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A Good Outdoor Fuckin'

It was my very first Pagan festival and I was only 25. My soal filled with delight as I meet some of the most wonderful people in the world!

The most joyous of times were spent around a huge fire pit, were there were drummer pounding away on there soal mates and beautiful dancers flickering in the fire lite.

The thrid nite was very memorable, and I will tell you about it now.
As I danced naked around the fire I noticed a gentelmen throwing glances my way. He watched me dance for hours, waiting for the right time to aproch. Eventually his did aproch and asked if he could e****t me back to his tent for some fun. I replyed, "Yes, that would be wonderful, but I'm not done dancing yet. Will you wait for me?" He said he would so I resumed dancing and he resumed watching.

A few more hours had passed and I was ready rumble.
I aproched him and whispered in his ear that I was ready to go, but but we would be going to my camp instead. He agreed and we headed on our way, having a hard time controling ourselves in the prosses. As we aproched my camp we both spotted the pic-nic table infront of my tent. We both headed that way. He laided my down roughly and pounded me right there. It was loud and very, very messy. We fucked for about an hour, watching the sun come up as we both cam at the same time.

When we had finished we laid together naked under the tree's and morning sky, and giggling at the people we had disturbed durring our passionate momment.

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