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One Hot Night Ch. 01

It was just a hot summer night. Katie had no idea how much her life could change in one night. She was just your typical virgin. A real good girl. All she had ever done was kiss guys. She had never been felt up. She was at the tender age of 19. She had had her share of boyfriends. She stood at 5'7, with long brown hair and green eyes. She was known to be quite a sweetheart. Her heart was full of love for everybody. Especially her boyfriend, Jake. They had been dating for about 4 months. They had done some kissing, but have never gone further than that. Katie has no idea that Jake has a plan set up. Tonight, when they go out with their friends, he is going to fuck her in the backseat of her car. He has waited long enough and wants to fuck that pussy of hers. Make her a virgin no more.Katie is sitting at home when her telephone rings. She picks up the telephone and gets ready to speak.

"Hello." she says.

"Hey baby." Jake says to her.

"Hey baby. How are you doing?" Katie asks.

"I'm doing great sexy. Ready for tonight. You know to go out?" Jake asks.

"Yes baby, I am." Katie says.

"Good sexy. I am too. Well, just wanted to find out. Bye. I love you." Jake says.

"Okay baby. I love you too. Bye." Katie says.

Katie then hangs up the telephone and sits on her bed. She smiles thinking of Jake and of how much she loves him. She has no idea that he lusts for her. Time passes by quickly. Before Katie knows it it's time to get ready to go out. She has to go pick up her friends after she gets dressed. Katie gets up off her bed, and walks over to her closet. She opens it and pulls out a red T-shirt, her short cut blue jeans shorts, and her brown sandals.
She walks to her dresser where she grabs a sexy white lace bra and a sexy pair of white panties.

Katie then strips of what she is wearing right now. Which is her white teddy. She puts on her bra and panties. She then puts on her T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. She walks from her bedroom to the bathroom. There she brushes her hair and sprays on some perfume. Katie then leaves the bathroom and walks into the livingroom. She grabs her car keys and her apartment keys. She then walks to the door, unlocks it, and opens it. She walks through the door and locks it with her keys.

Katie then goes over to her car. She puts her apartment keys into her pocket. She reaches her car and opens the door.

She gets into her car quickly starting the car. She puts her seatbelt on, and puts the car in reverse. She starts backing the car out going down the driveway. When she reaches her road, she puts the car into drive and takes off. She gets onto the freeway and drives to Dallas cause that is where her honey and friends are. She picks up her friends Dean and Kevin. Then she picks up her baby Jake. They all head to Dean's girlfriend's apartment in Irving.

Once they reach there, Dean jumps out. Jake gets out of the car and comes over to Katie. He opens her car door and takes her hand into his. Katie lets her hand rest in Jake's and gets out of the car. Once she's out of the car, Jake pushes her up against the car and starts kissing her.

Katie kisses Jake back thinking that this is all that they will be doing. How wrong she truly is. Jake takes his hand and opens the door that leads to the backseat. Once he gets it open, he slowly but f***efully pushes Katie into the car. Katie can feel herself fall back into the car, landing on her back. She realizes what is going to happen tonight. Jake gets Katie into the car and he climbs on top of her. He starts kissing her again, letting his hands roam down her body. He reaches her tits and starts squeezing them through her shirt.

"Oh baby." Katie moans out softly.

Jake hears that and it causes him to become more aroused. He slips his hand under her shirt and starts kneading her tits through her bra. All the while, Kevin is sitting up in the front seat. He hears what is going on the backseat. He turns around and gets an eyeful.
He sees Katie laying in the backseat with Jake on top of her playing with her tits. He feels his cock start to get hard and he starts stroking slowly through his shorts.

Jake moves his lips from Katie's and starts kissing her neck. He lets his tongue run lightly licking every inch of her exposed flesh. He moves down slowly and lifts her shirt up. He waits to see if she will try to resist him. Katie feels Jake lift her shirt up. She helps out by lifting her arms. She wants to get her shirt off anyway. Getting to damn hot in it.

Jake seeing Katie lifting her arms pulls her shirt off the rest of the way. He then unsnaps and pulls off her bra. He throws both her shirt and bra into the front seat. He then takes her exposed breasts into his hands. He starts massaging them slowly, paying extra special attention to her hardening nipples. He then leans down and sucks a nipple into his mouth. He licks slowly feeling it get hard in his mouth.

