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Her First Time

Tiffany Brooks is your average 18-year-old girl. She makes straight A's has loving parents, a ton of friends, and a sweet caring boyfriend.

She is the perfect girl except for one thing.

She's a virgin. And she wants to lose her virginity. But not to a man.

She wants it to be with a woman. But nobody knows about that. Not even her boyfriend.

She has had a secret attraction to women for a long time. When's she out, she cannot help but stare at other women's bodies.

At their breasts, their curves, their long legs.

Tiffany not's too bad looking herself. Standing at 5'7, with blond hair that cascades down her back halfway, sparkling blue eyes, 40C breasts, a small waist, and long legs.

She's quite a hottie and gets her share of looks and whistles. However, she does not pay much attention to them.

Every night when she is alone in her room, she lies in her bed and pictures how her first time will be.

With candles, roses, music, and the woman of her dreams admiring her body and turning her into a full woman.

Every day that Tiffany goes to school she checks out all the girls there.

She just wishes she had the nerve to go up to one and make her sexual dream come true.

But every time she gets up the nerve to, her boyfriend Steven comes up and puts his arms around her, making those feelings go into hiding.

But her 19th birthday is coming up this Saturday and she wants to make her fantasy come true.

Her girlfriends are taking her out to a club and she's gonna scope out all the girls there until she finds the one she wants.

When she finds her, she's gonna take her somewhere where they can be alone.

Away from her friends, away from her boyfriend, away from everybody. So she can be herself and let out her fantasy.

On Friday, her friends call her up.

"Hey Tiffany, you want to go out?", her friends asks her.

Tiffany says "Sure. Where are we going?".

They say "To that club. We want to check it out before tomorrow comes."

Tiffany says, "Okay"

She then hangs up the telephone. A kind of excitement feeling runs through her. She can feel it all throughout her body.

Secretly, she hopes that tonight she will meet the woman that she is looking for. She gets off her bed and goes over to her closet.

She opens the closet door and picks out a very sexy outfit. A red halter top, a short black skirt, and her boots.

She then goes over to her dresser and gets out a red see-through bra and a pair of red see-through panties to match. Nobody knows that she has them.

She bought them one day when she went into a lingerie store and has kept them hidden in her dresser ever since.

However, tonight, she wants to wear them in case she meets that certain someone.

She puts them on, then puts on the rest of her clothes over them.

When she is fully dressed, she sits down in front of her dressing table and grabs her hairbrush.

She brushes her hair and puts it up high. She then puts on some mascara and some red lipstick.

She reaches inside of her jewelry case and takes out a silver necklace.

She carefully puts it around her neck and closes it. She then takes a look in the mirror.

Perfect, she thinks to herself.

Outside, she hears her girlfriend's car pull up into the driveway. They honk their horn, and she grabs her purse.

She walks out of the room and heads to the front door. She opens the front door, says goodbye to her parents, tells them she will be back soon, and then heads out of the house.

When she gets outside, she shuts the door behind her and walks to the car. She opens the car door and gets in.

"Hey",she says to her friends

She closes the door and they start backing out of the driveway.

When they are all the way backed out, her friend turns the wheel and they head down the street.

On the way there, she talks with her friends and shares a few laughs. Before they know it, they have reached the club.

Her girlfriends get out of the car, and Tiffany follows. They wait for Tiffany to catch up and when she does they all go into the club.

The music is booming when they all get inside. They find a table and sit down.

Tiffany starts scoping out all the women in the club. She sees some pretty ones, but is not satisfied.

They just do not fit what she is looking for. Her dream girl is about 5'6, with brown hair and green eyes.

Tit size does not really matter much to Tiffany. She likes all sizes of them. She just can hardly wait to get her mouth around one or her tongue in a pussy.

Just thinking about it makes her pussy ache with a need. A need to be licked and loved right.

She fantasizes about her dream woman having a strap-on dildo so that she can fuck her.

She wants so badly to be bent over and fucked hard that it makes her pussy get wet just thinking about it.

Tiffany decides to get up and walk around the club. She leaves her friends there to talk about guys and stuff. Slowly, Tiffany gets up.

She starts walking around the club, swinging her hips from side-to-side. She can feel eyes watch her and she loves it.

She can see women watch her, some of them giving her not such a nice look.

However, she sees some others that are staring at her body up and down, checking her out.

She gets the nerve to walk up to them. She sees one woman that has dark hair and a killer body. She walks up to her.

"Hi. I'm Tiffany", she says.

"Hello", the woman says.

They start talking back and forth.

"So, are you into women?", Tiffany asks.

"No. I just like men. I want cock, not pussy.", the woman responds.

That disappoints Tiffany greatly.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye.", Tiffany says.

"Bye.", the woman says.

She asks all the other women in there, and nobody is interested. She starts to give up hope when in the door walks a new woman.

A woman that Tiffany did not notice before.

Tiffany watches this woman as she walks in and stands in the middle of the club.

Tiffany cannot help but notice how beautiful this woman is. She has long dark cascading hair, dark green eyes, and a killer body with long legs.

This woman is wearing a tight dark red dress that hugs her body perfectly.

Tiffany thinks to herself, There she is. My dream woman. God, she is beautiful.

Tiffany notices that her own breathing has sped up quite considerably.

She starts feeling quite nervous about approaching this beautiful creature.

But she knows that she must do it. So Tiffany gets up the nerve and starts walking towards her slowly.

Tiffany can feel her pussy grow wetter the closer she gets. Finally, Tiffany reaches her.

