want you.” Katie says.

A big smile appears on Dean’s face. He is so happy to hear her say that. Dean lets go of her hands and wraps him arms around Katie. He then leans down and kisses her. Katie feels Dean’s arms around her and feels him kiss her. She slips her arms around him and kisses him back. She is so happy to know that he wants to be one of her permanent lovers.

Dean and Katie kiss passionately for about 15 minutes.

Dean then slightly starts pulling his lips away from Katie’s. He finds himself not wanting to leave her side. He finds himself wanting to stay. He finds himself slowly falling for her. Katie feels Dean start to pull his lips away from hers. She holds onto their kiss for about 5 seconds more. She doesn’t want this night to end. She doesn’t want Dean to leave. But she knows that he will have to. Dean pulls his lips away from Katie’s. He then steps back slightly and looks into her eyes. He knows that she has no idea that he is falling for her.

He wants to tell her, but he doesn’t know how. Maybe he can tell her later.

Katie feels Dean pull his lips away. She pulls hers away and steps back slightly herself. She then looks into Dean’s eyes. She feels like there is something that he wants to say. She can see something in his eyes. She is just not sure what it is. She figures he will tell her.

“Come on Dean. Let’s go into the living room and relax on the couch.” Katie says.

“Okay.” Dean says.

Katie then brings her arms down and grabs onto Dean’s hand. She leads him out of the bedroom and into the living room. Dean feels Katie grab his hand. He grabs hers back and lets her lead him into the living room. Katie looks behind her to make sure that Dean is following. When she notices that he is, she smiles and leads the both of them over to couch where just a few hours earlier they were making out.

Katie lets go of Dean’s hand and sits down on the couch. She makes herself comfortable and stretches her legs out. Dean feels Katie let his hand go. He walks over to the other side of the couch and sits down. He then makes himself as comfortable as possible. He looks over at Katie and he feels his heart jump wildly. Dean then decides he needs to tell her how he feels.

“Katie there’s something I need to tell you. I’m falling for you.” Dean says.

Katie feels her heart jump into her throat slightly. She is trying to decide quickly on how to deal with this. She then realizes she just has to be honest. She looks up at him and suddenly feels a strange powerful feeling come over her.

She realizes she is starting to feel the same way.

“I’m falling for you too Dean.” Katie says.

Dean feels his heart beat faster when he hears Katie say that. Realizing that she feels the same way opens up so many doors. He scoots over quickly from the end of the couch to the seat right next to Katie’s.

“Kiss me Katie. Kiss me hard so I know I’m not dreaming.” Dean says.

Katie leans forward and takes Dean’s face in her hands. She then plants the biggest most passionate kiss on his lips. Dean feels Katie take this face into her hands. He feels her kiss him and he kisses her back. He knows that he has to leave soon. But he won’t leave until Katie says that he has too. And even when he does he will be thinking about he the whole time he heads home and the whole time he’s at home. Katie keeps on kissing Dean. She doesn’t want to stop just yet. Dean keeps on kissing Katie. He doesn’t ever want her to stop.

Suddenly, the telephone rings loudly. Katie hears it but doesn’t pay much attention. She’s too busy falling more for her best friend who she is enjoying kissing. Dean hears the telephone ring. He knows that Katie should answer it because it could be important. Besides, he needs to go home so he can get some rest. Dean pulls his lips away form Katie’s. He then backs up on the couch and stands up. Katie feels Dean pull his lips away. She stops kissing him and pulls her lips away. She then sees that he is standing up.

“Baby, you better answer your telephone. Might be important.” Dean says.

“Yeah baby I better.” Katie says.

Katie then stands up and walks over to Dean. She leans up and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

“I am going to leave now Katie.” Dean says.

“Okay Dean.” Katie says.

“I will call you as soon as I get home.” Dean says.

“Okay baby. Bye.” Katie says.

“Goodbye.” Dean says.

Dean then leans in and kisses Katie softly on the cheek. He then walks around her and heads towards the door. He reaches over to the coffee table and grabs her apartment keys so he can unlock the door. He then unlocks the door with the key and puts the keys back down.

Dean then opens the door and walks out. He walks towards his car. He reaches his car and takes his keys out of his pocket. He unlocks his car door. He then opens the door and gets in. He shuts the door behind him and starts his car. He then puts his seat belt on and puts his car into reverse. Dean backs out of the parking lot and puts his car into drive. He then drives home to his apartment.
Katie walks from the living room into the bedroom. She walks over to where the telephone is. She then picks it up.

“Hello?” Katie says.

“Hey sweet thing. It’s Jake.” Jake says.

“Oh hey baby. What’s up?” Katie says.

