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My Neighbors Sex Slave, My Wife

For the past 18 months my wife has been .... well how can it be said ... a slut, a whore, a sexual pet, a toy, while they all apply, the best way to say it is that my wife has been the sexual property of my next-door neighbor for the last 18 months. The term "sex slave" is used a lot in stories on the net, and, I think, means different things to different people. In this case the term should be taken literally. Shelly, my bride, my wife of 18 years, will , without hesitation, obey my neighbor Dave. She'll do whatever he says .... anything, anytime, anywhere, with whomever, however, and for as long as he tells her. She looks, dresses, and uses her body as Dave prescribes. She'll drop whatever she's doing if he calls. She'll break any plans we may have if he wants her somewhere at some future time. How am I sure that she's given herself to him so totally ? Because she's demonstrated it to Dave and, yes to me, time and time again.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's lay a little groundwork. My name is Alan, I'm 42 and a mid-level executive at a rather large mid-western electronics company. I'm an average looking guy, about 5'10", 200 pounds, a little thin on top and, while not in great shape, I can walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing. I guess I'm what most people would consider a "regular guy", with a fairly conservative, suburban, mow-the-lawn on Saturday, see-a-movie-on-Saturday-night life.

At one time I thought of myself as sexually adventurous, but in reality I consider eating my wife's pussy living on the edge. In a nutshell I'm the kind of guy you'd probably want for a neighbor (when you read the rest of this story I'm 100% sure that you'd want to be my neighbor). My wife's name is Shelly, she's 40 years old, about 5'6" and weighs in at about 130 pounds. Shelly is a relatively "average" looking woman. She's got a pretty face although her nose is a little on the pointy side and she has a few wrinkles around her eyes ... fairly typical on a 40 year old woman. Her body is in better than average condition. We never had k**s (she couldn't) so she's a little firmer than most women her age. I won't lie to you, she doesn't have huge breasts that curve up towards the sky .... Shelly's a 37B and her breasts do droop just a little, although she does have rather large nipples and areolas. She has a medium complexion .... she gets a little white in the winter, but tans nicely in the summer. She has light brown hair that she wears in a full style at a little more than shoulder length and she has blue eyes. The blue eyes and brown hair make for an interesting combination that a good many people seem to notice. Prior to her current situation, Shelly was, well, lackluster in bed with me. She's always been on the shy side, and her sexual nature wasn't any different. Despite her quiet nature I had always thought that she was satisfied sexually .... that she came to orgasm when we made love. I've since learned that she faked orgasm with me on a regular basis ... she was a good actress.

My neighbor's name is Dave. We all live on a quiet street with little traffic -- a nice suburban neighborhood. Our house is on the corner and Dave's is right next door. Our house is a 10 year old, 2000 square foot ranch. Dave's is similar, except that he has a small in-ground pool, and a fence that encloses his backyard. We don't have any neighbors to the rear -- our side of the street backs up to a wooded area. Dave is 27 years old, about 6 foot, 190 lbs. He's sandy haired, built fairly well, and exercises to stay in shape. He's has a Ph.D.. in history, and is an assistant professor at a major university -he teaches European history. He's an interesting and friendly guy that everyone seems to like. Oh, and he has a thick nine inch cock that he uses to pound my wife until she whimpers. With that as background, here's how Chapter's 2 - 5 are laid out : Chapter 2 - "My wife's day-to-day submission " ... What happened last week .... a typical week in our new lives. Chapter 3 - "The first 6 months" ... back in time ... the changes in Shelly, ... what I saw and felt before I knew what had really happened .. told from my perspective. Chapter 4 - "The Capture" ... back in time , how Dave took total control of Shelly's life -- as told from the combined perspective of Dave and Shelly. Chapter 5 - "Summer Vacation Plans" .... Dave's Summer plans for Shelly (As a college professor he has most of the summer off and has big plans for my bride's ass.) Chapter 6 - Ř years later" Dave moves out of town and gives Shelly to a friend Chapter 2 Part A "My wife's day-to-day submission " What happened last week, a typical week in our lives I think the best place to get this tale going is to describe some of the events of the past week. In chapters 3 and 4 we'll go back in time 12-18 months and cover the "funny" things I saw happening before I found out the whole story, and we'll explore just how an intelligent and mature 40 year old married woman becomes a total whore to a 27 year old friend.