Tiffany says,"Hello there"

This beautiful woman turns around. When her eyes land on Tiffany, they start looking at her up and down checking her out.

"Hi",this woman says back

"My name is Tiffany. What's yours?", Tiffany says

"Hi Tiffany. I am Valerie", this woman responds

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Valerie.", Tiffany says.

Valerie smiles, then does something that Tiffany does not expect.

Valerie leans in close to Tiffany.

Valerie then whispers,"No darling, the pleasure will be all mine to give to you. You are so beautiful. You make my pussy grow wet just by staring at you."

When Tiffany hears that, she thinks to herself, I have found her for sure. This is like heaven.

Then Tiffany feels Valerie take her hand and bring it around to Tiffany's ass where she grabs it taking a feel.

Tiffany moans softly and leans softly into Valerie, bringing her body close to hers.

Tiffany realizes that she does not want this beautiful creature to go away.

Tiffany focuses on Valerie lips and says to herself, I must kiss her.

So Tiffany looks directly into Valerie's eyes and starts leaning in slowly getting closer and closer.

Valerie looks up into Tiffany's eyes, and knows that she wants to kiss her.

So Valerie starts leaning in too. Tiffany notices that Valerie is moving in closer.

She is glad to know that she doesn't have to ask her if she can kiss her. She can just do it.

Closer and closer both Tiffany and Valerie get to each other until their lips meet.

Tiffany can feel herself start to literally float away as her lips touch Valerie's. Tiffany kisses Valerie softly at first and waits for Valerie to respond.

Valerie feels Tiffany's lips kiss her, so she kisses back just as softly.

When Tiffany feels Valerie kiss her back, she starts to increase her urgency and kisses Valerie harder, wrapping her arms around Valerie's back.

Valerie feels Tiffany's arms on her back and she kisses Tiffany back harder. She starts pushing Tiffany backwards until they reach a wall.

Valerie then slips her tongue into Tiffany's mouth, kissing her with much more passion now.

Tiffany feels Valerie's tongue in her mouth and she starts sucking on her tongue.

Valerie moans into Tiffany's mouth and lets her hands run down her back. Touching her slowly making shivers run up and down Tiffany's back.

Tiffany feels Valerie's hands on her back and she lets her own hands do some more maneuvering.

Valerie feels Tiffany hands on her, and she pushes her body into Tiffany's.

She grinds her tits and her pussy into hers.

Tiffany, caught off guard, moans a little bit more loudly than she intended to, and everybody in the club turns their head to look.

Even Tiffany's friends turn their heads to look, and when they see what's going on, they can't believe their eyes.

Tiffany does not even notice that people are staring at her and Valerie until she hears some guys hollering.

"Oh yeah baby. I love seeing two women get it on", the guys say loudly.

Tiffany gets a little embarrassed, and leans forward to tell Valerie that they have an audience.

Tiffany whispers,"We've got a audience",into Valerie's ear.

Valerie just smiles and leans forward slightly.

Valerie then whispers,"Well, let's give them a show that they won't forget then." into Tiffany's ear.

Tiffany is not too sure what Valerie means until Valerie grabs Tiffany's legs and wraps them around her waist.

Tiffany gets kind of caught of guard and then decides to just let Valerie take charge.

She locks her legs around Valerie and holds on.

Valerie feels Tiffany's legs lock around her and she knows for sure that this girl is just as serious as she is.

Valerie smiles wickedly then pushes her pussy into Tiffany's and moans loudly. Valerie then starts grinding her pussy against Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany, feeling Valerie's pussy grind against hers, moans loudly back and starts grinding back.

Pretty soon, both girls are grinding against each other, and are kissing each other passionately.

Tiffany starts feeling super alive and wants more.

This is so hot. I cannot wait anymore. I got to do her right here, she thinks to herself.

However, just when Tiffany goes to tell Valerie, Valerie stops grinding.

Valerie whispers "Babygirl, I hate to stop this hot little session between us, but I got to go.", to Tiffany.

Valerie then whispers "My phone number is 555-4679. If you want to continue this and take it to the next level, call me.", to Tiffany.

Valerie then kisses Tiffany for the last time that night and unlocks Tiffany's legs from around her waist.

Tiffany jumps down off Valerie and takes her arms off Valerie's body.

Valerie starts walking away from Tiffany. Tiffany smiles and watches Valerie walk off, swaying her hips from side-to-side.

Tiffany then runs her hands over her body, making sure her clothes are not all messed up. Tiffany then walks away from the wall and walks over to her friends.

Tiffany says,"Hey" to her friends.

"What in the world was going on over there?", her friends ask her.

Tiffany just smiles to herself and says,"Oh nothing. Just talking to somebody that's all."

"Okay",her friends say.

Tiffany then says,"It's late. Let's get out of here."

They say "Yeah, ok."

Tiffany and her friends get up from the table and walk out of the doors. They go to the car and get in.

All the way back home all Tiffany can think about is tonight and that beautiful woman that she made out with.

She can hardly wait to experience more.

Tiffany's friends arrive at her home. They stop the car and she gets out. She waves goodbye to them and walks up to the house.

She opens the door and goes in. Her parents ask her how her night was.

Tiffany says, "Oh, It was fine. Goodnight." to her parents.

Her parents say goodnight to her. Tiffany then heads to her bedroom, still thinking of that sexy goddess that she met tonight.

She reaches her bedroom, opens the door, and then shuts in. As soon as she is in her room, she takes off her top, her skirt, and her boots.