“Just wondered if I could come over and spend some time with my girl.” Jake says.

Katie realizes that if Jake was to come over now that he could smell the aroma of sex. He would know that Katie had screwed some other guy. She decides that wouldn’t be a good idea tonight.

“Well Jake I’m pretty sl**py. Had a exhausting day. Could you come over tomorrow?” Katie says.

“Sure baby. I can do that. I’ll let you get some sl**p, okay. I love you. Goodnight. “ Jake says.

“Okay. I love you too. Goodnight.” Katie says.

Katie then hangs up the telephone. She decides to get her night clothes on. So she strips of what she is wearing right now. She then walks over to her dresser where she grabs her light blue teddy. She puts it on and goes over to her camera. Katie pulls it out of the wall slightly and opens it. She pulls the tape out and brings it over to her VCR. She puts it in and then grabs a blank tape. She then puts the blank tape in the other part of the VCR. She then starts copying the full sex tape to the other tape. When it gets done, she will send the tape to Dean.

Katie stands back and watches. The tape gets done in about 15 minutes. Katie then leans down and takes the tape out. She grabs a label, sticks it on the tape, and marks the tape for Dean. She then puts into a box.

Katie walks from her bedroom to the living room. She grabs her apartment keys and unlocks the door. She then grabs her car keys and walks out of the apartment. She heads to her car where she gets in and drives to Dean’s apartment. Katie reaches Dean’s apartment and stops the car. She then gets out and walks up to Dean’s apartment. She walks to his front door and rings his doorbell.

Dean hears his doorbell ring. He’s not sure who would be visiting him at this time at night. Secretly he hopes it’s Katie. Dean walks over to his door and opens it. His eyes get really big when he sees who is standing there. Katie stands outside Dean’s door waiting for him to open up. She hears Dean’s door open and she makes sure she has the tape in her hand.

“Wow Katie. You look great. I was hoping you would come see me.” Dean says.

“Thanks baby. I came by to give you your version of our erotic love making tape.” Katie says.

“Thanks baby. I was thinking about that. Wanted to watch it before I go to sl**p so I’ll have sweet dreams.” Dean says.

Katie brings the tape forward and hands it to Dean.

Dean takes the tape from Katie and puts in on his table. He then turns back to the door to face her.

“Your welcome baby. May I kiss you please Dean? I don’t want to leave without kissing you.” Katie says.

“Baby come here. You don’t have to ask.” Dean says.

Dean then reaches out and grabs Katie by the waist. He pulls her to him and kisses her hard. Katie feels Dean pull her to him. She lets her body relax against his as she kisses him back.

Dean moves his hand downwards towards the bottom of Katie’s teddy. He lifts it up with his hand and finds her ass. He then starts squeezing it.
Katie feels Dean’s hand under her teddy. She knows that if they keep this up that they will end up having sex again. At this moment that doesn’t sound like not too bad of an idea. Katie moves her hand onto Dean’s back. She starts running her hand up and down his back. She loves feeling how smooth his skin is.

Dean moves his mouth away from Katie’s. He finds that her touch is melting his heart and is making him feel really good. Just like it did earlier.Katie moves her mouth away from Dean’s and looks at him.

“Take me into your bedroom and make love to me again Dean.” Katie says.

Dean looks at Katie and winks at her. He then picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. He lays her down on his bed and goes to the front door. He reaches the front door, shuts it, and then locks it. Dean walks back into the bedroom. He looks at Katie as she lies there on his bed. He is ready to make love to her again. But this time he will be gentle while he does it.

Not rough like he was before.

Dean goes over and puts some classical music on the radio. He then dims the lights some and lights the fireplace he has in the room. He then walks over to the bed and looks down lovingly at Katie.

“Would you like me to make love to you on the bed or in front of the fireplace?” Dean asks Katie.

Katie looks up at Dean as she lies comfortably on his bed. She feels so sexy right now.

“Let’s get each other naked and make out in front of the fireplace. Then take me to the bed and make love to me there.” Katie says.

“Okay. Sounds wonderful to me.” Dean says.

Dean then reaches out and takes Katie’s hand. He leads her over to the fireplace and helps sit her down on the bearskin rug. Dean then leans in and removes Katie’s teddy in one movement of his hands. He then sits back and waits for Katie to undress him. Katie feels Dean take her clothes off. She then sees Dean sit back and wait for her. Katie leans over to Dean and unbuckles his jeans. She then unbuttons and unzips them.

“Dean baby you will have to stand up so I can take these jeans off.” Katie says.

