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Kinky Birthday Surprise

The morning sun shone in my window as I slowly woke up. I sat up, stretched some feeling the sheets slide down over my tits exposing them to the morning light, and smiled slightly realizing what today was. That it was my birthday.

I could hear some music softly being played off the stereo in the living room. I smiled again realizing it was one of my favorite songs "You Are So Beautiful to Me". Realizing I needed a shower, I slowly pushed back the covers getting ready to get up. But just as I began to do that, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards my bedroom.

Realizing they were getting close, I decided to wait a little bit before getting up. I sat there and waited to see who it was. Suddenly Devon appeared in my doorway wearing nothing but a smile on his handsome face. Seeing me sitting there with my tits exposed, he smiled wider and walked over to me.

"Good morning, Mom. My but don't you look damn sexy this morning." Devon said.

I looked up at him and smiled wider then offered my lips for him to kiss knowing he wouldn't waste a second coming over to me. I could feel my pussy begin to grow wet just by having him close to me with his luscious dick exposed.

Devon, realizing I wanted him to kiss me, wasted no time climbing on the bed. He quickly found my lips with his kissing me passionately and letting his hands find their way to my tits. He started massaging them feeling my nipples get hard immediately.

I started moaning into our kiss as his hands were bringing me so much pleasure. I was already beginning to get wetter and wanted him so badly to taste my pussy not caring how early in the morning it was. I let my hand reach forward and grab onto his hard cock. I then started stroking him, wanting to give him some hot pleasure.

Devon, feeling my hand stroke his cock, started moaning and growing like an a****l into our kiss feeling the pleasure run through him. He knew he just had to feel my pussy with his fingers. He let his right hand slip off my breast and trace it's way down to pussy. As he did this he kept on kissing me letting his left hand rub and massage my nipple harder.

As I felt Devon's hand getting closer to my pussy, I quickly spread my legs open, feeling my juices run down my thighs. I could feel my body getting hotter and hear my breath speeding up with anticipation. I could feel his cock getting harder in my hand as I stroked.

Devon heard my legs opening under the sheets and he moaned more as he quickly reached my pussy. He let his hands slowly trace my pussy lips feeling how swollen they were, the smell my arousal filling the room. He then let his finger find my clit feeling it throb under him. He could feel my juices as they began to soak his finger.

Feeling Devon's finger on my clit slowly began to drive me crazy with lust. I found myself wanting so badly for him to just shove his entire fist up my pussy and give me the hardest fisting I've ever had. I knew there was no way I could get on with my morning without feeling him impale me somehow.

Devon then let his lips leave mine and quickly found my neck letting his tongue lick up and down. He knew that by doing that, that it would make me dripping wet as he knew how sensitive my neck was.

As I felt his tongue on my neck I felt my pussy becoming dripping wet and my clit swell more under his finger. I knew I couldn't take it anymore and that I had to have his fist up my cunt right now.

"Oh Devon please fist me. Please fist your nympho mom." I found myself saying over and over.

Devon quickly heard me begging him to fist me. He could feel his cock grow harder as he loved it when I asked him to do something naughty to me. He quickly began circling my clit feeling it swell even more. He let his tongue lick my neck a little bit more, and then leaned forward to my ear.

"So my slutty mom wants her horny son to fist her dripping wet pussy. Mmm mom you're so nasty. You fucking make me so hard. I'm going to fist your pussy so hard that you're going to never want to stop coming." Devon whispered.

As I heard Devon whisper that in my ear, I could feel my entire body shake and my pussy soak the sheets as I felt my first orgasm of the morning rip through me. I screamed out in pleasure as I felt it rip through me.

Devon, realizing I just came, just smiled wickedly as he let his finger slip off my clit. He then formed a fist and got it ready to shove it my tight pussy feeling his own orgasm approaching. He then realized he better have me lay down before he began fisting me knowing my entire body would shake the moment he shoved it inside me.

"Mom you better lay down. I'm going to impale this pussy so hard with my fist that if you don't, you might just end up falling backwards." Devon whispered in my ear.

Hearing Devon, I quickly realized he was right and did as he asked laying down leaving my legs spread open. I then reached up and played with my other tit pulling and pinching my nipple making a thousand sensations of pleasure run throughout me.

Devon then took his fist and with one quick shove, shoved it fully up my pussy. He watched as my entire body shook and I came again my pussy juices soaking his fist. He then started fisting me hard, loving the feeling of having my entire pussy impaled.

"Oh fuck Devon..that feels so fucking incredible. Oh baby I'm going to cum again soon. Make your hot mom cum again. Make me cum hard!" I said.

Devon, hearing me, just started going to town on my pussy fisting me so hard like it was his cock in my pussy. He knew he had to fuck me soon as he wanted so badly to unload in my tight cunt. He also knew that he had a birthday surprise in store for me, but he didn't want to tell me about it yet. He wanted to get finished with what we started before he did.