She then takes off her bra and panties. Tiffany goes over to drawer and gets her short white nightie. She puts it on.

She then goes over to her dresser, takes her hair down, takes the makeup off her face, and removes her necklace.

She climbs into bed and starts letting her own hands roam down her body, thinking of her new woman.

She runs her hands over neck, then down over her breasts.

She takes her hands and runs them under her nightie. She runs her hands up until she reaches her breasts.

When she reaches them, she starts massaging her breasts and moans softly.

She lets her other hand run down her body. Over her stomach and even down lower till she reaches her pussy.

She spreads her legs open and brings them up. She moves her hand lower until she reaches her pussy. When she reaches it, she starts stroking her pussy slowly.

She opens her lips and finds her clit. She starts rubbing her clit slowly.

Thousand sensations of pleasure run through her at once and she moans loudly. She starts rubbing her clit faster, increasing the pressure.

Tiffany then uses her other hand to pull on her nipples. That makes an even louder moan escape from her lips.

Tiffany starts getting into a groove, pulling on her nipples with one hand and rubbing her throbbing swollen clit with the other. Suddenly she gets a idea.

She wants to call Valerie and have phone sex with her tonight.

So Tiffany removes her hands from her pussy and her tits. She then writes down the telephone number and reaches over to grab the phone.

She grabs the telephone and dials the number. Tiffany waits to hear Valerie's voice. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Tiffany starts to get worried that she dialed the wrong number until she hears a sexy woman's voice.

"Hello?", the voice says.

Tiffany gets excited and says "Hi. Is this Valerie?"

"Yes, this is her. Who is this?", the voice says.

Tiffany says back into the telephone, "This is Tiffany. The girl from tonight. The one you were making out with."

Tiffany can hear Valerie's breath rise some and that makes her more excited.

"Hey sexy, how are you?", Valerie says into the telephone.

"I'm all hot, wet, and horny. You?", Tiffany responds.

"Mmmm,me too. My pussy is dripping wet over here for you. Wish you could taste me.", Valerie says.

Tiffany moans softly into the telephone just from hearing that.

Tiffany then says, "Well, I can. I am there before you. I am on my knees and have pulled your panties down. My mouth is on your pussy, licking you."

Tiffany hears Valerie take her hand and put it down inside of her panties, rubbing her pussy.

She hears Valerie moan into the phone and that makes her pussy much more wetter.

Tiffany then says, "Mmmm, you taste so good in my mouth. So wet, so juicy. I love licking you."

Tiffany then starts making licking sounds with her tongue making it seem more real. Valerie hears Tiffany's licking sounds and that makes her rub her pussy more.

Valerie can feel her wetness soak her fingers and she starts rubbing her clit harder, imagining that Tiffany is licking her.

"Oh yes baby. Mmmm your tongue feels so good. Lick me harder.", Valerie says into the telephone.

Tiffany hears that and she starts making her licking sounds harder and faster.

Tiffany reaches down and puts her hand in her panties, and notices that she is dripping wet.

So she starts rubbing her clit, imagining that Valerie is licking her in return. Like they are in a 69.

Tiffany starts breathing hard into the telephone and moaning. Valerie hears her moans and knows that Tiffany must be touching herself.

That makes Valerie more excited and makes her juices run down her legs.

Valerie starts rubbing her clit faster and faster. She can feel herself coming but she wants Tiffany to come with her.

So Valerie speaks into the telephone.

Valerie says, "Can you see me? Can you feel me? I have flipped you over and I am licking your pussy while you lick me. God, you taste so sweet. I could lick your pussy dry."

Tiffany, upon hearing that, starts rubbing her clit harder and faster. She feels her orgasm coming on.

Tiffany then says "Oh Valerie, lick me harder faster. I'm coming. Oh baby."

Valerie on hearing that Tiffany is coming speeds up her rubbing on her clit and starts coming too.

All that can be heard on both sides of the telephone is the sound of two women in ecstasy, both of them coming at the same time.

Both Tiffany's and Valerie's voices go up real high and the only words that come out of their mouths are a bunch of "ooohhh's, mmmmm's, and aaahhh's."

Tiffany finishes coming first. She pulls her hand out of her pussy and brings it up to her mouth tasting her own sweet pussy juices.

Mmmmm, can't wait to taste Valerie's, Tiffany thinks to herself.

Valerie cums next and is listening intently to Tiffany sucking on her own fingers, tasting that sweet pussy juice that she aches to taste in her mouth.

Valerie then pulls her own hand out of her pussy and brings her hand up to her mouth.

She sticks her hand in her mouth and tastes her own sweet pussy juices.

Tiffany listens intently on the telephone hearing Valerie taste herself.

She can hardly wait to get her mouth in between Valerie's legs to do some tasting of that sweet pussy. Her mouth also aches too thinking of it.

After both women take their hands out of their mouths, and get themselves composed, they go to speak back into the phone.

Tiffany speaks first.

Tiffany says,"Oh Valerie that was wonderful. I can hardly wait to get with you in person."

Valerie hears Tiffany say that.

Valerie responds by saying "Oh Tiffany dear, yes I know. I can hardly wait to taste you. My mouth is aching just thinking about it".

Tiffany then says, "Hey, tomorrow's my birthday. I am going to be 19. It is going to be at that club. You going to show up?"

Valerie smiles to herself, knowing the answer to that question.

Valerie says "Baby, I'll be there. I am gonna make your birthday very special."

