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A morning with Betty

After our first encounter, I knew I would be seeing Betty again. We'd left some unfinished business. At first I thought I would call her but, after thinking about it, I figured she would call me.

sure enough, a few weeks later the call came! "Jeff! I've got this condo up in Peppertree Court and...and the floor is just horrible! Do you think you can help me out?" It said on my phone machine. Oh, I'll help you out all right. I thought.

So I went over on a Saturday morning, not too early and Betty was there to greet me. She was wearing pink shorts and a black Madonna tee shirt. And looking pretty good I might add. Like a lot of women who get divorced, she'd managed to shed the 15 pounds she needed to possibly attract a man. Her apple sized tits jiggled sensuously beneath that tee shirt and her ass filled out the pink shorts quite nicely.

Well, we got the ridiculous bit about the floor out of the way in five minutes or so. It needed to be washed but, otherwise there was no problem. Then she offered me a bl**dy mary and we sat down to have a drink together. The night at Los Toros was on both of our minds and soon Betty was stammering an apology for "What happened that night." I assured her that no apology was necessary and, for me, it was a thrill to have a chance to see her beautiful body nude. Ha. Just laying in on thick!

"Really?" She replied. I could tell Betty was feeling old and out of it after Don had left her and any kind of compliment was very much appreciated.

"Of course!" I continued. "You think a guy like me has a chance to see a gorgeous doll like you every day of the week?" I watched Betty's eyes as I upped the ante. "When I came out of the bathroom that night and saw you on the bed with just your bra and little white panties my cock started to get hard right away. And...and when I finally got to see your bare!"

Betty lowered her eyes at the thought of that night and I could tell she was embarrassed to remember how shamelessly she'd exposed herself before sucking my cock.

"And then..." I continued, "When you sucked my cock and swallowed all of my sperm, well, Betty no one ever did that for me before!" I lied.

Betty got up to make more bl**dy Marys and I followed her to the kitchen counter. I stepped up right behind her and pushed my cock right into the split of her barely covered ass cheeks. My arms encircled her and, after a few moments, she gave up trying to mix drinks and turned to face me. We looked at each other momentarily and then I kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth and moving my hands down to cup her ass cheeks.

Betty returned my furious kisses and the two of us moved towards the sofa. I pushed her down onto the cushions and more kisses ensued. I managed to get my hand down between her legs and Betty moaned as she felt me searching out her pussy.

"Remember all that stuff Don wanted to do but you wouldn't let him?" I suddenly asked.

"I...I...why are you asking me that now?" She finally responded.

"Because I want to do all those things too Betty." I told her evenly. "I want to take naked pictures of you and post them online for everyone to see. I want to fuck your asshole. I want you and another girl at the same time Betty. I want it all."

Betty was confused. I think she assumed a hot fuck was in store and all of the sudden I was bringing all the dirty laundry from her split with her husband. "Well there's only one girl here Jeff!" She shot back.

I smiled so she could tell I was kind of having fun with her. "Well, that's true so another time for that. But I do have a camera!" I held up my cell phone.

"Oh...oh no, I''m not doing that! I'm too fat and my tits are..."

"Nonsense, you look fine and, besides, you're missing the point. Don't you think there will be guys who will see your naked pictures and masturbate to them...imagining they're fucking you? You look good Betty. Who gives a shit if your body isn't perfect?"

I didn't give her a chance to say no. I set my phone to camera and began to shoot shots of her in her shorts and tee shirt. "Come on now, it'll be fun. Try to smile. OK, now lift your tee shirt and let me see your tits."

Betty began to mindlessly follow my instructions and soon she had taken off the tee shirt entirely. I shot several photos of her perky little tits and even went over and tweaked her nipples insisting they would look better if fully erect.

Betty's face became flushed when I handled her tits and I asked her to take off her pink shorts. She began to peel off not only her shorts but her panties at the same time.

"No, just the shorts Betty." I ordered. "Let me get some sexy panty shots before I shoot your bare pussy." I intensionally said "Bare pussy" knowing she would become wet at the upcoming prospect of her complete exposure.

I photographed Betty in just her white panties and she was now warming to the task. "OK, now, a nice sexy smile Betty and pull the legband over to one side and show me your pussy." Betty did as I'd requested and exposed her pink lipped little pussy to my camera. I shot several photos and then had her moved to her hands and knees before me.