Dean stands up and waits for Katie to take his jeans off. He looks down at her and sees how more beautiful the light from the fireplace makes her. Katie stands up and takes off Dean’s jeans. She throws them aside and takes off his boxers next. She then is greeted by the sight of his beautiful hardening cock.

Katie’s mouth waters just wanting to taste it and to feel it. But first she wants to wait to get to that point. She doesn’t want to rush anything.
Katie sits back down on the rug. She waits for Dean to join her.
Dean is so glad that he is nude now. His clothes were really starting to make him hot. Dean sits down on the rug in front of Katie and looks at her.

Katie then lays down on the rug and summons Dean over to her. She wants to feel Dean’s touch on her body. Dean sees Katie summoning him. He crawls over to her and sits down next to her. He then brings his hands up and runs them all over her body slowly getting her worked up.

“Mmm Dean your touch feels really good tonight on my body.” Katie says.

Dean then leans down and kisses Katie softly on the lips. He then kisses her whole body slowly. He wants to make sure her body is fully ready before they make love. Katie feels like her entire body is on fire. Each kiss off of Dean’s lips makes her hotter. She is ready to make love.

“Make love to me Dean. I’m ready.” Katie says.

Dean looks down and notices that his cock is rock hard now. He is ready to make love to her.

“I’m ready for you too baby.” Dean says.

Dean then gets up off the rug and takes Katie by the hand. He helps her stand up and he leads her back to the bed. Katie gets up off the rug and goes to the bed with Dean. She gets on the bed and lies down pulling Dean onto the bed with her. She then spreads her legs open so he can start making love to her.
Dean feels Katie pull him onto the bed. He lets go off her hand and moves his body on top of hers. He then looks deep into her eyes for the countless number of times tonight and slowly slides his cock into her.

“Oh Katie. Your pussy feels so good around my cock. I don’t ever think it could feel bad.” Dean says.

Katie sighs softly when feels Dean’s cock go into her pussy. He does it so smoothly that it feels like the first time that she ever had sex. She knows that tonight he won’t be rushing with her. Dean hears Katie sigh and it takes him away. His mind and heart floats away to a place where only the two of them exist. A secret little hideaway.

“Oh Dean make love to me a little bit faster now.” Katie says.

“Oh yes Katie. I aim to please you.” Dean says.

Dean then starts sliding his cock in and out of Katie’s pussy a little bit harder. The sensations from their love making increase ten times.

“Oh yes Katie. I love being in you. I love making love to you.” Dean says.

“Oh Dean. I love the same things. I love being this close to you.” Katie says.

Katie closes her eyes and lets herself float away too. She floats away to the same place that Dean is at now. To their secret little hideaway. She finds her feelings for Dean growing deeper with each second they are intimate together.
Dean starts thrusting his cock harder into Katie. He does it as smoothly as possible as not to stop or rush their lovemaking.

“Oh yes Dean. That feels so good. Go as fast as you want to baby. I want to cum all over your cock and I want you to cum inside me.” Katie says.

“Oh baby. I have to speed up. I have to pump my cock into you hard.” Dean says.

“Do it baby. Do it please!” Katie says.

Dean then wraps his arms around Katie’s body and starts fucking her hard. He pumps as hard as he can without getting rough.

“Oh yes baby. Go deeper. I want you to feel you all the way in me.” Katie says.

Katie puts her legs up and hooks them over Dean’s shoulders. She then starts pushing her pussy hard against Dean’s cock, feeling his cock slide in deeper.

“Oh yes Katie. You’re making my cock go in so deep.” Dean says.

Dean then moves his hands up and places them around Katie’s legs. He then adjusts his body so he can do what he wants to do.

“Are you ready for some extreme hard pounding baby?” Dean says.

“Oh yes I am!” Katie says.

“Okay. Here it comes.” Dean says.

Dean then starts ramming his cock hard into Katie’s pussy. He pumps her pussy so hard that the bed shakes and the headboard bounces hard against the wall.

“Dean, oh yes Dean! Feels so extremely good!” Katie says.

Dean feels his climax start to approach. He pumps harder and deeper. He wants them to come together. Katie feels her climax start to approach. She pushes her pussy harder and deeper against Dean’s cock. The faster and the harder that they make love, both Dean’s and Katie’s climaxes soar.

Dean keeps on pumping into Katie’s pussy. He then feels his climax hit it’s highest spot and he starts coming into Katie’s pussy.

“Oh god Katie I’m coming. Come with me. Please baby come with me.” Dean says.

Katie feels her climax hit it’s highest spot and she starts coming onto Dean’s cock.

“I’m coming too baby. I’m coming with you.” Katie says.

“Oh yes I can feel it. I can feel you coming on me.” Dean says.