Tiffany giggles then says, "Goodnight. See you tomorrow."

Valerie says, "Okay. Goodnight beautiful."

Tiffany then hangs up the telephone. She lays back fully in her bed, with a smile on her face. She drifts off to a peaceful sl**p, anxious for tomorrow.

In the morning Tiffany wakes up. She remembers what day it is and gets excited.

Tiffany gets out of bed, goes over to her dresser, grabs a bra and panties and heads for the shower.

When she reaches the bathroom, she takes off her nightie and starts the shower.

She then gets in and takes a shower. When she is done, Tiffany gets out, dries herself off, and looks in the mirror.

She says to herself, This is it, girl. Today you will become a woman.

Tiffany then walks out of the bathroom, down the hallway, and into her room.

She walks over to her closet, opens it, and decides to choose a simple style of dress to wear around her parents and her friends.

She'll pick a more wild and sexy style of clothes for later when she goes out to the club.

She picks out a pink shirt, a light blue skirt, and her sandals. She grabs the clothes and shuts the closet door.

She then walks over to her dresser, opens it and pulls out a bra and panties.

She shuts the dresser door, walks over to her bed so she can put the clothes down.

She puts the bra and panties on. Then she puts the top and skirt on. Then the sandals. When she is dressed, she grabs her hairbrush and brushes her hair.

She then walks out of her room and into the livingroom where her parents are waiting.

They wish her happy birthday, and take her into the kitchen for a special birthday breakfast.

But the one thing that Tiffany doesn't know is that her parents invited her boyfriend Steven over to spend the day with them.

When Tiffany walks into the kitchen, to her surprise, she sees her boyfriend Steven there at the table. Tiffany smiles but only on the outside.

Inside, she is fuming. How dare her parents invite her boyfriend over without telling her.

She'd much rather have Valerie there with her. But nobody can know about her.

Tiffany sits down at the table as her parents ask her what she would like for breakfast. She wants to say pussy but doesn't.

Tiffany says, "Oh, bacon and eggs would be fine."

Her parents say, "Okay."

Her mom goes over to the stove to cook Tiffany's breakfast.

While her mom makes breakfast, her dad comes to the table.

He asks her, "Well k**do, how does it feel to be 19?"

Tiffany replies to her dad "Oh, it feels fine. Not much different from 18."

Tiffany's dad laughs and says, "Well, things will change for you. You just wait."

Tiffany thinks to herself, Yeah, you have no idea how much things will change for me.

Tiffany's mom finishes cooking Tiffany's breakfast and brings it over to her.

She says, "Happy birthday sweetie."

Tiffany looks at her mom and says "Thanks, mom. Looks good".

Tiffany then starts eating her breakfast, all along thinking of Valerie and of tonight when she will finally get to have some pussy.

Tiffany looks up to see her boyfriend Steven looking at her with this look in his eyes. A look that she has never seen before in him. A look of lust.

Tiffany looks down back at her breakfast and finishes eating it. She then gets up and takes her plate to the sink.

She puts her plate in the sink and walks back to the table where her parents have put her presents on the table.

She counts them. Five all together. Tiffany sits down at the table and gets ready to open them.

Her parents and her boyfriend sing Happy Birthday to her and Tiffany just smiles shyly.

Her parents then handed her present after present.

A shirt, some earrings, some perfume, a CD, and a teddy bear from her boyfriend is everything that she has received.

She thanks everybody for her presents.

"May I be excused from the table?",Tiffany asks.

"Sure.",her parents say.

Steven says,"Hey. Wait up".

Tiffany gets up from the table and Steven follows her.

Tiffany starts walking down the hallway and Steven catches up to her, walking behind her.

He slips his arms around her waist and together they walk to the bedroom.

Once they reach the bedroom, Tiffany walks in and Steven follows, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Tiffany hears the bedroom door being locked, but she has no idea why.

Tiffany stands in the middle of the room trying to figure it out when all of the sudden Steven comes up behind her and grabs her by the waist.

She screams and he pushes her to the bed. He pushes her down on the bed and climbs on top of her.

He starts kissing her, roughly massaging her tits, and trying to shove his hand under her skirt so he can reach her panties.

Tiffany starts fighting him off, biting him hard, screaming for help. He starts getting rougher with her ripping her shirt and bra.

He then lifts her skirt up and rips her panties off. He then moves down between her legs and roughly pushes them apart.

He notices that she isn't wet, but he doesn't care. He roughly pulls her outer lips apart, and starts licking her clit roughly.

Tiffany screams louder cause it hurts so bad.

Steven gets rougher with her biting down making more searing pain run though her body. Steven then moves his mouth and stands up.

Steven says cruelly,"Now bitch, I'm gonna fuck you hard."

Tiffany starts pleading with him, not wanting to be hurt.

Tiffany then says,"No, No Steven please don't. I'm a virgin."

Steven says,"Yeah, I know. I am gonna rip you in two and make you a slut!"

Steven then pulls his cock out of his pants and pushes it forward to her pussy.

Tiffany sees his cock and suddenly gets the strength of one thousand women. She takes her feet and pushes him away from her.

She causes Steven to fall backwards and onto the floor. Tiffany then gets up and grabs what is left of her clothes crying softly.

She then goes into her closet, grabs what she was going to wear tonight, which is a tight black shirt and a very short red skirt.

She then puts those clothes on throwing the others in her closet. She then grabs some change in case she has to call Valerie.

Tiffany then goes to the door, unlocks it and opens it. She runs out of the house crying.