But first ..... last week, which was fairly typical of how things are now. Monday morning was typical. The alarm went off and I slammed the snooze button 4 times before finally dragging myself out of bed -- it was 6:30. As I walked into the bathroom Shelly was still in the shower. We have a clear glass door and sat on the stool for a minute watching her finish. She lathered her nearly bare pubic mound as she does every Monday morning and gently stroked the razor until her cunt was as smooth as a baby's butt. Dave insisted that she shave smooth at lease once a week, and in between for special occasions .... like a gang-bang with his buddies. She rinsed and toweled off. I got a little peck on the cheek and a good morning as I passed her, taking her place in the warm and humid shower. My mind began to wander a bit as I thought about our "situation" and all of it's ramifications ... involuntarily my seven inch solder began coming to attention. I did my best to put the thoughts out of my mind because I knew that Dave wouldn't let my wife fuck me again for at least a week ... He'd probably give me some time on her after his friends were done with her Saturday night. Dressed in a crisp blue suit and yellow tie I stopped by the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee for the road. Shelly hadn't come down yet .. she must have been in her dressing room ( Dave had insisted that we remodel the spare bedroom into a giant closet/dressing room for Shelly ... she now had a huge wardrobe and way too many shoes to fit in our small closet). Just as I was about to leave for work she strolled into the kitchen to say good-bye and to wish me a good day. My cock started to harden again. She had her pretty brown hair pulled back into a pony tail, her make-up, as always was a little on the heavy side, but expertly done, she wore a cute little white tennis skirt, a halter top, pink ankle socks, and 4 inch white pumps. She smiled nervously ... even after a year of me knowing the score, she still gets a little embarrassed when Dave has her dress up like this in front of me.

By now it was about 7:30 and I had to hit the road. Shelly said that Dave had called her last night and told her to stop over and wake him at 7:45 ... and that he wanted her dressed as a slutty "coed". As I pulled out of the driveway I watched my wife, dressed like an 18 year old hooker, saunter next door. I say "saunter", because that's the best way to describe what her ass looks like as it moves from side to side perched on tall heels. I know what'll happen when she gets there. She'll go to his bedroom, look in and see him sl**ping .... a warm smile will come to her face, she'll feel her face flush and her newly shaved pussy will begin to instinctively lubricate. Shelly will lick her lips involuntarily and go to Dave .... she'll slowly peel back the covers, trying not to wake him. She'll kneel next to his bed and gently slide her warm, wet tongue up and down the flaccid shaft of his cock. He'll stir a little ... as though in a wonderful dream. As his prick hardens Shelly changes her well practiced technique from slow licking to a gently sucking. The more aroused and harder he becomes, the more my wife sucks. After a few minutes there's no question that her master is awake and enjoying his blowjob. He'll reach down and stroke her head ... she's his pet -- he knows it, and she knows it. If she's particularly good he may come in her mouth ... if he becomes a little restless with the blowjob, he'll pull her head up, look my wife in the eye, and tell her "mount". "Mount" is one of many single word commands that Dave's taught her to respond to.

He'll lay on his back, prop a pillow under his head and close his eyes. Without speaking she'll climb on top of him, pull the hem of her little skirt up (revealing that she's sans panties) and lower her 40 year old body onto his 27 year old cock. She'll spread her legs as far apart as she can, and slowly, very slowly, rock back and forth on Dave. After about 5 minutes of the slow, but steady rocking motion my wife will be about ready to climb the wall with desire for a hard and fast fuck, all the while staring at her lover's closed eyes, waiting for the signal. The simple act of opening his eyes tells Shelly that the time has come. She will untie the halter behind her neck and drop the ends uselessly at her side. She'll dig her heels into the bed and begin a hard, fast, and wild fuck. Dave's taught her to be free with her emotions and she'll moan .... she'll begin to talk, and as she approaches orgasm, she'll get to the point where she's virtually ready to scream .... in a loud voice she'll ask if she can come, she'll profess her devotion to his cock, she'll tell him she's his cunt, that's she'll do what ever he tells her, that she only wants to please him ..... but could she please come. The tempo of their coupling will increase .... Dave's body will tense, he'll spasm and pump my pretty slut of a wife full of his load.