"Oh Jake. Yes baby lick my nipples. Mmmm." Katie moans out.

Jake then moves his mouth and sucks the other nipple, feeling it get hard in his mouth just like the other one. He lets his hand roam down her body touching her everywhere.
Katie loves feeling Jake touch her. It makes her feel so good. Jake moves his mouth lower kissing and licking her stomach. He takes his hand and unbuttons her shorts. He then unzips them. He starts sliding them down slowly letting them move over her knees and down her legs. He uses his other hand to cup her pussy through her panties. He runs his fingers over her pussy, tracing the outer lips.

He can feel the heat and the wetness soaking the panties. He licks his lips and can hardly wait to taste that pussy in his hungry mouth. He wants to lick her until she cums into his mouth a least a dozen times. He moves his hand and moves more down in the seat, taking her shorts all the way off. He them throws them into the front seat. He leans up and lowers his mouth over her pussy. He extends his tongue and licks her pussy through her panties, tasting the juices that have collected there.

So fucking delicious, he thinks to himself.

Katie feels Jake's mouth on her pussy, licking her pussy lips through her panties. It feels so damn good and she just has to tell him so.

"Yes, oh yes Jake. Your tongue feels so damn good. This is so fucking kinky. Oh god, baby." Katie says seductively.

Jake hears that and he just licks more, running his tongue over her clit. He's enjoying this more than he thought he would. He can hardly wait to fuck her. Kevin unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, exposing it. He strokes a little bit faster hearing everything that Katie is saying. He watches the whole hot scene through the rearview mirror. He lusts for Katie too. He hopes he will get to taste her and fuck her tonight.

Jake moves his mouth and pulls Katie's panties off. He pulls them down over her knees and down her legs. He then tosses them into the front seat with the rest of her clothes. Katie opens up her legs wide, giving him a full view of her pussy both inside and out.
He looks down at her seeing her nude delicious body before her. He feels his cock grow harder and bigger immediately. He reaches up and takes off all his clothes. He then throws them into the front seat. His cock throbs and feels so good exposed in the coolness. He moves up and lays his body on top of Katie's making sure that his cock rests between her spread open legs.

Kevin reaches over and finds Katie's panties through the pile of clothes. He takes one of his hands and brings the panties up to his nose. He inhales deeply, taking in her sweet smell. This makes his cock harder and so he starts stroking a little bit faster. He licks her crotch of her panties and tastes her juices.

Mmmmm, so sweet, Kevin thinks to himself.

Jake kisses Katie hard, letting his tongue slip into her mouth. Katie slips her tongue into Jake's mouth in return. They start French-kissing very passionately. They kiss for about 15 minutes. Jake then moves his mouth down, licking and kissing every part of Katie's sexy hot body. He sucks her tits and then moves lower. He keeps on licking until he reaches her pussy.

Katie moves up some in the seat so that she is sitting up now. This will make it easier for Jake to eat her out. Jake seeing that Katie is sitting up, moves up between her spread legs. He stares at her pussy, which is glistening with her sweet poison. The poison he longs to drink and have run though his body. Jake then moves his and lays down some in the backseat. He uses his knees to prop himself up.

Katie reaches down and takes hold her of pussy lips, spreading them wide open for him. She pulls back the hood over her clit, exposing it to his tongue. Jake moves his and brings his mouth down to Katie's pussy. He uses his hands to cup her ass and hold her there. He extends his tongue and licks her clit slowly, teasing her. He then licks a little bit more faster getting into a rhythm.

Katie feels Jake's tongue on her clit. It feels god damn good. She wants him to fuck her so badly. She has never wanted before until tonight. At least not this much. Jake licks Katie's clit faster. He then moves his tongue down and shoves it into her fuckhole. He licks her deeply, tasting all of her juices. Letting her sweet poison run down his throat and into his stomach. He fucks her pussy with his tongue quicker and deeper. He pushes her legs upwards and shoves his tongue in further. He licks her so fast. He finds her g-spot and licks it, making her cum onto his tongue.

