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Womanly experience 2

In high school everybody thought I was a girl. I was just approved hormone replacement therapy and people thought it was just a late development of tits. I was mocked for that but I never really cared. My tits did grow to a formidable size later. I was pretty much disgusted at that time with my penis so I tried to not to touch except when I really needed to. And when I talked with the girls about girly things I always referred to my ass as my vagina. It was fun times.
At least until I went home. Even though I was officially approved for sex change my father hated the fact and tried to humiliate me at every possible occasion in hope that I will give up and grow up as a man. My mom left us when I was a baby so there was nobody to protect me from his malevolence. His behavior and the fact I never knew my mom probably caused my love and enjoyment of bondage.

* * * * *

I was close to 19 years of age and it was winter and end of first semester last year of high school. My grades were always an excuse for punishment so I kept them high. But this time I just was not able to cope with one professor (story about it later) and I got C in history class at the end of the semester. I know there will be massive punishment for this so I went home in a hurry hoping that it will all end earlier if I get home earlier.
It was menstruation time according to my calendar (I always simulated menstruation, the idea and feeling turns me on) so I had a large tampon up my "vagina" (remember, it was my anus actually) and I already felt some cramps so I wanted to take it out as soon as possible. I rushed into our home, said hi to my dad, and hurried in the bathroom.
He was quick to rush after me (I was rarely given any privacy) and demanded to see the grades. While still sitting on the toilet I took the paper out and haded it over with already shaking hands. Even though I should have expected it the slap came pretty much unexpected. He grabbed my hand and tried to drag me out of the bathroom but I was still peeing so I peed on myself and a bit on him. He then stopped and stood there speechless for half a minute. I knew this will turn out bad. Very bad. And the tampon just started hurting.

He was quite fast in getting me over his knees and started spanking me with his slippers. I didn't count because I was crying but it was a hell lot of spanks on my naked bottom. At one moment he spotted the tampon string and pulled it out with one quick and really painful move. I screamed in pain and he told me if I really want to be a girl he will later show me what it is like being one, but first he must punish me for the grades.
Next up, traditionally was the caning. He has chosen the most painful one for me - standing, bent over, and holding my ankles. For this I also had to strip naked and, no matter how much he hated the sex change, I saw a bit of lust in his eyes when he looked over my already very feminine body. His eyes paused the longest on my tits.
So I bent over and was ordered to count. I wasn't said how much will I receive so I knew it will be a lot. The pain was unbearable. I was crying, even screaming by the end. I begged for mercy between the hits and wanted to die. I was sure I once even regretted my sex change. When I finally heard my voice saying "fifty" he stopped. I was sent to kneel in the corner while he went somewhere to get something.
I was brave enough to try and turn to look at my bottom. It was terrible and I even saw a few drops of bl**d. Even though bl**d doesn't turn me on I realized my cock is getting an erection. I blamed it on the spanking and caning that always turned me on, but still the greatest effect was the corner time. I was afraid I'll cum but it didn't happen.

When he came back and I turned to him I saw him holding my vibrating anal toy which I ordered online from some Japanese store. I ordered it on my friend's address and hid it really well so I thought he doesn't know about it. It turned out he knew about it for a long time already and just waited for the right moment to use it against me. And it wasn't all. He also brought some of my sexiest underwear (he must have been going through my stuff regularly), a piece of rope, some clothespins, and a camera (!?).
I had to wear the underwear and he told me that if I really want to be a slut then he will make me be one. I was ordered to dance and strip while he took the camera and filmed me doing that. The dance and stripping really turned me on and my cock flapped around as I danced. At one time he got bored of it and told me to come closer.
As I did he lowered his pants and took out his cock. "Suck me, slut!" he said and I was horrified. I always hoped it will never come to this, but seems like he was determined to humiliate me to the end. I really had no choice as he threatened me with more punishment so I sucked.
I did see my father naked before but never with an erection. His cock was quite large and it, believe me or not, turned me on. I was afraid too much to touch myself but I wanted to cum so much. In the end he came into my mouth and over my face and said that's what sluts deserve and that I should be ashamed for seducing my father and giving him a felatio. I was ashamed, but I was horny more than that and I wanted to cum badly. Then it was time for the real punishment he said.

He took the rope and anal toy and led me out into the yard. There was some snow on the ground and it was snowing more. I quickly lost my erection and was no more horny when I realized I'll be naked outside, in the cold, with a chance for our neighbors to see me like that (we had a high fence but there were holes in it).
He f***ed me to the ground and bound my angles and and hands together on my back. I was lying in the snow and felt my nipples turning hard under me from the cold while my cock got as small as it could. He pushed the anal bead into my anus without any lube and it hurt like hell from the tampon that was inside it earlier. He turned it on and dropped the remote on the floor. It dropped near my face and was turned on and set on light vibration.
"See you later slut!" he said and went in. I wiggled a bit to see how tight he bound me but quickly realized I shouldn't get free because I'll get punished even more if he will not find me like he left me when he comes back. A few minutes later I heard him leaving the house with our car. I was very afraid lying in the snow all naked, with my tits, penis, and the cum on my face getting cold. At that moment I hoped a neighbor will see me and help me out.

I was growing uncomfortable with the cold snow under me and my hands and legs hurt from the rope. I wiggled around and all I succeeded at was that I was able to turn on my side. The position was even more uncomfortable but at least I gave my tits and penis a break from the freezing snow.
The vibration was also helping at making me feel more uncomfortable so I tried to reach them by wiggling. I thought I'll be able to turn it off with my tongue. In the all I managed was to turn the dial to maximum and turn the remote over - making it impossible to turn the thing off.
I turned over again getting back on my stomach and felt my nipples going hard again. The vibrations were really hard on maximum and with the combination of hard nipples my fantasy went wild and I got horny again. My cock was pulsating in the snow under me so I managed to turn on my side again. I saw it was a huge erection and it turned me on even more.
The cum came quickly as an explosion in the snow in front of me. I trembled both from the joy and cold and completely forgot the pain in my hands and legs. I wanted to scream from the orgasm I had.

I would normally, when I was playing in my room, stop at this point. One orgasm was satisfying me 99% of the time. But this time I had no choice and no possibility to turn of the toy. My cock was limp and I turned back on my stomach - right into the spot where I came a few minutes ago. The realization got me horny and I felt another erection. I came while trying to get on my side and added a bit more to the cum smeared over my stomach and snow under it.
I came two more times before he got home after around 20 minutes. When he saw what happened he laughed and said I'm as slutty, if not even more, as my mother was. He untied me and told me to get inside.
Once inside he said that a new era in my lifetime will begin today. First of all, he said, I will not try to run away because he will show the tape of striping to all my friends, classmates, and f****y. He also deposited in a safe-box in a bank so searching for it will make no point. Next, he said, I will go to the local college after high school so I will be able to get a decent job. And finally, at all times while I'm home I will have to be naked or in clothes he gives me. I was to continue with my sexual transformation if I want, he would not care about that.

I was given a cloth to clean up the piss in the bathroom. After that I went to bath and I believe I don't have to tell you how my caned and spanked bottom hurt from the hot water. I wasn't able to sit on it for days...

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