When Dave comes it's the signal to my girl that she can come as well. She'll bump and grind an wail until she comes is a giant wave while siding on Dave's 9 inch pole. They'll lay together for about 5 minutes until they both regain some composure ... then She'll slide down his body and take him into her warm and wet mouth, thoroughly sucking their combined juices from his now soft cock. Tuesday was a calm day without incident ... it's fairly normal. Even a 27 year old in good shape doesn't have sex everyday .... even it he can take it as he pleases from the neighbor lady at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though there are usually two or three days each week when she's not performing, Shelly never knows when she'll be called, so she's always .... and I mean ALWAYS, ready. When she's not given specific instructions on what to wear Shelly uses her own best judgment. She balances convenience, comfort, and what she knows gets Dave hot -- there are, however, a few basic rules. With the exception of a few select outfits that require help in the cleavage department she is always without a bra. When she's in one of the "cleavage required" dresses she wears a low cut push up "wonder bra". It works wonders ... my demure wife takes on a whole new look ... and grabs her share of attention when she's out. Tuesday she wore a cotton dark print mini-skirt that was a few inches above her knee.

Most of her skirts are shorter -- about mid-thigh -- but today she needed to get groceries and run a few errands and the outfit she wore was about as conservative as she has and can get away with around Dave. In addition to the skirt she wore black thigh high stockings, the kind that have enough elastic to hold themselves up without a garter belt, 3" black suede heels with bows on the back, and a dark pullover. As is almost always the case, she was braless -- her 37B's swinging loosely under her blouse. The motion of her unfettered tits moving against the fabric of her blouse helps keep her nipples hard and pointed and in an aroused state. As always she was nicely made up, a just a little on the heavy side of tasteful. Wednesday looked like it was going to be a repeat of Tuesday .... Shelly hadn't heard from him all day. We'd just slipped into bed for the night when I heard footsteps downstairs. "Shelly .... Shelly you little slut, get down here.", he yelled from the living room. Shelly immediately snapped up and out of bed .... she bolted into the bathroom to check her hair and make-up (yes, she's required to wear make-up to bed ! ... although no lip gloss as it stains the pillows). Buck naked except for the little chain around her ankle with the inscription "Dave's Whore", she slipped into a pair of pink pumps that were beside the bed for just such an emergency. She was out of the room without looking back ... I watched her as she left, her round ass sliding from side to side as she walked out. She looked so good ... I was so horny I felt like I was going to blow at any minute. I laid in bed for about 30 minutes listening to the action going on in my living room. Most of what I heard was Shelly ... her loud moaning and begging to come, and her final scream as she came to a thundering orgasm.

A few minutes later I heard the click of high heeled pumps coming up the oak staircase .... Shelly came in the room and turned on the light so I could see her (Dave had told her to) .... She was sweating like a thoroughbred after a race, her hair was limp and wet as it hung down, virtually plastered to her ... her body seemed almost red she was so hot and sweaty ... she looked exhausted ...her eyes looked tired ... she was just plain worn out from wild fucking. Just as I thought her little show was over she turned around and spread her legs to about shoulder length and bent at the waist .. her red ass facing me. As she reached back to pull the cheeks of her ass apart I could see the come ... Dave's gooey liquid oozing out of her little asshole and down the inside of her thigh. She turned out the light, crawled into bed, gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Dave says that if he thinks you've whacked off this week that you'll get no pussy for the rest of the month .... night honey." Dave doesn't teach on Thursday afternoons, and if there isn't anything going on at the university he frequently takes off. As a result, my wife needs to be especially careful with her schedule and when she leaves the house ... Thursday afternoons have become a "blocked out" time for her ... she's always available. Last Thursday was no exception. Dave called her at about 9 that morning and told her he wanted her to join him and his little b*****r for lunch. Dave's b*****r, Jeff, was a 18 year old freshman at the university where his b*****r taught.