Katie feels Jake's tongue on her g-spot. She starts feeling a wonderful amazing rushing feeling overcome her. It's so powerful. She feels herself shake and realizes that she has just came. Jake licks up Katie's cum and goes back for more. He moves his tongue in and out of her fuckhole repeatedly. He then moves his tongue out of her fuckhole and moves up to her clit. He takes her clit into his mouth and starts sucking hard. He just loves pleasing her like this. Katie feels Jake's mouth on her clit, sucking. This causes so much pleasure to run through her body. She focuses her eyes on Jake and can't help but watch him as he sucks on her clit. The sight is so sexy to her.

Jake lets go of her ass. He brings his hands to the front of her body. He takes one of his hands and brings up to her pussy. He slips a finger into her pussy and starts fingering her. He feels how wet she really is. He decides to try two. So he slips another finger into her pussy. He feels her pussy grab onto his fingers like a glove. He really enjoys feeling how tight and wet she is.

"Oh Jake. Finger fuck my pussy baby. Just like that. Yes, yes. I'm so fucking wet for you". Katie cries out.

Katie uses her muscles to grip around his fingers a little bit tighter. She wonders if he's ever fantasized about fisting her. She's fantasizing about that right now and really wants him to do that to her right here.

"Fist my pussy baby." Katie whispers to Jake.

Jake hears Katie and he's so glad that she said that. He has wanted to do that for quite some time now. Jake pulls his fingers out and makes a fist. He then takes his fist and slows pushes it into Katie's pussy. It stretches her slowly. Katie feels Jake's fist enter her pussy. It makes her feel so full. She can fill it stretch her. She doesn't care if it stretches her until she breaks. She's just enjoying being filled up with something.

Jake pushes his fist all the rest of the way in. Until it is fully inside of her. He then starts moving it in and out, feeling her pussy muscles grip his hand. He finds this very erotic and does not want to stop. He maneuvers his way around his hand so that his mouth is at her clit. He licks her clit hard and fast. He loves being able to double please her. With both his mouth and hand. He uses his other hand to stroke his cock and keep it hard during the whole time that he is pleasing his girl.

Kevin watches this whole scene through the rearview mirror. He can't stop looking. He is so aroused by hearing Katie and watching what Jake is doing to her. He makes a fist with one of his hands. He shoves it back and forth fantasizing that he is the one fisting her. He makes licking motions with this tongue fantasizing that he is the one licking her sweet clit. He keeps on stroking his cock, increasing the speed. He does not care that she is Jake's girlfriend. He has to have her tonight. He will have her tonight.

Katie feels another orgasm coming on. The more that Jake licks her clit and fists her pussy, the quicker it seems to appear. Jake feels Katie's body start to tense up some and he knows that she is nearing orgasm. He can feel it on his mouth and hand. He starts licking Katie's clit faster and starts ramming his hand harder into her pussy. He wants her to cum so that he can feel it and taste it again. Katie feeling Jake's mouth and hand working faster starts coming. She starts coming hard and fast. She can feel her juices flowing out of her like an unstoppable river. She starts shaking and feels her eyes flutter because of the intense pleasure she is receiving. She can hardly wait to return the favor.

"I'm cumming, baby. Oh yes, I'm cumming in that mouth and on that hand of yours. Jake, oh Jake!" Katie cries out loudly.

Jake starts licking faster feeling Katie cum hard. He feels her pussy grip his hand tighter than ever before. He hears her cry out his name and he loves hearing that. It makes his cock harder. He removes his hand off his cock and brings it up to her tit. He squeezes her tit and that finishes her off. It brings her over the edge fully. He licks her clit fully now, going top speed with his tongue. He tastes her cum juices as they flow freely into his mouth.

As soon as Katie finishes cumming, he feels the urge to fuck her grow unstoppable. He knows that it is time. Her pussy is ripe and wet. It needs a good fucking and he is just the man to give it to her. That is what boyfriends are supposed to do anyway. Jake moves his fist out of Katie's pussy and moves his mouth off her clit. Katie looks at Jake and she knows that it is time to fuck. So she lays down in the backseat and brings her legs up.
He maneuvers his body to where he is laying on top of her. He lines up his cock with her pussy and thrusts. He feels his cock slide inside of her slowly.