As Devon fisted me, I kept on stroking him feeling his cock become rock hard and feeling it throb under my hand. I could tell that he was going to cum soon and I wanted so badly to feel his cum in my pussy. But first I wanted to achieve another orgasm only this time have it be by his tongue.

I could feel my orgasm start to approach and I wanted him to taste this one. I wanted to feel his hungry tongue licking my swollen clit.

"Devon I'm going to be coming soon baby. I want you to taste it. Please get down and lick my clit baby. You do it so good. "I said.

Devon, upon hearing me, quickly pulled his fist out my pussy. He quickly got down on the floor, letting his knees and cock lightly rub against the carpet as he got his mouth in between my legs. He then extended his tongue out and started licking wasting no time at all.

As I felt Devon's tongue licking me, I could feel my orgasm growing closer. I reached down and placed my hands in his hair. I then started looking down wanting to watch him lick as I got ready to come. I started feeling the pleasure increase and I knew it wouldn't take long.

Devon, noticing I was watching him lick, let his eyes meet mine. He then winked at me as he started licking faster using his thumbs to hold open my lips. He could taste my juices as they became more prominent and he knew I was coming quickly. He was really glad of that cause he could feel his cock throbbing underneath him and he knew he had to fuck me soon.

Then suddenly it hit me as I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me. I quickly grabbed onto his head and held it there as I started coming wanting him to taste it all.

"Oh Devon I'm coming. Taste it all baby!" I cried out.

Devon, hearing me, started doing as I asked licking and sucking up all my juices as he felt my pussy shake then relax as my orgasm washed over me. He found himself craving the taste of me and he loved it when I came in his mouth.

As soon as I stopped coming I let go of Devon's head and just laid back taking in a deep breath letting my body relax a little bit. I could hear Devon getting up and moving in between my legs. I knew he was going to fuck me and I got ready to be impaled by his big dick.

Devon swallowed the rest of my juices as he sat up between my legs letting his cockhead rest up against my pussy. He could feel the a****l lust still running through him and he knew he was going to fuck me hard until he came.

I looked down and watched as Devon's cockhead slowly began to move up and down against my pussy. I found myself wanting to just reach down and shove it in so he could fuck me. I then brought my other hand up and placed in on my tit, pinching my nipple.

"Devon please fuck me. Fuck me NOW!" I said.

Devon heard me and kept on looking directly into my eyes, grabbing onto my hips. Then in one hard thrust he shoved his entire length up into my pussy and started fucking me violently hard thrusting my pussy up against him.

I could barely speak as the pleasure started running through me. I started pinching and massaging my tits harder as I felt Devon's cock thrusting in me knowing he was going to come very soon. I could feel another orgasm coming on and I wanted to come with him.

As Devon felt his orgasm reaching his peak, he started fucking me even harder making his thrusts so violent that the only thing that could be heard was the slap of skin against skin and our pleasurable moans.

"Oh yeah mom, I'm getting close. Get ready to feel my cum in your pussy. I'm going to coat you in my love juice." Devon said.

Upon hearing Devon, I started pinching my nipples harder and used my pussy muscles to squeeze his cock wanting to make it really good for the both of us. I could feel my orgasm coming on too.

"Oh yes Devon cum in me baby. I'm coming too. Come on baby let's cum together!" I said.

Devon, upon hearing me, thrusted in me a few more times. He then moaned out loud as he felt his orgasm rip through him. He kept his grip on my hips as he started feeling his cum shoot out into my pussy.

"Ahh yeah this feels so damn good. Coming in your hot pussy like this." Devon said.

As soon as I felt Devon coming, I felt my orgasm rip through me too. I cried out loud and gripped extra hard on my tits as I came my entire pussy gripping then releasing on Devon's cock. The pleasure suddenly became so intense that I had to close my eyes to keep from passing out.

Devon, noticing that I closed my eyes, did the same and let his orgasm run it's course. He then let his hands run up my body stroking and massaging my flesh feeling how hot my body was under his touch.

I felt Devon's hands as they ran up my body. I let go of my tits and let my hands reach down to meet his. I then interlocked my hands with his and held them there taking more deep breaths as I felt my own orgasm finish running it's course.

As soon as both Devon and I regained our steady breathing we both opened our eyes. We then looked at each other.

"Wow that was amazing, mom. Thanks." Devon said.

"Yeah it was baby. Thank you." I said.

Devon then leaned down and kissed me letting his cock slip out of my pussy slowly. He could feel my pussy juices as they kept on running down my legs. He found himself loving the fact of how wet I still was.