Dave told Shelly that Jeff didn't "know" about her and that she should wear a moderately conservative outfit ... something that wouldn't give away her status as a slut, but something that gave enough of a hint at what was below the surface to get Jeff's attention, but just a little. She chose a knee length denim dress that buttoned from the scooped neckline all the way down the front to the hem. Normally when she wore the dress she didn't wear a blouse under it, and she left a few buttons undone at the top and several at the bottom -- the way she normally wore it she looked a bit on the slutty side. But for her lunch with Dave and Jeff she was buttoned up, she wore a cream colored blouse under the dress ( the dress was sleeveless and scoop necked ... it was really meant to be worn with a top) .. she wore one of her "wonder bras" ... it made her look a little more top heavy, a bit more provocative. She wore mid height, two and a half inch pumps, sheer black stockings, and a little less makeup than usual. Since my wife wasn't sure what was up she gave me a call at work and told me that she was going out and didn't know when she'd be home. After talking with her for a few minutes it was evident to me that she thought that it was just going to be lunch ... that Dave didn't intend to share his little prize with his little b*****r. She was going to play the part of friendly neighbor who happened to run in to Dave at the restaurant. As it turned out ... she couldn't have been more wrong. As instructed, she arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes before Dave and Jeff ... there was a 15 minute wait for a table, so she was in the lobby area waiting when they came in.

When Dave saw her he grabbed his b*****r and pulled him over to meet Shelly. He introduced her as Mrs. Anderson, his neighbor Alan's wife. He asked her if she was alone .... she told him she was, and he invited her to have lunch with them. As far as his b*****r Jeff knew it was a chance meeting .... an innocent meeting of neighbors in a public place. They were seated , carried on a pleasant conversation, ordered a light lunch and waited for it to come. Shelly excused herself and went to the lady's room. When she left, Dave asked his b*****r if he noticed the way she was looking at them .... (she really wasn't doing anything funny , Shelly really thought it was just going to be a relaxing lunch with the boys) Dave planted the seed with Jeff . He told his b*****r that Shelly was coming onto him with her eyes, that she had the body language of a mature woman who wanted to get laid. Jeff was skeptical, he told Dave that, while she was mighty fine looking for an older woman , that he was dreaming if he thought she was coming onto him.

Dave accused Jeff of being blind to the signs, that she wanted it, and in fact needed to be fucked. Dave bet Jeff $100 against Jeff washing his car once a week for the next two months that he could not only get her to spread her legs for him, that within an hour he would have this housewife acting like a whore and make her actually ask them both if they'd take her somewhere and fuck her . Jeff laughed at the delusions of his b*****r and volunteered to wash his car once a week all summer if he could pull that off ! When Shelly returned from the lady's room she could tell that something was up .... she sensed a change in the mood at the table. Dave began by talking to Shelly about her aerobics class ... what she wore (spandex thong) ... he asked her if she got much unwanted attention from men at the club because she wore such a "brief" outfit .... Shelly caught on quickly ... she could tell immediately where this was leading, and knowing what Dave wanted, she played along. She said that no, she didn't get any unwanted attention ... Jeff said, "but Mrs. Anderson, I can't believe they wouldn't notice a woman as attractive as you in such a\, well, skimpy outfit." Shelly responded, " I didn't say that they didn't notice ", she smiled that warm sexy smile, "What I said was I didn't get any ... unwanted ... attention."

With that Dave knew that she'd picked up on what was happening and what he wanted her to do. He asked her "Shelly, if you don't mind my asking, are you suggesting that you enjoy showing off a little for the guys at the club ?" She looked down into her lap for a moment, then looked up at the men and said, " well, yes I suppose I do like being a bit of a tease. At my age you begin to wonder if men still find you attractive. " Dave smiled at her , but said in a serious tone, "Shelly, if you like showing off so much why are you covered up so much right now ? I think my b*****r and I would like you to go to the lady's room again, and while you're there lose the blouse and bra, and take of your pantyhose and stuff 'em in your purse. Then come back and sit with us, I'm sure that we'd enjoy our lunch a bit more with a better .... view." Shelley's face reddened and she looked down ... she didn't say anything for about a minute. The tension was thick. She finally looked up and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do everything you asked". When Dave heard her say that , inside he became very angry and asked my wife, in as calm a tone as possible, "and why not ?"