Katie cries out feeling Jake's cock enter her pussy for the first time. Waves of pleasure roll over her. Pleasure like she has never felt before. She starts thrusting her hips upwards. Jake slides his cock more into her until he comes to her hymen. He feels the resistance. He pulls his cock out some and looks deep into Katie's eyes. Katie looks back into Jake's eyes and can feel his cock ready to break her hymen. She takes a deep breath and holds it, knowing that it will hurt some. Jake keeps his eyes focused on Katie's and thrusts his cock fast into Katie's pussy, breaking through her hymen. He hears Katie gasp and he leans down.

Katie gasps feeling her hymen give away. The pain is sharp, but is over with quickly. She looks up into Jake's eyes and sees him leaning down. She moves up to meet him. Jake places his lips onto Katie's and kisses her, making her feel good inside. Katie kisses Jake back with passion. Jake then starts thrusting his cock slowly in and out of Katie's pussy. He makes sure that his strokes are slow at first. He wants to make this sex session real good. Something that neither of them will ever forget.

Katie brings her legs up and wraps them around Jake's back. She locks them at the ankles. She wants Jake to fuck her harder. She wants him to fuck her until she bleeds or is completely sore. She thrusts her pussy upward with every stroke that he gives. Jake feels Katie locks her legs around him and he decides to fuck her a little bit faster. He takes his hands and places them near Katie's head to give himself some leverage. Then he starts fucking her pussy hard and fast. Thrusting his cock in and out of her.

Katie feels Jake's thrusts speed up. That makes much more pleasure run through her. So much she starts seeing colors. Katie thrusts her pussy back up at Jake keeping up with his every thrust, matching them. She wants to please him just as much as he is pleasing her. Kevin watches this whole scene through the mirror. Just watching Katie getting fucked makes him want to cum right here in her car. Watching that beautiful pussy get filled by a cock is such a turn on for him. He plans out his sexual attack on her in his mind. How he is going to seduce her. He closes his eyes and he strokes his cock harder and faster. Calling out her name softly.

"Oh Jake, fuck me harder. Oh yes baby. Fuck your girl. Make me your slut. Make me addicted to your cock and your cum. I want to be your nympho." Katie cries out.

Jake hears Katie and that just makes him fuck her harder. He starts pounding his cock in and out of that wet pussy. Showing her no mercy. He decides that he wants to say something in return to what she said.

"Oh yeah, you're my slut. You fucking love this cock fucking your pussy like this. I can tell that you do. You want me to fuck you until we both pass out. Your pussy is so tight. I'm gonna fuck you everyday that we're together, baby. Katie, oh yeah." Jake says lustfully in response.

Katie unlocks her legs and brings them up over her head. Jake starts fucking her pussy faster realizing that he can get deeper entry this way. But he wants to try other positions with her tonight before he cums inside of her. So Jake fucks Katie in this position for about 5 minutes. Then he wraps his arms around Katie and maneuvers it to where she is on top of him. He flips her over to where he is laying on his back now and is looking up at Katie. He wants to watch her ride him like a bronco.

Katie, realizing that the sexual position has changed between them, looks down at Jake as she notices that she is on top of him now. Not really knowing what to do, she just does what feels natural. Katie starts moving her pussy up and down Jake's cock, rocking back and forth slowly. Jake reaches up with his hands to help guide her. He places his hands on her hips and thrusts his cock upwards slowly. Pleasure runs through him so fast that it literally takes his breath away. Katie moves up and down on Jake's cock faster. Her tits start bouncing hard up and down with each move she makes.

Jake speeds up his thrusting matching her moves. His eyes focus on her tits and he moves his hands so he can touch them. He grabs her tits and squeezes them as they fuck. Katie speeds up her moves, bouncing faster now on his cock. She loves the way his cock feels when it goes fast inside of her. She feels Jake squeeze her tits and that makes her pleasure increase. Jake looks up at Katie and loves the sight he sees before him. His girlfriend riding his cock like a slut. He wants to try another position. But he wants to do it in some other location. Someplace they can be alone.

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