I kissed Devon back feeling them too. I then brought our hands up above my head and held them there as I enjoyed our sweet sensual kisses. I could feel my body cool down some and knew it was time to shower now.

So I kissed Devon a little bit more then let my lips unpart from his. I looked up into his eyes some more enjoying the look he was giving me that was one of pure contentment.

"Well Devon I better shower, ok. I need to get up and start my day so I can enjoy my birthday with you." I said.

Devon looked down at me and sighed. He then slowly got up off of me rolling onto his back. He quickly got comfortable laying there in the bed, with his left hand stroking my shoulder.

I smiled and leaned over kissing him lightly on the forehead. I then got up out of bed kicking the sheet to the end. I stretched fully and walked over to the dresser grabbing my bra then my panties. I then turned my head towards Devon, smiled at him again, and walked into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I put my stuff down on the counter and looked into the mirror. I saw that my hair was a mess from the rough sex we just had but I didn't care. I quickly turned around and turned the water on. I then stepped into the shower washing myself down, feeling Devon's cum still coursing through my pussy.

Devon watched me get into the shower. He waited a few minutes then reached over and grabbed the telephone. He dialed in the phone number of his friend Chris waiting for him to answer.

"Hello?" Chris said.

"Hey Chris, this is Devon. Remember the plan I told you about right. You know the gangbang. Well don't forget to tell the rest of the guys and get the word spread around. My mom has no idea that I'm giving us all as a birthday gift to her." Devon said.

"Oh yeah, I remember. Man I can't believe I'm going to actually get to taste and fuck your mom tonight. My dick is so hard thinking about it. I'll make sure to tell everyone else then we'll all meet at my house and come over there okay." Chris said.

"Okay. See you guys tonight." Devon said.

"See you tonight." Chris said.

I started thinking of the sex we just had and found myself getting horny again but I knew this was not the time for that. I quickly finished washing my body down and turned off the water, stepping out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and started drying my body off.

As I was doing that, I could hear Devon talking to somebody on the telephone. Funny I didn't hear the telephone ring but I quickly figured out he must have called somebody. I shrugged my shoulders figuring that was his business and finished drying my body off. I then got dressed and stepped out of the bathroom.

As soon as Devon heard me coming out the bathroom, he quickly hung up the telephone. He then moved back over and laid more in the bed, a lustful smile on his face.

I found myself wanting to ask him who he was talking to but I figured it was still none of my business so I decided not to. I quickly walked over my closet and pulled out my clothes getting dressed. I then walked back into the bathroom and brushed my hair.

Devon watched me as he did this. He started thinking of all the things that are going to happen to me tonight, of how many dicks and tongues are going to be aiming for my body tonight. About how many times I'm going to cum after having not only my pussy pleased but my ass and tits too.

He could feel his dick starting to get hard again just thinking about it. But he knew he had to wait. That he had to save some of his cum for tonight since he was going to be the first one to fuck me before anyone else does.

Quickly he got up off the bed realizing he needed to take a shower himself. He started walking towards the door heading towards the other bathroom.

As soon I turned and walked out of the bathroom, I saw Devon heading out the door. I let a low whistle escape my lips as I saw his fine muscular ass walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. I then made the bed and walked into the kitchen, noticing that Devon had made breakfast for us.

I smiled to myself as I sat down at the table surveying all the delicious food. I took some bacon then some toast and placed it on my plate. I then started eating hearing the shower water run from the bathroom.

Devon quickly got the water at the temperature he liked it and stepped inside the shower. He closed the curtain and let the water hit his body as he washed himself down making sure to get fully clean.

Suddenly the image of me being surrounded by all his friends with their hard dicks sticking out while he was down between my legs eating my pussy then fucking me entered his mind. He felt his dick getting rock hard and he realized he couldn't leave the shower with his dick like this.

Devon decided that he had to jack off so he could get his dick to go down. He started thinking of some hot scenarios he could think about while jacking off and he quickly decided the one of the gangbang would work. He brought his right hand up to his dick and started stroking hard letting his thumb run over the head.

"Oh yeah." Devon moaned out.

As the pleasure started filling his body, he let the image of him down between my legs eating my pussy while his friends watched enter his mind again. He could still taste my pussy juices on his tongue which helped push the fantasy further. He started pumping his dick harder as he felt the water slowly starting to get cold.

Then suddenly the image of his friend Chris fucking my pussy while he fucked my ass entered my mind. He started picturing my pussy spreading open and my clit throbbing while Chris drove his cock into my pussy mercifully bringing us both pleasure.

"Oh yeah fuck her. Fuck this slutty mom of mine. Give it to her good. Spear her fucking pussy with that cock. Make this hot bitch cum." Devon said to himself.

Then suddenly as he said that, he felt his cock swell and his cum shoot out of his cock. He watched as it hit the wall of the shower and mix in with the water.

