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Loving TS Sex

living in a medium size city 30 years ago, it was necessary to stay into the closet. That way of live is really still the reason why I never outed myself, even after years living in different bigger cities and several countries.

I had acquired a taste for transsexuals, considering them the best of two worlds. Never could resist the view of a beautiful girl knowing that there were a certain something between her legs.

When I felt the urge inside me I cruised into the night looking for the zones were the TS used to hunt. I always made sure to pick up a girl when no other cars were around or giving the girl a sign to go around a corner to talk and let her into my car without being seen.

So I continued my double life. Several times I saw the same girl standing there alone, always looking at me when I passed by, but I never made any intent to pick her up. Let’s say ir bluntly: She was ugly! Will not deny she had a good body, but her face didn’t help her.

One night I was out for dinner with some clients from our office and, as two of them were from out of town I had to bring them back to their hotel. It was already late and, having d***k a little too much (we knew that as long there were no accident, the police wasn’t checking your breath at that time) I felt horny. So I decided to make a drive trough the TS areas. I felt a little disappointed because there were nobody around. I made another turn to go to sl**p when I saw a girl standing there. Nobody around, I stopped and she came running on her high heels. I opened the door and she jumped in and yes, what you are thinking is true: It was the ugly one. But, a few glasses of wine during the dinner, and 2 brandy with the coffee made me decide to go for it. I drove away with her. She started talking telling me she had seen me so many times and I never looked to her, she had already lost her hopes to be picked up by me. As she was talking and touching me I looked at her: If you could forget the face, the rest could be very interesting.

We went to a motel outside and took a room. She told me to get undressed while she went to the toilet. I heard the shower running while I laid there watching a porno on TV. Suddenly she was standing there, naked with only a towel around her hips. Very nice tits, good legs, I was already forgetting the face. She came over to the bed next to me and started playing with my cock. All the time she was talking that she always was expecting me to notice her, that when I took another of them with me, after I brought them back she always used to ask them how it was, how I behaved and she only had the best references. Then she started sucking my dick and I must say she was good. I lay there with my cock in her mouth and started to touch her legs, she changed her position and let loose the towel and there was a wonderful big cock just near to me. I took it into my hand and started wanking her slowly and was amazed how it was growing bigger and bigger. As she was making me feel so good with her mouth, I decided to return the favor, so turning over a little bit I took that cock in my mouth. Oh boy, I had to open up big in order to get it in. she went crazy and started pumping her cock down my throat. I was afraid that if she came inside my mouth, I would be unable to swallow it all.

Suddenly she took her cock out of my mouth and turned, asking me: Now you are sorry not having picked me up before? And I honestly had to answer here that yes, I was deeply sorry!

She took me and brought me to the border of the bed, with my legs out, and she was standing in front of me. She put on a condom ( I couldn’t believe they made it that size!) and after lubricating my ass with her fingers and positioning my ankles on her shoulders she started to insert her huge cock into my ass. She knew very well that her size wasn’t for everybody, so it was done very slowly and carefully. I thought she was going to rip my ass in pieces, but after very careful movements the head was over the rim, I started to enjoy the pain. She kept stroking and pushing her cock slowly inside me, every inch taking a while but making me feel it. When finally I noticed her balls bouncing against my ass I knew that it was all in, I tried to move a little but it was impossible, I was impaled on that cock! I was wanking like hell and noticed that soon I would come all over my chest. She noticed it and started to increase the pace. I thing it grew another inch because it started really to hurt (at least a few strokes) and then I noticed it was exploding into my ass. As expected I came all over me. Really I don’t know how long she was coming, but finally when she took her dick out of my ass, the condom was so full of cum that I thought I couldn’t fill it that way even if coming twice.

she leaned over me and begun to clean my chest with her tongue, not leaving a drop. She asked if I had enjoyed it and if the next time I would stop for her. My enthusiastic affirmation to both questions made her smile, and told me she would give me a tip. Taking my cock again into her mouth, in few seconds her lips and tongue had me again with a erection that she used and abused until I felt me coming again, this time deep into her throat.

We took a quick shower together, dressed and when we were ready to leave, I remind her that we hadn’t agreed the price. She smiled again and said that today, if somebody should pay it was her, not me. I told her I didn’t like it, that in order to be free and without complications I preferred to pay for sex. But no way, and finally we agreed that if I felt in the mood I should come by and pick her up. If some day she needed money she would ask me, but in no way as payment for so good times.

Afterward we met several times, and it always was excellent sex. Some times I gave her something but we kept our arrangement.

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