Tiffany starts running down the driveway, and runs down the street. She runs towards the club, but decides that she needs to call Valerie first.

So she finds a payphone, and puts in some change. She punches in Valerie's number and waits as the telephone rings twice.

Then she hears Valerie pick up the telephone.

Valerie says,"Hello?"

Tiffany speaks back into the telephone, still crying softly.

Tiffany says, "Valerie. I need you. Can you come pick me up and take me somewhere that we can be alone?"

Valerie says, "Sure honey, I'll be right there. Where are you at right now?"

Tiffany gives the address of where's she at.

Valerie then says, "Ok baby. I am on my way. Don't go anywhere."

Tiffany says, "I won't. Thanks. I owe you one"

Tiffany then hangs up the telephone and finds a bench to sit down on

She sits down on the bench and waits for Valerie. After about 15 minutes, she sees this car pull up and sees Valerie behind the wheel.

Tiffany is never so glad to see her. Valerie stops the car and gets out.

She walks over to Tiffany and looks at her.

She can tell that she has been crying so Valerie picks Tiffany up into her arms and carries her to the car.

She then waits as Tiffany gets into the car. Valerie then shuts the door and gets in the car herself.

She then drives off slowly.

"What's wrong? I know that something is bothering you. I can tell you've been crying.", Valerie says.

"I almost got ****d.", Tiffany says.

Valerie hears that and feels bad for Tiffany. She drives until she finds somewhere that she knows that they can be alone.

Valerie decides to take Tiffany to a very nice, high priced hotel.

"This is a hotel. I thought we were going to the club." Tiffany says.

"Well the club is too busy. We need some private time together. And this place is just perfect for that." Valerie says.

"Okay", Tiffany says.

When they reach the hotel, Valerie gets out first.

Valerie then walks over to Tiffany's door, opens it for her, and asks for Tiffany's hand.

Tiffany smiles and takes Valerie's hand. Tiffany then gets out of the car and Valerie shuts the door behind her.

Valerie then takes Tiffany's hand tighter into her own and together they walk into the hotel.

When the reach the hotel, they go in and Valerie walks up to the counter. She tells the person that she has a reservation and they find it.

They give Valerie the key and Valerie takes Tiffany by the hand leading her to the elevators.

Once they reach the elevators and go in, Valerie lets go of Tiffany's hand.

Valerie then gently pushes Tiffany against the wall. She starts kissing her softly letting her hands roam all over her body.

She can't believe how hot Tiffany looks tonight. She looks good enough to eat.

Tiffany feels Valerie's hands on her body roaming all over and she kisses Valerie back.

Valerie gently runs her hands over Tiffany's tits letting her thumbs roll over her nipples. Tiffany moans softly and reaches out to Valerie doing the same.

Tiffany uses her thumbs to roll it over Valerie's nipples and hears Valerie moan softly.

Just then Tiffany kisses Valerie harder and turns her around so that Valerie is against the wall.

Tiffany then moves her mouth lower kissing Valerie's neck and running her tongue along it.

She then moves even lower unbuttoning Valerie's shirt. Tiffany notices that Valerie isn't wearing a bra and that makes her pussy ache.

She can feel her pussy get wet immediately.

Tiffany reaches out and locks her mouth around Valerie's nipple licking and sucking like a baby.

Valerie can't believe that this is happening. She looks down and watches this hot sexy creature Tiffany suck on her aching nipples.

Valerie lets out a moan and then brings her eyes back up closing them.

Tiffany starts sucking on Valerie's nipple more using her hand to massage her tit flesh. She massages Valerie's tits more getting a little bit rougher.

Tiffany then bites down gently on Valerie's nipple and hears Valerie moan louder.

Just as Tiffany is about to take another bite Valerie hears the ding of the elevator and knows that they have reached their floor.

So Valerie takes Tiffany's head and brings it back up.

Valerie says,"We have reached our floor, Tiffany. Would you mind please buttoning my shirt back up?"

Tiffany smiles at Valerie.

Tiffany then says,"Sure."

Tiffany then takes her hands and starts buttoning Valerie's shirt back up kissing every inch of bare flesh that is exposed between buttons.

Valerie moans more and lets her hands run though Tiffany's hair.

Tiffany gets Valerie's shirt buttoned back up and then kisses her hard on the mouth.

Valerie kisses Tiffany back and then moves taking Tiffany's hand and leading her out of the elevator. Together both women walk to the room.

When they get there, Valerie opens the door and lets Tiffany walk in first.

As soon as Tiffany walks into the room, her eyes get really big. She cannot believe how nice it is.

A king size bed, a spa, a big shower. That gets her attention.

But what gets her attention more is the candles, roses, and soft music playing that Tiffany sees and hears.

Valerie shuts the door and locks it. She then walks up behind Tiffany and slips her arms around her.

She whispers into Tiffany's ear "Happy Birthday, Baby. Like my surprise?"

Tiffany smiles really big.

Tiffany then says "Yes Valerie. Yes I do. I love it".

Valerie then brings her hands up Tiffany's body pulling her shirt off. Then she pulls Tiffany's bra off.

Valerie then moves in front of Tiffany and just cannot help but stare at Tiffany's beautiful delicious tits.

Valerie takes Tiffany by the hand and leads her to the bed. She lays her down and helps her scoot up on the bed.

Valerie then moves and takes off Tiffany's skirt. She pulls it all the way off.

Valerie then pulls off Tiffany's panties. She then takes off Tiffany's boots.