"Oh fuck yeah...Aaarrrggghhhhh!" Devon moaned out as he came.

Devon then stopped stroking his cock as he felt his cum finish shooting out. He started shivering as he realized the water was freezing cold now. He quickly turned the faucets off and pulled back the curtain getting out of the shower.

As soon as he stepped out of the shower he reached over grabbing a towel. He looked down at this dick and being pleased that it was soft for now he started drying himself off.

As I was eating my breakfast, I had noticed that Devon had been in the shower for quite a long time. I started to get a little bit concerned but didn't want to walk in on him. I figured that he was okay so I just kept on eating my breakfast finishing it off.

I then got up and took my dishes to the sink. I looked out the window noticing what a nice day it was. I then walked back to the table and pushed my chair in.

Devon finished drying his body off and threw the towel into the hamper. He then walked out the bathroom and into his room. He walked over to his closet and pulled out his clothes quickly getting dressed.

Devon then walked out the bedroom and into the dining room where he saw me standing there. He noticed the shirt I was wearing which had a low cut V in the top showed off my breasts perfectly. He felt himself getting hot again and his dick stirring. But he knew he had to wait that he just spent himself in the bathroom even though he wasn't going to.

He quickly walked past me and sat down at the table eating his breakfast hungrily. He found himself still starting at my tits and he kept telling himself he had to wait, that he could suck them later.

As I watched Devon eat, I noticed his eyes on my tits. I felt my nipples getting hard again and my pussy beginning to grow wet. I found myself wanting to just sit on his face so he could eat me to another orgasm but decided to go ahead and let him eat his breakfast.

So I quickly left the room and walked into the living room sitting on the couch with my legs closed so I couldn't masturbate. I turned on the TV and started watching it trying to concentrate. But I found it very hard to do as I could still feel Devon's eyes horning in on my tits.

Devon, noticing that I had gone into living room and was sitting on the couch, finished eating his food. He couldn't stop himself from staring at my tits though. He felt his mouth watering as he wanted so badly to just go over and start sucking on them so he could feel my hard little nipples in between his lips.

"No damnit. I'm going to wait" he told himself.

Devon then got up from the table and took his dishes to the sink trying to get his body to calm down. He stood there for a few minutes as he felt his body start to cool down and his dick go back to being soft. He then walked back to the table and pushed his chair in.

Then he started thinking of ways he could help celebrate my birthday while the day was still young. The first thing that entered his mind though was sex but he knew he couldn't do that with me yet. So he started thinking of other ways. He quickly decided to take me out for the day, to go shopping and stuff like that.

Devon took a deep breath as he got ready to walk into the living room. He knew the moment he walked in there and saw me he'd have a hell of a time controlling himself but he knew he had to do it at least for now.

Devon took another breath and walked in there. He then walked over to the couch and sat down next to me noticing the TV was on.

Noticing Devon next to me I decided to turn the TV off and find out what he wanted. I could tell that there was something he wanted to say to me and I was curious about what it was. I turned my head towards him and looked straight into his eyes making sure not to look down at his cock through his pants.

Devon, noticing I turned the TV off, turned his head towards me and looked back into my eyes. He then got a little bit closer and opened his mouth to speak.

"So mom, it's your birthday. How about we go out for the day and do some fun things?" Devon said.

Noticing that Devon was closer now made me hornier. But I decided to keep my control and answer his question.

"Sure Devon that sounds fun. Let's go." I said.

Devon, upon hearing me, smiled and reached out for my hand. He then helped me stand up as he led us to the car stopping to grab the keys on the way.

I happily took Devon's hand as he led us to the car. I wasn't sure of where we were going to go but I didn't care. All I cared about is that I was spending my birthday with someone that I loved and lusted for.

Devon, noticing I took his hand, smiled and squeezed it tightly between his. He then walked over and opened the car door for me, letting his eyes roam all over my body but of course making sure to pay special attention to my tits.

As I noticed Devon opening the car door for me, I squeezed his hand tighter as to say "let's have some fun baby". I then got in the car making sure to take my time so he could get a good look at my ass while I got in.

Devon, noticing my hand squeeze, brought my hand up to his and kissed it letting his tongue graze lightly over my knuckles. He then watched me as I got in the car, his eyes finding their way to my ass.

As I felt Devon's eyes on my ass, I blew a kiss to him and got in the car the rest of the way. I then let go of his hand and shut the door behind me. I then waited for Devon to join me.

Devon noticed that I was in the car. He then walked over and got in the driver's side of the car, shutting the door behind him. He then pushed the garage door opener and started the car.

As soon as the garage door was open, Devon pulled the car out and onto the road. He then put it in drive and we were on our way. The whole way down the road Devon was trying his best to keep his eyes from roaming over to me. He was finding it hard but was successfully succeeding.

