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My first cock

My friend Eric and I used to go out and play pool or something every Monday than afterwards we would go back to his place catch a small buzz watch a porno and jackoff. Well one Monday night ended differently. Everything was the same except while watching the porno I was suddenly aware that he was lightly rubbing my crotch and when he knew I was aware of it he than admitted that he had been curious what sucking a dick was like and asked if I would let him suck mine. I was buzzed and horny as all fuck so I quickly agreed. So we both got undressed and went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed. I than felt his hand grab my cock and he started to stroke it slowly and afcter a few seconds of that I felt his lips circle the head of my cock and slowly sink till he got about half of me in. He slowly sucked on my dick coming all the way to the head of the cock and back down to about the middle and it drove me absolutly wild. I must admit this was my first blowjob.While I was watching him suck me I watched as he stroked himself so I reached down and took over for him. Before I realized how and when it happened we were doing a 69 and it was getting intense. as he was riding my cock with his mouth I felt his finger slowly enter my ass and start to fingefuck me that put me right over the top and I busted right into his hot greedy mouth. He was surprised but cool about it and swallowed the whole load. I was still riding the wave and begged him to keep fingering me as I blew him. I eventually returned the favor by letting him cum in my mouth and swallowing his load. I was still so revved up that as he pulled his cock out of my mouth I got on my hands and knees and literally begged him to fuck me. He went and grabbed some lube and slowly fingered it into my asshole. He fingerfucked me for about 15 mins and got 3 fingers in until I was hot and open for his dick. To this day I can still feel the way his mushroom head slowly spread my willing asshole and just swallow his shaft as he slowly pushe himself all the way in. It felt like a hot metal bar was being used to fuck me. He slowly pulled it all the way out and pushed it back in again. He did that a dozen times or so than he picked up a nice smooth rythm as he slowly fucked me like the slut I was. As I was feeling his cock fuck me I realized I was cumming just from him being my ass. I actually came like a bitch getting fucked. and I was hooked from than on. A couple of minutes after I came I felt him suddenly thrust himself all the way into me and felt his hot cum swell into me. Since that night we have had many encounters across 15 years untill f****y matters caused him to move across country. Damn I miss him after reliving this story I want to do it again. By the way yes this is a true story.

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