She takes all of Tiffany's clothes and throws them to the side. Valerie then just stands back and looks at Tiffany.

From the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She has never before seen such a beautiful sexy nude woman before.

Just staring at Tiffany's nude body makes Valerie's panties become soaked with her juices.

Valerie then moves up on the bed and brings her mouth down to Tiffany's. She kisses her and feels Tiffany kiss back.

Valerie then lets her hand run down Tiffany's body, letting it rest at her tits. She starts kneading and massaging Tiffany's tits, feeling that hot tit flesh under her hand.

Valerie kisses Tiffany harder letting her tongue slip inside her mouth.

Tiffany feels Valerie's tongue inside of her mouth and she slips her own into Valerie's.

Both women start French-kissing hard. Valerie then slips her tongue out of Tiffany's mouth and moves her lips off Tiffany's.

She gets up off the bed and goes over to a suitcase that she has packed just for tonight.

She has some special toys inside of it.

She has a vibrator, a blindfold, pair of handcuffs, a strap-on dildo so she can fuck her hard, and some lube so she can fuck that sweet perfect ass after she fucks that pussy.

Valerie grabs the blindfold and closes the suitcase.

She then walks back over to bed and climbs on it slowly. She stops midway and her mouth just waters.

She sees Tiffany's legs spread open and she can see that sweet pussy. She gets closer and takes a good whiff of Tiffany's juices.

Oh my god, they smell so sweet, Valerie thinks to herself.

Valerie moves up more on the bed.

"Lift up your head please, sexy", Valerie says.

Tiffany does and Valerie puts the blindfold on her. Then Valerie moves lower on Tiffany's body letting her mouth rest at her tits.

She hungrily takes one into her mouth, sucking and licking.

Tiffany starts moaning and brings her hands down letting them run though Valerie's hair.

Valerie sucks Tiffany's tit hard, biting down on the hard nipple every once in a while just to hear Tiffany squeal.

Valerie then moves over and does the same thing to Tiffany's other tit.

"Oh Valerie!", Tiffany screams out

Tiffany starts pushing Valerie's head down lower.

Valerie takes that a sign that Tiffany wants to get her pussy eaten.

So Valerie moves lower until she gets in between Tiffany's thighs. She starts at the beautiful sight before her.

She then moves in closer and kisses Tiffany's outer lips letting her tongue run along them. First the left one then the right.

Valerie then spreads open Tiffany's pussy lips, exposing that juicy pussy to Valerie hungry mouth.

In her mind, Valerie wants to go slow. But seeing that pussy in front of her and smelling that sweet smell drives her crazy.

She decides quickly in her mind, To hell with it. I'm gonna lick this pussy hard.

Valerie then pulls back the hood of Tiffany's clit exposing it's beautiful swollen self to her hungry tongue.

Valerie moves in and sticks her tongue out taking a lick on that clit.

Mmmm, she tastes good, Valerie thinks to herself.

Valerie then licks Tiffany's clit more taking fast licks like she was eating ice cream on a hot day in July.

Valerie then takes Tiffany's legs and puts them up over her shoulders giving her unrestricted access to both that pussy and ass.

Valerie sticks her tongue out, making it into like a little cock, and shoves it into Tiffany's fuckhole tasting more of her sweet pussy juices.

Valerie starts tongue fucking Tiffany hard feeling Tiffany's juices run onto her tongue and down her throat.

She can feel Tiffany getting wetter and that makes her fuck her sweet little pussy more licking all of those flowing juices that are pouring out of Tiffany's pussy.

"Oh yes baby. Lick my fuckhole. Make my juices run like a river into that mouth.", Tiffany moans out.

Faster and faster, she tongue fucks that pussy using her thumb on Tiffany's clit rubbing hard and fast. She then finds Tiffany's g-spot and licks it hard.

She feels Tiffany shudder and moan loudly. Valerie then takes one of her fingers on her free hand and brings it up to Tiffany's ass.

She spreads apart her buttcheeks and finds her asshole. She then takes a finger and starts penetrating Tiffany's asshole with her finger.

The fit is kind of tight, but she is able to slip her finger inside of her ass.

Once she gets her finger inside of that ass, she starts thrusting it in and out, finger-fucking her.

Valerie can hear Tiffany's moans increase and she decides to try two fingers. So she takes another finger and sticks it into Tiffany's ass.

It slides in and she starts finger fucking her harder.

"Oh fuck Valerie. Finger my ass like that. Oh yes, make me your slut. Valerie, oh Valerie.", Tiffany screams out.

Feeling Valerie's mouth in her pussy, her thumb on her clit, and her fingers in her ass is causing so much pleasure and pain to run though her.

She can hardly wait to get fucked.

Valerie slips her mouth out of Tiffany's fuckhole and moves her thumb. She replaces her thumb with her tongue and starts licking Tiffany's little clit hard and fast.

She even puts her lips around Tiffany's clit and sucks on it like a vacuum.

Valerie sucks harder on Tiffany's clit and can feel the first waves of Tiffany's orgasm coming on.

So Valerie stops sucking on Tiffany's clit and focuses on licking it hard and fast.

She shoves her fingers farther into Tiffany's ass, determined to make her orgasm last.

Tiffany feeling Valerie shoving her fingers into her ass farther feels her orgasm coming on. She starts moaning louder.

Valerie starts licking Tiffany's clit hard and fast using her one free hand to hold back the lips.

Faster and faster she licks feeling Tiffany start to shake. Tiffany starts coming and tries to get up but Valerie won't let her.