We had a lovely day going first to the mall then to see a movie. We then went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant where both Devon and I fed each other. We got looks from everyone but we didn't care. We were just happy to be alone with each other. Then after the dinner, Devon drove us home.

As Devon pulled onto the road, he started looking around for his friends but he didn't see them yet. He was glad because he didn't want me to see them because of the surprise he had planned. He quickly opened the garage door and pulled the car in. He then stopped it and put it in park turning off the engine.

We both sat there in the car for a little while making small talk about different things. Then it was time to get out and go into the house.

Devon got out of the car first and walked around to open my door. As he did he let his eyes wander up and down my body as I sat in the car. He felt his cock get hard as he let his eyes focus on my pussy through my short skirt. He knew I had panties on but figured they must be soaking wet with anticipation of what's going to happen now.

He quickly licked his lips eager to taste me but he knew he'd get to that very soon. He reached down and opened my door then extended his hand for me to take again.

I looked over as I saw that Devon had opened my door and had his hand extended for me. I reached out and grabbed it linking my hand with his as I got out of the car. I then shut the car door with my free hand and got ready to walk in the house with him.

Devon, noticing I took his hand again, grabbed my hand just as tightly as he did before. He then started walking towards the house taking me with him.

Both Devon and I walked towards the house together. We reached the door quickly and went inside.

Devon then let go of my hand and walked up behind me. He brought his mouth up to my ear, licked it softly, and then opened his mouth to speak.

"Mom, I have a surprise for you. Go to the bedroom, strip down, and wait for me okay. I'll be there in a minute." Devon whispered.

He then took my earlobe into his mouth and sucked it, reaching forward. He let his hand graze over my tits then down over my skirt letting his hands go up it and rub my pussy through my panties. He could feel my wetness and feel my clit throb as he slowly stroked me.

I started feeling my knees go weak as I felt Devon's hand on my panty covered pussy, rubbing. I wanted nothing more at that moment than just to have him turn me around, rip my panties off, and go down on me licking me to one hard orgasm. I opened my mouth to ask him to when suddenly I felt his hand stop rubbing.

Devon, feeling how wet my pussy was, was finding it hard to control himself. He could feel the a****listic lust run through him just like earlier and he just wanted to eat my pussy so badly right there. But he knew he had to wait for his friends before he could do so.

He took his mouth off my earlobe and then leaned forward again.

"Umm Mom you better go in there now, okay." Devon said.

Upon hearing that, I gave a small groan but decided to go ahead and go anyways. I walked from the kitchen to the bedroom, quickly stripping off my clothes. I then laid down on the bed waiting for him to come in there and join me.

Devon felt his now hard cock throbbing through his jeans. He felt like he could cum right there but he knew it'd have to wait a few more minutes. Suddenly he heard his friend Chris's car pull up in the driveway. He sighed a breath of relief that they were finally there. He walked out into the garage and greeted them all as they got out the car.

"Hey guys, glad you could all make it." Devon said.

"Hey Devon. Hell yeah we wouldn't miss this for the world. Getting to fuck a hottie like your mom. Shit this is the best thing that could ever happen to any of us." Chris said.

"Well let's go inside okay. Is everyone here? Jack? Steve? Tom? Dave?" Devon said.

"Yeah we're all here. Let's go. My dick is so hard it's almost going to split my pants open." Jack said.

"Yeah us too. Our dicks are rock hard too." Steve, Tom, and Dave said.

Devon walked into the house first with Chris, Jack, Steve, Tom, and Dave following. He knew that his dick was as hard as theirs was and that this was going to be one hot unforgettable night.

All of the guys walked into the living room. They weren't sure what to do next so they waited for Devon's cue since this way his plan.

"Okay let's all get undressed so we can walk in there with our dicks already exposed. We don't want to have to worry about our clothes getting in the way." Devon said.

"Yeah good idea, b*o." Chris said.

All six horny guys stripped off their clothes quickly. They all sighed a breath of relief as they felt their dicks become unconfined. They then waited for Devon's cue again.

"Okay I'll go first and start eating her pussy first. Then you guys come in and each one of you find something to do. One of you suck her tits, the other fuck her ass, and the other shove your dick into her mouth. Then I'll fuck her and we'll switch off." Devon said.

"Okay." they all said.

Devon then walked into the bedroom feeling his tongue ache and his hard dick throb to be inside my tight pussy. The moment he saw me laying there, he felt like his dick was going to explode from just feeling so aroused.

"Hey mom, I'm here now. Spread open those luscious legs for me so I can eat that hot pussy. I want to taste you so badly." Devon said.

Hearing Devon I quickly do as he asks spreading my legs wide open and bringing them up. I can smell my own juices as they fill the room and can feel my clit throb with hot anticipation.