Shelly sheepishly replied, "because I'm not wearing pantyhose ... I'm wearing stockings and a lace garter belt ... I'm sorry, but I don't have pantyhose to remove." There was a pause ... my wife stood up .... looked both men in the eye and said, " I'll be right back, I need to use the lady's room" . As he watched Shelly walk away, Jeff could hardly contain his excitement. "Dave, did you hear that ?. Did you see that ? My god Dave, she's going to do it, the bitch is going to do it, I can't believe it. Damn, I thought all those letters to Penthouse were made up ....". He muttered again, "I can't believe it, I can't fucking believe it, I just can't fucking believe it. " Dave, smiled to himself .... this was going exactly as he'd hoped .... Jeff had bought the charade lock-stock-and barrel. Dave told Jeff to follow his lead ... that if they played their cards right that they'd make this 40 year old housewife their whore for the afternoon. Jeff joked that it'd be great to send her home to her husband with a cunt full of hot cum .... "her husband would blow his mind if he knew what a hot slut his wife is". (How little he knew ... I know exactly what kind of a submissive pet she is). At almost the same time they saw her. She seemed to float across the floor towards there table. Jeff could see in an instant that she'd removed the blouse and bra. The tits that stood out from her chest in the "wonder" bra now sagged a bit and swayed beneath the top of Shell's denim dress. Her face was flushed and hot. The humiliation was a rush for her, particularly since Jeff was oblivious to her status with Dave.

She sat down ... her food had been delivered in her absence and she stared blankly at her plate. Dave could tell that she'd done a little more than she'd been asked. She couldn't help anticipating what Dave wanted .... she's attended to him so much that it was second nature to her. Dave could tell that Shell had freshened her make-up, particularly her lips, which were a glossy, but dark red. Her foundation, and eye make-up was also a bit heavier .... she always knows how to please and excite men. Dave spoke first, "Mrs. Anderson" .... he called her Mrs. Anderson to heighten the naughtiness, the illegitimacy, the slutishness of the situation, "Am I mistaken, or have you done something with your make-up ?" Shelly replied, "well, uh, well ... yes, I freshened my make-up." "Looks to me like you put it on a little thick ... did you do that for our benefit ? What are you trying to do, get my dick hard. Are you coming on to us ..... Mrs. Anderson, (he looked into her eyes) are you trying to look like a slut for us ?", he said as he looked directly at her glossy red lips. Shell thought for a minute ... deciding how to respond, then simply said, "Yes". "I thought so ... let's eat our lunch .... Dave then looked over to Jeff and said, eat up little b*****r, I think that you'll need all your strength for the afternoon."

The waiter had previously left the check, and had returned to collect the money. As he was picking it up he noticed Shelley's deeply unbuttoned top, and the expanse of tit she was showing. He was a bit flustered and red faced. Dave was amused and decided to push it a little more. In a low voice, so only the waiter, Shelly and Jeff could hear, Dave said, "We enjoyed our lunch very much and you gave us excellent service ... how about instead of the customary 15% tip, I give you a look at this lovely lady's chest .... completely uncovered, right here, right now, for 5 seconds." The poor boy was beside himself, and couldn't seem to speak, so he nodded. Dave looked at Shelly and said just loud enough for us to hear, "Mrs. Anderson, please pull the sides of your top apart and hold them open for me." Shelly's shaking hands reluctantly moved to the denim fabric and in a slow motion pulled the fabric open, exposing her breasts to Dave, Jeff, the waiter, and several other diners who noticed what was happening. Dave then had Shell look the waiter in the eye and tell him that she enjoyed the meal and hope he'd enjoying his tip. Dave counted slowly to 5 and had her pull the top closed.