She just keeps on licking that clit harder and quicker.

Valerie hears Tiffany moans turn into screams as she cums into her mouth. Valerie starts catching all the juices that are flowing out as she licks Tiffany's clit harder feeling it shake more on her tongue.

She has never before tasted juices so sweet. She can't get enough and licks harder wanting more. She wants to lick that pussy dry.

Tiffany's orgasm starts to subside, but Valerie doesn't stop licking. She wants all of those juices.

She licks Tiffany harder and faster until she feels that she should stop. Then she pulls her juice-covered tongue and mouth off Tiffany's pussy.

She removes her fingers from Tiffany's ass and can feel that she stretched it some. Which is good cause it will make it easier to fuck her

Valerie then moves up on the bed until she reaches Tiffany's mouth. Valerie reaches down and takes the blindfold off Tiffany.

Valerie then plants her mouth on Tiffany's and snakes her tongue inside her mouth. She lets Tiffany taste herself. Valerie kisses her hard.

Tiffany says "Mmmmmm".

She kisses Valerie back hard.

Tiffany then stops kissing Valerie. Valerie then stops kissing Tiffany and looks deep into her eyes.

Tiffany reaches down and grabs Valerie's hips, bringing her pussy up close to her hungry mouth.

"Oh by the way Valerie, just wanted to let you know that this is my first time ever eating a woman out.", Tiffany says.

Valerie responds, "That's okay baby. I like the idea of being your first woman lover."

Tiffany smiles and keeps her hands on Valerie's hips, bringing them closer.

Valerie, realizing what Tiffany is trying to do, helps her out by moving upwards and lines her pussy up with Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany then reaches out and rips off Valerie's panties. She throws them to the side and brings Valerie's pussy closer to her mouth.

Tiffany opens her mouth and feels Valerie sit on her face. Valerie reaches underneath her and pulls apart her outer lips for Tiffany to help her out.

Tiffany then snakes her tongue out and starts licking Valerie's pussy. She starts at the top and works her way down until she reaches her asshole.

She even licks that which makes Valerie moan loudly.

"Oh yes baby. You know how I like to be licked.", Valerie cries out.

Tiffany then brings her mouth back up and licks Valerie's clit hard.

She spreads Valerie's legs wider and shoves her tongue into Valerie's fuckhole

"Oh Tiffany! That feels so damn good!" Valerie screams out.

She starts tongue fucking her wanting so much to fuck her for real with a fake cock.

Tiffany licks Valerie's fuckhole hard feeling Valerie's pussy juices run into her mouth. She swallows them and goes back for more.

Valerie starts riding Tiffany's tongue like a cock bouncing up and down. That just makes Tiffany lick harder, finding Valerie's g-spot and licking that.

Tiffany then moves her tongue out of Valerie's fuckhole and focuses on her clit.

She starts licking Valerie's clit hard and fast loving the taste of a woman now for sure especially Valerie.

Faster and faster Tiffany licks Valerie's clit wanting to feel her cum in her mouth.

Harder and quicker Tiffany licks until she can feel Valerie shaking on her tongue.

Tiffany grabs Valerie's hips and pushes Valerie's pussy deep into her mouth letting the warm velvet texture surround her tongue.

She licks Valerie's clit harder feeling Valerie cum on her tongue.

She swallows Valerie's sweet juices and slows her licking to a very light butterfly lick. That makes Valerie cum harder in her mouth.

After about 10 minutes Valerie stops shaking and comes down fully off her orgasm. Valerie then moves her pussy off Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany grabs Valerie's head and brings her mouth up to hers. She kisses Valerie and snakes her tongue inside of Valerie's mouth.

Valerie kisses Tiffany back and can taste her own juices on Tiffany's tongue. They kiss for about 10 minutes.

Then Valerie moves down and off the bed. She goes over to the suitcase and opens it up.

Valerie reaches inside of the suitcase and grabs the strap-on dildo.

Time to fuck this hot little slut, she thinks to herself.

She closes the suitcase and puts the strap-on dildo around her waist. Then she moves to the bed.

Valerie then says, "Ready to get that sweet little pussy fucked"?

Tiffany says "Oh yes. Please fuck me Valerie. But you must know. I'm a virgin".

Valerie thinks to herself, Could this girl be any more perfect? Not only is she hot, she's a virgin too. And I get to take her virginity.

Valerie says, "Don't worry baby. I"ll be gentle at first. But once I get that hymen broken, I'm gonna pound you."

Tiffany can feel her pussy grow wetter just thinking of getting pounded

Valerie moves on to the bed and gets in between Tiffany's spread open legs. She brings the head of the fake cock up to Tiffany's pussy. She lines up the fake cock with Tiffany's opening.

Before Valerie gets ready to put the cock into Tiffany's pussy she warns her.

Valerie says, "Now Tiffany, this may hurt a little. But the pain will be quick and pleasure will soon follow. Trust me."

Tiffany looks into Valerie eyes, letting her see pure lust.

Tiffany then says, "Fuck Me."

With that being said, Valerie thrusts forward penetrating Tiffany's dripping wet pussy with the fake cock.

Tiffany feeling the cock enter her, moans loudly. Valerie starts slowly thrusting her cock in and out of Tiffany's pussy, using long strokes.

She pulls the cock out, almost all the way. Then she thrusts forward and pushes the cock deeper into Tiffany's pussy.

She starts thrusting the cock a little bit faster until she feels Tiffany's hymen.

