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My first time with a girl - Part Five

It was my idea for a sixty-nine. I whispered for Louise for us to do it and she was very keen to do so as long as I was on top. We moved around and soon had our’s heads between each other legs again. Louise’s pussy was very wet, but lovely to taste again. I couldn’t get enough of it and used my hands to lift her bum up so I could get at it more.
We both came again, Louise first, and then I sat upwards to allow Louise to be smothered in my face when I came. Sitting on her like that made me feel all good and I twirled her nipples in my fingers as she made me cum again.
Once I had, I collapsed off her and to the side.
Louise found it amusing that I seemed all done. She slid up my back and whispered in my ear that we weren’t done yet. For a minute or two she kissed my neck, then she planted kisses all down my spine as she went further down. I knew than that she was going to fully explore her bum-hole obsession with me.
Being licked on the bum and having a tongue go inside was very strange. Louise used one hand to spread my cheeks as she did so, and the other reached round to find my clit again. So it was all good, just very weird. I didn’t want to do it back though, nor kiss her afterwards.
I still came again though with her tugging on and rubbing my clit, so it was all good. Louise then got up, told me she would be a minute, and went to the bathroom.
When she came back I asked her why she had vanished. Louise said that she was just washing her face and cleaning her teeth, she had also brought something back with her she said as she got back on the bed with me.
The light from the hallway had left me feeling very naked – as I was – so I had wrapped the quilt around me for a minute. Louise pulled that back and sat in between my legs though. She then showed me the shampoo bottle that she had. I whispered as to what she was going to do with that!?
It wasn’t a very big bottle, but still! Louise pushed that right inside herself and then whispered for me to fuck her with it. I did as she wanted and took hold of the base of it while she sat there with this odd-shaped bottle inside of her. I was soon sitting up too and Louise dropped her head onto my boobs as I kept on fucking her.
When Louise came like that, I was very strange for me. She wasn’t as close in a physical way as she had been earlier when we licked each other until we came. This was different. It was like back when I watched her fucking those two guys that time and seeing her face as she came then.
This was in fact the most intimate moment between us.
Louise then motioned for me to take it out of her and I gently did so. Then I realised that this ‘toy’ was for the both of us! I decided to let her do it, as long as it only went in my pussy.
I lay back and spread my legs wide. Louise rubbed my pussy first and used her own juices to wet me too. Then she started to put that bottle inside me. It was like losing my virginity again, like the first time I took it in the bum too. I was almost split into two. Louise put her hand over my mouth at first too.
It did really hurt being fucked like that, though it got better when Louise took her hand off my mouth and started to rub my clit. I soon started to love that feeling of the biggest thing inside of me ever and I could sit up. Louise’s boobs were there and I sucked her nipples again until I finally started to cum.
Once Louise took the bottle out of me, she laid on me and told me we still had more to do.
I had seen two girls rubbing their pussies together in one of the online videos I’d watched and thought that that didn’t look that much fun. Doing it with Louise was great though. She ground herself into me and I did so back.
Once we got into a rhythm it worked out fine too. We both had our hands in use too, making the whole thing make me come once again. Louise took longer though, but once she did I could feel her almost gushing all over me. That made me want to lick her again and so we went to get back into another sixty-nine.
I was underneath this time and Louise lowered her pussy right into me. She teased me a little, lifting up and away several times. Finally, I grabbed her and pulled her down onto my mouth.
My own hand was rubbing my clit while Louise licked my wet lips and put her tongue just inside me. She was sucking on my pussy and I was doing the same to her. I was trying to get all her wetness and then make her wet again.
Louise then moved forward some so her girl-hole itself was on my mouth. Then she whispered a question. Would I lick her bum like she had done to me? I told her that I supposed I could, but I wouldn’t go inside.
Doing so, licking her bum, was very strange. I knew that it was washed, but it still was a big weird and I did feel yuky. Still, I was getting my pussy licked and my clit sucked by her.
Once I came, Louise sat upwards and moved backwards so I could take my tongue off her bum and put it back on her clit to make her cum too. I had learnt now how to do it expertly and Louise came in my face again.
We were both all fucked out by that point. I got out of her bed and found a dressing gown on the floor, before going to the bathroom. I was desperate for a pee and really wanted to wash my face because of the bum-licking thing.
When I came back, Louise had the lamp on and she whispered that we should really put on our nighties, even our knickers. Her dad wouldn’t dare come in her room in the morning, but her mum or s****r might.
We both put on the necessary clothes and got into bed, top and tails. And I was soon asl**p too, after that much fucking and cumming.
Morning came and we did touch each other a little then while getting dressed, though that one night was the only time Louise and I had sex. Other things came into play, boring and complicated stuff to be honest.
Yes, I’ve had sex with other girls, and women now too, but, still, the first time will always be the best.

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