Betty was uncomfortable doing this because she knew her asshole and pussy would soon be available for my viewing pleasure. And she was right! I shot a couple of pictures of her panty clad ass and then moved up behind her and began to slowly peel her white panties down to expose her ass!

"Oh...Geez!" She gasped in embarrassment as Betty felt her panties being removed. What a spectacle she'd made of herself. Kneeling there completely naked with a man taking lewd photos of her asshole and pussy that he intended to post online. "Will...will my face show?"

"Of course your face will show. You're beautiful face is your best asset Betty. Don't you know that?"

She smiled and just resigned herself to posing nude for me and I got several salacious photos of the pretty divorcee kneeling with her tits just touching the sofa cushions and her magnificent ass on display. Her tight pink asshole beckoned to me and her now well lubricated pussy lips glistened in the morning sunlight. I couldn't resist.

"Ohhhhh!" Betty cried as she felt my lips licking her lewdly exposed asshole. I moved down to the slippery lips of her bare pussy and tasted her feminine essence, dragging my tongue all over her sensitive flesh. She continued to moan as I serviced her as she had done to my during our last encounter. I wasn't sure If Betty could come from the pussy licking I was performing and I didn't really care. I had other plans.

The pretty blonde housewife began to thrust her posterior out to meet my tongue as I buried it as far into her cunt as I could. But now I felt my own urgent needs beginning to overtake my sanity. I stood up and pulled my shorts and briefs off revealing my long thick and more to the point, hard cock! Betty looked back, somewhat surprised at the empty feeling in her furiously aroused pussy since I'd pulled away.

I fingered my penis, although it needed no more encouragement now. The sight and taste of Betty's now glistening loins was exciting to me. She needed no more "Warming up." I moved forward and placed my bloated cock head at the warm and tight entrance to her pussy.

"Oh put it in...put it in Jeff!" Betty called back to me. But, I waited, continuing to slide my prick up and down the entire length of her desperately waiting pussy. "Oh Fuck me now...please..."

Hearing her beg caused me to shove forward and I planted all of my stiff member in her tight little pussy with one move. She gasped and whimpered as I began to fuck her helpless pussy with all I had...driving into her her repeatedly. The slapping sound of my balls hitting her sensitive genitals filled the living room and her appreciative moans were music to my ears.

"Oh, that's it Jeff! Fuck me good now...please Jeff...don't stop!" She teased. I continued to throw everything I had into her desperately responding fuck hole as my pleasure increased with each stroke. We established a rhythm together, a rhythm Betty could count on and I knew she was about to come. I sent a series of a dozen or so particularly violently slashing strokes into her no longer neglected vagina and felt her spasm beneath me.

Knowing she'd had her fun, I was about to have mine. I pulled my well lubricated cock from the depths of her steaming hot pussy and moved it quickly up to the pouting pink hole of her anus.

"Oh no! N...not that!" She protested as she realized what was about to happen. But I wasn't about to quit now. I began to apply pressure to her tight little pink asshole and, eventually I managed to cram the head into the vainly resisting little opening. "No more...please Jeff! I can't take your...your cock back there!" She pleaded.

But Betty had little choice in the matter. I continue to slide more and more cock into her little asshole and then withdrew until just the head remained inside her. Betty looked back as if to thank me but i just plowed all of my thick cock into her no longer virgin asshole until my balls slapped lightly into her pussy lips.

"Oh my God!" She cried as I began to fuck mercilessly into her anus, sliding my entire length to the bottom of her hole with each stroke. It was good and tight and nasty!

"See now, it isn't so bad is it Betty?" She wasn't about to answer and I knew that but I couldn't resist taunting her a bit more. "Maybe if you'd let Don have your ass you would still have him to come home to."

Betty didn't verbally respond but she began to subtly move back to meet my thrusts causing my prick to touch even deeper places in her lewdly sodomized bottom. "He had my ass more times than I'd care to remember." She confessed to my surprise, "But it never felt like this. Now keep him out of this and go ahead and fuck my little asshole until you come!"

Yeah, I was shocked. So she wasn't just a little tease. She'd given all she had to Don and now she was giving it to me too. Several more ball jarring strokes ensued until I gave up and began to spurt streams of hot come into her well fucked asshole. Betty felt the warmth inside her and moaned in appreciation as I came. I was gloriously thrilling and, when I finally pulled my cock from her puckered little hole I knew it was a fuck I would remember forever.

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