“Just like you can feel me I can feel you coming inside of me. Oh god baby you’re coming so much. You’re going to fill me up fully this time.” Katie says.

Dean feels his cum squirt wildly into Katie’s pussy. He slows down his thrusting and just lets his cum spurt out into her. Katie rubs her clit against Dean’s pelvic bone making her orgasm even better. She can’t scream out because the pleasure is just too intense.

Dean feels his cum start to slow down. He slows down his thrusting to a slow pump. He then relaxes his whole body and just lets Katie have the rest of the pleasure right now. Katie keeps on grinding until she feels her orgasm slowing down. She slows down her grinding and relaxes her body too. Dean then stops coming and he stops thrusting completely. He holds his cock inside of her.
Katie finishes coming and she stops grinding. She then looks up into Dean’s eyes and smiles at him.

“Wow that was incredible!” they both say together at the same time.

“I’m enjoying this. I’m enjoying just being inside of you. Not pumping, not thrusting. Just having my cock inside of your pussy.” Dean says.

“I’m enjoying this too. Kiss me my love.” Katie says.

Katie then takes her legs down off Dean’s shoulders and puts them up on the bed so Dean can lean down to kiss her. Dean feels Katie move her legs. He then leans down and places his lips on her. He kisses her softly. Katie feels Dean kiss her. She loves it when he kisses her. She smiles softly and then kisses him back. Katie and Dean kiss lovingly for 8 minutes. They run their hands through each other’s hair and listens to the crackling of the wood in the fireplace. Dean then stops kissing Katie and leans up. He looks into her eyes.
Katie stops kissing Dean and she looks up into his eyes.

“Stay with me. Share my bed with me tonight if only for a couple of hours.” Dean says.

“Okay love.” Katie says.

Dean then moves his body off Katie’s and stands up. He goes over to the fireplace and puts the fire out. He then walks over to the bed. Katie feels Dean get up off her. She gets up off the bed and stands up. She then starts pulling the covers of her side of the bed down.

Dean notices that Katie is pulling the covers down. He pulls his covers down on his side and gets into bed. He then pulls the covers around him. Katie gets into bed next. She lies down and pulls the covers around her. She then leans over and grabs an alarm clock. She sets the alarm to go off two hours from now. It is 2:30 a.m. now so that will be at 4:30 a.m..

“Goodnight Katie.” Dean says.

“Goodnight Dean.” Katie says.

Dean then rests his head on the pillow. He reaches under the covers and finds Katie’s hand. He then holds it and goes to sl**p. Katie rests her head on the pillow. She feels Dean’s hand holding hers. She holds his back and goes to sl**p. Before Katie knows it, two hours have passed and the alarm is about to go off. The alarm goes off waking Katie up. She looks down at her watch and realizes it’s time for her to leave. Katie turns the alarm off and pulls the covers back. Katie then gets out of bed and grabs her clothes. She puts them on and tiptoes over to Dean. She kisses him on the cheek. She then walks out of the bedroom into the living room.

Katie finds a pen and a piece of paper. She writes Dean a small note.

I’m leaving now. I had a fun night with you and I hope we can do it again soon. Goodnight my love. XOXO.

Katie then reads the note making sure she made it legible. She then puts the note down on a table and walks to the front door. She grabs his apartment keys and unlocks the door. Katie then opens the door. She puts the keys down and walks out of the door. She shuts it behind her and goes to her car. Katie reaches her car and she gets in. Katie puts her seat belt on and starts the car. She then puts in into reverse and pulls out. She puts the car into drive and drives home to her apartment.

Katie reaches her apartment complex and she pulls into the parking lot. She then pulls the car into a spot and stops the car. She then pulls the keys out and opens the door. Katie steps out of the car and shuts the door behind her. She then walks up to her apartment and opens the door. Katie walks into the apartment and shuts the door behind her. She then grabs her apartment keys and locks the door behind her. She sits her keys down on the table and walks to her bedroom.

Katie reaches her bed. She pulls back her covers and gets into bed. She then pulls the covers around her. Katie then decides she wants to write about everything that has happened in the past two days. So she reaches over and grabs her journal. She then grabs a pen and opens her journal up. She starts writing.

I have had such a wild couple of days. I have had more men as my lovers than I ever thought I could ever get. Who knew having sex could make me so popular. Makes me wish I had started doing this a long time ago. I’m pretty sl**py so I’m going to cut this entry short. Goodnight., Katie writes in her journal.

Katie then puts the pen down and closes her journal. She puts it away and relaxes in her bed. She yawns big and lies down. She then falls asl**p thinking about all of her new lovers and a big smile appears across her face.

She is so glad that she is wild now.

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