When she feels the hymen, she pulls the cock out of her pussy.

Valerie then thrusts it hard into Tiffany's pussy, breaking her hymen. Valerie stops and looks at Tiffany.

She can see some tears forming in Tiffany's eyes, and she waits until they stop to continue.

Valerie asks, "Are you ok, darling?"

Tiffany says, "Yes, I'm fine baby. It just hurt a little bit more than I expected."

Valerie says, "Do you want me to continue? I can go slow if you want."

Tiffany says, "Yes, please continue. And no, don't go slow. You said you were gonna pound me, so do it".

Valerie says, "Okay baby. I aim to please."

Valerie starts moving the cock in and out of Tiffany's pussy, thrusting a little bit harder now.

Valerie brings the cock all the way out, takes Tiffany's legs and puts them up on her shoulders.

Valerie then slams the cock back into Tiffany's pussy hard. She starts fucking her pussy hard, pounding her like a jackhammer.

Tiffany grabs onto her own tits and starts squeezing them feeling so much pleasure right now. She is so glad that this is happening.

She has wanted this for so long.

Valerie increases the strokes, pounding that sweet pussy harder and faster.

"Oh Valerie. That feels so good. You fuck me so damn good.", Tiffany moans out.

All that can be heard is the sound of skin slapping against skin. Tiffany moans loud over and over.

Valerie joins her moans cause the strap-on dildo is hitting right against her clit.

Deeper and deeper she thrusts that cock into Tiffany's pussy, going as deep as she can.

Suddenly Valerie feels Tiffany shake against the cock and Valerie knows that Tiffany is coming on it. That causes her to pound Tiffany harder making the bed shake and pound against the wall.

Valerie feels her own orgasm coming on. Faster and faster she thrusts into Tiffany's pussy.

Then suddenly, Valerie's own orgasm is upon her. She grinds her clit against the cock and cums so hard that it takes her breath away.

After both women finish coming, Valerie slows pulls the cock out of Tiffany and lets her relax.

She puts Tiffany's legs down and gets up off the bed.

She goes to the bathroom and takes the cock off. She washes it in the sink so it can be re-used.

Valerie dries off the cock and walks out of the bedroom. What she sees next makes her mouth drop.

There on the bed, laying on her hands and knees, is Tiffany.

She has her ass up in the air. That beautiful ass.

Valerie walks slowly over to Tiffany, putting the strap-on dildo back on.

She grabs some lube, lubes the cock up, and gets on the bed behind Tiffany.

She opens Tiffany's buttcheeks with one hand and lines up the cock with the other.

Then she starts pushing the cock head into Tiffany's asshole slowly hearing the sphincter open and start to swallow up the cock slowly.

Inch-by-inch it goes in.

All Valerie can do is watch as it goes in Tiffany's perfect ass, stretching her more.

When the cock is all the way in Valerie pulls it out and leaves just the head in. She then thrusts the cock back into Tiffany's ass.

She starts fucking her ass hard, thrusting in and out quickly. Tiffany starts screaming out in pleasure, feeling Valerie fuck her ass.

"Valerie, fuck Valerie. Yes fuck my ass just like that.", Tiffany screams out.

Valerie, hearing Tiffany's screams of pleasure, starts fucking her harder.

She then rams the cock into Tiffany's ass over and over watching it stretch her beautifully.

What Tiffany doesn't know is that this is a special cock. It can shoot fake cum.

Once Valerie gets done fucking her and is about ready to cum she's gonna pull out.

She is then going to make Tiffany suck her cock till she cums in her throat.

Faster and faster Valerie fucks Tiffany's ass.

Then she feels the balls of the strap-on fill up and she can tell that she's about to cum.

So she pulls the cock out of Tiffany's ass and moves up to Tiffany's mouth.

"Open your mouth baby and get ready to taste something sweet.", Valerie says.

Tiffany does and Valerie shoves the cock into Tiffany's mouth.

She starts fucking Tiffany's mouth with the cock while Tiffany sucks on the cock and deepthroats it.

Faster and faster she fucks her mouth making Tiffany suck harder.

Finally she feels the cum rising up into the cockhead so she thrusts one more time.

Valerie screams out,"I'm coming. Swallow it all."

As soon as Valerie says that, the cum starts spurting out of the head of the cock and into Tiffany's waiting mouth.

Tiffany starts swallowing the cum down hungrily, going back for more.

Spurt after spurt of cum jerks out of Valerie's cock and into Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany keeps on sucking and swallowing until there is no more cum left in the cockhead. Then Valerie pulls the cock out of Tiffany's mouth.

She brings Tiffany up to her mouth and she kisses her tasting the cum.

Mmmmm, that's delicious, she thinks to herself.

Valerie then moves off the bed and takes the fake cock off.

She throws it to the side and then gets back on the bed with Tiffany. Valerie then brings Tiffany close to her and holds her naked body next to hers.

Tiffany is confused some for she thought that she would get to fuck Valerie in return.

Tiffany says, "Don't I get to fuck you?"

Valerie smiles and looks at Tiffany.

Valerie then says "Some other time, baby. This is your birthday and I wanted to give you what you wanted."

Tiffany snuggles up closer to Valerie, enjoying the feel of her nude body against Valerie's.

Tiffany then says, "You already have. I got to be with you."

Valerie, upon hearing that, wraps her arms around Tiffany and holds her close.

They both drift off to sl**p, peacefully. Tiffany is so glad that she got to be with Valerie on her birthday.

This is a birthday that she will never forget!

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