When Dave said it was time to leave Shell became nervous again ... she knew that, as they walked out, that anyone looking would get a clear view of her legs and swinging breasts. As she walked, her knee length dress opened to nearly her crotch showing the world that she was wearing sheer stockings and a black garter belt. Her top was very loose, as it was undone to about 6 inches below nipple level, and her bobbing tits, including her dark nipples, swung in and out of view. Several patrons noticed and stared as she walked by, and by the time they hit the front door the restaurant was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They went to Dave's car, leaving Shelly's the lot. Dave had Shelly sit between he and Jeff in the front seat. There was no graceful way for my wife to keep her dress together as they got in, or after she was settled in, so she just gave in to it. Her dress was split wide open at the top and bottom. Her sexy sheer black stockings with the 3 inch lace tops were in perfect view for Jeff and Dave, as was the creamy skin above her stocking tops. With her top open, Jeff couldn't keep his eyes off her tits. He was so hot he was about ready to explode. As they began driving, Dave told Jeff to check and see if their little whore was wearing any panties. Jeff pulled back her dress a little further and snuck a look up her crotch .... Dave said, "no, no, not that way .... use your fingers.

I want you to see if she's as hot and wet as I think she is." Still unsure of himself, Jeff laid his hand on my wife's knee and slowly, tentatively moved it up her leg. Shell was in a slutty daze and stared blankly at the young hand making it's way up her stocking covered leg to her creamy slit. Jeff stopped to massage the sensitive skin above her stocking tops, gaining confidence with every inch. Jeff's fingers reached their destination, "She doesn't have any on, she's wet and sticky, and, if you can believe it, I think she shaves her pussy." With that Shelly said, "I took them off in the lady's room, I thought you'd want me bare down there, and yes sir, I do shave, in fact I shaved smooth this morning." Jeff asked where they were going...a motel perhaps? "Hey Jeff, wouldn't it be a kick if we took her to her own house and fucked her in her own bed", Dave said. Jeff replied, "But what if her husband comes home ?" "Well, I guess he'll need to get in line if he wants some pussy too !" , he cracked. Dave and Jeff had a good laugh. It was about 2 PM when they pulled in the driveway.

Dave had sense enough to raise the garage door from the car and enter the house from the garage. He had fun exposing my Shelly in the city, where there's a low likelyhood they'd be recognized, but near home he's cautious ... he wants to preserve his situation, and having the rest of our neighbors and friends find out that my wife is his whore would blow the whole thing. They followed Shell into the house, watching her sexy ass sway before their eyes. They walked into the living room and Dave and Jeff plopped down in comfy chairs. Just as my wife was getting ready to sit Dave said, "Mrs. Anderson, you have a lovely home, and I'm quite sure you have a lovely body as well. Lose the belt and pop those last few buttons so we can judge for ourselves." Shell undid the belt and dropped it to the floor. She slowly released each of the remaining four buttons until the dress hung from her shoulders, open about 12" all the way from top to bottom.

Shelly's slightly sagging breasts and shaved pubic area were on display and open for business. She shrugged the dress from her shoulders and stood, wearing only her garter belt, stockings, and heels. "Shelly, I think a slutty housewife like you should be on her knees with a cock in her mouth, don't you ? You better start with my little b*****r, he's about ready to spurt anyway. I'm sure watching you give me a blowjob would put him over the edge, so go ahead, do him first. " With that, my wife walked to Jeff, who was 22 years her junior, her beautiful tits bouncing and swaying back and forth as she walked. She stopped in front of him, slid to her knees and said, " Jeff, honey, can I relieve the pressure on you balls for ya, would you like me to suck your cock until you come down my throat."

Jeff was speechless, and all he could do was nod. Shelly took his rigid 7 inches into her warm mouth. She swirled her expert tongue around the head of his prick before slowly but steadily sinking it down into her throat. She's an expert cocksucker and can deep throat a 10 incher with ease (she's practiced on enough of them). Jeff couldn't believe it ... it made him unbelievably excited to see this 40 year old married slut with a bit of gray in her hair (he could see a little gray as her head bobbed in front of him), virtually naked in front of him with his cock buried in her throat. Within 30 seconds of putting it in her mouth and down her throat he shot his load. She's been taught to pull back and let the man shoot into her mouth so he can see how eager she is to take it, but in this case there was no time. He truly surprised her with how quick he came. "Well Jeff, I guess you were well primed ... I'm sorry you came so quickly and didn't have time to enjoy it more. But I'm sure that I can coax a cock as young as yours back to full strength in a few minutes." Saying that, she turned to her master, Dave.