Devon, seeing my legs spread open for him, quickly got his face in between them. But before he started licking, he turned his head to make sure his friends were coming in the room.

He watched as they did all six of them looking pretty flushed. He realized they looked that way because they just got their first view of me naked with my hot wet pussy open for first my son and then them to taste.

"Oh damn she's so fucking hot. Look at that ripe pussy. Mmm I just know she's tight. Going to feel so good when I stick my dick in her." Chris said quietly.

Devon, realizing that his friends were there, quickly put his face near my pussy again. He then spread open my pussy lips and extended his tongue out, letting it lick my clit first.

"Oh yes Devon lick my clit like that baby. Oh you always know how to please me." I said.

All of his friends watched as Devon started licking my pussy. They could feel their own tongues hungering for a taste of me. But they knew they had to wait and besides they had other places on my body they could please.

All six guys started asking each other which one was going to go first. They all knew they were horny as hell and wanted to blow their loads up in my body.

"Okay I'll take her ass. Her sweet tight puckered ass. I'll slip my dick in there first and then Jack you can take her tits while Steve takes her mouth. I'll bet she'll suck your dick good, b*o. I can tell she has a mouth made for sucking." Chris said.

"Okay." the rest of them said.

Chris walked around to the bed. He wondered how he was going to get underneath me without disturbing Devon's pussy eating work. He then quickly decided the only way was to just easily slide me up and go underneath.

Chris reached down and quickly lifted me up just long enough to slide underneath to get his dick in my ass. He knew he could support my weight with no problem and he could feel his dick throb with the excitement of what he was about to do.

Chris reached down with his hand and found my ass. He let his finger run around my ass hole a little bit teasing me. He then brought his dick up and shoved it right in wasting no time.

"Oh tight! So fucking tight!" Chris moaned out.

I heard a voice and felt a dick I didn't recognize. I had no idea that it was Devon's friend, Chris. But at that moment I didn't fucking care because I was too horny and was just happy having a dick up my ass.

"Mmm yeah that feels so good. Fuck me big boy. Fuck me hard." I said.

Chris, upon hearing me, wasted no time. He started thrusting his dick in and out of my ass noticing how easily he was able to fuck me. He then reached around and held my tits out for Jack to start sucking on.

Jack, seeing Devon's face in my pussy beginning to lick me hungrily and Chris's dick up my ass fucking me hard, felt his own dick get harder. He noticed that Chris was holding my tits out for him and he quickly moved over to me bringing his mouth down to them. He then started sucking them hard taking a nipple into his mouth, biting down lightly then licking it.

"Oh so now someone is sucking on my huge tits. Yeah baby suck on them. I love having my tits sucked." I said.

I started moaning loudly from all the pleasure I was receiving. I haven't received this much pleasure in a long time and it was almost to much to bear. I could feel Devon's tongue in my pussy still licking me.

Devon noticed that his friends had begun pleasing me. He smiled to himself then started licking my pussy harder, using his tongue to attack my clit. He then slipped two of his fingers up into my tight fuck hole and started fingering me as he licked. He could taste my juices as they filled his mouth and he realized this is the wettest I've ever been.

Chris kept on fucking me harder using my stomach to help hold me up as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into my ass. He could feel his orgasm coming on very quickly and he started swearing to himself for having such a short ability to hold back his cum. But he started figuring if he's going to cum he might as well literally tear my ass up with his dick so I could cum too.

As Devon kept on licking my pussy and Chris kept on fucking my ass, Jack started sucking on my tits harder making his bites a little bit more aggressive the hornier he got. He found himself hardly being able to wait to taste then fuck my pussy with his extremely rock hard dick.

"So is anyone going to give me a cock to suck on? I need something hard to fill my mouth." I said.

Both Tom and Dave turned towards Steve. They knew it was his turn to give me his hard cock to suck on.

"b*o go on. She's waiting for your dick. Go give it to her." both of them said.

"Okay I'm going. I just got a little mesmerized in this whole hot scene here." Steve said.

Steve began walking over to me, his hard cock throbbing in front of him. He knew the minute he stuck his dick in that it wouldn't take long for him to cum. He knew that my mouth would take all his cum and then come back for more. The thought alone made him groan softly with anticipation.

Steve quickly reached my mouth. He then brought his hard dick up and watched as I opened my mouth right away. He then slipped in between my lips and started fucking my mouth hard shoving his entire length down my throat.

"Mmm such a hard cock. Tastes so good." I said through muffled words.

I knew that the moment I came that I wouldn't be able to speak because of the hard dick in my mouth but I didn't care. I knew that Devon would know and just hungrily lick it up into his hot mouth. I started sucking on this hard dick in my mouth using my tongue to lick the head then the shaft.

