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Late night landing crossing - Part One

My next door neighbours, Chris and Jane, have been friends with my parents for years. I’d always liked them too. Jane was friendly enough to me and had me babysit their little boy for them a few times. I knew Chris ‘liked’ me too. I’d seen him looking at me, but was sure that he wouldn’t do anything with a girl my age, who lived next door and knew his wife.

A couple of months ago, my Mum and Dad went away for two weeks to Cyprus. I wasn’t invited (!) for it was just the two of them. I was meant to be staying with my Grandparents, but there was a problem there at the last minute. Chris and Jane offered to let me stay with them. I’d be able to go home everyday and would be near my friends over the summer, rather than out of town for two weeks.

I’d been around Chris and Jane hundreds of times and on that first night they just the same as usual – normal. Their little boy went to bed early, the three of us had dinner, and then I watched tv with them for a few hours. Chris and Jane were together on the sofa and I noticed Chris’ hand wander over Jane several times. She pushed it away, and I found it amusing that he had forgot that someone else was there when he was trying to get it on with her.

When it got late, I went to have a shower and then got into bed. sl**ping in their spare room was difficult though because it was so hot – I just lay there for ages. Chris and Jane then come upstairs and made a hell of a lot of noise, before finally getting into bed in the room next to mine. I heard them start fcuking straight away.

Being just next to them, with just a thin wall there, I could hear it all. Jane moaned and the bed creaked. I couldn’t help but get turned on. I hadn’t had any myself in a few months and lay there just imagining that I was getting what Jane was. My hand went inside my knickers, and I was furiously fingering myself and tugging on my clit.

Then I fcuked up, my arm knocked over the lamp beside the bed as it shot out when I came. It crashed onto the floor. The noises from next door suddenly came to a stop. Jane giggled, and Chris said something that I couldn’t work out. I froze and made no more noise. I thought that they would stop fcuking after that.

Chris and Jane carried on though, for a long while afterwards. Jane came first and part of her noisy cumming was soon interrupted by what I assumed was a hand over her mouth. The bed creaked rapidly and then I heard Chris grunt as he must have came too. I had put my hand back in my knickers by this point and was close myself, but they were done before me. However, I soon creamed my knickers myself too. Those two fcuking like they had been had got me right off.

Chris went to work before I got up the next day, and I had breakfast with Jane and her little one. I wasn’t going to bring up the night before and had worried that there might be some awkwardness – they must have realised that I was aware when they were fcuking – but Jane said nothing then or when we walked to school and back with her little boy.

I’d only got dressed in crappy clothes for the morning, so when I came back I went upstairs to get changed and do my make-up. I was meeting my friends for the day and wanted to look good. Jane knocked on the door whilst I was doing so and I let her in once I was suitably covered up. I was still a bit embarrassed about her knowing that I had heard them.

Jane sat on the edge of my bed and told me to carry on doing what I was doing. She just wanted a chat with me and didn’t want to make me late. She asked me what I was up to for the day and also who I was meeting. Was I meeting a boy? After all, I was making myself very pretty she said. No, I didn’t have a boyfriend, I told her – which brought from her the question was had I ever had a boyfriend? When I didn’t answer this damn awkward (!) question, Jane asked if I had a girlfriend instead!?

By this point, Jane was standing behind the chair I was sitting in. Looking forwards at the mirror, I could see her hands first on the back of the chair, and then he boobs nearly falling out of her top. I couldn’t think of an answer to her question though, for it was so awkward! One of Jane’s fingers then ever-so-slightly ran over the back of my neck. Did I have a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend, she asked again?

Finally, tingling as I was from her touch, I told her that I had neither. With that, Jane changed the subject and brought up last night. She was sorry if she and Chris had woken me up with the noise that they had been making. It must have been embarrassing for me to listen, she said, and they wouldn’t make so much noise in future. I wanted to run at this moment and quickly said that it was all okay. Then I was standing up and announcing that I was off out.

Just like that night before, we had dinner before watching television. Chris and Jane were whispering together as I came back from the toilet during the latter, but I had no clue as to what they were saying. Then, again just like the previous night, I had a shower before undressing and getting into bed.

Chris and Jane came upstairs not long after me, much earlier than the night before, and went straight to bed. I just knew that they were going to start fcuking at once – and they did too. The two of them made no attempt to be quiet and I was a little bit pissed off to be honest. At the same time, I at once got excited and my hand went down into my knickers again. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was Jane, with Chris’ head of dick between my legs.

They stopped after a while and I was worried that I had made some noise again. But I hadn’t. Then, I heard their bedroom door open before feet on the landing. I couldn’t help but look at my own door, just as it opened.

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