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My First Encounter Part 2

I looked up at Master David, his eyes full of curiosity.

"On your knees,like a good little slut" he commanded.

It wasn't as easy as it looked getting up with your hands tied behind your back. But eventually, I presented my naked body in front of him.

We'd discussed this moment many times, but as I look up at the bulge just straining to be released I was nervous.

"You know what your going to do slut" was all he said before he undid his fly.

He tugged down his trousers leaving his underpants, I could clearly see the outline of his erect penis and his full balls. I wanted to taste, I was eager to please.

His hands grabbed a fistful of my hair tightly and I whimpered from his clutches, My face just centimeters from his rigid member.
He took his cock out seconds later, pre-cum already oozing out. I wanted to lick it off there and then.

"Do you like Masters cock?" He asked reading my mind.

"Yes Master" I said nodding.

"Would you like to taste it?" He inquired.

"Yes please.."

Oh god did I want it. I licked my lips in anticipation.

"Hold out your tongue slut" He commanded.

I held my tongue out readily.

He rubbed his hard shaft against it.

"Now show me what a good little slut you can be" He grinned.

I kissed the head softly as I opened my quivering lips. I took his cock into my mouth gradually; easing inch after inch into my mouth.
I started slowly, allowing my jaw to get used to his large member. I caressed his cock with my tongue as sucked. I picked up the pace, as I slammed his cock down
my throat. I gagged and tears streamed down my face.

I heared him grunting.He took my head into his hands,an began thrusting his cock into my mouth. I struggled against his grip; my lungs needed
air, but the more I pulled away,the more he shoved himself into me. Saliva poured out the corners of my mouth as he fucked my face.
His moaning increased,his breathing became heavier. I knew he going to pour his load down my throat, and he did. His semen flooded my mouth. I swallowed
hard, allowing most of it to trickle down my throat.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth, drops of cum landing on my perk breasts.

It sit there quietly as he pulls up his trousers.

He looked at me for what seemed like a long time.

"Did you like Masters cock?" he asked.

I nod.

His hand hits my breast with such f***e, a red imprint clearly visible on my skin.

"I said, did you like Masters cock?"

This time I replied.

"Yes Sir,thank you"

His hand caresses my face and I smile.

"You've been a good little slut today" He retorts
"This is just the beginning, I am going to push your boundaries, make you feel pain and pleasure like you never thought possible.
And you are going to thank me and beg me to do it to you"

"You are mine, to do whatever I please. And you will do whatever I please. Because If not, you're going to wish you'd never been born"

"Yes Master" I replied.

"Good slut, you're going to sit here until you hear my car go. You will not clean yourself until I instruct you to do so. Do I make myself clear?"
He ordered.

"Yes master" I said eager to please.

He untied my hands.

I watched as he walked out of the room, I heard him close my door. I waited for the sound of his engine, and the screech of tires before I got up.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess, mascara streaked down my face and yet I couldn't help but smile.

I had waited for this day for a very long time, and now that it was over I was ready for the next encounter.
*******************************THE END*****************************

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