"Oh yeah suck it!" Steve cried out in pleasure.

Devon could hear my moans of pleasure as I got fucked by Chris, licked by him, had my tits sucked by Josh, and my mouth filled with cock by Steve. He knew I'd be coming soon and he was so ready to taste it. He started pumping his fingers harder finding my g-spot and rubbing it.

I started feeling Devon's fingers rubbing my g-spot. I knew for sure I wouldn't be able to last long as now as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching me. I knew it was going to a big one cause I could feel it coarse though my entire body.

I started thrusting my pussy up into Devon's face and against his fingers fucking them back. I could feel Chris's cock get ready to spurt inside me as he started fucking me even harder and his moans grew louder each second he pounded me.

"Oh shit I'm coming!" Chris cried out.

Chris held onto my stomach firmly as he felt his cum shooting into my ass. The release felt so good to him that he felt like he was going to pass out but knew he couldn't because he wasn't done with me yet. He still had to lick my pussy, fuck my pussy, lick my tits, and fuck my mouth.

Feeling Chris cum quickly brought me over the edge too. I felt my orgasm hit me and all I could do was thrust my pussy as hard as I could up into Devon's tongue so he could lick my clit quickly and taste my cum juices.

Devon knew I was coming and he started licking my clit hard using every licking technique he could think of. He kept on pumping my fuck hole feeling it tighten up and grip around his fingers. He could taste my juices as they ran more into his mouth and down his throat. He knew he'd never get that taste off this mouth but he didn't care.

As I felt my orgasm wash over me, I started sucking the dick in my mouth even harder using all my cock sucking know how to make his guy cum so I could taste it.

Jack, noticing that I was coming, bit on my tits a little bit more before just sucking then pulling away. He noticed how red my tits got and that just made him want to shoot his load off right there. But he knew he had to save it so he could fuck me.

I could tell by the way the guy's cock in my mouth was throbbing that he was coming next. I kept right on sucking waiting to taste him.

"Oh yeah I'm coming. Take all my cum. Don't waste a drop slut." Steve said.

Upon hearing that, he shot a big hard load of hot cum down my throat feeling me swallow it all down and come back for the rest. He could feel his legs go weak as he came, and found himself having to hold onto the headboard as not to fall over.

Devon kept on licking my pussy as he felt my orgasm slowing down. He didn't want to stop licking until he knew everyone had cum already and he could easily slip his throbbing hard dick in my sopping wet cunt. He knew that Chris had come and that Steve was coming now so he knew he didn't have to wait too long.

Chris lifted my body up and slid from underneath it. He looked down and saw his cock was soft but knew he could get it hard easily by just watching the hot scene that was in front of him.

Jack then pulled away next standing back and watching Devon keep on licking as Steve kept on coming. He looked down and saw his dick was still hard as ever. He felt himself ready now more than ever to fuck my ass knowing that Devon already had a claim on my pussy.

Steve moaned a little bit more as he finished coming. He then pulled his dick out and walked over to the group, giving everyone a look that said "damn she can suck dick really good." Feeling his dick going soft he knew that he too could get it hard again.

Devon noticed that everyone else had backed off. He gave my pussy one last lick then a kiss. He then stood up and brought his cock to my pussy shoving his entire length in fully. He then started fucking me hard, giving me so much pleasure.

I let my eyes focus on Devon as he fucked me, my pussy responding back to his fucking by gripping onto his dick like a vice. I could feel that my tits were a little red and sore from the biting they received but I knew they'd recover.

Chris, Jack, and Steve looked over at Tom then at Dave. They all ushered them over there to get started.

"Go on guys. Tom you take her tits and Dave you take her mouth. I've got her ass." Jack said.

"Okay we're going." both Tom and Dave said.

Tom walked over and saw that my tits were red. He knew he didn't want to hurt me so he decided to lick and suck on them only so they'd feel better when it came time for someone else to lick them. He leaned down and took my right tit into his mouth. He first kissed my nipple and then licked it, his tongue circling around my entire nipple.

I could tell that this guy had done this before by how gentle he was being. I was glad he was being that way because I didn't want anything bad to happen to my tits. I wanted them to feel good and not hurt like hell.

I started moaning as he licked my tits because it felt really good but not as good as Devon's cock was feeling in my pussy. I had never felt such pleasure like this and all I knew is that I didn't want it to stop.

Devon noticed that I was enjoying what Tom was doing to my tits but most importantly what he was doing to my pussy. He was so glad that I was enjoying this birthday surprise that he was giving to me. He could feel his cock throb for more fucking so he grabbed onto my hips and started driving into me.

"Oh yes please keep fucking me like that." I cried out.