"May I please suck you Dave ?", she sad in a husky, sex filled tone. "Surely my pet", he said as my wife of 18 years fished his prick from his pants and began what would be a frenzied 10 minute blowjob. Shelly licked his prick, she swirled her tongue around its crown, she took each of his big balls into her mouth and gently sucked, she slobbered up an down his shaft making it wet and gooey with her saliva, she began a firm and steady up and down motion with her head, bobbing up an down on his cock. She caressed his balls with her hands as she worshipped his cock with her mouth. She gave him a truly slutty cocksucking. Finally, after about 10 minutes, with Dave nearing his breaking point, she shoved her head down on his prick, lodging it in her throat, and began the final strokes of a fine blowjob, finally, on the 9th stroke of the cock imbedded in her throat she felt Dave pull up on her hair, his signal that the hot liquid was leaving his balls and on it's way home.

She pulled her head up so the tip was still in her mouth and sucked. she sucked the tip of his cock like a straw until it came in big white spurts in her waiting mouth. Jeff watched, amazed, as her mouth and throat muscles swallowed his big b*****r's load. As Dave sat back with a big sigh he looked over and saw his little b*****r, his cock in hand, slowly jacking it .... watching Shelly. Then he looked down at my wife, a little of his cum stuck to her cheek and a shiny patch of sticky pussy juice on the puffy lips of her bald cunt. She was ready to be fucked. She needed it and Jeff needed it. Dave didn't need to say a word -- Shelly, still on her knees, backed up a little until her ass was about a foot from Jeff's chair. She bent over and put her elbows and forearms on the floor, lowered her head, arched her ass up a little and slightly spread her legs. She was quite a sight. She patiently waited until Jeff slid off his chair and nuzzled his cock up into the opening between her legs. Jeff began sliding his prick up and down the slippery opening, lubricating his cock with her juices until, all of the sudden Shelly couldn't wait any longer. With her greedy cunt in need, she quickly pushed herself back and onto his young cock.

They both let out a gasp of surprise ... Jeff at the suddenness of her move, my wife at the feel of his big cock in her little snatch. The boy seemed to snap, and really began to pump her in earnest, with quick, deep strokes. My girl loved it and moaned loudly as she was fiercely pounded by her young stud from the rear. She was glad she'd blown him earlier ... he was able to make it last a little longer this time. After about 5 minutes it was obvious to Dave that his little b*****r was about to blow his load for the second time in a half an hour. "Jeff .... Jeff ..... JEFF !", Dave called, breaking is b*****r's concentration just as he was approaching the home stretch. "I think the little slut has another hole that you haven't been in. You may want to sample her ass before you come." He liked the idea and started to pull out of Shelly's pussy, but he was too far gone, as he was maneuvering his dick towards her tight pink rosebud the thought of what he was about to do was too much for him and he shot his sticky cum all over my wife's ass -- a huge load considering he'd come down her throat within the hour. Dave chuckled and told him that if he could get it up a third time that he was free to use "door number three" as he put it. By this time Dave was ready for a ride as well.

He sat back on the sofa, his cock like a 9 inch rocket pointing to the sky. He had Shell get up and turn around so she was facing away from him and towards Jeff's chair. He has her sit down on his cock and begin a slow fuck. He told her to reach back and coat her fingers with the juice that Jeff's shot all over her ass and to use it as a lubricant while she played with her pussy ... all the while looking Jeff directly in the eye. Dave told her to tell Jeff the truth about their relationship and how she was used. She was really getting off on the humiliation of telling this boy about her role as Dave's sex pet -- se was really turned on and vigorously rubbed her hairless pussy. Dave told her that as soon as she got him to blow his cum into her tight cunt that she was free to cum herself. Jeff watched in amazement as Shelly, my previously demure wife, went wild on his prick, whipping her ass like a sling ... up and forward , back and down -- over and over, fucking her master like a machine .... feeling him build toward the climax that would be her trigger, her approval to cum. She let out a scream as she felt the first jet of Dave's gooey cum splash into her snatch. She picked up the pace of her sticky fingers until she tensed and came in a big wave ... Dave could feel the convulsions deep in her pussy for a full two minutes after she began to come. As she came down from her sex high she slid off Dave's prick onto the floor, collected her breath, turned around and slowly and thankfully licked clean the prick that had given her so much pleasure.


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