Devon, hearing me, did just as I asked and kept on fucking me harder making so much pleasure run throughout his own body that he swore that he was in Heaven. That pleasure this good could only feel this extreme there. But he knew he wasn't that it just felt like it.

Jack watched as Devon fucked me and as Tom sucked on my tits. He knew it was his turn to fuck my ass and he felt so ready to do just that. He quickly walked over to the bed and lifted my body up. He knew it would disturb Tom a little bit but that he wouldn't mind.

Tom noticed that Jack was trying to lift my body up. He knew that he would need enough room to slide underneath me so he could get his dick in. So Tom decided to help by moving out of the way for a second.

Jack noticed that Tom moved out of the way for a second. He smiled then slipped underneath me, getting his cock straight up in my ass in one quick thrust. He then started fucking me hard gripping onto my stomach to hold me there just like Chris did.

Tom noticed that Jack was now fucking my ass. He quickly attached his mouth back down to my right tit licking it some more then sucking on it. He then let his left hand run up and down my body making sure to skip over Jack's hand.

Dave stood there watching as Devon fucked my pussy, Jack fucked my ass, and Tom sucked on my tits. He felt his hard dick aching with need as he walked up to my mouth. He leaned down and kissed me then slipped his dick straight into my throat.

I felt another dick in my throat as I felt both my holes being filled with two hard dicks and my tits being pleased. I started sucking this dick just as hard as I did the other one knowing I could make him cum fast if I did it right.

For a second, Dave thought for sure that no matter how hard I sucked his dick he'd be able to hold back. But as soon as he felt how hard I truly was sucking, he started becoming not too sure that he could hold on. That I might just drain his dick like I did his friend's.

He could feel the pleasure running through him extremely fast and he suddenly realized that shit he was coming. He couldn't figure out how I did it but he knew there was some secret behind it.

Devon looked up as he kept on fucking me at Dave. He saw Dave's face get that look of "what the hell is she doing to me to make me cum this fast". He laughed to himself knowing that Dave was about to come. He could feel his own orgasm hit him but he knew he wanted to be the last one to cum inside me.

So Devon started holding off slowing down his thrusts some so he wouldn't cum fast. He wanted all his friends to cum before him.

Jack felt his orgasm coming on too as he fucked my ass hard. He started fucking me harder and quicker really giving it to me. Then suddenly it hit him and he felt his cum shooting into my ass now filling me up more.

"Oh yeah I'm coming." Jack said.

He held onto my stomach tightly as he came feeling his cum shoot out of his dick all the way until he was completely spent. He then let his limp dick fall out and he laid there underneath me getting his breath before he moved.

Tom felt his mouth start to hurt some so he sucked on my tits for a little bit more. He then stopped and backed off. He watched as Devon and Dave both got ready to cum.

I felt another orgasm hitting me but I knew I wanted to cum when Devon did because I loved coming with him. So I started holding back too slowing down my pussy thrusts against his cock. I kept on sucking Dave feeling him cum now down my throat.

"Oh fuck I'm coming. I'm coming hard." Dave cried out.

As soon as he said that, I felt the rest of his cum shoot down my throat. I swallowed it down just like before taking it all.

Dave knew this was it that it would be over with in a few seconds. He stood still as the rest of his cum shot down my throat. He then pulled out and backed off towards the group.

Now it was just Devon and I left. We both looked up at each other and I reached down grabbing onto his hands that were on my hips interlinking them. We both then came together hard, our moans and groans of pleasure interlinking just like our hands.

As I felt Devon coming in my pussy, I just sat up and kissed him hard on the mouth making him come down with me as we kissed. I could feel him pull his hands out of mine and slip them under my back as we continued coming together. I took my hands and placed them around his back holding him close to me.

Everyone watched as Devon and I came together, our two bodies becoming one. They all felt their dicks jump as they watched the hot scene before them. They all thought Devon was so lucky to have a mom like me that he could fuck.

As soon as Devon and I both stop coming, we kissed a little bit more then he sat up and pulled his dick out of me. He then stood back with his friends looking at my very well pleased body.

All night each guy took turns pleasing me with Devon ending up eating my pussy then fucking my pussy and finishing in my ass. He then let me suck him to hardness again and continue on sucking him until he came one more time.

After that was over and everyone said their goodbyes, I called Devon over to me.

"Come here my love. Lay next to me." I said.

Devon smiled as he heard me beckon him over. He quickly got on the bed and laid next to me, his hand around my waist.

"So did you enjoy your birthday gift, Mom?" Devon asked.

All I could do was turn to him and smile.

"Yes I did Devon. Thank you so much." I said.

"Your welcome Mom. Love you." he said.

"Love you too." I said.

We both then drifted off to sl**p for few hours then woke up again only to have sex the rest of the night and into the next day.

That was the best birthday I've ever had and will never forget it!

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